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Meet Ademilade


“hurry up! or do you want to sleep there?” faith called out from the room

“I am almost done!” I gritted my teeth as i Sprinkled little water on my body …

It was an early Monday morning and the weather was just too cold for my liking ; too bad I had a morning lecture to catch up with ….if not , the lazy me would still be on bed , sleeping … I trust myself on that!

shutting my eyes tightly , I poured the last bowl of water on my body and then ran out of the bathroom screaming Chissos! Chissos! Chissos!

“What is it?” Faith who was seated on the bed asked , furrowing her eyebrow in a little frown

“Cold! Cold! the water is freaking cold”. I answered, shivering

“So! Is that why you ran out naked!”she retorted and that was when I realised I was without cloth…

My face flushed with embarrassment and quickly, I scurried to the opened wardrobe, pulled out a wrapper, tied it around my body then searched through for a black gown ; yes , a black gown

As a law student, I was meant to wear a white on black or an all black outfit …..

I soon found one, it was a black Long gown with puffy sleeves . The type Popularly known as “Mary Amaka”

Unzipping the gown , I hurriedly dressed up in it …

“Na wetin you wan wear. No Uju! this is too long !” Faith huffed and I stared at her through the wall mirror , meeting her gaze

“Long !” I muttered”

“Yes! not only Long , it has no fitting on you”.she retorted, standing up and I let my eyes roam all over her

She was dressed in a pink crop top , a skinny jean trousers with a black shoes and not only that, her ugly face was filled with makeup making her uglier

My mouth went wide open in surprise, is this the holier than thou “sister Faith” ?

“Uju!I am talking to you!”she called snapping me out of my thought and I quickly composed myself

“Erm ..erm.. what were you saying?” I stuttered, facing her and she scoffed

“tsk.. tsk! Don’t tell I was talking to myself . anyways, I was asking it you have something better to wear”

“better! Isn’t this better?” I asked , looking down at the gown as she chuckled

“No, all of my gowns are the same”. I quickly added

“Oh! If that is the case , then the gown is beautiful!”she stated but I quick to detect the sarcasm in her voice

Well! that is her headache, the gown is beautiful and I am gonna wear it !!!

Putting on my black polished shoes , I tied a black scarf around my head , grabbed my already packed hand bag , picked up my phone , said a silent prayer and then faced Faith

“Let us go”

we both walked out of the room and on locking the door ,she placed the key under the foot mat ;then we passed through the long passage as we walked out of the house …..

The morning sun was out and surprisingly , it was bright and hot . I suggested we board a “bike” to the station but Faith waved it off saying it was a waste of money so we trekked down the busy road to the station …..


The bus station was crowded and the curses and murmurings of hundred of people could be heard, There was no bus…..

Looking around, we were all students

Some were wearing long clothes like me, some very skimpy clothes, some guys had tinted hair…..jeez! It was like we were in a carnival party….

“Chai! see fine boy!Faith muttered and I quickly turned sideways to look at her, her gaze was fixed straight ahead and in her eyes was something like… Lust…

Really! under this hot sun , she is lusting after someone!

I followed her gaze and my jaws dropped

Right across the road , a brown skinned boy with curly hair was leaning against a white Venza , seeming to be waiting for someone ….

he was so cute and when I say cute , I mean f**king cute. most eyes were on him and even the girls beside me were giggling as they talked in whispers ..

His skin was so brown that I was left wondering if he was an half cast ….

Just then , a bus drove down the bus lane parking a few meters away from the crowd “Uju! Let’s go ooooooo” Faith shouted , holding my hands as we ran , pushed and shoved to get into the bus and luckily for us , we did…

“At last!” I muttered as I sat down on a seat close to the window and Faith followed, sitting down beside me

I felt a slight pain and I looked down to see blood streaking down my arm

Nawa ooo! To enter bus na wahala again !

bringing out my hanky , I wrapped it around the injured arm and looked out of the window Just in time to see the “brown skinned boy” and a girl on red gown hop into the white car ….

