Heart Breaking - S01 E02

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🕒6:15am 🕒

I was done dressing…

I applied some perfume and put on my bracelet and wrist watch.

Just then, my eyes caught with a picture on the dressing table.

Tears welled down my cheeks.

I sniffed as I wiped off my tears.

I picked up the picture and burst into tears again.

“I hate you James! I hate you so much James” I wailed bitterly as I threw the picture on the ground.

The glass broke into pieces.

That man on that picture was my worst mistake on earth.

That wedding gown I wore in that freaking picture was the worst dress I ever wore.

I cur$e you James….

I cur$e the day I met you……

I cur$e our wedding day!

I picked up my handkerchief and mopped my eyes with it.

“Susan! Susan!!” I called as the young girl rushed into my room

“Good morning ma’am!” She greeted quickly and I nodded.

“Please clear this up!” I pointed at the shattered mirror and she nodded

I quickly picked up my handbag and walked out of the room.

I walked downstairs still sniffing.

“Good morning ma’am! Breakfast is served” That was the chef’s voice.

I turned around and forced a smile at her.

“Sorry I won’t be having breakfast… Am on diet” I lied.

“But ma’am you’ve been on diet since last week…. It’s bad to starve yourself” She complained

I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

Thoughts of James and his betrayal filled my mind.

“I’ll get something to eat at the office besides am running late dear” I said calmly as she nodded with a frown.

I walked out of the duplex.

“You are fine now Christine! You’re OK” I said to myself as I walked to the garage.

I hopped into my Range Rover and started the engine.

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