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Evelyn looked at her state of undress and saw the end coming sooner than she had expected.

She looked back up at Kelvin but he looked just as lost and confused as she.

Clothes!” She whispered to him and Kelvin picked up her tone dress from the floor and threw it at her.

Evelyn gave him another piercing look, this time deeper, longer and fused with a puzzling expression that told him, what the hell?

She held up the dress to him where he had torn it and he finally understood her reaction.

“Shit!” he cussed, rushing to his closet to find something else for her to wear. He settled for a pair of shorts and black t-shirt.

Without hesitation, Evelyn grabbed the clothes from him and put them on.

“Take me to your dungeon,” she told him once she was done, remembering the place he had once locked her in.

All the while, Moola was still screaming and hammering at the door, yelling whatever expletives her brain could conjure up from the devil’s dictionary installed in her head.

“Hell no, I am not taking you back there again,” Kelvin said. “I promised that I wouldn’t take you back there and I am keeping that promise.”

Evelyn gave him another piercing and questioning look again. “Does this look like the time to play nice with me?”

“Just let her knock, she will get tired and leave eventually,” Kelvin said.

“She has been banging at that door for over fifteen minutes already and there’s nothing in that sound that hints at exhaustion or retirement. She is not going anywhere!”

Kelvin walked over to Evelyn, laid his hands on her shoulders and forced her to seat down on the bed.

“Relax,” he told her, getting down on his knees to level her. “The car I used today isn’t outside because I gave it to my mother and my phone is also off. She doesn’t know I am inside.”

Evelyn’s eyes instinctively went to her thighs where Kelvin’s hands where now resting, comfortably. She looked at his hands and then back to his face.

Kelvin looked down at his hands and smiled mischievously. “I think these shorts fit you better than they do on me.” He was slowly running his finger up and down the exposed part of her thigh.

“Kelvin?” She shot him another warning look.

Just then they heard a loud bang against the window. Moola had shifted her knocking camp.

“Kelvin, you better open up the door before I break all your windows!” Moola shouted. “I know that you are inside. Your lights are on!” And she banged some more.

Kelvin grabbed Evelyn from the bed and laid her down to the floor where he was, the bed hiding them from the window just in case Moola went ahead with her threats.

“Do you think she can break them?” Evelyn face was only a few inches away from Kelvin’s, his hand pressed onto her back as he lay on top of her.

“Oh yeah, she can…and she will.” He said.

“Then why are you smiling like a fool?” Evelyn asked. “All my life I have never been called a fiancé snatcher but here you are about to turn me into one and you are laughing?”

Kelvin pressed a finger over her lips to keep her from talking. “Sheeeee,” he said, looking down into her eyes before she turned her head to look away.

And then Evelyn felt something move against her and she threw Kelvin another look. “Are you kidding me?? Right now? Don’t you have any self-control?”

Kelvin smirked in response. “There’s a reason why they say men have two heads. That one down there does not do any thinking, this one does,” he pointed to his head. “The other one only responds to stimulus….” he was now looking at her chest. “And there’s plenty stimuli to motivate it right now.”

Evelyn made another face and wiggled against him to force him to move.

“I don’t think you are doing yourself any favours moving like that,” he said, unable to mask the wicked grin in his eyes.

“Moola!” Cassie came out of her friend’s vehicle and spotted Moola standing outside Kelvin’s bedroom window.

“Thank you for the ride guys,” Casse told the group in the car. “I will catch up with you later.” She closed the door and Mwansa drove off while the girls waved goodnight.

She tried to run towards her best friend but her six inch heels made it impossible for her to make any movements longer than baby steps.

She bent down, yanked the shoes from off her feet and ran after her belligerent friend.

“Why are you only coming now?” Moola screamed at her.

“I was very far sweetie. Did you want me to fly here?” Cassie retorted and earned herself a stern look look from her pal. “He isn’t answering?”

“Do you think I would be standing out here if he was answering?” Moola yelled.

“Calm down, don’t take it out on me. I’m not the one cheating on you.”

