Heart Breaking - S01 E29

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Cristine’s Pov:

I covered my face with the duvet.


I can’t believe I just saw him in his pa nties…

But honestly, he’s so sxy!

His chest is so broad and he’s really cute.

I smiled within me but I kept calm.

“Are you done?” I asked still under the duvet.

He giggled to my hearing and I rolled my eyes.

He’s still as arrogant as ever.

“Yeah!” He replied as I sluggishly uncovered myself.

But then, he was walking towards me in calculable steps.

My heart skipped a beat as he walked slowly.

He winked at me seductively and my heart melted.

I was gobsmacked.

Is he going to make love to me?

Why is smiling $eductively at me?

Thought kept running through my mind.

He bent over to me on the bed.

Our lips drew very close and I could feel his breath.

Actually I wanted the kss that was coming.

But suddenly, he drew the pillow behind me forcefully grinning at m

I arched my eyebrows in annoyance.

“You can have the room” He whispered as he walked out of the room smiling at me.

I frowned my face as I tut loudly.

So he was only coming to get a pillow all along.

I was even getting wet down there for him 😜

That guy just turned me on.

I quickly slapped myself hard.

“Oh Cristine! Behave yourself” I said to myself.

I looked around the room and smiled happily.

He has such a big and beautiful room.

Smells of him was all over the room.

I could perceive his smell everywhere including the pillow.

I laid heavily on the bed hugging the pillow tight.

Suddenly, my eyes caught with something.

A teddy bear on his bed.

I let out a giggle.


So he still keeps dolls and teddies like a kid.

It’s beautiful though.

That was when I saw the name tagged on it.

“Sofie?” I read aloud.


Who could Sofie be?

I just couldn’t control my curiosity.

I opened the drawer and saw a diary.

I picked it up.

I know I shouldn’t be meddling with his stuffs especially diaries.

Am just too curious!

I need to find out who Sofie is?

Probably she might be his wife….

I rolled my eyes.

I opened the diary and flipped through the pages.

I read aloud.

“I loved Sofie so much but she betrayed me” I read and widened my eyes in shock.

“How could she be so wicked? Women are just too unfair” I read again.

I quickly closed the diary.

So just like me, he had some heart issues?

I was still lost in thought when the door swing open.

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