I sighed softly, she is so lucky , how I wish I have a boyfriend as cute!… oh God!… what is wrong with you Uju? behave yourself……


Getting to school, the driver drove through a tarred road and then parked in an open space filled with buses and cars

“This is motion ground!” Faith told me

“I know”. I muttered as we alighted from the car to see tons of people trooping in and out


“What lecture are you having this morning?”Faith asked , she was looking into a white sheet and on a closer look, I noticed it was a timetable , her time table….

“GNS 101”. I answered

“Same with me….uhm….I am having just one lecture today, what about you?”

“I don’t know”. I shrugged , I don’t even have a time table ….

And with that , we walked hurriedly to the lecture theatre (LLT1) and on entering, we met a rowdy hall as students were rushing to mark the attendance sheet

“Oops! we missed our first lecture “. I said aloud, expecting to hear a response from Faith but got none. I turned sideways to look at her and lol and behold, she wasn’t there , she wasn’t even around me ….

Oh right! She disappeared and now I am all alone .

looking around the large hall , I sighted two “hijabites” girls standing close to the entrance, they were dressed in a white and black outfit

One was skinny and tall while the other was the direct opposite, short and plump

They must be law students! I thought within as I walked up to them

“Hello!” I greeted as they both looked in my direction

“Hello! You are a law student?” the plump one asked , seizing me up and down and I nodded excitedly

“Thank goodness! My younger sister here have been searching around for her course mate…. anyways I am Biliki, a final year law student . She introduced and I widened my eyes in surprise

Final year! 500 Level! Mehn! She is a goal!

“and I am so glad you came by miss…….

“Juliet”. I completed . I can’t let someone spoil my igbo name for me …..

“Alright Juliet! You two get along, I will be on my way now”. she said and then faced her sister who had been watching us quietly

“This is OOU , Ma go ra eeeee( don’t dull yourself)

And with that , she left the lecture hall….

I watched her go and then looked away , shifting my gaze to her sister

“Hi! I am Juliet “. I re- introduced myself as she smiled lightly

“I know! I overheard you when you told my sister, I am Shakirat ….

“Oh! Shakirat, do you erm ….by any chance know what lecture we have next?” I asked politely and she nodded , bringing out a paper from her small purse …

“Law 101( legal method) by 11:00am”. she informed and I quickly glanced at my wristwatch

“It is 10:59am, we are running late”. we shouted in unison then laughed over it

“We should get going before the lecturer kick us out”. she drawled , catching me by surprise as she took my hands into hers …..

I looked at our interlocked fingers and then at back at her , smiling as we walked hurriedly to the Faculty of Law……



A slim tall man was already in class lecturing. to avoid unnecessary attention, we passed through a back door to the class , walking as quietly as we could to a seat at the back row: then sat down

opening my bag, I brought out my glasses and then wore it , staring at the marker board

“You make use of glasses?” Shakirat whispered and I nodded absentmindedly as my attention was fixed on the writings on the board

Golden rule! Do to others as you would have them do unto you ….. interesting! this sounds like Karma…

Well! what do I know?

I brought out a book with a pen and began to Jot down …


Finally! after a two hours lecture, the lecturer finally left the class and a angry murmur passed through the classroom

I hissed loudly

“That man was just rapping!”I retorted angrily

“As in ehen , I didn’t even understand a thing from the gibberish he was saying”. a girl beside me butted in , standing up as she walked towards the entrance

I followed her with my eyes , she was a fair pretty lady with big ass ….

“A spill over student”. Shakirat said and I turned sideways to see her staring at the girl

” her name is Susanna and we stay in the same lodge . Don’t get close to her ,she is a bad influence”

“Uhm .. uhm .. twale”. I hailed , giving her a “how do you know look”

“I am serious , my sister told me”

“Okay ooo madam adviser , can we go now ? or do we still have any other lectures?”

