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It was nearly midnight, and the pale crescent moon shone through the windows , bringing a warm light into the dark room…

I sat there on the bed , my lamp in front of me, reading when the light suddenly came on……

“Up nepa!” I screamed so loudly that Faith who was snoring beside me jolted awake …

she looked around the room dazedly and when her gaze met mine , she touched her chest and sighed in relief …

“it is even you”

“before nko, who were you expecting it to be?” I asked sardonically

“Not that Jare, I thought the scream was from outside”

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly ; then reached for my phone , connecting it to its charger

I smiled inwardly, now I can bade my boyfriend goodnight!

“Uju! Abeg help me charge my phone “. Faith begged, laying back on the bed

“where is it?”

“beside the extension”. She replied.

I looked towards the extension box and saw the “wounded”phone,then I reached for it careful not to touch the broken screen and connected it to its charger….

“It is charging ooo”. I told her

“Okay!” she simply said ,turning her body sideways to resume her sleep..

Really! so she can’t even say thank you…okay now!she will see who will help her next time!

Resting my back against the wall, I turned on my phone and instantly, a message from Demi popped in..

I smiled lightly as I clicked on it

“Good night my priceless one”

Awwww! my baby is so romantic

quickly, I dialled his number and he picked up on the second ring

“Hey babe!” his vibrant voice rang through

“Ademilade!” I called excitedly, ” I am so so sorry for not responding to your message, I just saw it now”

He chuckled lightly. “Light issue right?”

“Yes ,the light came on not quite long”

“Ooops! then I guess the mosquitoes will be much”. he teased making me squeeze my face in a little frown

“Go way jor”

“No baby I won’t”. he sighed, “how I wish you were by my side then I would have wrap you up in my arms tightly and ….”. he paused , trailing off

“You would have what?” I asked, curiously

“Never mind”. he brushed it aside and I rolled my eyes

I bet he wanted to say f**k me!

He continued. “but why are you still awake by this time?”

“Reading”. I replied

“Reading! by 11:30!no babe , you should be sleeping”

“Sure!”. I agreed, “and you , why are you still awake?” I threw the question back at him

“Nothing, I was about sleeping when your call came in”

“Oh dear! I am sorry for disturbing you”

“No baby! Don’t be , I love it when you disturb me”. he said with a note of laughter in his voice

I blushed lightly. “Okay Ade mi”

“Ade mi( My crown)!”. he repeated

“Yes, that is what I use in saving your number”I explained and even without seeing him, I knew he was smiling .

“So what do you use in saving mine?” I asked ,eagerly

“And why are you asking that?”

“Nothing! I just want to know”. I insisted

“Alright !I made use of your name”. he stated and my heart sank

Like seriously!out of all romantic names , he made use of my name!

“Baby!” he called as I scoffed

“Leave me alone”

he laughed. “I was just kidding, I saved your number with a special name”

Ehen! now he is talking!

“And what is the special name?”

“hmmmmh… what is the special name?… I don’t think I remember”

“Ademilade!”I called, frowning as he Joked around

“Yes babe, I need to go to bed now”. he yawned

I huffed , is he for real?

“Good night my Priceless Treasure”. he bade and without waiting to hear my response , he ended the call….

I stared at the phone , trying to put two and two together

Priceless Treasure! Is that what he use in saving my number? If yes , I must be so important to him ..

Grinning, I put away my books and was about standing to switch off the light bulb when a message came into my phone …

I unlocked the phone , expecting to see the name Ade mi on the screen but was disappointed……well not really disappointed as it was Funmi

I clicked on it and read it

“Uju! Please come outside now , I need your help”

Help kwa! by this time of the night!

sharply , I dialled her number and it rang until her voice mail picked up

Han! Han! Is this not the same person who messaged me now?

I dialled it again but it was still the same and was about dialling it for the third time when a message popped in

It was from her and i quickly clicked on it

“Bestie! Please come out!”

I became alarmed, what could be wrong? is she alright?

Panicking, I leaned forward and tapped Faith

“Faith! Faith!” I called with a shaky voice

She stirred a little, mumbling some inaudible words

“Faith please wake up”. I pleaded , tapping her again and she hissed loudly, flinging my hand away

“Wo! Leave me alone”

I huffed , eying her coldly

Ha! na wa oooooo! which kind of person is this one sef!

