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Impressive, Huh?!

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He turned his head and looked toward Yuanen Yehui by his side. He spoke in a grave tone, “Little girl! You should leave Xie Xie. There’s still time for you to go after Wulin.”

Yuanen Yehui blushed. “Nonsense. Wulin already has Gu Yuena.”

A radiance flashed once in Er Ming’s eyes. He shook his head and said, “They can’t possibly be together. There’s no need for you to be bothered by that. Do you think that…”

“Senior, what shall we have for our meal later?” Xie Xie tried to change the conversation topic.

Er Ming gave Xie Xie a slap and said, “Boy, you’re a fox. You should pay more attention to your cultivation.”

Yuanen Yehui was aware that Er Ming was joking. She said to him, “There’s something that I can’t quite figure out about the battle earlier. Qiangu Dongfeng was obviously blasted away by our captain at the final moment. Yet, how did he get injured still?”

Er Ming spoke in a deep voice, “Wulin’s impressive, huh! He truly deserves the reputation of being… Cough, cough. Hmm, I think he’s fused all of his abilities and combined his domain and law power to launch a super-powerful strike during the final moment. It appears simple, but it almost drained everything he had. In addition, the Golden Trident in his hand is a truly powerful divine weapon. On the other hand, Qiangu Dongfeng is not well prepared. Hence, he’s successful with just one strike. The most terrifying aspect of this move is that it disarms all the defenses. A set of three-word battle armor is certainly incapable of withstanding the strike. Perhaps, one will be able to mitigate it if one has a set of four-word battle armor enhanced with the law power. In any case, one can’t possibly neutralize the entire attack. It’s remarkable that he can cultivate this move successfully. However, I think Tang Wulin can use it no more than a few times consecutively. His cultivation base at the moment is inadequate. However, he has, at least, found a path that belongs to him if he can create a battle tactic by himself. It’s truly awesome! It’s no weaker than the move used by Tang San back in the beginning.”

He muttered the last sentence softly. At present, he was in a great mood. He could see in Tang Wulin a hope for the future. He hoped very much that Tang Wulin would become powerful. The more powerful Tang Wulin became, the higher the possibility for Wulin to find the Divine Realm. How could the Douluo Continent end up being surrounded by enemies and confronted with frequent crises if ever it was guarded by the Divine Realm?

He had won! Yu Longyue had won! Moreover, he had injured Qiangu Dongfeng.

There was no way the Spirit Pagoda could stop the news from spreading regardless of how hard they tried since the battle was broadcasted live over the whole continent. After all, they could not possibly restrict all the media channels. In addition, the situation was watched closely by the entire world.

The competition had immediately become a topic of heated discussion and gave everyone much excitement.

The competition for group number three ended. The person who would represent group number three in the end to become one of the top ten finalists of the Joust For A Spouse Festival was precisely Tang Wulin disguised as Yu Longyue.

The spiriter Qiangu Zhangting was eliminated. Qiangu Zhangting lost his consciousness almost instantly upon descending the competition stage. The people wondered if it was due to rage or injury.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression was equally unpleasant. The fact that Qiangu Zhangting had lost was considered secondary. More importantly, his clan’s precious Soul-s-----g Medal was destroyed! How was he going to explain himself to his elder?

Moreover, the power of Yu Longyue and the terror of the divine weapon in Yu Longyue’s hand raised an alarm in his heart.

The Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan which had always been mentioned in the legends was so very powerful. He never would have expected this to happen in the past.

However, he was still the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. He immediately made arrangements despite being furious. He made an announcement in the news and to the outsiders that his appearance in the competition arena was for the safety of Qiangu Zhangting only. The attack launched by Yu Longyue at the time was an attack that even Yu Longyue himself was incapable of controlling. Had he not stopped the attack, Qiangu Zhangting would have been killed. The Joust For A Spouse Festival was only a sparring event and there should be no fatalities. He would have made a move even if it had been someone else at the time instead of Qiangu Zhangting.

