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Party! Party!


Tuesday was a very stressful day for me , after a four hours lecture Shakirat and I trekked all the way to the library to get our library card

Omooo !if you see crowd, you go fear

We had to wait for two hours before the librarian stamped our files then she handed us a paper card ….

I hissed silently

Will all the stress , na paper card they still give us ….

“Make sure you sign the big book before you leave”. the librarian , a fat woman in her late forties reminded and when we did , we walked out of the library……

“O boy! I never knew school life was this hard”. Shakirat started

“Same with me”. I agreed , dragging my feet as we walked through an untarred road

My shoes were already dusty , who cares if it becomes dustier

I was tired and famished at the same time , I needed to put something inside my rumbling stomach before I quench….

“Shakirat! do you know if there is a fast food joint around here?” I asked ,using my hands as a shield to avoid the hot sun…..

“Ehmmm ….. ehmmm… yes ,there is one at LLT3 ground”. she answered

“LLT3! I haven’t heard of that before!” I stated

“That is because it is a Lecture theatre for only science students”. She retorted

“Oh! but I hope it is not far ooo?”

“Not at all! “She assured, leading the way as we passed through a corner road to a …… second motion ground!

“Wow! Wow! Is this LLT3?” I asked , looking around

“No! that is it over there”. She said , pointing to a big building painted cream , this place is just an open ground…….

I nodded slowly , open ground indeed different types of expensive cars were parked all around…….Jeez! Science students here must be really rich!

“Oya na! Let’s go!” Shakirat nudged at me and we walked up to a open food store ……..

“Kpai! Kpai! Kpai! We wan buy food”. Shakirat shouted attracting some funny stares

Chai! this girl can disgrace person

“Wetin you wan buy?”a fat woman sitting behind the counter asked as we walked towards her

“I dey sell white rice , jollof , fried , beans , any swallow food”. she quickly added , smiling as she exposed her white teeth ….

“Jollof rice and meat!” Shakirat answered and then faced me

“What will you eat?”

“Same”. I answered weakly

“Okay! a plate na #500” .the woman informed and we nodded in agreement……..


We watched the woman sell the food and when she was done , she placed it on a tray and handed it to Shakirat

“Your money?”she asked, stretching forth her hands and I hissed silently

Nawaooo! this wan no get chill pills!

bringing out my purse from my bag , I opened it bringing out a thousand naira (#1000) and then handed it to her …..

“Thanks my pikin!” She appreciated making me roll my eyes …..

She see money , she call us pikin !

We walked to an empty seat and sitting down, I placed my food in front of me , devouring it ….

It was so pepperish but I was too hungry to care!

“Please oooo! bring water before I will choke ooo”. Shakirat screamed making me laugh

She is just too funny!



After eating , we left the food store and just as we were about leaving the LLT3 ground , I heard someone call my name ….

quickly, I looked in the direction to see Tobi , resting against a black car ; right beside him was … Ademilade …..

My heart skipped a bit

Ademilade ! the brown skinned hottie!

“Tobi! do you know him?” Shakirat asked in whispers, from the tone of her voice , I could tell she was surprised ……

“No… erm… yes ..” I stuttered, I guess I was just to nervous….. I mean who wouldn’t be……

“C’mon girl!”. Tobi called , gesturing me to come over and like in a trance , I walked slowly towards them ……

“Hi!” I greeted shyly , glancing at Ademilade , his eyes was fixed on his phone , he didn’t even act like a ” soul” was in front of him

“Hi dear!” Tobi responded , his eyes raking down my body and back up as I played with my hands

“You are a law student?”he asked and before I could answer, Shakirat who was beside me butted in

“Yes we are law students”

he looked at her and then looked back at me ……..

“Interesting!he remarked and then faced Ademilade

“This is Rinzy sister, the one I told you about”

Really! he told him about me! but why ?

“Oh!”he exclaimed softly as his brown eyes met mine and then he looked away, his intense gaze fixed behind me as if looking at someone …..

Curiously, I turned back to see a lady on a short white gown passing by . her ass was bouncing as she walked and believe me when I say she was d**n attractive…..

“I want that girl!” I heard him say as I looked away

I folded my fist tightly, feeling a sharp pain in my heart …

I was hurt without even knowing why!

“So how are you?” Tobi asked and I shifted my attention back to him , he was staring at me with a puzzled expression

I smiled lightly, “Fine”. I answered

“I am sorry for not checking up on you, I was f**king busy but not to worry , I will create a special day for you”…,,

“For me!” I repeated in surprise

“That is if you don’t mind”. he quickly added as I shrugged my shoulders

“Well!..I .. don’t.. mind”

“Good! what is the name of your hall again?”