Just then , a message popped up again.

without reading it , I stood up , put on a dunlop slippers, grabbed a wrapper and tied it around the short blue nighty I was wearing; then i made for the door ,unbolted it; switching on my phone torch light , i walked out of the room,through the long passage and to my surprise, the door to the entrance was wide opened…

Oga ooo! Don’t they close door in this house!

I walked out of it , looking left and right as I climbed down the short step but there was no trace of Funmi, all I saw was a red Benz parked out in front of my hall….

I hissed loudly, what is all this na? Is she using me to play?

Scrolling through my phone,I clicked on her number and was about dialling it when the car headlights flashed on, as if motioning me to come over

My skin tingled in fear and goose bumps sprang all over my body .

Who is this one again? ……..or wait! could it be Funmi? Is she in some kind of trouble?

Slowly , I walked to the car and knocked on the rolled up window

“Funmi!” I called softly and instantly, the window rolled down to reveal …….a lanky boy,the same one who puffed out smoke into my face…

“Hi Obianuju!” he greeted, his tone was so icy making my whole body trembled with fear

“who..are… you?” I stuttered, taking a step backward as he opened the car door

he smiled. “I am Dave”

I grew pale all of a sudden

Dave! so he is the Dave , Funmi’s dark knight! oh no! It can’t be

“Funmi! Where is she?”My voice came out Shaky

“My house”. he answered

I swallowed hard , turning around and was about to run when he said

“If you dare to try , i will kill your friend”

I stopped dead in my track, turning to face him

“What do you mean by that?”

he laughed. “Not only her , I will also destroy your boyfriend”

Terror washed over me raising the hairs on the back of my neck

“Ademilade”. I repeated and he nodded while still laughing

“No! Please !no! Please !don’t hurt him”. I begged desperately and he stopped , staring at me like I was some fancy doll

“You love him that much , don’t you?” he asked with a dull and emotionless smile

“Please don’t hurt him”. I pleaded, ignoring his question as i let out a muffled cry

“Then get into the car”. his voice was flat .

I nodded obediently as I walked around the car;then I opened the door and climbed into the other side , fidgeting as I sat down beside him

“You are cold?” he asked, his eyes raking up and down my almost exposed body …..

Oh God!I wasn’t even wearing undies , just a silk nighty and a wrapper.

“No!” I replied , biting my lips as it quavered

“Are you sure?”

why does he care if I am cold or not?

“Yes!” I snuffled and he took a deep breathe, blew it out through his mouth ; and on starting the ignition, he drove speeding off to only God knows where ….

I leaned back in the seat , eating my fingernails as I listened to the heavy pounding in my chest

I was so f**king scared , scared for myself, scared for Funmi and scared for Ademilade…..


In what seems like forever to me , the lanky boy drove into a big compound reverberating with loud music and parked in out in front of an apartment with three cars .

“Get down!” he instructed in a calm voice

And with a curt nod , I alighted from the car and he also did the same at his own end

“Come with me!” he simply said

Adjusting the wrapper , I tied it around me tightly and followed behind as we approached the front porch; then he pushed the door opened and we walked in to meet three boys in the sitting room, smoking and drinking. Among them was the media president, Bola…

I gasped audibly in shock as I took a step backward trying to avoid the smoke but it was of no use , the whole room was covered with smoke ..

Instantly, my breathe caught in my throat and I began to cough…

“Dave!get her out of here na or shey you don forget she be asthmatic patient”. A fair boy slurred and to my upmost surprise, Dave picked me up in a bridal style

“Let me go! Let me go!” I screamed ,kicking my legs as I tried to wriggle out of his hold but he held me firmly , laughing as he walked through an opened door to a room , his room because Funmi was seated right on the big bed…..

Seeing us, she stood up in a huff and charged at Dave blindly

“You bastard! Is this the reason why you dated me? Is this the reason why you took away my phone? to get to my friend”. She yelled, jumping as she punched his left shoulder …

The bastard, Dave scoffed as he placed me gently on the bed and then faced her , pulling her on her hair until he could see her face , he shook her once , suddenly furious and began punching her

“No ooooo”. I screamed loudly, “please stop, stop please”. I pleaded as I broke down in tears and he stopped, breathing hard as he faced me

“You want me to stop right?

