Heart Breaking - S01 E35

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Cristine’s Pov:

I kept smiling crazily at nothing as I walked into my office.

I’ve never been this happy….

He’s so sweet.

I brought the hand he kssed closer to my nose and giggled.

His scent was all over me.

We didn’t make love and I smell of him… How about we make love 🤣😂 🤣

“Look who we have here?” Dani’s loud voice startled me.

I scoffed as I rolled my eyes.

“Jeez! What’s wrong with you Daniella?” I said as I quickly the pen.

“Oh please quit the pretence girlfriend… I saw his car drop you off” Daniella said as sneered at her.

She laughed aloud.

“My ears are itching already.. I can’t wait to hear your sleepover gist” She said as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Sleepover?” I said as I scoffed

“Yeah… Of course I went to your place this morning and I was told you didn’t come home last night and you refused to pick my calls too” She said as I heaved a sigh.

“Owhh… My phone was on silent” I said as I quickly brought it out of my handbag.

“Whatever… So how was the sleepover?” Dani laughed

“Gossip…. You should thank God for your girl! Mr Wong almost raped me” I said as Daniella choked.

She coughed slightly.

“What?” Dani freaked out

“Yeah… I even got bruised” I said showing her the wounds.

“I said it that man is a big fool….” Dani said in annoyance

“Well all thanks to Andy for saving me” I said simply.

“You mean Mr Andrew?” Daniella asked as I nodded

She burst into laughter.

“So he’s no longer Mr Andrew but Andy huh?” She teased me as she nudged me.

“Crazy girl!” I said as we shared a laugh.



I waited impatiently for the rain to stop but there was no sign that it was going to stop.


I didn’t even come with my car!

And Dani went home early with her car, she wasn’t feeling too well.

Almost all the staff already evacuated the premises.

Goosebumps ran down my spine as they heavy wind blew.

I was already catching cold!

I glanced at my wrist watch.

It was already 8:25pm 🕒

Just then, a sparkling car drove into the premises.

And stopped right in front of me.

The car louvers was rolled down.

It was Andy 💋

“Crisy…. 😘” He called as I smiled broadly at him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked anxiously

“Am here to pick the queen up” He said as I giggled.

He opened the car and I hopped.

He’s such a saviour!

He noticed that I was feeling cold.

He quickly took off his jacket and wore it on me.

We stared at each other deeply in the eyes 💋……..

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