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Priceless Treasure





“Babe! hurry up!”Ademilade called out from the room “or do you want us getting late to school?”

“No!I am almost done”. I answered, gritting my teeth as I poured the last bowl of water on my body …..

So here it was a Monday mid – morning and Demi and I were returning to school after a two-days “stay” in his luxury home…

stepping out of the bathtub, I reached for my towel and tied it around my waist as I returned to the room…

“At last!” Demilade who was sitting on the table muttered , were you planning on sleeping in there?”

I smiled lightly, ignoring his sneer as I ambled to the bed ….

He continued. should I come help you dress?”

Dress kwa! so he can f**k me like he did last night!

“No!” I simply replied as I picked up my undies from the bed, facing him

“Can you please turn around?”

“Why?” he asked and I rolled my eyes

“Isn’t it obvious, I want to dress”

he scoffed . ” so?i have seen your nakedness , what else are you hiding? ….hmmmh ….Is it your pointed breast or you round…..

“Shut up!” I barked at him before he could spill out more nonsense and he laughed

“Aha! Aha! I got you there”

I hissed silently, what an annoying boyfriend!

Towelling off , I put on the undies ; then picked up a short blue gown from the bed and hurriedly changed into it …

“Isn’t this gown too short?” Demi queried

“Is it?” I threw the question back at him and he shrugged

“well! It is a bit manageable , but don’t ever wear it out at night”

“Okay sir!”

I removed the hair net and the long hair came pouring down making me look like a “marine spirit”

All thanks to Adesewa!!

Speaking of which , I haven’t seen her nor heard her voice today

“Adesewa! where is she?”I asked Demilade who was looking into his phone

“School!”he replied and I nodded slowly

No wonder the house is quiet!

“she checked on you before leaving but you were still ……snoring”

I frowned. “snoring! do I snore?”

“No! but you did last night”

“hun!”. I furrowed my eyebrow, “that is because I was tired..erm….you know we both rocked the club last night”. I made an excuse for myself ….

“Sure we did!” he agreed , glancing at his wristwatch , ” Just hurry up so we won’t reach school late”


quickly,I brushed the long hair , put on a “newly bought” white sneakers , grabbed my already packed handbag as my eyes wandered round the room for the fancy nylon bag full of clothes….

“where is this bag sef?”I thought aloud

“It is already in the car”. Demi replied


“So are we good to go?” he asked , jumping off the table

Yes!” I replied

Taking a last look at the room , we both walked out , climbed down the spiral stairs into the sitting room and met his ” parent” having breakfast in the dining….

“We are leaving!” Demi announced , his voice coming out harsh

what is wrong with him?

“Ade!”his father called , looking at him with a pleading eyes , “Can’t you stay till next weekend?”

Next weekend! No ooo!

“No!” Demi answered with the same harsh voice

His father smiled lightly. “Do you have enough money?”

“I have more than enough to buy you and your political colleagues”. he mumbled but I heard him clearly..

Chissos! Chissos!Chissos!Does that mean he is richer than his dad? ..

“What did you say?” his father asked

“I said I have more than enough”. he lied and I scoffed silently

What a brilliant liar!

“Alright son!”his father nodded , facing me

“And what about you Obianuju, do you need anything?”

I widened my eyes in surprise, how did he know my native name?…. oh!he must have overheard his son call me!

“No sir!” I replied with my tiniest voice

“Are you sure?”

“You heard her clearly dad , she doesn’t need anything from you”. Demi butted in rudely

I gaped at him in surprise

Is he insane or what? how can he be so rude to his dad?

I shifted my gaze to his father, expecting him to scold at him and to my surprise he didn’t, he just laughed over it ….

Unbelievable!now I understand why Demi is so spoilt…

“Okay ooooo!Call me when you get to school”. his dad simply said

“Also make sure you face your studies squarely”. his step mom added, her gaze fixed on me

“And you too Juliet”

“Alright ma!” I answered, clinging to Demi”s arm as we walked out of the house ,heading for the garage …

“And don’t forget what I told you”. She called after me

“I won’t ma!”

“And what is that?” Demi asked, staring intently at me

I shrugged. “Nothing serious , just some advice”

“Advice!he scoffed , “erase whatever advice she gave to you, that woman is not to be trusted”

“Han! Han! but she is your step- mother now”. I queried

“Just do as I say”. he insisted , freeing himself from my grip as he opened the rear door to a white…oh my god! A Bugatti Divo! one of the world most expensive car…..Amazing!

“Is this yours?” I asked with my eyes wide opened

“Yep!” he answered popping the p

“And you gonna drive it down to Ogun state?”