“Pretty queens villa”. I answered and he smiled , pinching my nose gently….

“your hostel suites you , you are a pretty queen”

“Not a queen , a princess”. I corrected and he chuckled loudly

I exchanged look with Shakira , did I say anything funny? I wondered

“Well! Well! Well! If that is the case , I guess I should add the title to your name …. Princess Juliet , how about that ?”he drawled and I nodded excitedly

“Princess Juliet! that is my pen name ”

” pen name! You are a writer?”he asked arching his eyebrow and I nodded again

“Wow!you should join the school media team”. he stated after giving it some thoughts and I gasped audibly in surprise…

“Media team !Can I really do that?…..I mean I am just an upcoming writer , I don’t even have a book in my name just some paper work….

“It doesn’t mean , I can help you if you are interested”. he offered and I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming

Writing was what I love doing most . I write to express my happiness, my pain : infact my whole life revolves around writing……..

“Are you interested?” he asked again

Is he really asking me that?

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed loudly , turning to look at Ademilade and this time around, his gaze wasn’t fixed on his phone , it was fixed on me …..

I swallowed hard making a sound , was he staring at me all along?…..

he stared at me for a while and then he faced Tobi

“You are right , she is very beautiful”

“Really?is it now you notice that?”Tobi asked but his voice sounded so distant as I was lost in my own thoughts

Very beautiful! Mr hottie just called me beautiful!!!!!

Just then , Shakirat tapped me lightly on my shoulder

“It is past 4pm, we need to get going”. she whispered and yes , she was right ……

Clearing my throat, I faced Tobi

” I need to be on my way now”

“Oh! Okay! If that is the case , can I pleeeeese have your number ?”he pleaded , waving his phone in front of me and I chuckled……

“Sure!” I agreed as I reached for his phone ; typing in my number , I handed the phone back to him

“Thanks!”he appreciated , typing into his phone …

I smiled ,” Good bye “. I bade, giving Ademilade a long look before leaving the LLT3 ground…..


On our way to the Motion ground , Shakirat kept on asking silly questions

how did you know Tobi? where did you meet him? how did he manage to know where you stay?

Telling her truth , she was still doubting me…

“hmm! So you mean he gave you a ride just like that”

“Yes! Just like that”. I answered …

She was quiet for a while and then sighed

“You are so Lucky! how I wish someone as hot as Tobi can notice me , How I wish someone as handsome as Demi can tell me I am beautiful”. she said with a far away look and I hit her shoulders playfully

“Crazy girl!”

We soon got to the motion ground ; then I bade her , dragging my feet to the bus

I climbed into it , sitting in a front seat beside the driver…..

My phone suddenly beeped signifying a text message so I brought it out of my handbag to see the name Rinzy flashing on the screen……

I clicked on it

“Daddy just sent the money for your GNS, come take it”

I heaved a sigh, keeping the phone back in my bag ….

Leaning my back on the seat , I made a mental note to get my own bank account …..



Getting to “Oru station”, the bus parked in front of the a filling station with the name “be- happy”

I alighted and being the lazy type , I flagged down a bike

I can’t kill myself with trekking!

“Where you dey go?” the bike man asked as I climbed on it

“The green hall opposite “pretty queens villa”. I answered and on starting the ignition , he drove off , speeding ……

Finally , we got to “green hall” and on paying him , I climbed down the bike and scurried towards Rinzy’s small paradise .

I call it small paradise because his room was well- furnished and organised ….

Standing in front of the door , I knocked twice

“Who is it?” a female voice answered from inside

Confused , I looked around to be sure I was in the right room and yes , it was the right room “it is Uju”. I answered, hoping my brother will be inside and instantly the door opened to reveal a dark girl ……

“hi Uju!” She greeted with a large smile as I stared blankly at her

Who is this one again? I thought within

And as if hearing my thoughts, she introduced herself

“I am Daniella, your brother”s girlfriend”

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I was so surprised

Rinzy got a girlfriend, Amazing!

“Wow! you are more beautiful in person”. She added making me blush

“Thanks! what about my brother, is he in?”

“No! he just stepped out to get some stuff, but he dropped this “. she said , handing me a few notes

I looked down at the money , counting it silently

4500! Good! money for GNS completed……

“You can come inside”. she offered, opening the door wider but I politely declined

“No ma,am! I have an assignment to work on”

“Okay dear! we will get to know each other more better”. She smiled and I nodded , retreating my steps as I walked out of the building…..

