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Hazel Dakota



It is Amazing how someone can hurt your heart and you can still love them with all of the little pieces ….

Despite the fact Hardin’s confession hit me badly and deep , I still find myself wanting to be with him , I still wanted him to hold him me , he was already a part of me and I am addicted to him………

You can call me a fool but I don’t care , Hardin is hurting also and he needs me beside him ……..



A light tap on my shoulders jolted me up from sleep and I stirred a little , opening my eyes to see Rebecca staring down at me……..

“You should get double awards for sleeping!” She jeered as I stretched my arm

“Good morning!” I greeted first , yawning as l leaned forward to rise

“Good afternoon ma’am!” she corrected with an eye roll and I took a quick look at the huge wall clock

Phew! It was already mid-noon!

Lazily , I sat up the bed , rubbing the sleep crust off my eyes

I felt so weak , I guess it is as a result of the silent tears I shed last night !

Since Hardin was already hurting , I couldn’t let him see my tears so I had to pretend I was alright to make him smile but to tell you the truth, I was far from alright !

The thought of another girl “having his child” clouded my thoughts all through the night and left me with a silent pain … A pain i wish and pray to heal soon…..

“Down to Earth Hazel!” Rebecca called , snapping her fingers in front of me and I quickly composed myself

“Erm Erm what were you saying?” I stuttered, staring into her chubby face as she stared back angrily at me

“You are so annoying! does that mean I have been talking to myself all this while ! D--n it! how I wish I could yell at you….

“but you can’t and that is because I am your superior!” I boasted and she rolled her eyes, mumbling some words only she could understand

Well! that is her headache!

“Why are you even here?” I snapped at her

“To clean Sir Hardin’s room” she simply answered , pointing to the dust pan and bin leaning at a corner in the room ……

I looked at the dustpan and then back at her confusedly

“but you ain’t his “personal maid , what about Nina?” I asked and she scoffed , rolling her eyes

“Are you a human or a ghost! Can’t you hear the yells from downstairs! Nina offended your boyfriend and she is about to be fired”

“Fired!” I repeated ,tilting my head sideways to listen closely and that was when I heard the harsh voices!

quickly , I got off the bed and made for the door ; opening it , I was about running out of room when Rebecca caught me by my arm ….

“Let go of me!” I said , trying to wriggle out from her grip but she held me more tightly, hurting me in her process

“Arrrrrrgh! Do you have a death wish?”I barked and instantly , she let go of me

“I am sorry! I never meant to hurt you but I am just too curious to know what is going on”. She said in a rush and I bit at my lower lips, rubbing the affected hand

She should thank her stars I was in no mood for fighting if not I would have pounced on her!

Ignoring her, I dashed out of the room and then scurried down the stairs to the sitting room where I was greeted with an appalling sight …..

Nina was kneeling right in front of Mrs Castillo’s , crying and pleading with her not to throw her out as she held to her already parked bags ……

My heart churned in pity as I watched her cry , her tears reminding me of the pains i felt when I was also thrown out of the house ….

“No Nina! I can’t continue to “abore ” a spy in my house, you have to leave now”. Mrs Castillo half-yelled as she eyed the girl coldly

Spy! I muttered softly as I shifted my gaze to Hardin who was seated on the sofa , watching his mother silently …..

They were both engrossed in “chasing”the poor girl out of the mansion that they failed to notice me.

so Pathetic!

“Please ma! I love it here !don’t send me away ! I am Anne’s younger sister and not Anne! don’t direct the anger to me! I know nothing about it!” Nina kept on pleading and I felt all of her pain

Tears welled up in my eyes as I listened to her desperate pleas, she sounded really pathetic so i decided to help her…..

“Ma! I think you are being unfair to her”. I said defending Nina and they all looked in my direction

“Hazel! when did you get here?” Mrs Castillo asked, staring at me as if I was some fancy doll

“Not quite long , the noise woke me up”. I lied

“Oh dear!” She exclaimed softly and then turned to face Hardin

“baby! can you please take her back to the room”

What! Is she trying to shut me out?

“No! I don’t think you are being fair to Nina” I repeated as I signalled to Hardin to remain seated and he scoffed.

“Do you even know what you are saying? this same girl you are defending is spying on you”

“She isn’t spying on me , she just told her sister about me”. I corrected and Nina gasped audibly in surprise

“Ma’am Hazel!”she called softly

“Can you please tell me the reason why she must leave the mansion?” I continued, looking at him and then at his mother

“It is because of you darling, we are only trying to protect you”. his mum answered but I shook my head

“I don’t want anyone to cry because of me so please don’t send her away”. I pleaded on Nina’s behalf and a light smile escaped her lips..