“No! Musa will drive”. he replied and that was when I noticed the “Mallam” seated in the driver seat ….

“Kai! Na me go drive” .The Mallam , Musa repeated as if confirming Demi’s response….

So he had been listening to us!

“but why do you want this Mallam driving us?” I asked Demi in whispers as I climbed into the car , sitting beside him

he stared at me , confused

“I mean you have a personal driver right?”

“oh! Kingsley!”

I nodded

” yeah!but Musa is a better driver”


“And besides , Kingsley has to pick Adesewa up from school”. he explained and I nodded slowly, smiling

Adesewa! I am really gonna miss her!

“I need Adesewa number”. I said aloud as I opened my hand bag, bringing out my phone..

“She have your’s”. he muttered

“how! did you give it to her?” I asked curiously and he smirked, ignoring my questions

“Close the door”. he simply instructed and when I did , Mallam Musa started the ignition as he drove slowly out of the house …

I leaned back , resting my head on Demi’s chest as I switched on my phone for the second time in two days …

Immediately, Shakirat call entered.

“now it is time to receive query”. I thought within as I received it

“Juliet ooooo! where in the world are you?”. her loud voice rang through, “Ah! Yay! do you know how worried I have been?”

“I am sorry, I had… I tried to say but she cut me off

“No! No! No! No !don’t tell me that , I almost ran crazy because of you. Your brother and that your ugly roommate of yours were on my neck and I even had to go over to Demi’s apartment to look for you”

“I am sorry”. I muttered softly and she sighed deeply

“Fine! apology accepted ! So where are you?”

“Demi’s home at Abuja!”I replied and I heard her gasp

“But I am on my way to school”. I quickly added

“Ha! Juliet! You dey craze oo. So you mean you travelled to Abuja without informing anyone, not even me”

“It is not like that , I was scared of switching on my phone , you know I don’t want Rinzy to start questioning me”. I explained and instantly, i felt the stiffness in Demi’s body

I gaze up at him , meeting his blank gaze

Did I say something wrong?

“Even though, you should have told me”. Shakirat insisted

“I am sorry bestie”. I apologised again

“It is alright”. She assured making me smile lightly

“So what did my brother say ? was he angry? did he say anything like reporting to my parent?”I asked rushingly , I was too anxious to know

She laughed. “No babe! I covered up for you ,I told him you were at my place , that your phone was faulty and when ever he called , I gave a thousand and one excuses”

“Ah! thank so much bestie”. I appreciated, letting out a deep breathe I never knew I was holding…

“but explain better to him when you are back”.she added

“Alright!” I agreed

“Okay dear, my regards to your handsome boyfriend and I hope he didn’t F**k you too….”. I banged the call on her, laughing

What a crazy friend!

“You done hiding your relationship?” Demi asked in whispers and I shot him a puzzled look

What is he saying?

“Are you scared of Rinzy knowing about us, like you are ashamed of me”

“Demi!” I called softly, searching through his gaze and swears, I saw the pain in his eyes

“Tell me one reason why I would be ashamed of you?” I questioned him and his face fell

“I don’t know .. erm know .. erm I mean I am known as a flirt”. he stuttered nervously and I bit my lips trying so hard to suppress my laugh , i I have never seen him this nervous before….

Is he for real?

I exhaled deeply. “No baby! I should be the saying all this , you should be the one ashamed of me”

“why should be ashamed of you? ..Hun.. tell me”

“That .. is . erm .. because.. I .. am .. asthmatic”. It was my own turn to stutter

He frowned. And did I complain?”

“No, but you know .. I tried to say but he hushed me by placing a finger on my parted lips …

“I love you ”

I blushed and smiled , it was his second time saying that to me ….

“I love you too Troy”.

For a moment he looked surprised, and then he smiled

“Thanks mum!”






Finally! After a rough eight hours drive , we got to Ijebuode and as per our agreement, Musa drove slowly into a noisy car park —Lagos garage to be precise and parked out in front; then he stopped the engine, facing me

“Small Oga! we don reach!”

“I know, I am not blind “. I muttered , opening the door , careful not to wake Obianuju who was sleeping ;then I alighted from the car and placed her gently in a laying position before closing the door ..

just so you know, She dozed off after eating the full plate of rice we got from an eatery..

“The keys?”I asked Musa who was already out and he handed it to me

“Drive well well Oga!”

“And you too , have a safe journey back home”. I bade , climbing into the driver seat and was about closing the door when a crowd of “agberos( touts)” came rushing to me

F**k! as if I knew this will happen!

“Twale baba! Twale!”

