Heart Breaking - S01 E14

1 month ago

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Andrew’s Pov:

I drove off with my car lost in thought.

“What is really happening to my Andy? Why can’t you get her off your mind! She doesn’t want you” I said to myself as I hit the car steering wheel in anger.

Why can’t I just let Cristine out of my mind?

I breathed heavily as I continued driving.

I don’t know but I feel so attached to Cristine Cruz.

I can’t explain but I want her by myself all the time.

Does this mean am in love with her?

H’ll no!

Not after what Sofie did to me… 💔

I swore never to fall in love again but what’s really happening to me.

I exhaled deeply.


I gulped down the glass of whiskey as I belched loudly.

I stared at the empty six bottles of whiskey and smirked.

I refilled another glass and continued drinking.

I was already dead drunk but I don’t care.

Tears welled down my face as I refilled the glass again and again.

Why does she despise me?

Why do I have to love someone who doesn’t?

Why did I even have to fall in love again?

Oh love… You’re cruel….

I kept lamenting!

“Waiter more bottles of whiskey!” I ordered.

It was already getting dark and late but I don’t even care.

The bottles I requested was placed in front of me and I continued drinking.

Few hours later….

I was already asleep with the empty bottles lying around me.

I felt someone tap me gently and I gradually opened my weak eyes.

I coughed slightly.

“Cristine? Is that you?” I said drunk and my view was blurry.

“Sir we are about to close the bar! It’s almost 1am already” The waitress

“Shut up!” I yelled as she flinched.

“Sir please you are drunk!” She managed to say in fear

“Am not! I only want to see her… I want to see her… Once you get her here then I’ll go home” I belched

“Who Sir?” She asked as I brought out Cristine’s card staggering.

She took the card and looked at it.

“Call her! Bring her!!” I screamed crazily

She nodded as she dialed the number from the card to the telephone.

“It’s ringing Sir” She said as I smiled and coughed slightly.

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