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They all run to them fighting it get to a time they were weak while they were not able to rise their sword anymore

Mike: they are too strong

Hector: I have never see this in my life

Cara: then what can we do now

Hector: I don’t know

( the giants then move to them while they begin to step back, a giant then site the magical sword, he was surprised in seeing it then desire to have it, he move to Mike hopping to drag it from him, immediately his hand touch it then begin to shock while he quickly remove his hand from it, he yell in pain then look at his hand only he could see it burn, this makes him and his fellow team become angry, they all unleashed their fury,they all run to Mike but Mike stay were he was closing his two eyes

Hector quickly run to him as they wanted to strike him ones, Hector come to his rescue using his own saber to guide it while a giant use his leg to push him, this makes Hector weak indeed, but Cara run to him.

The giants rise up their sword again to strike Mike down, to be surprised Mike open his hands then stab the ground with it, suddenly a bright flash of light bright to their face while they begin to yelled in pain.

Thanks to the sword, the bright flash of light could make them quickly escaped the danger while they all run out of the place leaving the already weaked giant grunting as if they were finding a prey to devour.


The giants arrived to Emperor Chang palace, on seeing them he could realize that Vang has used them to battle Mike, he was furious indeed while the giants could communicate to him telling him that he begged them to help him that he his going to a strange city to kill the king their and take on the king crown, on hearing them, this make Emperor Chang to be furious indeed while he couldn’t know what to do having hearing what his traitor had done just to use his soldiers to take down a strange city and have control over it, he then send them back to where they supposed to be.

An hour later Vang arrived to Emperor Chang place while coming in with happy face, Emperor could only frank his face, Vang walked in on seeing Emperor Chang face he tried to control his laughter while turning back to check weather the giants had return, but Emperor Chang stop him

Emperor Chang: I think you come for me

( on hearing that he was afraid and couldn’t come out of his spot )

Am talking to you

Vang: I forgot to off my sander before coming to your presence

Emperor Chang: you don’t need to do that

Vang: I don’t know

Emperor Chang: how was your mission, have you accomplished it

Vang: probably no

Emperor Chang: then what stop you

Vang: that being is too strong indeed even he killed some of your warriors even half of them so I have to run out in order to him not to kill, he his too strong

( he lied )

Emperor Chang: nice one

( he smiled at him )

Vang: can I go please

Emperor Chang: not yet

Vang: but why, my wives and my children are waiting for me, they are waiting

Emperor Chang: the reason I won’t let you go is that, number one, where have you been

Vang: have you here something

Emperor Chang: you have to answer me first

( he raise from where he seated )

Vang: am sorry

Emperor Chang: number two, why did you lie to me

Vang: I don’t know

( he tried to give himself courage )

Emperor Chang: number three, why did you unleashed my beloved giants to first engaged in fight with that chosen one

Vang: I don’t know

Emperor Chang: then you have to pay for this, because you have taken my warriors to engaged in battle with the strange kingdom and you killed their king and have kill their soldiers all both the infantry and the guards

Vang: but how do you know that

( kneeling before Emperor Chang )

Emperor Chang: as a spy I know that, even I wore a mask then, I am with you, we both kill the kings and the guards even slayed many peoples,you command us in the King’s gate but as a spy I hide my identity as the king even my warriors doesn’t know who I am then.

Vang: oh no, please have mercy on me, I have a family with only one wife but my son doesn’t know who really I am please spare me I won’t do that again also I have a daughter

Emperor Chang: your families have nothing to do with that,yes they don’t they don’t they don’t I know that

Vang: please

Emperor Chang: my mercy eye as blind and actually I have been called a name which is Dr blind.

( he draw out his sword, moving to him )

Vang: please in the sake of the gods of this land

Emperor Chang: I am one of the gods you are talking about

Vang: please

( Emperor Chang raise up his sword wanted to strike him down but something hold his hand )

Emperor Chang: what is going on

( then remember what Vang has said he had a daughter he then realize that what just happened have meaning, he then pull back his sword to his scabbard )

I will spare you because I too have a daughter in which she was killed during war and his death makes me do evil and I want to avenge for her by all course and it will take whatever it have to take.

( Vang was very exited )

Vang: thanks sir

Emperor Chang: now you have to turn good now and let me remain evil until I seek joy in me, also I will grant your family whatever they wanted just go in peace

( Vang was astonished on hearing that )

Vang: thanks lord, from now I will surely do what you have just said

( Vang draw out his sword then lay it down before the king and then go on his way while Emperor Chang cried alot then walked into his room sending some soldiers to look over the land weather it would be use for agriculture )


Mike Hector and Cara journey through the forest with leg

Mike: come on guys

Cara: I think you remember what I demand from you guys

Hector: yes of course I will we forget

Mike: we believe in this sword now, it will show us the path and the way

Hector: anyway

( they all trek since they left their horse and chariot when climbing the mountain )

Cara: we haven’t eat since two days then what are we going to eat

Hector: you like food alot

Mike: not every one like to eat food

Hector: you must be talking about monster right

( he paused )

Mike: no

Cara: that can’t possible

Mike: it is possible

Hector: in what way

Mike: if anyone weld the heart of Gava doesn’t need to it unless they wish to eat

Hector: oh no, I too need it, but am not worthy of it also I can’t do without my stomach I love eating very much eating is my hobby.

Mike: since you are prince then you will like to eat as much as possible.

Hector: ok ok but not only that, I ate seven times in a day

( they were shocked )

What is that

Cara: you just you ate seven times a day?

Hector: what is that, is that strange to you

Mike: no no no, since you are a prince then you deserve it

Hector: but not only that

Mike: what else is that

Hector: I ate with the poor I don’t eat on the royal table, I give half of my food to the poor, I usually give foods to the fatherless and also food to the motherless I will go to the orphanage and I will give them food weekly and also makes them happy always, so I don’t eat food alone, but non of my family knew about this, but if they knew that I did all this they will be glad alot especially my father when he was still alive in the land of the living.

Mike: that is good, am touched on hearing you about this am happy too

Cara: not only you guys, I too learn out of this.

Mike: this make me remember of a word just for a fun

Hector: what is it

Mike: eat to live but don’t live to it

Cara: whao I like that but that is not what the word really mean

Mike: then what does it mean

Cara: it mean that you should have purpose in your life and work to achieve it

Hector: that is really nice, extraordinary nice

( they all walk through the desert )

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