“This your car fine ooooo”

“Abeg reason us something”. They kept on hailing with their terrible voices …

hissing silently, I dipped my hands into my pocket and brought out a wad of cash

“help me manage this”. I begged, handing the money to the oldest among them

“Ah!You be correct nigga”. he hailed and with a nod , I closed the door , started the ignition and drove off

“Crazy!” I mumbled and that was the exact moment I heard a yawn from behind me and I stared in the rear mirror just in time to see Obianuju stretch….

Obviously! The noise from the thugs woke her up!

“Demi!” she called softly, “what is going on?why are you driving? where is Musa?”

“he has left “. I replied

” Aha! then what about the car?Are you driving it to school?” She asked and since it was a foolish question ,i ignored it

“Oh! you are driving it to school”. She answered herself

I scoffed . ” You alright?” I asked to be sure and she nodded,brushing off the hair off her face

“Thanks goodness! I thought you were going crazy”. I teased and she frowned, squeezing her face like a baby

“I am not crazy, you are the one who is crazy!”

I laughed heartedly , her facial expression was priceless

hadn’t been I wasn’t driving, I would have taken a picture of her right now..

“Okay miss! so will you pass the night at my place?”

She shook her head . “I can’t, I have to answer all of my query first”

“Sure! you should”. I agreed

And with that , I stepped on the brake, increasing my speed as I drove over to her hostel…..”pretty queens villa”…


It was way past sunset when I parked in front of the plastered building and I turned off the engine, facing her

“So oooo, do you need anything?”

She nodded ,smiling as she touched her lips”

“Bad girl!” I teased as I reclined the seat a little to kiss her ..

“Alright baby! I will call you”. She said ,opening the door and immediately , she shut it back

“Chai! see eyes”. she hissed and only then , did I notice the small crowd that has gathered just to stare at my car …

“And what has that got to do with you?”

“Can’t you see the way they are shining their eyes…. ah nawa oooo..” . She clapped her hands lightly , “all this village people…

I smiled lightly, hearing the smile in her voice

“Ignore them”. I told her and she nodded, grabbing the fancy bag as she alighted from the car…

“I will call you”. she said and began walking to the house …

I watched her till she climbed up the short step to the passage and then I started the ignition and drove off , smiling….






“Nawa oooo!” I muttered under my breathe as I walked through the long passage to my room , “see the way they are staring at someone sef, do they want me to fall?”

“Wow!Uju! I love your hair”. a girl seated in front of her room remarked

“Thanks!” I mumbled , without giving her face

She was a known gossip and I hate gossips!

The door to my room was slightly ajar and I pushed it opened; walking in , I bumped into someone….. Funmi

“Ah! Uju! You wan kill … she paused, trailing off , her gaze fixed on my hair

“Bone straight! Is this not bone straight?”she screamed loudly and Faith who was in the kitchen rushed out

“Where is the bone straight?”she asked ,her piercing gaze lifted to my hair and the next thing that followed were her screams

“It is bone straight ooooo….ehen! Uju!how much did you get it?”

I ignored her ,dropping the fancy nylon on the floor as I faced Funmi who was dressed like she was going to a party

“You going out?”

She nodded , smiling

“To Dave’s place”

Oh right! her dark knight!

“he do ask of you all the time and was seriously worried when I told him you have not been home for two days”

I stared at her, puzzled

“Worried! And why would he be?”

She merely shrugged. “I really can’t say but I think it has to do with something being my best friend ”

“Your best friend!”

“Yes, I told him you are my best friend”

I blushed lightly. “Awwww! you are also my friend but Shakirat is …….

“the first”. she completely and I nodded

“I am okay with that, at least you see me as a friend ”

“Not as a friend, as a sister “. I corrected and to my surprise, she gave me a quick hug

“I need to get going now and when i am back we will talk about your… look”. she teased and i laughed

“Alright sis!” I collapsed on the bed as she rushed out of the room

“So what were you saying?” I faced Faith

She hissed loudly. “So it now you have my time ba…anyways! Arinze was here not quite long, you should go see him …..


Standing up , I kicked off the sneakers and put on a white slippers ; then I made for the door , opening it wider as I walked out of it ….

“Should I help you arrange your clothes”.Faith called after me

“Yes!” I answered as I walked out through the passage, out to the balcony and met two fat girls talking in whispers

Seeing me, they paused to stare at me

“hmmmh! Uju! Uju! you are shining ooo”. The fatter between the two remarked

“I can see Demi is really taking care of you”. The second butted in and I was quick to detect the sarcasm in her voice

“Thanks oooo!” I muttered, climbing down the short step; then I crossed the road to Arinze hall and met him outside,sitting down on a low bench with Daniella

“Good evening!” I greeted as he seized me up and down

“And where are you coming from?”he asked coldly

“Demi place”. I answered truthfully, only that i didn’t make mention of Abuja….