“No, that is all for today”. She answered as she stood up

Keeping my book inside the bag , I followed suit and we both both walked out of the class heading for Motion ground…..



The motion ground was noisy as usual; Cars and buses coming in and out , the voices of thousands of student chattering , laughing, cursing , murmuring mixed with the shouts of traders who were trying to sell their wares …..

I leaned against a tree exchanging number with Shakira when a white Venza drove in, parking in front of us

The white car! It was the same from this morning and to sum up my point , two guys alighted from the car , a dark guy and …..the brown skinned guy

“Ademilade! Kewe!”Shakirat muttered making me shift my gaze to her

“You know them?

She laughed lightly, “of course, who wouldn’t know them?look girl, can’t you see the way they are drawing attention?

I shifted my attention back to them to see three ladies shamelessly hovering over them , even the guys were not left out , they were hailing their names as if they was some sort of celebrity….. well! I wasn’t surprised, they were so cute especially the brown skinned boy!

“they are both in their 3rd year , Medicine students . Kewe is deeply into politics ….

“Who is Kewe?” I asked , cutting in

“The dark one”. She answered and instantly, I lost interest … I was eager to know more about the brown skinned not the dark skinned …

“So as I was saying, Kewe is deeply into politics while Ademilade hates anything politics, he is a model and even won the Mr OOU last year….

“What! Ademilade! So you mean the hottie is a Yoruba dude?” I asked with disbelief written all over face

“he is an half cast!” she said with smirk as I hit her shoulders lightly

“I said it! he too fine”. I blurted out and she laughed

“Don’t fall for him oooo, he has a girlfriend.. Susanna is his girlfriend”

“Susanna! You mean the spill over student? Na lie jo, I saw him with his girlfriend this morning”.i said , getting ready for an argument

She kept mute for a moment and then she shrugged

“Well! I don’t know , that is what my sister told me ”

“no wonder , you that just entered school already know everything,Chai! your sister ought to collect an award for gossip!”

“Stop Jo! It is what I know , I saw him with my “korokoro” eyes , he passed the night in her room”. She snickered and I bit my lips as I gazed at him , overwhelmed by the compelling aura around him , without understanding it ……

“You like him?” Shakirat asked

“No!” I answered dryly

“Then why are you drooling over him?” She continued and I scoffed, eying her coldly. I needed to give her brain some senses

“Drooling! and why would I drool? he is handsome, fine! but that is none of my business and do you know why? because my body is the temple of God and one handsome guy can’t make me loose focus”

“Chill Juliet!you taking this far , I was only joking”. She stated with a puzzled expression and Instantly i became calm , feeling guilty all of a sudden

Jeez!she was clearly joking, why did I take this far? what is even wrong with me?

I heaved a deep sigh to clear my head and when i did , i apologised to Shakirat

“It is nothing”. she assured with a light smile as I searched through her gaze

“You sure?”

“Yes Juliet, i understand you very well…. oh! Lest I forget, you haven’t given me your number?” She reminded

“I have yours , I will beep you on whatsapp”.i told her

“Alright ! See you tomorrow”. she bade as she ran towards a yellow bus

I watched her for a while and then headed the opposite way , getting onto a bus with the tag”Oru” and on sitting down ,I brought out my phone to message Shakirat , my new friend…….



I soon got to my hostel and I walked in to see two girls fighting and when i say fighting, I mean physical combat

I stopped in my tracks , staring at them with my eyes wide opened.

I thought stuff like this only happens in movie

“I will kill you today! I will kill you today!” they kept on yelling at each other

Shuuu! let me pass before they start their killing. I thought to myself as I walk past them to my room…….

on entering the room, I met Faith with a girl on white gown , they were both seated on the rug , laughing

Seeing me ,She nodded towards me and then continued with her gossip

” it is good for her. next time , she won’t sleep with her friend’s boyfriend”

“Wo! that is their headache , they can kill them selves “. the girl on white said , fixing her gaze on me

“Faith! Is she your blood sister?” she suddenly asked and I scoffed silently, tossing my bag on the bed as I walked into the kitchen

Busybody! they won’t mind their business!

hand picking a cup , I filled it up with tap water, grabbed a spoon and then returned to the room

“What do you want to do with that?” Faith asked

“Drink cornflakes”. I answered , dragging my feet to the reading table ;then collapsed on the chair

I was tired and hungry at the same time!

