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Long Live Shrek

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“These are the things that are most worthy of our appreciation. We must value ourselves and our abilities. There’s a type of soul master that’s known as the evil soul master in our world. Are they known as evil soul masters because their abilities are evil? Not really. There are no evil abilities, but only evil minds and hearts. Thus, I hope that everyone can adjust your mindsets appropriately, besides just receiving guidance on your cultivation. We are not only bringing up students, but even more importantly, we nurture our students while educating them. Shrek will work hard to teach every single one of you to become a righteous person, so you can become an honorable soul master.

“Over a decade ago, I was just like all of you. I came to Shrek with a head full of dreams. Here, I found my second home, and I received the best education and guidance. However, it was the great catastrophe that truly gave me my most important lesson.

“The catastrophe destroyed all of Shrek City and countless people were lost as a result. The Tang Sect’s headquarters ceased to exist while Shrek Academy turned into an enormous pit, which is now our new Sea God Lake. Even so, did you know that not a single student from Shrek died? Not a single one. It was because of the teachers led by the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of the previous generation, His Excellency the Atlas Douluo. They sacrificed their lives so that they could grant the students the chance to live.

“I was fortunate enough to escape from the catastrophe, and I found out about everything that happened when I reunited with my classmates after a very long time. Only then did I learn what sacrifices our teachers made all those years ago. This was a painful lesson that brought me much sorrow. Shrek’s seniors and elders gave their lives to inscribe a glorious mark in the hearts of every single member of Shrek. It was they that ensured that I have a righteous state of mind. It was they who taught me how to become someone worthy of Shrek.

“Every teacher with us here, including myself, will always pass down this legacy. We will use everything that we are to protect all of you and protect all of Shrek until our last breath. Shrek is a soul academy, but it’s more than just that. Shrek’s name is glorious and it is the glory that is protected by countless seniors. The glory can’t be shaken by anybody else.”

At this point, Tang Wulin paused for a moment, and a powerful aura diffused from his body. “In the near future, you must always remember that you are from Shrek Academy regardless of where you’re heading. If there comes a day that you have a change of heart, Shrek will certainly take back what it has given you. However, if there comes a day when you are treated unfairly or bullied, as long as it is reasonable, Shrek will always welcome your return. The academy is your guardian. Whenever someone bullies the academy’s child, whoever treats you unfair, Shrek will help you! There’s another tradition of Shrek and it’s known as ‘protecting the weak’!”

Even Wu Zhangkong could not help cracking into a smile upon hearing Tang Wulin mention protecting the weak so shamelessly.

Someone from among the students shouted, “Long live Shrek!”

All at once, there was a surge of cheering voices. The eyes of every single student filled with excitement.

Yi Zichen had successfully enrolled in Shrek Academy. He had relied on his exceedingly impressive natural endowments to become a part of Shrek. As he listened to Tang Wulin’s speech, he could feel his blood boil with righteous enthusiasm. He waved his arms vigorously as he joined his coursemates cheering elatedly.

“Long live Shrek! Long live Shrek!”

He was accepted into Class One which was also Shackler Luo Guixing’s class. During the class allocation process, the four class teachers used the fairest method. They were all granted access to the students’ examination results. The students were arranged based on their score. Hence, the teachers were each given a turn to choose in sequence. Every turn, the teacher picked one student, and the process was repeated until all the students were taken. In this case, there would not be a case of especially powerful classes as there were in the past. They had tried to distribute the students as evenly as possible.

Every teacher including Luo Guixing, Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng and Yang Nianxia was a perfectionist. They were highly sophisticated when it came to choosing students.

As the main control soul master and the core of his squadron, Luo Guixing’s first choice had been Yi Zichen, who was standing by his side at present. Luo Guixing had chosen Yi Zichen to be the class monitor.

He greatly admired Yi Zichen’s natural talent. Yi Zichen had an earth attribute martial soul, yet he showed a great aptitude for control. More importantly, Yi Zichen had much potential and was almost a three-ringed soul master. His cultivation base of rank-29 at the age of twelve was rare even in the history of Shrek.

The realm reached by a soul master before the age of twenty was extremely important. If a soul master could not get three soul rings by then, the odds were that they could not become a soul master over Soul Sage-rank no matter how much they cultivated in the future. There was no way such a soul master would be able to reach a high rank anymore.

As a result, the higher the cultivation base of a soul master when he was young, the greater his future achievements could be.

Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, Wu Siduo and Zheng Yiran were the students that excelled in the past, so they understood this principle well naturally. Luo Guixing was already fixated on Yi Zichen as his focal target for cultivation.

The new term’s opening ceremony was carried out in an extremely simple manner. It was followed by the announcement of some important cautions. After that, the teachers of each class led their students back to their classrooms to begin the first lesson of the day.

According to the academy’s rules, the first lesson was an introduction to Shrek. The teachers would clearly explain the important matters related to study and cultivation.

With the presence of the first batch of new students, the academy had started on the right track. Their daily lives had begun to calm down as well.

Spirit Pagoda’s side had also sunk into a temporary silence. They did not come looking for trouble with Shrek anymore nor did they attempt any other actions. It seemed like that was the case, at least on the surface.

The Tang Sect had already submitted an application to the parliament in regards to it no longer being classified as a treasonous organization. The application was sent three days after Shrek Academy’s enrollment program.

The close relationship between the Tang Sect and Shrek was universally known, especially when the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy were the same person. Furthermore, Shrek Academy revealed their five great Limit Douluos during enrollment. With the addition of the Tang Sect’s two Limit Douluos, a total of seven Limit Douluos was a huge source of pressure on the parliament.

They chose to submit the application at this point so that the parliament had no choice but to pay attention to them. The Tang Sect had been persecuted for a long time. Following the reconstruction of Shrek Academy, it was about time for the Tang Sect to come out into the sun once again as well.

There was an intense debate in the parliament in regards to the issue of whether the Tang Sect should no longer be classified as a treasonous organization. All of the Dove Faction supported the move. In fact, even the Independent Faction had changed from its earlier indifferent attitude. Most of its members stood on the Dove Faction’s side at this point. Had the Hawk Faction’s forces not grown so rapidly in the aftermath of the catastrophe, perhaps they would not be able to suppress the Dove Faction anymore.

However, something beyond the expectations of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect happened.

Tang Wulin stretched his body for a moment after walking out from his forging room. The feeling of numbness was not pleasant, but he continued to endure the elemental calamity as steadfastly as before. Moreover, he was feeling slightly perplexed that the power of the elemental calamity seemed to be increasing as his body’s endurance grew stronger. This was troubling him a great deal.

Fortunately, Tang Wulin’s endurance was still rather impressive. With great, he was still capable of withstanding the elemental calamity.

He took out his soul communicator instinctively and saw that he had a few missed calls. He was stunned upon seeing one of the numbers.

Due to the devastating power of the elemental calamity during the forging process, Tang Wulin did not even bother to wear clothes. They would just be destroyed needlessly. Naturally, he did not bring his soul communicator into his forging room either.


He dialed the number and waited for them to pick up.

A moment later, someone answered the call. A sweet and pleasant voice was heard echoing from the other end. “Wulin?”

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