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Jarvis: come on Fang let do this

Verta: you doesn’t need to to do nothing

Fang: what did they mean

Morgana: what we mean is what is we mean

( actually a man appear in form of keeper as Jarvis see him he was astonished )

Jarvis: this is not keeper he his an enemy now

Darot: you got it right, when keeper refused to tell us the secret so I merge into him

Fang: so she remember that

( he think in himself )

Darot: when I merge into him,it affect me alot and Hoxo promise to extract him out of me now that he has, he form him to evil to fight you protector of Razia

Fang: I knew this day will come and now that it has come

Jarvis: not only you

( Fang and Jarvis run to them fighting but the evil force takes them down having blasting them with a powerful bomber, they could survived the blast while the evils think that they have destroy them,but they come out of fire, Jarvis claw become sharpened since he just arrived from the burning fire, Darot and his friends were surprised in seeing them )

Darot: I think it is time to make the battle cry

Verta: I think of it also

( they send evil version of Keeper to battle them )

Jarvis: since we are two we can bring him down once and for all

Fang: yes team work make the best, their is nothing like team work

Jarvis: if so we, have to do this, are you ready

Fang: move on

( Fang and Jarvis run run to Keeper while they begin to fight him with different martial arts styles, it all seams as If keeper has know all their strategist he could only defeat them within short period of time )

Jarvis: he his too strong, I don’t expect this

Fang: not only you,even when he was still normal he his not strong like this

Jarvis: but what can we do

Fang: the evil spirit in him gives him abilities and power

Jarvis: we can do it, we have to restrain him and control him as well

( they run to Keeper again while they luckily hold his two hands, they both close their two eyes going to through the spirit, when Darot sees that have have want to take him down, he quickly blast them together while Jarvis and Fang become weak also Keeper too, keeper become furious due to the evil spirit that is possessing him then turn to Darot and his friends wanted to kill them for what they had done in blasting him )

Verta: I think he doesn’t know who really he was

Morgana: come on let kill him for good

Verta: master will be angry at us

Darot: have you forget that he was master enemy long ago so master will be happy, even he will surely praise

Morgana: that’s good extraordinary good

( Darot then run to them as if he has been searching for them long ago )

Morgana: let do it

( they release their blaster but Golden claw speed up on time guarding the blast them save keeper )

Darot: how dare you

Jarvis: don’t be surprised

( unfortunately, Keeper rise to fight Jarvis and Fang )

Fang: this is a threat now

Jarvis: I should’ve not save him

( Keeper run to Jarvis but Jarvis skillfully use his claw to mark him then hold him down with it, immediately Keeper get back to his sences )

Oh sorry Old keeper I should’ve not kill you, but you force me to do it

( he rise on his head then seeing Keeper painting and gasping heavily, he then realize that he has turned good )

What is going on here

Fang: stay away from him, keeper is dangerous he his too dangerous indeed

Jarvis: that is before

Keeper: thanks Jarvis for protecting your kingdom and also using your power for good, I really appreciate for that.

( The villains was then surprised on hearing him they become so furious while they both stretched their hand to Keeper blasting him for their own good while Jarvis luckily escaped it but he couldn’t save keeper then cried, Keeper body turn into vapour in which it doesn’t pass through any liquid substances while becoming gas, the gas then vanished )

Verta: now that Keeper as gone finally you are the next now and we are going to crushed you into dust, but not now we are going to extend your death till our next arrival.

( they all vanished )

Jarvis: they are all insane

( be said furiously while he smach the ground due to his fury in loosing Keeper for the second time )

Fang: we have to go the Cava now, because we are not save

( they all leave the place )

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