Rise Of The Claw - S01 E15

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Hoxo sit on the throne with the book in his hand, his servant could not come to him even they could not offer him any drink when they had seen what he had done to a maid offering him a jar of wine to drink as a mutant he could eat many things as much as possible if he get the chance to do so and drink up seas and river.

Hoxo still waiting for Fang to arrived with Keeper he sitted while Darot and Savat at his front, finally Fang arrived while Hoxo smiled on seeing Keeper with him.

Fang: my lord, I have finish your conquest

Hoxo: yes,you will soon have your great prize when I get what I have to get.

Fang: yes my lord.

( Hoxo move to Keeper while keeper raised his head up,looking at him as if the ground should opened and swallow him )

Hoxo: hello Keeper,the keeper of the book of the prophecy,welcome to my lair.

Keeper: what did you have to do with me again after you have got what you want.

Hoxo: actually I haven’t complete my deadly evil task,am still on it.

Keeper: then what is my concern about that.

Hoxo: you have to show more concern on it.

Keeper: leave me let me go, let me go

Hoxo: you could only go, only if you tell me what the book have said.

Keeper: you’re funny,you can have me kill, you can have my priest kill but all what I know is that no one will tell you no one is going to interpret it.

Hoxo: then you will be dead

Keeper: I don’t afraid death,because you have already kill my fellow priest only few remain now

Hoxo: that is how it supposed to be and if you did not tell me what the thing written in the book mean, I shall wipe out priests out of this world and no one shall stop me.

Keeper: all I know is that no one is going to tell you what it mean.

Hoxo: I agreed with that, but you will, I am going to give you a mighty test that will shake you off, and you shall tell me.

Keeper: their is nothing you can do,their is nothing,my parent were kill when when I was at young age,my families my children were kill including my loving wife through your destruction on Razia kingdom,so what else do I have.

( he cried,Hoxo was confused on hearing that )

Hoxo: oh no, this one has failed me

Fang: I have told you, I have told you, he won’t tell you he won’t narate it.

Hoxo: their is only one way now, and this will be the last chance and if I don’t get it through him,I am going to punish him, I will not kill him, but I will makes him suffer to the close of his age,the dark torments shall be on him.

Fang: then what is it.

Hoxo: we have to read his mind in getting it.

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