“Who said he’s cheating?” Moola snapped.

“Then what are we doing here this late at night standing by a guy’s window dressed like two characters from Pretty Little Liars?”

Moola resumed her banging on the window but Cassie reached over and grabbed her hand.

“You are going to hurt yourself,” she warned her friend. “How about we sit down for a bit and think before….”

“What is there to think about?” Moola quizzed her friend. “Kelvin loves me. There is no way he would cheat on me unless some hussy seduced him. I knew that that girl was up to no good. She is seducing my man just so she can get back at my mother for turning her away when she visited us.”

Cassie scoffed. “Do you even hear yourself? My ears are itching from hearing you talk like that.” She made a show of scratching her ears.

“You are making excuses for Kelvin.” Cassie was saying. “He is the one who is engaged so he should be the one to avoid temptation if it comes his way but that’s not what it looked like when I saw them.”

“What do you mean that’s not how it looked like?” Moola asked.

“It looked to me like he was the one interested in the girl and not the other way round. He was dragging her to the car while she protested.”

“There could be another explanation for that,” Moola defended her man’s honour.

“Then what are we doing here Moola? I was really trying to have a good time after a rough month of exams.” Cassie whined.

“I know that Kelvin would never cheat on me, I just know.” Moola insisted, turning her back to rest against the bedroom wall.

“You are right,” Cassie came to stand next to her. “There should be a reasonable explanation for why he grabbed that girl from her place at that hour. Maybe something happened with his uncle’s case and she had lied to him about it…who knows? They could be anywhere right now as we speak. Don’t you have a key to his place?”

“He changed locks recently and I forgot to get the new key.” Moola answered.

“Why don’t you call his uncle to try and find out…maybe he might know something.” Cassie suggested.

Inside the bedroom, Evelyn and Kelvin shared knowing looks upon hearing the girl’s conversation.

Kelvin quickly removed himself from her and took out his phone from his pocket. He quietly tip-toed into his closet and closed the door behind him.

“Uncle, sorry for calling you this late,” Evelyn heard him whisper from the closet.

“You are going to receive a call from either Moola or my mother and when you do please tell them that you called me at around 20 today to talk to me about a complication that has risen from your case and I told you that I would take care of it as soon as possible…no, uncle…don’t laugh…I am serious…. Yes…no…it’s not anything like that uncle. I am not like you. I have to go now. I will explain everything to you later. Bye. Good night.”

And then he appeared from the closet and came to seat down next to Evelyn.

“Liar,” Evelyn remarked.

“Have they gone?” Kelvin asked.

“I am not sure but it has gone quite. Shouldn’t you call her now?”

“That would only seem even more suspicious. She might know that I overheard her conversation. Love might be too blinding for her but she is quite intelligent when she needs to be. Besides, I have already switched off my phone.”

“Why did you tell your uncle that your mother might call?”

“Because Moola doesn’t have my uncle’s number so naturally, she’s going to call my mother to ask and my mother will have two options; to give her the number or to call my uncle herself.

“Knowing my mother, she is not going to give her my uncle’s number because she doesn’t want the Mwangala’s to have access to him. That means that she is going to call him herself just so she can have her own peace of mind.”

“I can hear a car…do you hear that?” Evelyn asked.

“I do,” Kelvin answered, getting up and walking to the window o check. He cracked the curtain just a bit. “They’re gone,” he informed Evelyn. “Cassie is driving and Moola is on the phone, obviously talking to my mother. Pheeeeeeew.” He dropped the curtain and went to sit on the bed.

Evelyn got up from the floor and joined him on the bed. “I hope you’ve learnt your lesson now. That girl loves and trusts you, blindly so if I might add but that’s not the point here. There will never be a You and Me in this lifetime and the sooner you get that off your mind the better for all of us.”

“I am not giving up on you Eva,” Kelvin said matter-of-factly. “I know it’s hard for you to believe me right now but I will prove it to you. I will do whatever I can to convince my mother to wind up this revenge thing as soon as possible and we can be together once everything is taken care of.”