“Han Han! but there is food in the kitchen” she queried

“I know but this is what I feel like eating”. I simply said and she exchanged look with her “new friend”

Really! Did they also gossip about me?… well! that is their business!

“Ask her now!” I heard her friend say as I hissed silently

Ask me what! I wondered

” Erm .. Uju.. what relationship do you have with the NASS president?” Faith started , clearing her throat

“NASS president! who! how! What are you talking about?” I asked confusedly , placing the cup gently on the table

“Don’t try to lie, I saw him drop you in front of the hostel”. the girl butted in and I scoffed

“Excuse me! Who are you?”

” I am Funmi, your next door neighbour”.she snapped at me as I stared intently at her

“I saw the NASS president drop you”. she repeated and that was when the realisation hit me

The light skinned hottie is the school NASS president ….. chimo! what is that his name again ?… erm Tobi .. yes, Tobiloba……

“Oh! Is it Tobiloba? I asked

“Yes!”. they screamed in unison and I scoffed

“So! If he gave me a lift , what is the big deal about it?” I snapped at them , they were beginning to annoy me….

“There is no big deal about it ,I am just surprised”. The friend , Funmi answered. …..I mean in my two years here , I have never seen Tobi give random girls lift …

“Random girls! I repeated in shock

“erm.. erm don’t get me wrong.. erm .. I mean he and his friends only date sexy girls”. She stuttered and that was it , I flared up

“Sexy girls! or do you mean those girls who dress half- naked? and moreover who says anything about dating him , I didn’t ask him to give me a ride , I am not interested in him and will never be ….

Having said that , I reached for the cornflakes and milk

“Really! Faithy! Why you no tell me say your sister get choko for head !” Funmi drawled and I chose to ignore her …

I have made my point clear and that is what matters…….






After series of practicals , the lecture was finally over …

“Thank goodness!” I muttered , rushing out of the lecture hall as I headed for motion ground

I didn’t pay much attention in today’s class as Susanna kept on bugging me with calls and messages , all of which I ignored… but what is wrong with her sef? Is it about the hot marathon sex” we had last night , that girl is a complete nuisance ……

my suddenly phone vibrated indicating a text message and I brought it out from my lab coat to see the name ” Big Ass”flashing on the screen

Jeez! I completely forgot about this one!

clicking on it , I read it.

” Demi!where are you now? I have been waiting in the motion ground since morning”…..

Oh yeah! another ” P---y” waiting!


Getting to motion ground , I found “big ass” leaning against my car and I smiled lightly

but come to think of it , I don’t even remember her name . I just met her yesterday at the “suya junction”and thanks to her cheap self , see how far we have gone…….

“Hey babe!” I greeted as I got closer to her

“Han Han! Demi! You want make Sun finish me for here ?” she queried , squeezing her plain face ….

” I am sorry”. I apologised,staring at a curvy girl who wriggling her waist seductively as she walked past me …..

now this is the exact type of girl I love getting laid!

Beautiful, curvy , sexy and most especially wild….

“Demi!” “Big ass” called snapping me out of my “perverted thoughts” and I smiled lightly, shifting my gaze to her

“Get in”. I simply instructed as I hopped into the car and when she did , I started the ignition and drove off to my hangout Joint……Map hotel”…….


Getting to the hotel, I drove through the already opened gate to the compound ……

“Demi! Demi!” the two security men hailed as I alighted from the car

I smiled knowing they wanted a tip off ….

sadly , I was just with my ATM card , there was no cash on me…

“Mo ma ri ye to ba ya ( I will see you guys later)” . I promised , walking towards the bar with “big ass” following behind me

“Twale baba! But this one wey you carry today na “obo nla( big P---y)”one of the security called after me making me grit my teeth in anger ..

