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Cali’s Pov:

As soon as I got to school, I headed straight to class and took a seat.

I was so careful in walking, having my eyes glued to the floor the whole time as a result of the heavy headache I felt. It was so painful and almost unbearable.

I buried my face in my palms as I sat on my locker and somehow, the noises in the class seemed to be double as I kept hearing a lot of voices.

Why are they talking this much in class today?

“Hey, pumpkin” I heard someone say and tap me and I slowly opened my eyes to see the she – devil standing in front of me with her companion.

Oh! Please, don’t tell me. I’m seriously not in the mood for this now.

“Hey, Cali. Are you alright?” She asked with a smirk while the Lucy of a companion laughed.

“Please, Andrea. Not now” I replied tiredly and tried covering my face again, but she stopped me.

“Woah! Are you seriously tryna snob me or what? Do you have a death with, huh?” She snarled and I sighed pathetically.

What do these ladies gain from bullying me, huh?

And unfortunately, this f**king headache is getting in my way.

She was about saying/doing something else when thankfully, the biology teacher walked in.

Ahh! Thank goodness.

“Alright, everyone; settle down. Settle down. Have your seats” Mrs Anna announced as she kept her big textbooks on the table in front of the board.

b*h I heard Andrea say as she walked away.

But surprisingly, I didn’t see her lips move. But I was pretty sure she said it. I mean, I heard it from her.

Gosh! What’s happening to me?

I took in a deep breath and bent my head as different voices kept playing in my heads.

Why the hell are they this noisy today?

I lifted my head to look at the students and surprisingly, I couldn’t find any of them talking.

I mean, their lips weren’t moving. But it was more like….I could hear them speak…

Or think…?


What’s happening?

Geez! Josh is looking so cute today. I wish he’d look at me

I can’t believe that sheep almost damaged my p##sy yesterday

Who’s vag#na is smelling this bad around here? Gosh! What a stench odour

Different voices kept playing in my head, increasing my ache.

Minutes later, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get some air.

I stood up with my bag and started marching out of the room without minding the teacher.

“Cali?” She called back my attention just when I was about walking pass the door and I stopped to look at her.

Oh! Sh*t!

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked, her left hand at akimbo.

“I um….I need to make use of the restroom, please” I said tiredly, trying so hard to stop myself from falling.

“And…you didn’t deem it necessary to inform me before leaving?” She asked sarcastically.

“I’m sorry” I said in a mutter and took my eyes to the floor.

Oh, God! My head.

She sighed and turned back to the board.

“You can leave” she said without looking at me and I quickly turned around and left.

As I walked down the quiet corridors, I felt myself shivering.

I just needed something. I don’t know; but I just needed something.

I walked at a very fast pace and finally got to the restroom where I met a lady in front of the mirror.

I only spared her a stare and went to my own stand to wash my hands and face.

Lani’s such a fool to think I like her as a friend. If only she knows the reason I’m only being close to her. Hmph I heard the lady beside me say even tho I didn’t see her lips move.

Oh! Crap!

I shut her another stare, feeling surprised and immediately, she rounded up what she was doing and left, unperturbed.

It seems she doesn’t even know if I heard her or not.

I shook my head and turned back to the washbasin, washing my hands and face.

Oh God!

The pains were becoming unbearable.

What’s happening to me? This is the first time I’m having such d--n headache.

I breathed heavily as I held onto the washbasin for support.

“Hey, pumpkin” I heard that familiar voice in my head and looked through the mirror to see Andrea standing behind me.

What the f*”k? Did she really follow me?

“I’d seen you talking with Josh in the cafe yesterday. What were you two talking about?” She asked as I bent my head.

“Please, Andrea. Not now” I replied restlessly and she scoffed.

“Do I look like I’m here for jokes, Cali? Answer my f**king question!” She yelled and the ache multiplied.

D--n it!

I didn’t say a word as I kept my head bent, trying to absorb the pains.

“Hey, b***h! I’m talking to you!” She rasped and touched my arm and as soon as she did, I felt something strange.

A crazy anger.

An uncanny urge to scream.

My entire systems crumbled and my eyes flashed in reciprocal to the anger.


I found myself screaming at her and the next thing I saw was speed and walls crumbling.

It was more like a heavy wind showed up and swept her off her feet as she screamed and fell alongside the walls which came crashing to the floor.

I panted heavily as I realized what had happened – destroying half of the restroom.

Oh my God!

Andrea had passed out and was lying on the floor amidst the broken walls, blood gushing out from her head.

Conniption gripped me and I felt my heart thud.

And that very moment, it became clear to me.

I was a diãmônd.



💫The Blâck Diãmônds💫



Hidden Pov:

I sat quietly in front of my drawing board, a painting a beautiful image just like I pictured in my mind.

It was that of an ocean.

I added the necessary colors and touches to it and while at it, they walked in.

Three of them.

“You sent for us” She said in her strict tone as they stood beside me.

“Yeah – about an hour ago” I replied calmly, still focused on the board.

“We’re sorry. We were having an important meeting with the rest of the directors” she replied politely and I didn’t say a word for a while as I painted the lower part of the board.

Yeah – they might be way older than me, but they they give me the respect I need.

“A new diamond has been discovered. She’s a mind reader; and also a banshee. And that makes her special.

“So, we need her. She’s living at California’s street – residence four. Her name is Cali” I enthused while focused on the board.

Just incase you’re wondering, it’s part of my special powers to sense when a new diamond has been discovered.

“Okay, sir. We’re on it” she replied.

“Hurry up…before the white diamonds get her” I added and they nodded and scurried off.



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