I nodded , staring at the veins standing out on his neck

He was madly in anger and I knew it!

“Fine!” he agreed, shoving her roughly to the bed and she came falling down like a piece of wood

“Funmi!” I called , moving closer to her and when she looked at me , I screamed in pain

her eyes were bloodshot! her face swollen and covered in bruises , her lips bursted!

It was clearly obvious that she had been beaten before now!

“Uju!” She muffled in between tears as I pulled her closer to me , hugging her

“It is alright”. I assured , patting her lightly on her back and the “bastard” laughed

“Alright! did you just say alright? no pretty, it is far from alright”

And with that, he took a phone out of his pocket, typed into it and then handed it to me

“I want you to call that number”

I looked down at the phone to see the name Demi on the screen , I swallowed hard, looking back at him

“Demi! why should I call him!” My voice came out in whispers

“Simple! tell him to come over here or…………:

“No I won’t do that”. I cut in , screaming and the next thing that followed was a thunderous slap across Funmi face

“Yay! mummy oooooo!” Funmi screamed loudly, holding her cheek as the “bastard”laughed, squatting in front of me

“I am sorry pretty, but the more you prove stubborn , the more I keep on hurting your friend”

I gulped hard nervously as I stared at my shaky hands

“Please don’t hurt her , hurt me instead”

“No Uju! you are too beautiful to be beaten”. he stated , caressing my face , “so do your friend a favour and dial Demi’s number”

“but why? do you want to hurt him?” I asked softly, searching through his gaze

“No”. he replied bluntly

I averted my gaze , turning sideways to face Funmi who was curled up on the bed, whimpering..

I sighed in frustration

since allowing Dave to hurt her wasn’t an option, I had no other choice but to call Demi…

“unlock the phone”. I told him and when he did, I dialled Demi’s number and he picked up on the last ring

“Hey! who am I speaking with?” he asked with a sleepy voice

“It is Obianuju”. I muffled

“Uju!uju! Uju! … oh babe! you still awake, I thought I told you to go to bed”

“I did but a call got me out of the house”. I said, glancing at Dave who had a sly smile across his face …..

There was a pause and then Demi scoffed

“Where the hell are you?” his voice was cold

I removed the phone From my ear

“where is this place?”I asked Dave

“My place”. he replied with a loud voice and I put the phone back to my ear

“I am at …….”.Demi banged the phone down , obviously he overheard snatches of Dave and I conversation

“he hanged up on me”. I told Dave as I handed him back the phone and he smiled, straightening up

“I can see he recognised my voice”

“but why exactly do…. I tried to ask but he cut me off

“Have some rest Princess , the game will soon begin”. he said as he walked out of the room

Game! what is he talking about?

“What game?” I called after him and made to leave the bed but Funmi caught me by my arm , pulling me back

“Don’t!” She warned

“Why?”I huffed , facing her

“he is dangerous”. she replied , wincing in pain “and also the smoke in the room isn’t good for your health”. she added and yes , she was right

I sighed in defeat, closing my eyes as the tears flowed freely down my eyes

“Oh Uju!” Funmi pulled me close and made me rest my head on her chest

“I am sorry Uju, it is all my fault, I should have been more careful, please forgive me”. she apologised and I nodded absentmindedly as my mind was on Demilade ….

“Ade mi , be save!Ade mi, be save!”I kept on mumbling…..






As soon as I dropped the call, I got off the bed, pulled off my pyjamas and hurriedly changed into a blue jean and polo; then I put on a slippers, picked up the key to my Venza and dashed out of the room to the sitting room where I met Susanna , crying

seeing me, she got off the sofa and blocked my path

“Yes!you are finally out, now I want you to repeat the nonsense you spilled out about loving that ….asthmatic thing”. she yelled,holding her waist as she vibrated

“Move!” I said as calm as I could

“No Demi! I am not moving anywhere until you tell me”. She insisted and that was it , the anger in me exploded and I shoved her aside roughly…

“Avoid me from this moment”. I yelled at her and it return, she let out a wail

“Ah! Eeewo! Demi has killed me ooo oooo”.

I bit at my lower lips, looking away from her as I made for the entrance door; opening it , I walked out of the house and slammed the door..

I never planned on pushing her but she pushed me to it…..