Get to know who better! not me ooo, I don’t even like her sef……


I crossed over the road to my hostel and on entering, I walked through the long passage to my room…

I tried pushing the door opened but it was locked…

“Big Sis!” I called , knocking on the door twice and in what seems like forever, she opened the door …

I walked in to see a messy room as her clothes was scattered all around and to make it all worst , the “annoying Funmi” was about opening a second bag

“What is going on here?” I asked ,looking at Funmi and then back at her

“Nothing much , we just selecting a few clothes” she answered ……

“You going out? I probed on , sitting on the rug and she nodded …

“To a student all night party and we are all going”

” yes ooo, it is gonna be fun”. Funmi added and they both screamed , excitedly

I stared at them , puzzled

We! all! are they referring to me ?

“No I am not going”. I said aloud and they looked in my direction…..

“Why?” Faith asked , frowning

“That is because it is ungodly”. I retorted and they both laughed…

What is funny?

“No sis! It isn’t an ungodly party, it is a fun party”. She corrected and I rolled my eyes

“What is the difference?”

“C’mon Uju! Let’s go have some fun please”. She pleaded and I sighed deeply

“But what of Arinze, wont he find out”

She smiled, ” Don’t worry about that , I got you covered”

I stared blankly at her, wrapped up in my head

Fun party! night party! Will it be okay if i attend ?

Who are you asking?That is for you to figure out yourself “.My subconscious screamed at me and I nodded slowly

Sure! there is nothing bad in having a little fun

“I will go”. I said aloud and they squealed in delight

“Yes! Yes! now let’s find you a better cloth!” Faith retorted

“Better clothes! but I have better clothes”

“I know! I meant to say a clubbing clo… she tried to say but Funmi cut in

“Let her wear this”. she said , holding up a pink crop top and a blue jean……pant

“Pant! You want me to wear a pant?” I asked in disbelief

” it isn’t a pant , it is a bum short”. She corrected but I shook my head

” I know what a bum short is , this is way shorter than a bum short “. I argued ,getting off the floor to drag the short out of her hands ; then I held it to my waist…

“You see it will be like a pant on me”

“Sure! but it will make you more sexier”. She said and that was what it took to convince me …

Sexy! I wanted to look sexy even if it is just once …

“Fine! I will wear it”. I agreed….






“Sweating heavily , I rolled off the girl panting as I pulled out the condom; then I got off the bed and went over to the bathroom ….

Dumping the used condom into the toilet , I flushed it down and then turned on the shower to take a quick bath ……

When I was done , I returned to the room to see her seated on my reading chair , she was already dressed ……

Really! Without cleaning up!…… yuck! so disgusting!

” I love the way you handled me , you are so good on bed!” She remarked

“Okay!” I simply said , as I walked over to my wardrobe ; opening it , I pulled out a harmless shirt , a clean brief with a joggers and hurriedly wore it ……..

“So when are we going to see again?” She continued

“I will call you”. I simply said and she smiled seductively…..

“Alright! so .. “what about the money we talked about?

I smiled lightly knowing she would ask, that is what they are all after …. my money!

Opening my drawer, I brought out a few notes and then tossed on her laps

“10,000! that is the money you asked for”

“Oh my gawd! Demilade thank you so much”. she beamed happily

“Thank you! why? No babe ,you don’t need to thank me , It is a payment for your service”.I remarked rudely and saw her face flush in embarrassment..

“So now that we are done , can you pleeese leave my room?” I drawled and without saying a word, she stood up and left …..

“Cheap b---h!

Collapsing on the bed , I reached for my phone about to dial my “main sex partner” Susanna number when Kewe barged into the room, holding a big book ……

“Awfar Guy! Wetin you sup? Why you leave your door open?”he asked in a rush , placing his book on the bed as he sat on it …..

“What door?”

“The door to your sitting room”. he answered and I bit at my lower lips in anger

“It is that crazy b---h Becky!

he gave me a funny look

“Becky!…….hmmm! I comot cap for you ……..shuu!so you don sharply f**k that girl”

I smiled lightly

“Anyways! will you be going to the “student all night party” at Timesquare …..

“Sure! Susanna told me about it and we will be going together……..







With my mouth wide opened, I stared at my reflection in the mirror….

The pink crop top and the half bum short I was wearing made me look completely different …….,

“Is this really me?” I thought aloud and Faith who was beside me laughed

She was also dressed in the same outfit as me , bum short with a crop top……..

“Of course it is you , you are very beautiful ”

“Thanks!” I blushed

“You are welcome ….. and lest I forget, you will also be needed this”. She said , holding up a brown wig ….

