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Sudden Arrival Of Pressure

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“Sister, it’s me. I saw that you called me a few times. Did something happen?”

The person that called Tang Wulin on the soul communicator was none other than Mo Lan, who had already become the leader of the federal parliament’s Dove Faction.

With her past experience and the political background of her late father, Mo Lan quickly rose through the ranks of the Dove Faction. She had become one of the faction’s most important leaders and was deeply adored by their supporters.

Mo Lan spoke in a deep voice, “There’s something important, so I’m giving you a heads-up first.”

Tang Wulin was astonished. It had been a long time since he last heard Mo Lan speak in such a serious tone. “Sister, what happened?”

Mo Lan said, “It’s regarding the big discussion surrounding the Tang Sect’s application. Our Dove Faction is in favor of restoring the sect’s reputation. After all, the Tang Sect has made so many contributions to the continent and put in a lot of hard work for the Federation. As a result, there are still a good number of supporters. You’ve also shown great progress in Shrek’s reconstruction. Now, even the Independent Faction has begun to lean in your favor. This is a very good situation.”

“However, you should know that after Shrek City was destroyed back then, the Hawk Faction seized the opportunity to take up and occupy the vast majority of seats in the parliament. In comparison, we are still weaker. However, thanks to the pressure from your side on this matter, the matter is being strongly contested in parliament. Even the Hawk Faction refuses to offend your side. So, it shouldn’t have been a problem for Tang Sect’s application to pass. Yet…”

At this point, Mo Lan paused for a moment. There was rage in her voice now. “The Spirit Pagoda’s people are truly too eager to see the world in disorder. They propose that the Tang Sect should prove itself in order to remove the restrictions imposed on it. The Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire incident was quite costly, so most importantly, this to acquire resources from those empires. Thus, they’re taking the opportunity to propose a war against the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire for the second time. Additionally, it will be compulsory for the Tang Sect to provide reinforcements and participate in order to prove that it is not a treasonous organization. The proposal has received the support of almost the entire Hawk Faction, placing us in a passive position.”

Tang Wulin said in astonishment, “Wage war for the second time?”

Mo Lan nodded. “This is the most troubling part for me. I have strongly recommended that they hold back already, but no luck. The Federation’s resources are genuinely depleting now, especially those used for research. Many types of resources are showing signs of exhaustion, so are in dire need of more sources. As a result, there are also quite a number of people from the Independent Faction that think war is necessary.The theory behind the Hawk Faction’s proposal is that though the resources are in the hands of Star Luo Empire and Dou Spirit Empire, they can only yield half the results with twice the resources. Conversely, the Federation can yield twice the results with half the resources. The Federation is entirely capable of uniting the two great continents now. It is only by doing so that we can maintain long-term peace and stability.”

Tang Wulin frowned deeply. He truly did not expect that the Federation was about to wage another war so soon after the first had finished.

“The Spirit Pagoda is pushing for this in the behind the scenes, right?” said Tang Wulin in a deep voice.

Mo Lan chuckled coldly. “Not so much behind the scenes, but at center stage. The Spirit Pagoda has already announced that they’ll be funding half of the military expenditure needed for this war.”

“What?” Tang Wulin was taken aback.

The military expenditure needed to support the Federal Fleet during a conflict would definitely amount to an astronomical figure. The Spirit Pagoda was willing to contribute half of that, so it was enough to win over the entire military.

Mo Lan continued to speak, “The Spirit Pagoda’s goal is actually very simple. It’s entirely due to your display of abilities. If they allowed the Tang Sect’s reputation to be restored, the continent’s political situation would soon go back to what it was before Shrek City’s great catastrophe. Your influence will grow at tremendous speed. By then, it will be difficult to predict what will happen on the continent. It is highly possible that they won’t be able to control the Hawk Faction anymore. So, they might as well grab the opportunity to start a conflict now. They can use this opportunity to bring down the Tang Sect while also seizing resources. Moreover, if the war is successful, the Spirit Pagoda’s reputation will be bolstered as well.”

“The Dou Spirit Empire has already stated explicitly that the Spirit Pagoda is not welcome there. In fact, the empire has banished the organization. The situation is slightly better at the Star Luo Empire, but the Spirit Pagoda is still under pressure from the empire. On the other hand, the Tang Sect has done well in the two great empires like a fish to water. If the war can truly annihilate the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire, the Spirit Pagoda will doubtlessly be the biggest beneficiary. The temporary expense is absolutely worth it in the long term. Additionally, the Spirit Pagoda can use the war to gain even more authority in the parliament.”