What is with the idiot? Does he want to spoil my fun tonight?

“obo nla! what does he mean by that?” Big ass asked and I stopped on my track , turning to face her…

“Don’t mind him Jare! that is the way he behaves ” I said , searching through her gaze

her brows were knitted in a frown , obviously she was still angry!

“C”mom babe!that shouldn’t bother you , I want you and ………

“Love me!” She chipped in and I smacked my lips , cursing silently

Love! hell no!…I meant to say “need you” ..well! since she wanted my love , I will give it to her this night …..:

“Yes ! I agreed and her eyes lit up ; taking her hands into mine we walked into the bubbling bar….


A popular hip- hop music filled the air , Timaya’s shake your bumbum to be precise….

Leading the way , we walked to a quiet corner and about to sit down , I heard someone call my name

I looked in the direction to see the NASS president, Tobi .he was with some “crazy friends of ours” and they were all smoking…..

“brotherly”. I greeted , hitting my hands twice on my chest as they hailed my name …..

“you erm into school erm politics?”Big ass stuttered and I shifted my attention back to her, sitting down

Her gaze was fixed on Tobi and she looked uneasy

“You alright?”I asked

“he is coming our way “. she said , ignoring my question

“Who is ….. I paused when I felt a hand tap my shoulder and from the cologne, I knew it was Tobi ….

“I need to see you for a few minute”. he whispered into my ear and I turned to face him giving him a surprise look…

“Is everything alright???”

” Yes!”he answered, straightening up as he walked towards the entrance and I nodded slowly knowing it was far from alright

quickly, I got off my seat

“Just a minute please!” I pleaded with the girl in front of me without looking at her and then rushed out to meet Tobi

“Guy! What is going on?”I fired at him

“No! I should be the one asking you that , what are you doing with Daniella?”he fired back at me

“Daniella!who is that?”

“Oh! So You don’t know her name and you want to f**k her , Swears! your village people are on your case . Daniella is the girl with you , Rinzy’s girlfriend”

“Rinzy! your course mate!” I asked to be sure and he nodded

“Really!” I retorted, laughing Long and hard as he stared on at me blankly

Now I get it all! Daniella!the same girl he told me about!

“Then why are you getting all worked up , you screwed her also?” I reminded and his expression instantly changed to that of anger

“Shut up! It is all in the past and I deeply regret it and you should know …..

“I have a stable relationship”. I completed , yes! Yes!but that doesn’t change the fact that you slept with your friend’s girlfriend…..

“At least I better pass you”. he mumbled but I heard him clearly

I scoffed , “is this why you called me out here?to insult me?

“No! I want make you free that girl , make she go … I mean how do you think Rinzy will feel if he finds out about it ?

“That is for you to figure out , Rinzy and I aren’t even that close….. but guy! tell me something else , is there something more to this? the Tobi I know doesn’t have human feelings….

He chuckled lightly, ” bobo! You don know me finish …… well! you see , I am attracted to his sister and I no want make any kasala dey ………

I shot him a confused look , I was still not getting what he was trying to say ……..

“His sister! Does he have a sister in this school?”

“Yes! she is a fresher , beautiful with a killer shape “. he answered, bringing out his phone out of his pocket as he scrolled through it

“Rinzy uploaded a pics of her on status … erm.. where is ….. yeah this is it”. he held his phone up for me to see and I dragged the phone out of his hands to take a better look at the picture….

Really! An SU! I hate them more than shit , always acting holier than thou…..

“Take!” I handed his phone back to him and he frowned

“What! Isn’t she beautiful?”

“No!” I answered and that was the truth , there was nothing beautiful about her , she was just a shapeless girl in big clothes ……

And with that , I turned around, heading back to the club ….

I will make sure to f--k and dump the crazy b---h tonight … who cares if she is Rinzy girl ……



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