“Kelvin,” Evelyn turned to face him. “I know you are a good guy and all but,”

“But you don’t have feelings for me that’s what you are going to say isn’t it?” He finished her statement.

“I am sorry,” she said. “I can’t express just how grateful I am to you for not revealing my identity to your mother but I don’t think I can be in that kind of relationship with you.”

“Is it because of him?” Kelvin asked. “That guy you were with at the hotel…are you in-love with him?” He was glaring at her.


“Just answer my question Eva. Are you in-love with him?”

“I don’t know…honestly, I don’t know Kelvin. I only met Lebo today and I haven’t had time to think about what might happen between us. However, I will tell you this…I think I like him.”

Kelvin was the true embodiment of a disappointed soul.

“I am truly sorry Kelvin….” Evelyn said upon seeing the sunken expression on his face.

“So, his name’s Lebo?” Kelvin said with a distant look in his eyes. “Did you guys kiss?”


“Just tell me,” he said between clenched teeth. “Don’t lie to me.”

“Yes,” Evelyn revealed.

Kelvin jolted from the bed like he had just been hit by lightening and stormed out of the bedroom into the living room.

Evelyn remained motionless on the bed, wondering how in hell things had gotten so complicated.

A few minutes later, she found Kelvin stretched out on the couch watching soccer but his mind appeared to be somewhere else instead.

“Am I free to leave tonight?” Evelyn asked from behind him.

Kelvin neither responded nor moved to look at her.

“Kelvin?” she called out to him.

When he still didn’t move, Evelyn walked over to the door and tried to open it but it was still locked.

“It’s locked,” she said, turning to look at him.

Kelvin finally looked up at her, tears welled up in his eyes. He got up, removed a set of keys from his back pocket and inserted one into the door.

Before opening, he turned to Evelyn and slowly moved her to stand against the wall next to the door.

“Don’t you see me?” He asked, his eyes red from all the unshed tears.

“Kelvin please….” Evelyn tried to look away. There was something about his brown eyes that made looking at him harder on her soul…worse when he looked like he was on the verge of crying.

The monster in him had disappeared.

He was just a man…a troubled man with feelings.

“Don’t look away from me Eva,” he pleaded. Again his face was only inches away from hers and his hands were pressed against the wall on both sides of her waist.

Kelvin deliberately moved his head closer so that his nose was now touching her nose and his lips were almost brushing hers.

Evelyn’s heart started racing and with his body pressed against her, Kelvin could hear her heart pound hard and fast against him.

He smiled, like he had just discovered gold in the place he had least expected to find it. “Your heart beats for me Eva,” he remarked.

Evelyn tried to silently calm her heart down. “I am just scared of what you might do…its fear, not anything else you might be imagining.” She tried to move away from him but Kelvin pressed his body further into her and this time he let his lips touch hers.

“Are you scared of what I am thinking of doing to you or are you afraid that you might actually like me?” He asked.

“You promised that you wouldn’t force me to do anything,” Evelyn’s voice was quivering, much to Kelvin’s delectation.

“I am not forcing you to do anything.”

She could feel his hot breath against her and she wanted nothing but to stop her heart from racing.

And then a familiar sensation coursed through her body and she tensed up immediately, desperately negotiating with her brain to keep her body from feeling anything.

Kelvin was still teasing her lips, slowly brushing his against hers and lingering there for some seconds, then withdrawing again and repeating his torture all over again.

“I need to go,” Evelyn’s words came out as a whisper, not what she had clearly intended.

“I am not stopping you,” Kelvin said, his voice hot and horse. He removed his hands from the wall to allow her to move but instead, Evelyn’s movements stopped when her gaze fell upon his teasing eyes.

That one look in her eye was everything Kelvin needed to move in.

Immediately throwing caution to the wind, Evelyn stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and drew his head in from the back and kissed him back with unfiltered hunger.

Kelvin grabbed her by the waist and lifted her from off her feet and pressed her back against the wall.

Evelyn wrapped her legs around him and went at his shirt, furiously working his buttons.

