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Shen Xing’s Blind Date

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“We can’t possibly barge into the Central Army Corps. They have the most advanced equipment, so it won’t be easy for us to sneak in. You’ve pointed this out to us earlier. Seems like there’s only one way to enter the Central Army Corps. It’s got to be through infiltration.”

Tang Wulin’s words captured Ling Zichen’s attention. “Infiltration? Is there a difference between sneaking in and infiltration?”

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “It’s different, of course. We depend on our strength to sneak into a place, but we’ll be using leverage in an infiltration. This way, our success rate will be much higher.”

Ling Zichen said, “So, how are we going to infiltrate then?”

Tang Wulin said, “The War God Hall’s rule is that any military officer with a certain rank is allowed a challenge, right? The first thing we need to do then is to become military officers.”

In the Central Army Corps.

As the most powerful army in the Douluo Federation, the Central Army Corps was given an endearing moniker. It was called the Federation’s favorite son.

All the most advanced weapons and equipment in the Federation were installed in the Central Army Corps. In fact, the Central Army Corps would recruit manpower from the other armies to replenish the Central Army Corps. Only the elite soldiers and high-ranking military officers were allowed to enter this place and become a part of the Central Army Corps.

The whole Central Army Corps had a hundred thousand people, and they were the main combat personnel. Actually, the number exceeded three hundred thousand if its support personnel were included in the count.

The logistics of an army was extremely important. Each year, the expenditure of the Central Army Corps amounted to astronomical figures.

The Central Army Corps was the most powerful fighting force controlled by the parliament. The rest of the armies were run by the respective military clans. Only the Central Army Corps abided by the parliament’s orders. It was an unwritten rule. Any clan courageous enough to meddle with the Central Army Corps would be punished severely by the other clans.

It was precisely due to the Central Army Corps that the parliament was able to maintain its domination over the entire Federation.

A large part of the Central Army Corps was stationed in the Mingdu West Mountain. There were stations in the other areas of Mingdu City. The army guarded the Federation’s capital in all directions.

A fifty-thousand strong military force was stationed at the foot of the West Mountain. All the large-sized soul weapons were set up there as well.

The inside of the West Mountain was almost emptied out. Many strategic soul weapons including the high-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were stored here under the jurisdiction of the parliament.

There were over a hundred rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions stored inside the West Mountain according to legend. When a command was issued, the super silos would immediately launch the fixed soul ammunition at the target which could be anywhere on the Douluo Continent.

Some of the more important scientific research units in the Federation were also stationed in the West Mountain, especially those related to aerospace development.

Coming out from the army’s training grounds and feeling the refreshing wind blowing against her face, Shen Xing felt especially comfortable and at ease. Her rank of lieutenant colonel in the military was reflected as two lines and two stars on her shoulders.

Ever since she was transferred to the Central Army Corps last year and became an elite reserve personnel, her official career had taken off on the right path.

Although the great clans were not allowed to control the Central Army Corps, they were allowed to send their descendants and disciples to the Central Army Corps to build up their skills. If the descendant blessed with extraordinary abilities took an oath to leave the clan and pledged allegiance to the Federation, the descendant could become a high-ranking military officer in the Central Army Corps.

Naturally, to be an executive level officer in the Central Army Corps required special qualifications. Any descendant or disciple could qualify to become one by elevating his or her military rank progressively.

Each time she finished her training, she felt completely unleashed.

“Beep-beep, beep-beep!” The soul communicator on her wrist rang.

Shen Xing glanced at the number displayed on the communicator. She felt a little frustrated. She had no choice but to pick it up. “Sister, what’s going on? Stop, if you’re going to persuade me to go on a blind date.”

“Nonsense.” Shen Yue’s voice was heard at the other end of the soul communicator. As a high-ranking military officer, the lieutenant general’s voice sounded overbearing although she was not angry.

“How about you going for the blind date then? You know how old you are now. Moreover, Father has mentioned that there’s no need for you to be involved in any political alliance marriage. The candidates for the blind date are people with outstanding abilities. What’s with you? You’re so reluctant to even meet them. I thought you said that the emotional wound in your heart has healed since earlier.”

‘The emotional wound in my heart?’ The silhouette of a man flashed past Shen Xing’s mind instantly. Anyhow, she said, “Sister, you’re my concern! What’s the purpose of having a man? I’m a girl trying to be a general. Do you think those people are worthy of my companionship?”

