Rise Of The Claw - S01 E14

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Hoxo: fetch me keeper

Fang: your wish is my command and it will surely be

( he leave the premises )

Hoxo: keeper will translate it, weather he like it or not I will force him to do it


Jarvis walking by the street he begin to feel something strange

Jarvis: what is happening,something want to happen

( he look back he could see Maddy and Jerry )

Maddy: hey guy thank for that day,actually we have been calling you since you don’t here us.

Jarvis: am sorry for that.

( Jarvis then begin to here something at long distance )

Oh no keeper is in trouble

( he run )

Guys I will see you soon

Jerry: I think he have to save, he has a place to go

Maddy: may be that.


Keeper: Fang will soon come, just put that in mind

Priest Earl: what about your hand,it has turn to monster hand

Keeper: am going to destroy it.

( Keeper bring on his sword then strike the sword on his hand wanted to cut it bit the monster finger could not cut )

Priest Jole: what will we do now

( unfortunately, Fang break another entrance into the place )

Fang: you shall do nothing,it is time for me to have Keeper he his going to interpret the book, since no one can

Priest Thara: we won’t,even if we are not train as a warrior, we will fight we have hand.

Fang: funny,you brat want to fight me

( the priest all run to him while Fang kill seven of them within three seconds )

You can’t compare the force of man to the force of a powerful villain mutant,who else, master doesn’t said that I should kill but to take Keeper in helping him translate the words in it.

( to be surprised Golden Claw arrived, running to were Fang was, in order to save Keeper )

You are too late already

( he disappear with Keeper )

Jarvis: noooo that can’t be

( he was angry )

I should have stayed here before,no no no

( his nail grow as usual )

Priest Hator: oh no,priest Hator priest That’s and others are gone now

( Jarvis fury engaged )

Jarvis: please,what will happen if Hoxo get the book of the prophecy and also if he read it.

Priest Joke: he will become superior and unstoppable.

Jarvis: this will be a big threat to the world.

Priest Hator: yes,but I am glad of something

Jarvis: what is it

Priest Hator: we have conclude that no one is going to get the what is in the book from us.

Jarvis: what if they get it.

Priest Joke: it will give him something to do in order for him to achieve what he wishes but the page will be close forever and it will bring on another page for the sake of the goods.

Jarvis: this is not nice

Priest Hator: please now,we rely on you for help, and you have to help us in defeating this villains

Jarvis: don’t worry, I will, this is my battle now,I am going to make it my battle,to defend is what I am called for, to save my world is my mission and I am going to accomplish it.

( tears come out of his eyes )

I wish if their is no evil in this kingdom

Jarvis: definitely it will be hard for someone to think that, but it can’t possible,the evil came into existence long time ago,we are said to battle them even the fight between light and the darkness are forever but I am going to take him down and also I am going to avenge for those dead priest their dead must not be in vain and it shall not be it going to take what it will takes.

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