Taking the lead from her, Kelvin carried her to the couch where he had been lying and laid her down, took her out of his t-shirt, unfastened her bra and before they knew it, they were both laying naked on the couch.

Having carelessly ventured into an unfamiliar territory, with only her emotions guiding her and Kelvin’s experienced tongue and hands persuading her, tears streamed down Evelyn’s face as she battled to contain her raging emotions.

And when Kelvin went down on her, his cold tongue awakening feelings in her she never imagined capable of having, Evelyn tensed up and froze as a gush of something warm she could not define convulsed her body into near collapse.

“Stop,” she heard her own shaky voice say to him.

Kelvin stopped and raised his head to look up at her. “Are you sure you want me to stop?” He asked, licking his lips to drive his point home.

Evelyn pressed her hands against the sofa and pulled herself away from him.

“I can’t do this Kelvin,” she announced.

“You can’t or won’t Eva?” He had moved and was now leaning over her. “You want me just as much as I want you.”

“I don’t know if it’s your body I want or if it’s you.” She argued. “All this is new to me Kelvin. I am curious yes…and I want to explore everything else I am craving right now but I don’t want it to be like this…at least now with you.”

She managed to pull away from him again and got up from the couch. She picked up the clothes she had been wearing from the floor and ran to the bathroom.


Early the next Sunday morning, Kelvin took a cab to his mother’s place to pick up his vehicle and lay out the foundation for something he had determined himself to achieve as he lay awake on his bed in the night.

“What happened to you last night?” Mervis did not waste time with pleasantries when her son opened the door and following her into the kitchen where she was preparing breakfast.

“I just had a few things to take care of, nothing to worry about.” Kelvin feigned nonchalance.

“I thought I asked you to stay away from you uncle Vinny. He is the only lose end we have and the further away from him we keep, the safer we will be.”

“His is your brother mum, and despite all these things we are doing, he is the only family we have. I can’t just seat back and let him suffer. There is more to life than just revenge mother.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mervis removed the omelette from the stove and set it aside so she could fully turn to examine her son. “What’s going on with you lately?”

Kelvin sat down by the kitchen table and smiled at his mother. “What do you mean what’s going on?” he chuckled nervously. “I am just trying to tell you to not forget to live while you are exerting your revenge.

“You’ve allowed those people to control your life…our lives ever since Nora and Pa died. When was the last time you did something just for yourself…something that made you happy and did not have anything whatsoever to do with Beatrice?”

“Where is all this talk coming from?” Mervis quizzed him.

“I have always wondered about these things mum,” he answered. “I keep wondering when all this will end and when we can finally start to live our lives like normal people.”

“There is nothing normal about this family Kelvin,” Mervis said. “We are an extraordinary family now. When your father and sister where alive, we used to be normal. But after their death and I took our inheritance and turned it a fortune, we became extraordinary.”

“What’s the use of all that money when we can’t be happy?” Kelvin asked.

“Who said we are not happy?” His mother asked. “I am so happy I could pee on myself just thinking about what I have in store for those people that tore our family apart. I thought we were in this together son.”

“We are, mother.” Kelvin said.


“No buts,” she turned back to her cooking. She picked a tomato from the bowl of vegetables and started cutting it on the chopping board. “The best kind of revenge is the one served course by course. You can’t just dish out everything at a goal. Grab some plates from there and set the table for us.”

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Kelvin reluctantly got up from the chair and went to open the cupboard doors while his mother hummed to an old favourite tune as she cut her vegetables.

Evelyn could not get over her guilt over what had happened between her and Kelvin the previous night. Thus, when Lebo called her in the morning, she ignored his calls.

Sensing that she might be avoiding his calls deliberately, Lebogang sent Evelyn a text message instead that simply said; good morning. I hope you had a good night sleep.

But it too went ignored.

During the time that Evelyn was in church for Sunday worship, Lebogang took a drive to Sibusiswe and Ted’s house.

“She won’t pick up my calls,” Lebo complained to Sibu who was laying on the couch watching tv while her husband prepared lunch in the kitchen.