Tang Wulin said, “They are still unwilling to acknowledge their defeat after all! Sister, do you have any suggestions on this matter?”

Mo Lan spoke with a bitter smile, “I truly don’t have any recommendations for you in this case. However, if the war does truly happen, not only will our authority to speak take a step back, but the two great empires will also be plunged into misery and suffering! The Spirit Pagoda’s members of parliament in the Hawk Faction have even proposed to use the final Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition to terrorize the two empires into submission without any fighting.”

“They are going to use the final Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition?” Tang Wulin’s voice raised by a few pitches. In the past, the damage resulting from the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition was devastating for them. Tang Wulin could still remember the apocalypse-like scene like it was yesterday. In fact, he could even feel his scalp go numb after hearing the Godkiller being mentioned. It was something that could not be resisted by manpower!

Mo Lan said, “That’s the situation now. Our Dove Faction will try its best to stop the war from happening, or at least delay the mobilization of troops. You need to help us figure out some countermeasures too. Let’s see how we can work together to prevent the military operation from being launched this time.”

“Understood. Thank you for informing us in time, Sister Mo Lan.”

Tang Wulin hung up the communicator. He found that he could not calm himself, so he walked into the bathroom to take a shower and refresh his body. He changed into new attire before immediately looking for Long Yeyue and Yali.

The start of another conflict was a major event.

More importantly, the Federation could even possibly call on the Tang Sect’s forces. This had made the situation even more complicated.

They would need to explore this matter among themselves and discuss the countermeasures with the two Limit Douluos from Tang Sect. After the military’s previous lesson, it would not be as easy to make the armed forces retreat this time if the Federation were to dispatch its troops once again.

With everything that had started recently, a lot of buildings needed to be reconstructed in Shrek. The people from Shrek would not be able to leave the academy at the moment, especially the powerhouses.

The Spirit Pagoda had been casting covetous eyes on Shrek Academy for a long time. They knew very well that Shrek Academy was under constant pressure. If Shrek was to send over manpower to intervene in the war, it was highly possible that the academy would have to deal with intimidation from the Spirit Pagoda.

More importantly, there was the final Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

Given that two of these ammunitions were launched before, who could guarantee that this final one would not be after it was taken out from the secret warehouse?

Tang Wulin’s greatest fear was that this weapon would find its way into the Spirit Pagoda’s hands. It would be a grave threat to Shrek Academy.

“Elder Long, shall we convene a Sea God Pavillion Meeting to discuss this matter?” Tang Wulin asked Long Yeyue.

Long Yeyue shook her head and replied, “Currently, not many large people are aware of this issue, so it’s best not to spread the news. It’s better that only the few of us know. Let’s look for Old Demon Greed so we can ask for his opinion.”

Tang Wulin had a sudden idea. The thought processes of the seven Old Demons were not the same as those of ordinary people. However, their minds allowed them to understand human nature thoroughly. It was highly possible that they would be able to provide some rather impressive ideas.

Summoning the Seven Holy Abyss could be done from Sea God’s Pavilion. The connection point for the plane was inside the Sea God’s Pavilion just like the entrance to the Ten Thousand Beast Platform.

It did not take long before Tang Wulin invited Old Demon Greed into the room.

“What’s going on, little Yue Yue?!” He sat right opposite Long Yeyue in an ostentatious manner. The Seven Holy Abyss had already officially opened by this point. As always, their training was still used on Shrek Academy’s inner court disciples. As the Seven Holy Abyss was a small, isolated plane in the vicinity of the academy, the number of disciples that could be cultivated had increased. As for the severity of the psychological effect on the trainees, only they would know…

Long Yeyue’s expression turned darker upon hearing the name ‘Little Yue Yue’. “Can you please behave like a normal person?”

Old Demon Greed sniggered. “Can I behave normally when I don’t even have a body? Furthermore, our Shrek breeds monsters. Why should we seek normalcy? Be quick. Don’t waste my time when I’m having fun on my side. Spit it out.”

Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten involuntarily upon hearing Old Demon Greed’s mention having fun on his side. Tang Wulin wondered which inner court disciples were being tormented by them this time. Ever since the seven Old Demon’s arrived, they were exponentially much more excited than they had been on the Demon Island. There was no doubt that their torture techniques would be undergoing a myriad of changes as well. Their victims could only pray for the mercy of the gods.

“Senior Greed, this is the case…” Tang Wulin took it upon himself to continue the discussion. He elaborated on the situation as told by Mo Lan.

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