“D**n!” I cursed silently as I climbed down the short stairs to my car ; then I fumbled with the keys in the dark as I tried to open the car door

Bead Of sweat drip down my forehead.All I wanted to do was medicate

My hands were shaking, my head spinning

I heard the bastard voice , he was with her , he was with my girlfriend..

“F--k!” why isn’t this door opening ?” I hissed in anger

“That is because it is a keyless open”, my subconsciousness reminded

Jeez!i completely forgot!

quickly,I pressed the button on the key and the door opened


climbing into the car ,I started the ignition and drove speeding off to Dave’s hall…..






I couldn’t bear seeing the hurt on the girl’s face so when the door knob twisted, I got off the sofa and ran into the kitchen

Dave has returned!

Peeking through the curtains, I watched Dave carry the girl in his arms as he began to walk towards his room..

My eyes grew wide in surprise, What is with the sudden care?

I waited until they were out of sight and then I returned to the sitting room, worriedly

what will happen now?

“Bobo!this one you run like that , I hope all is well”. Prince slurred as I sat down on the sofa

“Yes ooo! Tobi, you sure sey you alright ?”Bola joined in the conversation

“Yes!” I grunted my response and prince laughed

“Guy!you have totally lost it”

I stared at him blankly as he continued

“we all no sey the girl fine but no think am , na Demi babe be that”

I scoffed. ” what the hell are you saying?”

“Simple! kill any feelings you have for her because it will do you no good”. he stated

Shuu! Is my feeling for her that obvious?

Opening my mouth , I was about to say something when a shrill , ear piercing scream echoed out of the room…

I became alarmed

“Juliet!” I muttered and began standing up , attempting to rush into the room when Bola , pulled me down, pinning me to the sofa with his heavy weight….

“And where do you think you are going?”

“Get off me”. I screamed , making him scoff

“Really! and what do you intend doing? fighting, no Tobi, that will only aggravate the matter”. he half yelled and yes, he was right

I sighed deeply. “So what do you suggest l do?”

“We?”he whispered so the others will not hear him

From the sober look on his face , I could tell he was also worried!

“Fine! So what do you suggest we do?” I corrected myself and he exhaled deeply, letting go of me

“There is nothing to do but to wait for Demi”.he replied and just then , the door to the room creaked opened and Dave came out , smiling

“Dave! Dave!”The two other boys , Prince and Tony hailed in unison

“Chai!This one that you are smiling ehen, it seems everything is going as planned”. Bola butted in But I was quick to detect the sarcasm in his voice

Dave smirked evilly as he sat down on the couch

“Yes! Demilade is on his way”

“what will happen when he comes? I asked and he slowly shifted his gaze to me

“I didn’t see you when I came in with the girl”

“Erm that was erm because I was in the kitchen”. I stuttered


“So what will happen when Demilade comes?” I was so curious to know

he smiled lightly. ” if he agrees to join us , there will be no problem”

“And what if he don’t , will you gang raped the girl?”

“Gang raped! no! she is too beautiful for that”. he replied and I sighed in relief

“I will raped her alone and if possible, make her mine”. he added making my heart skip a bit

Make her his!what does he mean by that? Is he trying to date her or what??… F**k! he is going crazy!!

The sound of a car driving into the compound interrupted my thoughts and I bit at my upper lips knowing it was Ademilade …..

“Yup!Ademilade is here”. Dave announced as he got off from the sofa , “Prince!Bola! come with me”

“But why?” Bola queried

Dave chuckled. ” That is because I want to scare him a little”

Reclining in the sofa, I folded my fist in anger and helplessly stared on as they walk towards the room….







At last ! After a rough drive, I got to Dave hall.

I drove through the open gate into the compound and parked out in front of his apartment, beside a white Benz— Tobi’s car

That bastard! so he is here?

Alighting from the car , I walked to the front porch, pushed the door opened and rushed in like a Maniac

“Where is my girlfriend?” I yelled at no one in particular

“She is in the room”.A familiar voice replied .

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw “the green snake”….. Tobi

“Bastard!” I cursed , charging blindly towards him , my head boiling in rage as I pinned him down to the sofa

“So you are with them .. Hun!.. I thought we are friends”

“Sure!”he agreed “you really need to calm down man”

“Calm down! did you Just say calm down?” I half yelled , searching through his gaze through my angry eyes

“Yes! You have to be calm and do everything Dave says , that is the only way Juliet will be fine”

“Ahhhh!” I screamed as I let go of him and as if in a trance , I began walking to the room…..