“She should be at church this time Lebo, don’t think too much.” Sibu tried to reassure him.

“But I texted her very early in the morning…unless you guys here go to church at 6 in the morning….”

Sibu laughed. “Maybe she was still sleeping and when she woke up she went straight to bath and had no time for her phone. She is one of those girls thats serious about church you know.”

“That’s the problem right there,” Lebo nagged.

“That she’s serious about church?” Sibu asked.

“No, that she didn’t bother to check her phone in the first place. Most girls I know check their phones first thing in the morning before they do anything else.”

“But Evelyn is not most girls Lebo.” Sibu said.

“Sibu is right Lebo!” Ted shouted from the kitchen. “That girl is special…reminds me a lot about someone I used to know.” He laughed.

Sibu laughed. “I think that my husband has a little crush on my secretary,” she whispered to Lebo.

“I heard you Sibu!” Ted shouted and they all busted out laughing.

“So do you think she will give me a chance?” Lebo later asked Sibu and her husband.

“It depends,” Sibu said. “How did your date go?”

“I think ti went great,” he answered. “There were a few hiccups here and there due to some people we met whom we weren’t supposed to meet but I think it was a very memorable date.”

“What people?” Ted asked. “Did something happen?”

Evelyn’s words to keep her family affairs a secret echoed through Lebo’s head and so he replied, “nothing serious, just some girl that had issues with Eva in the past. You know how women get sometimes….” he laughed softly.

“Did it look like she liked you, I mean Eva by the way…not that woman whatever she is.” Ted asked.

“I think so,” Lebo said. “I think that she genuinely liked me.”

“of course she liked you,” Sibusiswe said. “Who wouldn’t like you? You are good looking and a gentleman.”

“I think that you have overstayed your welcome Lebo,” Ted joked. “I don’t like it when my wife compliments other men in my presence but I will forgive her this time and blame her remarks on the hormones. You can continue sitting.”

They all laughed while Ted ran his hand over his wife’s belly.

“What if I go to see her after she knocks off from church?” Lebo asked.

“No!” Ted and Sibu answered at the same time.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because you might spook her,” Sibu explained. “You guys only met last night. Just give her some time. Evelyn has never dated anyone before as far as I know. She avoids men like a plague and enjoys keeping to herself a little too much. If you come on too strongly for her, she will run away from you. Just seat and wait for her to contact you. I am sure she will when she finds time. She is probably also thinking about how to handle this new development in her life. Give her some time.”

“What if someone else scoops her up from off her feet while I am busy giving her time?” Lebo asked, an image of Kelvin running through his mind.

“How about,” Ted was saying. “You just show up at the office tomorrow pretending to be visiting Sibu and you can check her out then?”

Both Lebo and Sibu looked up approvingly at Ted, huge smiles on their faces.

“You are the man!” Lebo said excitedly.

But Lebo was not the only one whose calls were being ignored by Evelyn. Kelvin had been calling her but she kept ignoring him until she eventually switched off her phone.

At the Mwangala’s, Beatrice drove in from church, parked her car and entered the house quietly to surprise her husband whom she had left working in his study.

With the huge international contract that her husband had been chasing for years finally within his grasp, Beatrice had allowed her husband to stay behind and attend to his work while she and the kids went to church.

She was just glad that Moola and Mark were out hanging with their friends for the day so she could have some private time with her husband around the house. She tip-toed all the way upstairs having removed her shoes at the door and headed towardsher husband’s, a wide grin on her face.

She stopped outside the door when she heard him talking on the phone.

“How are the kids?” She heard him ask.

“Good, tell them I love them when they return.”

“Yes…I love you too. Goodbye.”

Beatrice barged through the door the moment she heard those words coming out of her husband’s mouth.

All furry and fire written all over her, she glared at her husband. “Who the hell did you just tell you love?”

Shadreck swirled his chair around to look at his wife standing by the door, the look of contrition in his eyes was a recipe for things made from every wife’s worst nightmare.

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