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Emperor chang arrived to his lair

Emperor Chang: I have to stick into plan now

( he go to a place while he open the door furiously then call out five giant cruel warriors they were exactly like Goliath in the bible but what make different is that can’t talk but they can hear what peoples are saying even their armor in their body are ticker including their enormous body and also their shield while their sword are long and its blade is more sharper than any normal sword when seeing them peoples we think that they are paranormal human being but they are not,even Emperor Chang is afraid to move closer them while he could only talk to them in a very long distance, but the giants move closer to him because he has being their provider and also give food to it, the giants only behave like a beast and also devour like a beast )

As you all know, I raise you with me and now it is time for you to work for me, I need you now

( the giants all nod their head, a warrior then arrived as he see the giants, he quickly step back )

Emperor Chang: what is that, why have you come

( the warrior begin to shivering as if he has been freezed for long time )

Say what you have to say

Warrior: you have a visitor.

Emperor Chang: tell him or her to wait

Warrior: ok ok

( he run away as if he was chased by cheetah )

Emperor Chang: he fear alot

( he too walked out of the place )


Emperor Chang arrived to his lair while he could see the visitor

Emperor Chang: can I know you

Vang: I am Vang I have come to help you

Emperor Chang: I don’t need your help

Vang: I need your help

Emperor Chang: what kind of help

Vang: I want you and I to work together and after that I shall hand over the legendary sword to you

Emperor Chang: did you mean it

Vang: you have to trust me, we can’t do this without others

Emperor Chang: ok,first and foremost you have to go an attack that brats

Vang: ok, sorry for your lost

Emperor Chang: how do you know that

Vang: don’t worry

( he turn back, wanted to be going )

Emperor Chang: how will you get their location

Vang: I will get them,just supply me warriors and many weapons to use because he his too tough to handle

( he walk away )

Emperor Chan: this guy have something to do, I think of that,but I have to avenge for Xara death and am sure that Vang will surely help me to do that

( he go straight to his room )


Hector Mike and Cara go walk through the desert while they journey to the north to find a place to dwell in.

Mike: are your family member save

Hector: am sure of that since Xara as dead

Cara: yes

Hector: that is good

Cara: guys I want your help

Mike: what is that

( looking at her )

Cara: I want us to join hands together in searching for my family

Mike: is that all

Cara: yes

Hector: but you don’t know the direction to your kingdom

Cara: that is why I said you have to help

Mike: don’t worry guys the sword is going to lead us


Hector: but how do you lost your home and also I taught you said before that you came from Maros.

Cara: actually it is a lie, I just use that to cover myself I am not from Maros

Mike: then where are you from

Cara: I don’t know, I couldn’t remember anything then, all what I remember was that my kingdom was erased and was destroy by unspecialized armies, that time, they invaded my kingdom and destroy everything, I lost home and also lost everyone, I lost then, but I was save by a certain man, that man trained me but after sometimes he was murdered, I tried to escape then, the murderer tried to chase me, when I was running I fainted under a shade, but the murderer couldn’t see me but they went back to their master, when I woke up I found myself in Maros where I was raised by a woman,she cared for me and also give me whatever I demand for but now she has past away and I have to live on my own.

Mike: sorry for that

Hector: we are going to do whatever we can do

Mike: yes we will

Cara: I trust you guys, I know you can

Mike: yes

( actually he sence something )

Wait guys

Hector: what is that

Mike: I could sence that the evil are here our enemy is near us

Hector: so you sence that with the sword

Mike: yes, you have to believe me

Cara: we believe you but what are we going to do now

Mike: we have to continue, if any villain rise then we are going to crush them to dust.

( they continue their voyage to the north, they have to climb a high mountain after some hours of climbing they reached their to be surprised the giant stop them, they were all afraid )

Hector: they come from Emperor Chang

Cara: I too guess of that

Mike: you don’t need to guess anything they ate his new minions.

Cara: what are we going to do now because they are cruel and giant even like a beast

Mike: all we need to do is to make the battle cry, we have to fight.

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