I was so confused!

Entering the room , I met an appalling sight

My girlfriend was seated on the big bed , her knees curled up towards her chest and beside her was a girl with a messed up face….

“Demi!” she mouthed as my eyes roamed all over her

She wore a kind of silky nighty with a blue printed wrapper and from the way her nipples pointed out, I could tell she was bra less

I folded my fist in anger and shifted my attention to Dave who was leaning against the wall with a sly smile on his face ….

“What do you want?” I asked coldly

“You!” he replied

I scoffed silently, he is so impossible!

“Then let the girl go”

Sure I will, but first, you will retake the oath”. he stated

Like seriously! Oath! Is that why he brought her here?

And what if I don’t?” I retorted, levelly

he smirked , snapping his fingers as a signal to the boys in the room—Prince and Bola

“Strip her naked now”

“What!” I exclaimed in shock ,staring at prince as he ambled towards her

“No! No!” Obianuju screamed making my heart churn in pain and without thinking, I flew at prince , threatening to tear his eyes out ..

The next thing that followed was the cocking sound of a gun

“Behave yourself or I will shoot”

Oh I completely forgot the bastard goes around with a gun!

I laughed bitterly , turning sideways to face him

“You gonna shoot me?” I asked to be sure

“hun… hun…”. he nodded

“And do you think you will go Scot free?”

he merely shrugged . “well! Judging from the fact that your father is well-connected and rich,I wouldn’t but at least, I will derive pleasure F**king your beautiful girlfriend …,

“You beast!” I spat at him and he laughed

“Yes I am a beast , a beast who is gonna pin you down and make you witness how I rape your girlfriend”

“No! Please don’t!” Obianuju pleaded , crying and Dave smirked

“I will countdown to three and if there is no positive response from you , i will take that as a yes …..

My whole body vibrated in fear and I racked up my brain for a solution but got none …

Take an oath! Join a cult gang!….. argh! It was like living in a prison but what can I do? I can’t let Dave rape the only girl I have come to love …..

Dave began counting. ” 1…….2……..

“I will do it”. I cut in and a wide smile escape from his lips

“I will do anything you want but please don’t hurt her”. I begged with a tears filled throat

“Good decision Demi!” he remarked, clapping his hands as he moved closer to pat my shoulder

“I assure you that you will never regret this”. he whispered softly and then faced prince

“Bring his over to the sitting room for his initiation”

And with that , he walked out of the room with Bola following behind him …

“Ade mi!”. Uju called ,opening her hands as she motioned me to come closer and I smiled lightly,taking a step towards her when Prince stopped me with his voice …

“Let’s go , we have no time”

Without saying a word , I retreated my step and walked out of the room into the sitting room and met all of the boys standing….

“Welcome Demi!”they chorused , almost in unison and I gave a curt nod

Dave cleared his throat .” Welcome Demi to the “Black Mamba confraternity . Despite being few , we are feared by everyone in the campus including the Lecturers because we all are from wealthy homes ….

Oh right! I scoffed silently as he continued

“The gang consist of only eight members . I Dave am the leader of the gang , Tony the assistant leader, Prince the capon ; then Bola the Media president , Kunlexy the SUG president, Tobi the Nass president , then the assistant Nass president…..Kewe

“Kewe! I repeated in disbelief , “which of the kewe?”

“Your best friend”.Tobi replied

“Shut up !”I eyed him coldly “do you think he is like you? I barked at him and that was the exact moment the door to the entrance flew opened and ……….

“Kewe!” I called in disbelief

“Guy! Awfar”. he greeted like there was no big deal

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed ,ruffling my hair in confusion, “Fk you and your greeting, fk you a million times”

“Calm down man and get done with your initiation”. he simply said and only then did I notice the sharp blade In Dave hands ….

“Why are you with this?” I asked Dave , referring to the blade

“To draw out your blood”. he replied

“My blood! this is bullshit”. I retorted in a huff

“And I guess raping your girlfriend is a bigger bullshit”. he drawled

What! Did he just threaten me!

“Stretch out your hands”.he instructed and when i did , he sliced my palm and squeezed the blood out ….

Mesmerised, i stared at the blood dripping down my palm and the only emotion I felt was anger ……..




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