I shook my head negatively , “I don’t want”

“Why? are you planning on going with this “all back weaving “on your hair?”She asked arching her eyebrow


“Okay oooooo! make up nko?”

“No!”. I answered as she rolled her eyes

” you be original village girl ”

Just then, the door to the room flung opened and Funmi walked in , looking like a …..w---e ….

The make up on her face was much and the black gown she wore clung to her body leaving only little to imagine…

I exhaled deeply, I really hope I am not making a mistake…..

” we are already running late, what are you still painting?”She queried, facing Faith who was applying a lip stick …

“And you Uju! Cover your hair with a wig or do you want to be the odd one at the party?” She snapped at me

” I think you should direct that question to yourself “. I snapped back at her

” hmmmh..okay oooo… I was just trying to help”

“Whatever!” I muttered , placing my leg on the chair as I tied the rope of my sneakers

“I am done ooooooo!” Faith suddenly announced

grabbing my bag ,I followed behind them as we walked out of the room…….


Stepping out , All eyes were on us and I adjusted the bum short a little as I was feeling shy ….

” Are we going to trek?” I directed my question to Funmi since she was the one who knew the venue

“No”. She answered , flagging down a Keke Maruwa( tricycle)

“Thanks goodness! I muttered , sighing in relief…

“Time square hotel Ajebo , how much for three people ?” She asked the driver

“Ehhm.. just pay # 500”. the driver answered and she hissed loudly

“500! to Ajebo that is just here , Let us pay #300”. She haggled , making me scoff silently

I was already getting tired of everything.. nawa ooo! can’t she just agree to the #500?

“Han Han! Sister! #300! by this late hour, no it is too small”.

“Late Ke! It is not even up to 8pm , Oya let me add #50”. She finalised and after giving it a little thought, the driver agreed , telling us to get in and when we did , he started his engine as he drove off ………..



The sound of music could be heard from miles away so I wasn’t surprised when the driver parked in front of building pumping with deafening music and flashing disco lights……

I wriggled my body excitedly to rhythm of the song .My love for dance probably stems up from my love for music and even though the music being played sounded too rash , it still brought out the dancing spirit in me ….

Alighting from the car , we walked into hall to see countless number of people , dancing , drinking, spilling beer and partying away !!

I jumped up excitedly, This is gonna be fun!

“Come Uju! Let’s go sit down”. Faith said , trying to hold my hand but I slapped it away gently

“No! I want to dance”. I simply said , Joining the crowd of dancers as I twisted my body to the beat ….

The DJ soon played a very fast music and the whole crowd cheered on….

The music was strange to me and the only thing I could pick from it was

“Oya Shakiti bobo! o bobo!”

What are they Shakiti?” I wondered but nevertheless, I gave my best steps , pushing away the guys who were trying to dance with me …..

I wanted to dance all alone!

Just then, a hand held my waist from behind and I tried wriggling my body out of grip but the hand pulled me closer, holding me more tightly

“You are a good dancer!”a masculine voice whispered into my ears and I froze on the spot

This voice, I have heard it before

“You are right , she is very beautiful”. his words played back in my head ………. Ademilade……

“Keep on dancing, I want to see you whine”. he hushed as his hands roam all over my body

his touch was like a electric shock , forcing my heart to pound….

I was scared and confused the same time , what the hell is he doing to me?

“your name?” he asked in whispers

“Erm … i.. erm .. am .. Juliet”. I stuttered as he rested his hands on my ass cheek…..

I knew I was meant to react , scream , shout or do something but I wasn’t even think straight…

“Juliet! It is too common, tell me an un-common name”. he asked , turning me around to face him

“Obianuju, Yes , Just call me Obianuju”. I stated , meeting his gaze …

he stared at me blankly for a moment and then smirked

“Your face looks familiar, have we met before?

“Yes! I saw you today at …….

“LLT3 ground”.he completed and I nodded.

“Wow! Rinzy sister? I never knew you had this in you , have anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

I swallowed hard , is it suppose to be a question

Bringing out his phone from his pocket , he handed it to me ……

“Type in your digit”

With shaky hands, I typed in my number and then handed the phone back to him

he smiled lightly “Alright Obianuju! I will call you”.

And with that , he retreated his steps as he walked towards the bar section and as for me, I followed him with my eyes until he sat down beside a girl…….

he whispered something to the girl who frowned, looking in my direction……Susanna

My heart quickened as I recall Shakirat’s word ….

“Don’t fall for him!he has a girlfriend , Susanna is his girlfriend……. and I felt …. Jealous!!!




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