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“What is it Hanson?” She asked.

“Mum, how quickly can you get here?” He asked.

“The city?”


“I don’t, unless your dad drives. I can’t drive there myself. Is there a problem? I can get him to drive me as soon as possible”.

“Yes mum. I think the voicemail you have can get us out of a huge problem”.

“What’s the problem?”

“Mum, when you get here, I’ll tell you everything”.

“Okay. I’ll be on my way soon with your dad”.

“Okay”, he said to her and he drove off to look for Sasha.

After driving for hours, he couldn’t find her and he tried to call but she didn’t pick up. He drove back to the courthouse to inform everyone on the recent evidence.

When he got back, he saw Fred and Ann arguing with the lawyers.

“There’s a way we can get out of this”, he said to them.

“How?” The lawyers asked.

“I don’t know how it happened but I think I mistakenly called my mum and it went straight to voice mail and recorded a part of conversation with Ross”, he said to them.

“And how does that help?” Fred asked.

“I’m hoping that it will have a part where Ross says that his mum is trying to hurt Sasha with this”, He said to Fred.

“So you’re not sure if it even has it?” Fred asked.

“Allow him to speak. Atleast he’s doing something to help in this case. All you’ve done is ask silly questions”, Ann said to him.

“You better watch the way you speak to me”.

“You two arguing is not going to help this case. And I can’t even find Sasha”, Hanson said to them.

“You can’t find her? I thought you ran after her?” Ann asked.

“I did but she already drove off and I also got distracted with my mum’s call”.

“How soon can your mum get here?” One of the lawyer’s asked.

“Where we live is very far. I’m sure they’ll be here late night”.

“Late night? Couldn’t they board a flight?” Fred asked.

“There’s no airport there. Unless they drive to the next state”.

“Can you get them to board a plane at the next state? If it’s money, I can take care of it”.

“Fred!!!” Ann exclaimed.

“They can pay for their own flight ticket. Thank you”, Hanson said to him.

“Great. So get them to take the flight”, he said to him.

“I will”, he said and he walked away to make a call.

“We’ll get going now and see what more we can do about this case as we await the arrival of our new evidence”, one of the lawyers said to them.

“Okay”, Ann said to them and they left.

“So what do we do now?” Fred asked her.

“Pray and wait”, Ann said to him.

“Pray for what?”

“I’ve had enough of your silly questions”, she said to him.

“You’ve really been attacking me a lot. What’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem? You, you, you!”

“What did I do? You’ve been attacking me left and right”.

“You’re not getting your mouth in check. You keep asking annoying questions and irritating Hanson and the lawyers”.

“I’m just trying to get the lawyers to do their work!”

“By asking silly questions?”

“I’ve had enough of you and your nagging. This is why…” he started to say and he stopped.

“Why what?” She asked him.

“Never mind”, he said and he walked away.

Hanson got back to her and saw that everyone had left.

“My parents are going to the airport now”, he said to her.

“Great. We’re really grateful for that”.

“It’s nothing. She’s my family and they are also family”, he said to her and she smiled.

“Where’s e everyone?” He asked.

“The lawyers are going to do their job and Fred has gone to God knows where”.

“Okay and I didn’t see Ralph and the rest here. Have they gone?”

“Oh yeah. They had to go back to the company to keep things in check for now”, she said and he nodded.

“Oh God. I just pray this works out. I can’t imagine her losing her company. She really loves it so much and it would crush her if she loses it”, Ann said with a sad face.

“Everything will be fine”, Hanson said, giving her a side hug. “My only problem now is finding Sasha”, he said to her.

“I’m sure she’s trying to clear her head. She’ll come back home when she’s a bit fine”, she said to him.

“I just don’t want her to be hurting alone. I want to be there for her. Do you know where she could be?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. Everytime she gets upset, it’s either she cries in her room or lashes out at the person she’s mad at”, she said and Hanson widened his eyes.

“What?” She asked.

“Can you call home to know if she’s there”, Hanson asked and she called.

“She’s not there”, she said to him.

“Then she might be at Ross’ place or his mother’s place”.

“Oh my God! She could make things worse”, Ann said, worried.

“Do you know where she stays? Or where she works?”

“I don’t know but I can find out”, she said as she made a phone call.

“I’ve gotten her work address. Let’s go”, Ann said to him.