A long silence follows and then Hardin exhaled deeply

“It seems you don’t understand what is going on!” he snapped at me

“Of course I do ! you impregnated her sister and now you want to kick her out of your house, do you have a conscience at all?” I snapped back at him and that was it , he bang his fist on the low table in anger and then stood up in a huff

“You want her here, so be it!” he half-yelled as he walked past me to the stairs and I scoffed , following him with my eyes as he climbed up the stairs

What an annoying Jerk!

“You shouldn’t have said that Hazel!” his mum queried and I shifted my attention back to her

“Hardin is hot- tempered and you know it ”

“Who cares!” I mumbled and I guessed she heard it because she said

“You are both stubborn!”

” So what are you gonna do about her?” I asked , changing the subject and she sighed

“I don’t know , i will discuss it over the night with Hardin’s father”. She answered and then faced the poor girl

“You can go to your room”

“Thanks ma! the girl said in appreciation as she excitedly, got up on her feet

“I smiled softly as her gaze met mine

“Thanks!” She mouthed at me and I nodded slowly

“You should go to your room too” . Mrs Castillo said to me and without saying a word , I climbed up the stairs to Hardin’s room and on entering, i found him holding his phone to his ear

Oh right! who is he calling?

Laying on the bed , I snuggled under the blanket as I listened to him make his call

“Of course, I will Skype with you tonight “. I heard him say

Skype! who the hell is he talking too? I wondered and that was the exact moment he called the name ….Kim ….

Kim! he is gonna Skype with her tonight! no way

Leaning forward, I reached for his laptop and then placed it beside me

“Do you want to make use of that?”he asked , placing his phone on the low stool

“Yes! I wanna do some research and I will be making use of it tonight”………



Anne Berth



with my hands on my waist, I paced up and down the sitting room in anger as I waited for Nina’s call……

Jayden humiliated me! he walked out on me!arrrrgh! he choose that b---h over me! how dare he!

I glanced at the clock and then at my phone ,there was still no call nor message

D--n it! why is she taking long……or wait! Did something go wrong? Is Jayden planning to kick her out? ..uhm! I need to act on my plan before that happens……..

Just then , I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I screamed so loudly and instantly, my aunt rushed out of the kitchen

“Anne! What is wrong? Are you alright?” She asked in a rush as I collapsed into the sofa

“My stomach! my pelvis! My leg! my abdomen! It all hurt “. I complained , breathing hard

“Oh no Anne! this is so bad! what are we gonna do?” She retorted, staring down at me worriedly as I whimpered , clutching my stomach ….

Could it be an early labour? no way, the pregnancy is barely 7( seven months)

“hang on Anne, I will go get a midwife”. My aunt announced and then left the house in a hurry……..

Closing my eyes, I bit at my lower lips to stop myself from screaming again as the pain was so intense

My phone suddenly rang and on opening my eyes , I check the caller to see the name Nina flashing on the screen

I received it

“Hi Anne! she greeted first with a very low , I could tell she was not happy

“Nina! Are you alright? did anything happen?” I asked in a rush and she sighed

“I was almost kicked out of the house today but Hazel pleaded on my behalf ”

I gasped audibly in surprise

“Hazel! the b---h! And why would she do that?” I retorted in disbelief

“I don’t know sis! I guess she kinda pitied me but the madam’s mind isn’t even made up yet…..

” and Jayden, what did he say??”

“Nothing! he said nothing, he just sat down and watch his mother embarrass me……

If things goes this way, my plan will be null and void, I need to act now!!!

“Nina! I think it is time to make use of the stuff , do you still have it with you?” I rasped , breathing hard as another sharp pain hit me badly

” what stuff! do you mean the poison?”

” it is not just any poison, it is a baby poison” I corrected, gritting my teeth to stop myself from screaming…..

“Yes sis! I still have it , but won’t it have any serious complications?”

Despite the pain , a light smile escaped from my lips

“For a pregnant woman , it destroys only the child but for a normal person, it destroys the internal organs”

“Oh!”She exclaimed softly

“And that is why you have to be sure the b---h eats the poisoned food”. I quickly added

The line went quiet for a while and then she exclaimed softly

“What if got caught?”

