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Forbid Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut

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On many occasions, one feared loneliness the most. Tang Wulin discovered that he would not feel the slightest pain even if he wished to hurt himself. His mind was completely sober, yet he felt nothing at all.

Ordinarily, a person would go mad really soon in this kind of environment. When one engaged in closed-door cultivation, one would still be able to hear some sounds. However, there was nothing here at all, not even a sound.

Tang Wulin was cursing away in his heart. Had it not been for Qiangu Zhangting’s medal, he would not be in this place.

He even felt like abandoning the trident on one occasion because the test was truly agonizing.

However, he managed to suppress the thought as soon as it appeared. How could he give up when he had to look for his father and family members? The Golden Trident was the answer! It was the most important weapon needed to look for his father in the future.

The special training received on the Demon Island back in the beginning began to show its effect. Since there was nothing else he could do, Tang Wulin attempted to calm himself. He sought the calm and quiet of not having to think.

Here, his spirit was especially wide awake and clear. There was utterly no way he could fall asleep.

It was quite difficult for him to quiet his mind in the beginning. All sorts of distracting thoughts would arise. As time went on, he could stay longer in a tranquil state. The feeling he had was quite interesting. It was like he was fighting against himself.

His heart also calmed down after he entered a state of tranquility. His mind had stopped thinking. So, it felt pleasant at the very least. Moreover, he discovered that many of his issues which he could not figure out in the past became clearer once his heart settled down. It was the same for cultivation.

As a result, he began to ponder deeply each time he entered a state of tranquility. His mind would become especially lucid and sober. Although he could not cultivate, with the clarity of his mind, he felt a sense of achievement each time he managed to solve the issues.

Soon, he became accustomed to the place. He had adapted to the calmness and loneliness.

He figured out ways to overcome the problem. One of the ways was to enter a state of tranquility. The other way was to ponder deeply. Yet another way to reminisce about the good times and his past.

He believed that he would not remain in this golden world forever. He knew that he would leave this place one day.

His eyes began to change gradually. His eyes turned deeper and calmer. So too his heart.

He had lost count of how long it had been, how much time had passed.

All of a sudden, a stream of radiance appeared in his mind without warning. Tang Wulin opened his eyes calmly and his face cracked into a faint smile.

“Time’s up. The Sea God’s Second Examination, loneliness, has been completed. It has been a year on the main plane.”

A year? Tang Wulin felt like his spirit was in a trance when he heard the time. Had he actually stayed in this void for a year?

A sense of potency radiated throughout his entire body. Suddenly, noises were heard again. Tang Wulin found it difficult to adapt immediately.

The surrounding lighting seemed chaotic while different sounds arose one after another. Once his eyes were focused, he realized he was still at the same place he was at the beginning. He was still in the Mingdu Coliseum. Meanwhile, a person not far away from him was shouting madly. He then dashed toward him. He was none other than Qiangu Zhangting.

“Clang!” He raised the Golden Trident in his hand subconsciously. The Golden Trident felt lighter now. In fact, Tang Wulin even felt the soundwaves coming from it.

The Coiling Dragon Staff which had lost its Break Evil Dragon slammed into the Golden Trident. However, there was not the slightest bit of sparks nor radiance at all. Qiangu Zhangting stumbled a few steps backward. Suddenly, he paused for a moment.

His eyes met Tang Wulin’s gaze at that very moment.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was still filled with pride a moment ago. At present, his eyes were incredibly calm. His crystal clear eyes were akin to a deep pool of water.

He pointed the Golden Trident in his hand forward, and Tang Wulin uttered a single word, “Forbid!”

There was a momentary pause. Qiangu Zhangting’s expression did not change even as he realized that there was nothing he could do now.

“Dragon Emperor Cut!”

Thousands of golden radiant streams fused into one. It carried indomitable willpower, the confidence of the final stake and was filled with the King’s glory.

At this moment, Tang Wulin transformed into the dominator of heaven and earth with a golden blade’s radiance on the Golden Trident which traversed time and space.

It was the Forbidden Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut!

A year of silence and of deep contemplation. A year of comprehension. In the end, Tang Wulin managed to combine the Thousand Accusing Fingers, the Final Stake, and the King’s Path into this move known as the Dragon Emperor Cut! It was the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law which belonged to Tang Wulin alone!