As for his injuries, he chose to confront the reality of it. Firstly, he praised the power of Yu Longyue’s weapon greatly and declared it as the most powerful divine weapon he had ever seen. At the same time, he congratulated Yu Longyue for his success. He insinuated that he intervened due to the urgency of the situation without any proper preparation. For fear of hurting Yu Longyue amongst other reasons, he ended up being injured.

He spun the news to prevent the Spirit Pagoda from being dishonored in this competition as much as possible.

Yet, the facts were plain for all to see. Those with discerning eyes could tell that the medal destroyed by Yu Longyue was no ordinary weapon. Of course, Yu Longyue was in the limelight being promoted by Qiangu Dongfeng’s praises. His Golden Trident became a hot conversation topic for everyone in town.

What sort of divine weapon was it actually? Numerous people were eyeing it covetously.

The Joust For A Spouse Festival was part of the Spirit Pagoda’s plan. It became the focus of everyone’s attention once again, only that the focal point was not what they had predicted initially.

Tang Wulin felt intensely weak as he walked out of the competition arena with great effort. He needed a crutch as support in order to walk.

He contacted his comrades at once and got into an unmarked Tang Sect car waiting outside the coliseum.

The car’s glass prevented any unwanted attention from the outside. Inside the car, the two Limit Douluos awaited him. They were the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin and the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali.

No doubt they were worried that Tang Wulin would become a target after gaining so much attention. Thus, they both came.

“You have overused your spirit, and it is in severe condition.” Yali pressed a hand against Tang Wulin’s forehead. A gentle holy light nourished his sea of spirit.

After a long while, his eyes regained a little of its usual radiance. He patted Yali’s palm gently. “Mother, I’m fine now.”

His weakness was due to the final strike of the Dragon Emperor Cut as well as the Thousand Flying Dragons from earlier. These two entities had consumed his spiritual power to a large extent. Moreover, Tang Wulin was certain that had he not engaged in a year’s worth of tranquility during the Sea God’s Second Examination, which enhanced his control over his spiritual power tremendously, he would not have been able to launch the Dragon Emperor Cut.

These two great moves consumed almost all his spiritual power which had achieved the Thought Concretization level! The extreme power of the Dragon Emperor Cut came from consuming an exceedingly large amount of spiritual power.

Zang Xin frowned and said, “Wulin, you’ve pushed yourself a little too far today. There is still a period of time before the final round of the Joust For A Spouse Festival. I’m afraid it’s not going to be as peaceful.”

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “I didn’t want it to be like that initially. It’s due to my sudden realization which made me launch the move subconsciously. I didn’t expect the effect to be so potent until Qiangu Dongfeng was injured too.”

Of course, he did not mention that he wanted to kill Qiangu Zhangting at the time. Qiangu Zhangting, who was also his love rival, attempted to kill him with the Soul-s-----g Medal. He wanted to finish off his opponent quickly so as to end all the problems he was facing.

Zang Xin’s lips cracked into a faint smile. “That single strike made me and Yali shudder with fear. I didn’t expect you to come up with such a divine skill. Continue to hone these skills and you will certainly become one of the most powerful soul masters in the soul masters’ world.”

One could see how much Zang Xin admired Tang Wulin’s strike earlier based on his laudable appraisal despite his status as a Limit Douluo.

Yali nodded ever so slightly too. “It’s okay. Be a little conspicuous if you have to. We’re not planning to stay low profile this time. Zang Xin and I will be staying at the Blacksmith’s Association for the next few days. We shall see who dares to create problems. Moreover, your grandteacher is there too. No one dares to offend a Divine Craftsman.”

Tang Wulin nodded. He did not speak anymore because his spirit was too weak. He closed his eyes to rest his spirit.

His heart calmed down almost instantly. His spiritual power was recuperating rapidly in complete silence.

The loneliness of one year was not wasted. It was great training for him.

Gu Yuena stood inside the treatment room looking at Qiangu Zhangting who was lying on the bed with a ghastly pale face. Her gaze shimmered continuously.

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