He scoffed. “Like seriously! After I told you to stay away from him”

“And why should I stay away from him?” I questioned him and there was a pause

I continued. ” yes tell me , why should I?

“Isn’t it obvious, Demi is a known flirt who doesn’t give a d**n about your feelings”

“And yes! he also slept with your girlfriend and you are still pained”. I added

“What!” Daniella gasped in shock , staring at me like some horror movie as I continued ….

“You should put the blame on your cheap girlfriend because if she really loves you, she won’t cheat on you ”

Daniella stood up in a huff , facing Arinze

“I have heard enough of this, caution your sister or else ……

“Or else what”. Arinze cut in, “you acting like you are innocent, didn’t he F**k you?”

Her face immediately grew pale . “erm he didn’t erm he erm”. she spoke gibberish and Arinze hissed loudly, facing me

“Oh Jare! Mum was really worried, you need to call her”

“Oh mum!” I repeated, feeling guilty all of a sudden “I will do that as soon as I get to my room”

“No call her now”. he insisted , unlocking his phone and handed it to me ; then he and Daniella resumed their shouting…

Chai! Uju! See what you have caused!

Moving away from them , I dialled my mum number and she picked it up immediately

“Arinze!” She called, her voice was so low

“It is Uju ma!” I corrected and she sighed in relief

“Oh! Uju! At last! Thank God! I have been trying so hard to reach you. so now you have finally called, can you tell me the reason why you switched off your phone?”

I gulped down hard in surprise, how did she know?

“I didn’t , my phone got spoilt”. I lied

She laughed lightly. “Quit the lie jare! I know you now or are you not my daughter again? the one with a fox brain”

Oh right! She knows me too well!

“Actually ma, I was at a friend’s place”

“And you switched off your phone?”

“erm that is because the erm friend …….

“Is a boy”. She completely and I bit at my lower lips not knowing what else to say

She got me there!

She scoffed. “hmmmmh!No ooo! this is not the daughter I trained,where did you keep all the advice I gave to you?”she half yelled

“but mum I am not doing anything bad”

“Yes you are! Why will you spend the night at a boy’s place?” She queried

“That is because I love him”. I blurted out and instantly, the line went quiet

“Yes mum! I love him”. I repeated, expecting her to flare up but she didn’t, instead she took a deep long breathe….

“So Who is this boy?Is he the same one who de-flowered you?” her voice was so calm

“Yes! but he is changed now, he apologised, he deeply regretted what he did”. I defended Ademilade

There was a long pause and then she said

“Give him my number, tell him to call me”

“Really?” I asked to be sure I heard right

“Yes child , and do not forget I love you”

I smiled, now she is getting me all emotional!

“I love you too Mum”. I screamed into the phone , excitedly…..





I made a quick stop at the barbing saloon to trim my hair before heading for home.

The drive back home was a tiring one and by the time I arrived, I was already feeling sleepy …

Parking, i climbed down the car, closed the door behind me and climbed up the short step to the balcony…

“Demi! Demi!” some guys hailed but I simply ignored them taking the house key out of my pocket and was about opening the door when I noticed it was slightly Ajar…

tsk.. tsk… tsk.. This is so annoying!

Pushing the door opened, I walked in to see Susanna laying on the Sofa as she watched the television…

I scoffed silently. what the hell is she doing here?… oh right! She has an extra key!

Seeing me , she got off the sofa and rushed to hug me

“Demi! where have you been?I really missed you”

I pulled out of the hug to stare at her

She wore a long T- shirt with no bra and was looking so hot….

“Do you like it?” she smiled seductively and before i could respond , she threw her arms around my neck pulling me closer as she kissed me…

Her lips tasted like poison and instantly, I pushed her away

“what did you Just do?”I shrieked , rubbing off the kiss..

“I kissed you”. her voice was so low

” I mean why did you kiss me ? I eyed her coldly and she scoffed

“Do I disgust you now?”

“No, but I don’t want you kissing me anymore” . I stated

She stared at me surprised for a moment and then she swallowed hard

“Don’t tell me it is because of that weak asthmatic girl”

“Yes! It is because of her”. I agreed , ” and I Ademilade is deeply in love with her”

And with that , I slid the glass door, pushed the door to my room opened and walked in, bolting the door ….

I couldn’t stand staying in the same room with the loud mouthed b---h…

Collapsing on the bed, I took my phone out of my pocket , scrolled through it for “my pretty girl” number and when I saw it ,I clicked on it , typing

“Good night my priceless one”…….and yes that is what she is , My priceless treasure….



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