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Craig watched the glittering black limousine driving off towards the airport where his father’s private jet would e waiting for him.

He stood by his window staring until the limo was speeding out of sight into the highway.

He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone.

Coming active on WhatsApp, he searched for Scarlett’s message. She had sent some messages but he hadn’t replied her yet.

He had been ill. He wondered how she was faring now. Most importantly, he wanted to see her.

Even though he wasn’t happy with her rejecting his offer and request, he still missed her.

He sent a message.

Craig?: Can we meet tonight?

He wasn’t expecting a reply but immediately he received a quick reply.

Scarlett ?: I’ll be waiting. What should I wear?

Craig smiled at the phone.

Craig ?: Just you, nothing else.





Quinn pulled up before the coffee shop, cutting the engines and running around to open the rear door for his master.

Craig stepped down and looked around. ” I’m going for a walk, Quinn. You can wait in the car or entertain yourself in the coffee shop.”

” When will you get back?”

” Before the stroke of ten,” he said, airily. ” Wait till my arrival.”

And Craig began walking away, leaving Quinn staring after him.

The hotel Scarlett was in was three blocks away from the coffee shop. Craig had to hide around a corner and wait to see if Quinn would follow him.

But Quinn didn’t move an inch. He leaned against the Rolls Royce, looking bored.

Craig nodded, sure he wouldn’t be followed. He hurried passed the three blocks until he was entering the hotel through the back alley.

He was disappointed not to find Scarlett waiting for him as usual. This puzzled him because she had never been late.

Settling on the bed, he dialed her number and waited.

” Hello, Scarlett,” he said when her voice broke in. ” Where are you?”





Scarlett was walking down the lane towards the coffee shop when she saw Craig’s Rolls Royce parked by the sidewalks.

She froze, surprised to see Quinn leaning against the car.

If Quinn was here that could only mean Craig had arrived. But why did he bring Quinn along with him?

From the corner of his eyes, Quinn saw Scarlett staring at him.

She stiffened when she saw his eyes. They were brown eyes. Brown eyes that were powerful and full of experience. One look at this man and Scarlett felt at a disadvantage. He has eyes that made people think he knows about their darkest secrets.

Just then, her phone rang in her bag. She quickly brought it out. It was from Craig.

” Hello, Scarlett, where are you?”

Scarlett began moving, aware that Quinn was watching her closley as if he were also listening to her call.

She hurried on, keeping her face away.

” I’m right around the corner,” she said in an undertone and hurried passed a corner.

She didn’t know if Quinn was following her. She just never turned back to look. She ran up the steps into the hotel lobby, ran up the stairs to the room where Craig would be waiting and swung the door opened.

She was breathing heavily when she closed the door.

” You alright, Scarlett?” Came Craig’s concerned voice from the bed.

She sighed, took in a deep breath and slowly turned around.

Craig was seated on the bed, staring at her. He looked even paler than before but all the same, she felt glad to see him.

” Just ran into your chaffeur,” she said.

” You mean, Quinn?” Craig asked.

She shrugged. ” Don’t know who he was. All I knew was he is your chaffeur.”

Craig frowned. ” Were you followed?”

Scarlett dropped her bag on the table. ” I never looked back, Craig.”

Craig was about saying something when she cut him off.

” Sorry I’m late,” she said, zipping down her dress. ” I got caught up with something back home.”

Craig stared at her as she revealed her beautiful brown skin to his youthful eyes. She was wearing a black bra. She was about letting the dress drop off her body when Craig stood up and stopped her on time.

Surprised, she stared at him. ” Is there a problem, Craig?”

Craig stared right at her, keeping his eyes locked on hers.

Scarlett gulped, not sure what he was up to. Their face was closer now and she could feel his hot breath fanning her neck.

Craig raised his hand and held her chin gently. Then he brought her face closer to him and crushed his lips on hers.

Scarlett backed against the wall. This was the first time Craig was taking control of things. He seemed ready, he seemed possessed, he seemed dominant.

Craig opened her lips with his mouth and slid his tongue inside her in a long deep kiss.

Scarlett felt his hand roaming around her body, feeling her flesh, her soul, her body.

Craig had his eyes closed and his kiss tasted good, tender and loving. Scarlett felt herself go loose in the moment.

No man had ever kissed her this way before.

She felt special in the presence of this nineteen year old. It was a whole new experience for her.

Just that long passionate kiss, made her forget about the loss of her store. All she could think of was Craig’s lips and tongue, savouring her.

Suddenly, Craig broke the kiss and stepped away. Scarlett looked up at him, breathing hard.

Craig stared at her from the shadows around his eyes. ” There’s no need for you to become my personal pórnstar anymore, Scarlett.”

Scarlett stiffened. Cold spider legs crawled up her spine when he said that.

She didn’t think she heard aright.

” Come again.”

Craig’s voice was hard. ” I’m calling our deal off, Scarlett. You no longer owe me. You’re free to go about your normal life. I don’t need you anymore.”

Scarlett could only gape at him with a hanging mouth.




Those words rang in her head like a ping pong. Why does those words hurt. It was as if he was breaking up with her.

” B-but why?” She asked and she was surprised to hear her voice croak.

Craig backed away from her. ” You don’t have to know, Scarlett. This is our last meeting. Goodbye Scarlett.”

And he began walking away.

Scarlett could see her whole world crumbling. Up until now, she had only seen him as a nothing but a rich kid.

But that kiss.

That kiss meant something.

He had awakened something warm in her. Something she had lost the very day she lost her virginity to Garrett.

That kiss brought back tender moments that nine years after her parents death, had wiped out of her life.

Why didn’t she realized it till now? If this was their last meeting, who would save her? Craig was her only hope. That was what tonight was all about. She had come to accept his offer.

But if he left now, she would have no one to help her.

As Craig held the door knob and twisted it opened, he heard Scarlett running after him.

Before he knew it, she grabbed him by his waist and buried her face in his shoulder.

Shocked and surprised, Craig glanced down at her.

” Please Craig,” she cried with a loud voice. ” Please don’t leave me. I need you!”





To be Continued….

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