“No, let me drive you. I’m sure you’re tired”, he said to her.

“No, I have a chauffeur. So you come with me”, she said to him and he followed her to the car park. They both got into the car and the chauffeur drove off.


They arrived at her work place and saw that Sasha’s car was parked there.

They quickly got off the car and ran into the building.

“Where’s Victoria’s office?” Ann asked the receptionist.

“Good day Ma’am. Do you have an appointment with her?!”

“Where’s her office? Start talking before I get you fired!” She said, threatening her.

“4th floor, west wing” she said to her and they both walked to the elevator.

When they arrived in her office, they saw Security trying to get Sasha away as she was yelling and throwing things at Victoria.

“Put her down!!” Hanson exclaimed and he pushed them off.

“Don’t you dare touch her again”, he said to them as he pulled her away from them.

“Sasha let’s go”, he said, pulling her away as she struggled to get back to the office.

“Oh and the mother of the stray dog shows up”, Victoria said to Ann.

“You’re not ashamed of yourself. You’re a picking a fight with someone who can be your granddaughter, you old hag”, Ann said to her.

“I don’t raise dogs in my family”, Victoria said to her.

“Yeah, you’re all a pack of wild wolves. I can’t expect a dog to be in a wild family like that”.

“Why don’t you save your words for your daughter who’s lost her useless company”.

“You’re not even ashamed of yourself, pick a fight with someone your own size!” Ann said to her.

“God really blessed me. I dodged a bullet. It’s good you lured your way back to Fred”.

“Oh you wish. He saw how messed up you are and couldn’t just commit to you”.

“The same way he couldn’t commit to you?” Victoria asked, laughing and Ann was quiet.

“Oh now you can’t talk?”

“You’ll get what’s coming to you. You and your family”, Ann said and she walked away.

Hanson was able to get Sasha back into her car and he drove her back home.


Sasha was in her bed, crying as Hanson tried to console her.

“I’ve lost everything”, she said, crying.

“I doubt that. Just wait till my parents get here and we’ll work out something. Have a little bit of hope”, he said to her.

“I can’t, I just keep replaying the words of the judge”, she said, sobbing.

“Hmm, let’s pray about it again okay?” He said to her.

“You pray about it. I’m just so tired”, she said to him and he prayed for her.

They sat there for a while till he heard a car pulling up at the car park. He went to her balcony and saw that it was his parents.

“They’re here”, he said to her and she just turned around to face her bed.

“Hmm, don’t worry. I’ll be back with good news”, he said, pecking her and he left.


The lawyers played the voice mail and they heard Ross say:

“If she doesn’t get on top of this, she might lose her company”.

“If my mum finds out that I told you this, she would do something worse. She believes I’ve been brainwashed by Sasha and she is so mad about how Sasha made me lose money to you. She’s also angry that her dad broke her heart and a whole lot”.

“We are not sick! My mum is hurt and just wants to hurt back. I’m trying to stop her from losing herself to a vendetta and also stopping her from ruining Sasha because I care about her a lot. I wish you all the best”.

“Wow, this is all we need”, one of the lawyers said, smiling.

“Great. This is awesome, another one said”.

“With this we can be able to get a deal with Sasha’s employees and they can turn on that woman”, another lawyer said.

“Great!! Get to work then”, Fred said to them and the lawyers left.

Hanson’s parents were confused, so he took them aside to tell them everything.

Ann and Fred were left at the study.

“I really want us to stop fighting”, Fred said to her.

“Yeah me too. It’s not healthy”, she said to him.

“I know you still harbor something against me and I know I deserve it and I’m also sorry for attacking you and saying really mean things to you when Victoria left me. I was so upset and in a wrong state of mind. I’m really sorry”.

“It’s fine”, she said to him.

“So are we cool now?” He asked.


“Can I get a hug?”

“No way”, she said to him and he laughed.

They talked for while and then he left.


Victoria was in her office, when the cops came in with Ann.

“You’re under arrest for harassment, forging of evidence and other fraudulent acts”, the police said as they got her off the seat and cuffed her.

“What? Are you out of your mind?” She exclaimed as they took her out.

“I didn’t do any of this!!” She exclaimed.

“Enjoy your time in jail Victoria and this is a lesson that you can’t be victorious when you plan the fall of others”, Ann said to her, smiling as they took her away.

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