“You won’t baby. I assured her”

“Alright sis, I will poison her this evening”. She said and then ended the call

I stared at the phone with a large smile on my face

I am sorry Hazel but love is not meant to be shared, once you loose your baby , Jayden will be left with no other option but to come running to me……

A feeling of water running down my leg alerted me and I raised my gown a little to check out myself , what I saw got me all scared ….. Blood!!!!!!



Hardin Castillo



After showering, I returned to the room and to my surprise, Hazel was listening to a boring music on the laptop


“Are you done with the research?” I asked , joining her on the bed

“Yep!” She answered popping the p and I sighed in relief

At last!

“Can I make use of the laptop now?”

“Nope! can’t you see I am still making use of it ?”she snapped at me and I scoffed silently

She is really trying my patience , firstly with the fake research and now with the boring music!!!

Laying on the bed , I reached for my headphone, connected it with my phone and was scrolling through it for music when the door creaked opened and Nina walked in holding a large tray …..

“Good evening ma’am Hazel! Good evening sir Hardin!” she greeted and I looked away , completely ignoring her

Seeing her face reminds me of her delusional sister and i badly wanted her out of my house ; Hazel’s stupid pleadings won’t save her tomorrow

Speaking of Hazel , I shifted my gaze to her to see her smiling at the girl

” Thanks so much”. I heard her say as the girl placed the tray in front of her

“Okay ma’am!”the girl said with a light bow and then left the room!!

I looked at the tray and then back at her

“Are you still gonna eat that???”

“Of course! she prepared my favourite and I am gonna eat every bit of it”. She answered, opening the tray to reveal its content , Chicken fries and cheese burger

Yuck! cheeseburger! I hate the shit !!!

silently , I watched her savour it’s aroma and instantly , she placed the plate back to the tray , jolted up the bed rushing to the bathroom and what followed next was her coughing and retching

Oops! the baby doesn’t like the food either!!!!!

When she was done , she returned to the room and then collapsed on the bed

” I am weak baby”. She complained and I clicked on my favourite song, pretending not to hear her

her nickname should be trouble!

“I said I am weak ” . she repeated, snuggling up to me

I sighed , removing the headphone from my ear

” And what should I do?” I asked , staring at her cute face

“Massage my body”. She answered,resting her head on my chest

Is she kidding me? Massage her? I rather clip those sharp mouth of hers

“what about the food? ain’t you eating it again?” I asked , staring at the unappetising food

“Yes, I will give it to Rebecca”

Look!!Speak of the devil! Rebecca walked into the room holding a plate of fruit

“Can’t you knock?” I barked at her

“Erm I am sorry sir. She apologised and then turned to face Hazel

“This is the white apple you asked for”.she said , placing the plate on the low stool

white apples!Jeez! She eats too much!

“Oh!Thanks so much and lest I forget , take the tray of food along with you when leaving. She instructed Rebecca who smacked her lips

” can I eat it ?” She asked as she carried the tray

“Sure”. Hazel answered and with a large smile , Rebecca left the room holding the tray of food

She is such a glutton! Hazel mumbled but I heard her clearly

” that makes two of you!”I stated and she looked up at me , frowning

“Did you just call me a glutton?” She asked , hitting me with a pillow and I chuckled, holding her hand as I rolled her over gently

“Nooooo Hardin!” She screamed from underneath me as I lifted up her gown

She was without panties and my eyes got the twinkle on seeing her hairless C--t……

I wanted her and I knew she wanted me!

Placing my lip on hers, I kissed her deeply and in return she suckled on my lower lips

She wasn’t really a good kisser but I love the way her lips felt on mine

” I want you Hardin!” She breathe into my mouth and I inserted two of my fingers into her , thrusting in and out of her roughly

“Faster please !” She moaned in pleasure and I smirked as i increased my pace

She is getting bad!

Pulling my fingers out of her, I was about unzipping her gown when I heard a loud piercing scream

I became alarmed

“Where did that come from?” I thought aloud

“I think it is from down stairs”. Hazel answered

And without wasting time , I got off the bed , put on my slippers and ran all the way to the sitting room where I found Rebecca sprawled up on the floor

The plate of chicken fries and cheese hamburger scattered in front of her

I froze on the spot , staring at her

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! She screamed again , clutching her stomach as my mum tried to lift her up

“Rebecca! what is wrong? talk to me”. My mum yelled ,

“It… it.. is .. the … food”. she managed to say and I shifted my gaze to Anne who was standing beside one of the sofas, shaking in fright

her eyes darted aimlessly around the room and when her gaze met mine , she made for the entrance but was stopped by dad who was just coming in

“Don’t let her leave , don’t f-----g let her escape”. I yelled

“What food?” My dad asked , looking at everyone in the room and when his gaze landed on Rebecca , he gasped in shock

“She is having seizures!” he screamed and immediately, I rushed to Rebecca , lifted her up in my arms and ran past my dad and the” b---h” to the garage ….

