Heart Breaking - S01 E32

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Few minutes later….

I was already prepared for work.

Well when I got in the room, I didn’t see Cristine.

As I stepped out of the room, I saw her already dressed.

So fast? 😲😳

She smiled at me revealing her white sparkling teeth.

I reciprocated…..

“How come?” Was all I could say.

She chuckled…

“There is always no time to waste” She said simply and walked downstairs.

I shrugged as I followed suit.

We walked out of the house and she made for the gate.

“Wait….” I snapped as she halted.

She turned around and gave me a questioning look.

“I can drive you with my car” I said as she forced a smile.

“Oh no! I’d rather not bother you…. I’ll pick a taxi down the street” She said

“I insist Miss Cruz” I said almost immediately as we shared a laugh.

She sluggishly hopped into my car and I drove off.

I can’t believe this…

So this lady actually does smile?

Wanna know what happened that night?

Well she hugged me tightly and I kissed her cheek.

She followed me home again but then she fell asleep.

Actually we fell asleep together while gisting 😂

I drove in absolute tranquility.

We kept stealing glances at each other.

She’s such a beauty 😘

I got to the Cruz’s enterprises skyscraper and she got out giving me a charming smile.

“Thank you so much Andy” She said as I stared at her in surprise.

I can’t believe she’s addressing me informally instead of Mr Andrew 🤣🤣🤣

I kssed her hand and she shyly snatched her hand and I winked at her.

“You’re welcome Crisy! Have a nice day sweetie” I said as smiles escaped her lips.

“You too” She said as she walked away.

I kept staring at her until she disappeared out of sight.

I laughed within me as I drove off.

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