“Boom…” A stream of light shadow appeared before Qiangu Zhangting instantly.

The frozen time-space became distorted while the space disintegrated into countless rips and tears. The protective shield in the entire Mingdu Coliseum shattered into pieces at that very moment.

A piercing dragon’s roar echoed in the arena with a forlorn sound!

A gigantic halo burst forth and blasted Tang Wulin to the distance. In his place, a deep trench was left behind. Countless deep cracks appeared on the entire competition stage.

Qiangu Dongfeng had put himself before Qiangu Zhangting. Qiangu Dongfeng’s face was green with rage. He had set himself up as a block before his grandson. Qiangu Zhangting was sitting on the ground frozen with fear at present. The Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand had split into two segments completely. There was no damage on his battle armor, but blood was seeping down his forehead which looked frightening. Even though it appeared to be a shallow cut, it was still terrifying to see fresh blood spewing from the wound.

Meanwhile, Qiangu Dongfeng was holding his Coiling Dragon Staff horizontally in his hand as he stood before Tang Wulin. It was incredible that there was a deep mark on Qiangu Dongfeng’s Coiling Dragon Staff. Almost a third of the staff was cut open. Moreover, there was a long cut that ran from his face until his waist. He had sealed his blood vessel immediately, so he did not appear as seriously wounded as Qiangu Zhangting. Nonetheless, he suffered some injuries too.

Who was Qiangu Dongfeng? He was the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master, a Limit Douluo and an Almighty beyond his time. He was at least a demigod-ranked powerhouse. Even when he was caught off-guard, there were few people in today’s world who could hurt him.

One strike from the Golden Trident resulted in such damage. How could that not shock all the people at the scene?

Tang Wulin maintained a calm gaze as he retracted his Golden Trident. He spoke calmly, “I hit the grandson. Is there a need for the grandfather to come forward personally?”

Qiangu Dongfeng took a deep breath to suppress the wild rage and shock in his heart. He spoke in a deep voice, “Qiangu Zhangting has admitted his defeat. I made a move to protect his life.”

Had it not been Qiangu Dongfeng who made the move in time, Qiangu Zhangting would be in a worse situation now. It would not just be a small bloodstream on his face. His entire person would have been cut into two. Although he was cladded in a three-word battle armor with an exceedingly strong defense, he was still incapable of stopping Tang Wulin’s Golden Trident!

It was the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law’s Forbidden Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut. It not only forbade the passing of time and space but also the opponent’s defenses. The strike completely ignored any form of defense. All defensive equipment was rendered useless. Hence, Qiangu Zhangting was still injured despite having blocked Tang Wulin’s attack and used his domain to blast Tang Wulin away. In fact, even his martial soul, the Coiling Dragon Staff suffered a certain amount of damage too.

Tang Wulin smiled calmly. Actually, he was more than satisfied with the result. Although he had no idea how he had engaged in the Sea God’s second examination for a year on the main plane, the result was still good at the end.

Despite opening his mouth three times consecutively, Ai Fei did not manage to make a sound. Undoubtedly, it was best for him not to speak at the moment since Qiangu Dongfeng was in extreme shock and rage. Otherwise, he would be in deep trouble if he ended up provoking Qiangu Dongfeng even more.

The ambiance at the scene was disturbed, and the audience was getting wild at present.

“Yu Longyue, Yu Longyue, Yu Longyue!” This was being streamed live all over the continent. Almost all the fanatic soul masters were watching the competition closely.

The entire competition did not last long although it was incredibly exciting. The competition had commenced with Qiangu Zhangting’s powerful suppression at the beginning. Then, Tang Wulin suddenly unleashed his incomparably powerful hundred-meter domain to turn the tide. Finally, toward the end, Tang Wulin attacked twice with the Golden Trident, and he managed to hurt the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. These scenes were all deeply ingrained in people’s minds.

By then, the reputation of Yu Longyue who was from the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan had ascended to a different level.

What was the extent of a person’s abilities when he could even hurt Qiangu Dongfeng? A Limit Douluo of the same rank as Qiangu Dongfeng might not necessarily be able to hurt his peer.

He would undoubtedly be a star in the future. Presently, almost everyone agreed that he would certainly become a Limit Douluo in the future.

On the viewing platform, Er Ming widened his mouth in surprise. He could care less about eating his snacks anymore.

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