Her Forgotten Daughter

1 year ago



After her grandmother’s death, 24 year old Evelyn embarks on a journey of discovery; to reunite with the mother that had abandoned her when she was just a baby.

Unfortunately, what Evelyn discovers is far from anything she could have ever imagined.

The pernicious truths surrounding her birth and parentage soon turn Evelyn’s sedated world into a ponderous mess.

Filled with disappointment and bitterness, Evelyn struggles to pick up the pieces of her shuttered world and start anew. But just like a rose rises from a thorned branch, Evelyn finds solace in the arms of the one man she was never supposed to love.

Will history repeat itself or can Evelyn overcome the odds against her and sprout freely like the beautiful flower she was meant to be? Or, will she wither and fall from the pressures of her weary leaden life?

Will you give Evelyn a chance and accompany her on this journey to cheer her on? I certainly hope you do!

Her Forgotten Daughter - S01

Her Forgotten Daughter - S01

1 year ago