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Craig stared right at Dr. Lukeman as he was handed some papers. ” Those are the test results, Craig.”

Craig collected the papers and feasted his eyes over it. It took him a while to read through everything.

” You’re doing swell, Craig,” Dr Lukeman said. ” But I’m afraid you can’t fight this for long?”

Craig glanced up at him. ” How much longer do I have.”

” Not sure if I can tell,” Dr. Lukeman said. ” But you can go on for years. Possibly give or six. It’s a gamble. Not sure how things might turned out for your case.”

Craig returned his eyes to study the papers. He said nothing.

Lukeman regarded him closely. ” It’s okay to be scared about this, Craig.”

Craig shook his head. ” I ain’t scared.”

Lukeman adjusted his spectacles. ” You can still fight this, you know. You’ve got one of the most strongest cells I’ve ever seen. You can win.”

Craig lowered his eye lids. ” I hope so. How about the drugs?”

” I’ll write some prescriptions for you,” Dr. Lukeman said, scribbling down some words on a clean sheet of paper. ” Take this to the pharmacist downstairs.”

Thirty minutes later, Craig stood on the escalator stairs of the hospital, riding him downward. Quinn was waiting at the lobby. When he saw Craig, he hurried over to him.

Craig bore two white packages full of drugs. He handed the drugs over to Quinn and walked right passed him without giving him a glance.

Quinn kept up with him until they were at the parking lot where the Rolls Royce stood under the sun. Quinn opened the rear door for Craig after he had dropped the drugs in the car first.

Soon, the Rolls Royce sped out of the parking lot towards the mansion. On the way, Craig was quiet, his hands rubbing against each other as he stared out the window.

He was thinking.

If he only had five to six years left, then he hadn’t much time. He knew he could fight his problems but it’s only a gamble. The drugs had been helpful for a long time but that’s just what he despises the most. He hated drugs but if he didn’t take these drugs, he wouldn’t be strong enough to fight. It’s the drugs that’s kept him alive till now.

For a week now, he hadn’t been to school. He had fallen sick again and had to spend two days at the hospital. Now he was out of the hospital, he wondered when next he might pay Dr. Lukeman a visit for check-up.

Arriving back at the mansion, Craig walked out, ignoring the greeting of the Japanese gardeners that had bowed to welcome him.

He ran up the Mable steps towards the large oak door.

Henri was waiting for him. He opened the oak door and stepped aside. ” Welcome, home, master Craig. Your father is expecting you.”

Craig looked behind to see Quinn running up the stairs with Craig’s drugs.

” Where is he?” Craig asked, stepping into the large living room.

” In his studies, master Craig,” Henri said, taking Craig’s drugs from Quinn. ” He wants you now.”

Larry Cage sat crossed leg, giving a speech to his recorder as he read through the sheets of papers held in his hands.

Larry Cage was fifty-two. He had a mass of hair, the colour of a white dove. His thin long face was aristocratic and as white as snow. His eyes were black and big and bright. They held many outstanding abilities portraying his characters. He held a reputation of being shrewd, ruthless and ill tempered.

He always wore rings in his fingers and had a nasty character of speaking to himself at all times.

Larry Cage’s studies was a big as a public library owning up to a thousand books aside documents, kept neatly in shelves.

He always spends hours in his studies, Making audio records, signing business deals and taking calls. The only time he ever stepped out of his studies were during meals or when he was likely to fly on his two weeks business trip.

Today he was expected to be at Tokyo but he stalled till it sunset. His son had been to the hospital. He wanted to see him first thing before boarding the private jet for Tokyo.

Just then, the elevator doors swished opened and Craig stepped into his studies.

” Good evening, father.”

Larry Cage looked up from his glasses at his son and he raised his hands up as if to tell Craig he was busy and must wait till he was finished.

Craig stood still, watching his father resuming his speech. Once he was done, he switched off the recorder and poured a hot tea from his porcelain kettle into a cup.

” Now, then. Come over here, son.”

Craig walked stiffly towards the vacant seat opposite his father and settled down on it.

” I’m flying to Tokyo this evening,” Larry Cage said. ” I won’t be back for two weeks as usual.”

” I understand,” Craig said in a small voice.

Larry Cage took a sip from his tea. ” So what is Lukeman saying about your health?”

Craig didn’t think it necessary to get into details. He simply handed over the doctors reports to his father.

Larry Cage collected the papers and adjusted his spectacles to peer at it.

” Lukeman says I’ve only got five to six years,” Craig explained. ” It’s a gamble though but he believes if I fight hard enough, I could go on for years.”

Larry Cage glared at the papers. ” That’s Crab. Of course you’ll make it. You’ve been fighting this stuff since you turned twelve. If you can survive all through these years, you can survive anything, son.”

” You have the drugs to thank for, father,” Craig said bitterly. ” Without the drugs, I don’t think I would have made it.”

” Doesn’t matter,” Craig kept the papers away. ” You can do this, you can do anything,” he paused, sipping more from his tea. ” I was speaking with Henri the other day and I happen to find out you’ve been sleeping outside the mansion. This has happened twice in a row while I’m away. Do you have any explanation for that?”

Craig knew Henri would tell his father about his recent activities. He already had an answer prepared.

” I got bored staying at the mansion all the time,” Craig said. ” So once in two weeks I hang around town.”

” Where do you sleep?” Larry Cage asked.

Craig looked steadily into his eyes. ” I lodge at an hotel.”

” What hotel?”

Craig was smart enough to know if he gave his father the name of any random hotel, his father might go through the hotel books. That was why whenever he wants to meet Scarlett, he would stop by The Greeve’s Hotel.

The Greeve’s Hotel was an exclusive hotel where many of the millionaires in Brooklyn lodge in.

Money can buy anything. So Craig bought the hotel manager’s trust. It was agreed whenever Craig was to have his meeting with Scarlett, his name was to be recorded in the books as evidence to state that he lodged that night.

But in truth, that was all part of Craig’s plans. He could meet with Scarlett at the other Hotel while his track’s were kept covered by The Greeve’s Hotel.

” The Greeve’s Hotel,” Craig said, sharply. ” That’s where I lodge for the night.”

Larry Cage studied his son. ” The Greeve’s Hotel?”

” Yes, father.”

” Let me ask you,” Larry Cage adjusted himself in his chair. ” Don’t you like it here?”

Craig felt his hand go clammy. ” I do but sometimes, I feel like taking some fresh air.”

” What fresh air,” Larry Cage snapped. ” You got the private beach, the indoor swimming pool, the private golf course, the home theater system, everything. You got everything in this house so why the hell would you want to sleep outside the mansion?”

Craig wanted to say something but his father interrupted him.

” I also learnt you drive yourself now without Quinn,” he said sharply. ” That’s totally unacceptable. I hired Quinn to drive you and keep an eye on you. You’re rebelling against your father. That is Soo unlike you. I wonder what’s the matter with you. Have you been seeing someone lately?”

Craig stiffened. He wondered if his father already figured out about his private affairs with Scarlett.

” I’ve not been seeing anyone.”

Larry Cage glared at him. ” Are you sure?”

” Yes, father,” Craig said, balling his hands into fists. ” I only hang out to get some fresh air, have a change of scene and return back home.”

Larry Cage dropped his tea and crossed his fingers together. ” Well, that would have to stop. I’m overlooking the two occasions you’ve disobeyed me. This would be your last. If you must step out of the mansion, you take Quinn with you. Secondly, you sleep here. No more hotels. Is that clear!”

Craig muttered a yes.

” I said is that clear?!” Larry Cage said, raising his voice.

” Yes,” Craig said, frowning.





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