” open the door!” I yelled to no one in particular and I was surprised when Hazel opened it

I never even knew she was following behind me!

scared stiff , I placed Rebecca gently in a lying position and then Instructed Hazel to get in beside her , when she did , I closed the door behind them , got into the driver seat and on starting the car , I drove off to the family hospital…..

The whole thing still looked like a dream to me , Rebecca took a poison meant for Hazel. what if Hazel took…… argggh! I couldn’t even imagine it …

D--n!This is getting messier

I looked at Hazel through the rear mirror to see her staring down at Rebecca pale face as she cried and I looked away knowing she was feeling guilty…. well! She should be , she was the one who gave her the food!!!!!!

I sighed in frustration

Rebecca mustn’t die , she saved me once and now it is my turn to return the favour…….



Dave Winthrop



In anger , I dragged the little girl along with me as I stormed to the garage

That delusional fool tried to harm Hazel , she is really gonna pay for it

Opening the rear door, I shoved the little girl inside and on closing the door , I opened the driver seat, hopped into it and starting the car , I zoomed off


A lot of things was going on through my mind as I drove over to Anne’s home but the continuous pleas of the little girl was driving me all insane…

“Shut up!” I barked , expecting her to oblige but she didn’t , instead she broke down into tears

“Please sir!i am Innocent! I didn’t intend to do it ! It was all my sister,s idea!” She kept on pleading and I scoffed

” really! so you and your sister planned on killing Hazel?” I asked , staring at her through the rear mirror

“No! my sister planned on killing the baby and not Hazel”. She corrected and I shot her a confused look

“I don’t understand you! I retorted, switching on my phone recorder

“It is called a “baby poison” , it destroys the baby in a pregnant woman and when not pregnant, it destroys the internal organ “. She explained and I shook my head in disgust

“Your sister is a true beast!

Rebecca! I sincerely hopes she survives it


Finally ! after a long drive , we got to Anne’s home and I parked out roughly in front

Alighting from the car , I opened the rear door and dragged Nina out banging the door shut as we both walked to the front porch where I heard some muffled screams……..

Boiling in rage, I kicked the door opened and we both walked in to see Anne seated on the sofa , screaming in pain as a woman on white was massaging the swelling in her tummy

She was covered in blood and believe me when I say it was a terrible sight to behold

“Mr Castillo!” her aunt called in surprise as she looked at Nina and then back at me

It is Mr Winthrop”. I corrected, fixing my gaze on Anne

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” her aunt continued and I smirked , bringing out my Identification card

“You are under arrest Miss Anne for Attempted murder”. I announced and they all gasped in surprise

” you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney and remember whatever you do or say can be used against you in the court of Law”

“Arrested! Attempted murder!!what is going on here?” her Aunty screamed

“You should direct the question to your precious nieces who tried to kill an unborn child and ended up harming an innocent soul , just pray the kid survives or else”. I retorted in a huff and she went stiff

“Oh my gawd! Anne what have you done!” rasped and that was it , Anne broke down crying

“help me! Please I don’t want to go to prison! I am in pain ! I am having a miscarriage! Please help me! ”

Miscarriage! does that mean Hardin Is finally free from her hold?

” please sir ! don’t send me back to prison! the correctional officer warned me clearly that if I ever returned, it will be the end for me” she kept on pleading and I scoffed

“You should have thought about that before doing something so evil”

Squatting beside her , I played the recording on my phone and her aunt broke down in tears

“how can you be so evil Anne!” she half yelled as she collapsed into a sofa and I smirked evilly

“It is over for you “little un ” , so can you tell me the father of the ….. oops! there is no baby any longer but i am still curious, who is he?” I asked , staring intently at her as I studied her facial expression

She clutched to her clothes tightly as she looked around the room

” Erm! It is Jayden erm Kelvin or erm pascal”. She stuttered and I smiled lightly

She wasn’t even sure, she must be dangerous b---h!

“That is enough Child, it is time to get you to the hospital and once you fully recovered , get ready for a long time behind bars….

“No ! I don’t want to go back to prison “. She screamed loudly

Removing an handcuff from my duty belt , I

cuff the right hand of Anne and then the left hand of Nina !!


Never ever make a decision when lonely , desperate actions lead to regret ”


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