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Cali’s Pov:

I sat quietly with mum in the principal’s office, tears threatening to drop from my eyes.

“I…I really apologize for the damage, ma’am. As soon as I get home, I’ll talk to my husband and he’ll transfer the money needed”, mum said to the chubby principal who was scribbling something down in a book.

“Its okay, ma’am. It wasn’t your fault. It’s actually a good thing you came here in time.” she paused and replied mum.

“Um…the student that was injured, how’s she now? Was the damage severe?” She asked, worried.

“Well, it was indeed severe, but you don’t need to worry about that. She’ll be fine” the principal replied and mum sighed.

“I just…I hope you know what to do with her?” She asked and pointed at me.

“Yes, yes. Of course. Thank you so much,ma’am. We’ll be on our way now” mum replied and held my hand and I sluggishly stood up with her.

“Thank you ma’am” she said again to the principal.

“You welcome. Take care of her and yourself”.

“Sure, I will. Bye”

And we left the office.

She held my hand all through the walk and the students we came across kept staring and moving away from me like I was some sort of plague.

Some were even taking pictures with their phones but were sure to stay at a very far distance.

I could clearly hear their thoughts like I was listening to some sort of music.

I can’t believe she’s a Diãmônd

Geez! She destroyed half of the restroom just with her voice

I wonder how she must be feeling now…

Oh God! What has happened to me?

We finally got into the car and I felt a little relieved as we drove out of the school building.

I just wanted to be away from them.

Mum and I didn’t say a word to each other throughout the drive but it didn’t make me curious as I could clearly read her thoughts.

I can’t believe I’m a diamond.

Oh God! How did this even happen?

After a long while, we arrived home and I came out of the car immediately and rushed into the house.

“Cali, we need to talk” mum said, coming in behind me.

“I…I don’t know how it happened, mum. I didn’t do anything. I just…I had woken up with this strange head ache and..I…I didn’t…” I bubbled and busted into tears and she pulled me in a quick hug.

“Hey; come on. Its okay. Sshh. Its okay” she hushed and patted me on the back but I only wept more.

It was just so painful

“I don’t know what happened, mum. I don’t” I whimpered.

“I understand, baby. That’s how it happens. Don’t worry, everything will be fine”.

After a while, she made me sit on the couch while she sat facing me and at that time, my tear had reduced.

“Don’t worry, Cali. You’ll be fine” she assured me.

“How? How will I be fine, mum? I have strange powers” I sniffed.

“Yes. And that makes you unique, darling. Don’t worry, as soon as you get to the diamond’s institute, you’ll be…”

“The diamond’s what?” I cut her off with a scoff.

“I ain’t going there, mom. I won’t”.

“Cali!” She expressed.

“You know that’s not possible. You need to go there so you can learn how to control your powers”.

“So, you’ll just give me up easily? Give me out to some God – d--n institute to spend the rest of my life?”

“Of course, it isn’t for the rest of your life. It gets to a point where you graduate”.

“No, mom. No matter what, this isn’t happening. I’m not going there. I’m not” I cried and sprang on my feet, scurrying off.

“Cali!” She called, but I didn’t stop to look at her as I ran away to my room.

Oh God! What’s happening to me? Why did this have to happen,huh? Why me of all people?

I locked the door and sat on the bed and more tears streamed down my cheeks as I fiddled with the tip of my dress.

I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, just yesterday, everything was fine.

But this morning, I’m someone else – a diamond. Why does it have to be me?

I can’t f*”king go to the Diamond’s institute – not after what I’ve heard about them.

Although, its a place for people like me – but how can I cope when they’re all spoilt and arrogant?

How can I cope away from my family and in the midst of strangers? How??

I busted into more agonizing tears.

I’ve always wanted to be a free girl and explore the world. But if I go to the institute, all that is sure to stop because I heard they don’t leave the building.

What kind of a life would that be?

“Cali?” I heard mum call and tried opening the door, but of course, it was locked.

“Cali, come on. We need to talk. Open the door, please” she said but I didn’t move.

“Cali, please. Just open up” she made several attempts, but I still didn’t move and finally, I heard her leave.

“Mum” I whimpered and stood on my feet and opened the door, going after her.

I just needed someone to talk to.

I rushed into the sitting room and paused when I found her talking to some strangers at the door.

“Who’re you, please?” She asked with surprise and I sniffed and watched in amusement.

“We’re from the Diãmônd’s Institute, ma’am. And we’re here for your daughter” one of them replied and showed something like an I.D to mum.


Mum turned and looked at me.

“I’m not going with you” I stated bluntly and the lady among them sighed.

“Don’t worry, pretty. We’ve got no time for a debate” she said and stretched out her hand to me and I heard a loud sound in my head.

“Arghhhhhh” I screamed as I held my head tight due to the pains and immediately, I fell on the floor and passed out.



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