Shen Yue said with a slight helplessness, “Anyway, you ought to give it a try. It’s not proper for you to behave like this! How am I going to explain to Father and Mother? I don’t care. Father has chosen one for you. He’s the youngest colonel in the Sea God Army, and he has a rather impressive family background too. You have to go regardless. If you stand him up again, then don’t even think of spending time in the Central Army Corps. I’ll have you transferred immediately to be my sergeant. I’ll make sure you remain under me your whole life.”

Shen Xing was rebellious and rebutted, “How could you do this, Sister? You’re abusing your power to seek personal gain. Aren’t you afraid that the military commission will give you trouble?”

Shen Yue sniggered coldly. “Why should I be afraid? I’m a lieutenant general. The military commission won’t trouble me over a petty lieutenant colonel like you. Stop talking nonsense. Tell me if you’re going or not!”

Shen Xing pouted her rosy lips. She finally spoke after a long pause, “Alright. I’m going. I’m only going to please you! I won’t guarantee I’ll take a fancy to the person.”

Shen Yue’s voice sounded gentler now. She consoled her by saying, “Just go. Perhaps, you may even take a liking to him. No one can force you into doing anything if you don’t fancy him, right?”

“When will it be?” asked Shen Xing.

“Seven o’clock tonight in the Mingdu Western Suburbs Starview Resort’s Long Jade Restaurant!”

“It’s tonight?” Shen Xing’s voice instantly went a pitch higher. “Sister, you informed me with such short notice. Is the person even sincere? I don’t think I’ll be going anymore.”

“Stop talking nonsense! Short notice, huh? If I were to inform you in advance, you’ll cook up an excuse. I’m aware of your itinerary. You’re free after today’s training. Otherwise, why do you think I’m calling you at this hour? Quick, go back and make yourself presentable. Don’t be late. Do you hear me?” Upon saying that, Shen Yue hung up the soul communicator.

“Sister, you…” Shen Xing stamped her foot in rage, yet there was nothing she could do.

Whose fault was it when a person could not win over the circumstances?

“She is using her position to bully others! She’s truly a scoundrel!” said Shen Xing in exasperation.

She was disheartened. After all, she was just a petty lieutenant colonel. How could she go against her sister who was a lieutenant general! The most crucial part was that her parents would not be on her side, for sure.

She had just completed her training. Her charming face was flushed initially. Her anger made her blush scarlet now. Nonetheless, it was useless for her to act rashly out of rage since the weak could never triumph over the strong.

Feeling helpless, Shen Xing returned to her quarters. She did not dress up nor put on any makeup, but changed into her casual outfit. Her long hair was tied into a simple ponytail. She left the barracks feeling refreshed and drove over to the Starview Resort.

The Starview Resort was in the western suburbs of Mingdu, located not far away from the Central Army Corps. It naturally had the ambience of a military camp. The resort served as a place of leisure and entertainment for the military officers.

Military officers were humans too. They sacrificed their entire lives for the military, so they needed entertainment for relaxation too. The Starview Resort was a place for recreation, entertainment, meetings, and social interaction. Obviously, the entrance eligibility was set quite high. In order to gain entry into this place, an officer would have to be a captain at least.

Since it was considered a complementary military complex, the charges here were low. It was definitely cheaper when compared to similar services offered outside. Hence, the military officers enjoyed coming here.

The journey took less than half an hour. Shen Xing drove the car into the Starview Resort’s spacious car park.

Shen Xing parked the car. She felt resentful as she sat in the driver’s seat.

‘I’ll give him a bad time later, for sure. I’ll let him have a taste of what’s known as retreat before the impossible! Humph!’

‘Huh, whom should I look for in the Long Jade Restaurant? Sister didn’t mention which room nor the name on the reservation.’

In all seriousness, Shen Xing considered the possibility of leaving with this excuse. However, she gave up the idea. It was certainly not good enough as an excuse to leave the blind date. Her sister would not let her off for sure.

‘Forget it, forget it!’

Shen Xing dialed the number for Shen Yue’s soul communicator. Her sister’s voice was heard soon.

“What? Shen Xing, I’ve told you. You’ve to go, otherwise…”

“Alright, Sister. I’m here already. You haven’t told me which room! Whom am I looking for?” asked Shen Xing in an unpleasant tone.

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