Heart Breaking - S01 E12

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Cristine’s Pov:

I waved at Daniella as she reversed her car and drove out of the compound.

“I’ll see you later best” She screamed

I airkissed her as she speeded off.

I looked at the big duplex and sighed.

Her presence actually lightened the house up since the maids were on leave.

I yawned hungrily as I walked into the duplex.

🔪 🍴 🍽🍚🍜

I sliced the tomatoes 🍅 and onions into a bowl as I brought out of the cupboard the can of vegetable oil.

Am very famished so I’ll be preparing sauce for dinner.

I turned the gas cooker on with the pot on top of it.

I poured the vegetable oil in the pot.

Suddenly, I began to have difficulty in breathing.

I felt like I was choking as smoke filled the whole place since I added onions into the oil.

I needed my inhaler.

This is definitely asthma attack.

I couldn’t even breathe.

I fell on the ground still gasping for breath.

I was almost passing out when someone rushed in.

Who could that be? 🙄

By then, the pot on the cooker was already on fire.

I fell into his arms still gasping for air.

“The… The…. The…. In…. In… haler..” I gasped

“What?’ the voice asked again.

The fire have already been quenched but there was still a little smoke.

“Inhaler… Drawer” I said as I could not say anything again.

He rushed off.

I was still struggling for breath in his arms…..



Aww…. asthma attack 😭😭

Have you ever had an encounter with an asthmatic person? 🤔

Share your experience ☺

Will the hardened heart be melted? 💕

Who could he be?😜

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