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“If you don’t move from my door step, I’m going to call the cops!!” Hanson exclaimed.

“Hanson relax. I just want to talk, man to man”, Ross said to him.

“I have nothing to say to you. Move or I’ll move you!”

“I’m just here to apologize man”.

“I don’t need it. Just stay out of our lives”.

“I’m going to do that. I just came here to apologize for everything I’ve done and do Sasha a favor, Sasha won’t listen to me. So maybe you would get the message across”, he said to him as he got on his feet.

“She doesn’t need any favor from you!”

“She does, trust me”.

“What is it?”

“My mum has a vendetta against her”.

“For what?”

“She feels like she and her family messed us up. And I was in it with her till I came to my senses”.

“What is it?”

“The two employees she fired a long time ago were approached by my mum to form a class action against her company. She asked the two to put heads together with two of her other employees. A huge class suit will be given to Sasha tomorrow for mistreating her employees, firing them for no reason and threatening her current employees”.

“What?! But I thought you handled her last case with the two employees she fired”.

“I did but that doesn’t mean that they can’t sue again and if they have a better proof and other people joining in the suit”.

“So you’re telling me this for what exactly?”

“To give Sasha the heads up. The lawyers my mum got on this are really wild beasts and they’re coming for her. If she doesn’t get on top of this, she might lose her company”, he said to Hanson and Hanson was confused and worried.

“What at all has she done to deserve this from your family. If you really want to do her a favor, then get your mum to cancel this suit”.

“If my mum finds out that I told you this, she would do something worse. She believes I’ve been brainwashed by Sasha and she is so mad about how Sasha made me lose money to you. She’s also angry that her dad broke her heart and a whole lot”.

“Your family is sick”.

“We are not sick! My mum is hurt and just wants to hurt back. I’m trying to stop her from losing herself to a vendetta and also stopping her from ruining Sasha because I care about her a lot. I wish you all the best”, he said and he walked away.

Hanson quickly got into his car and drove off to Sasha’s house.


At midnight, Sasha’s parents, Lilian, Ralph, Alicia, Hanson, four lawyers and Sasha were at Ann’s study discussing the issue and strategizing their defense plan.

“Is it possible to get Ross to testify against his mother?” Alicia asked.

“This case is now a class action and will be serious if their claims are true and it has nothing to do with the mother of Ross. We’re going to get her separately. First we have to handle your ex employees and current ones”, one of the lawyers said.

“I suggest we wait till tomorrow for the suit to see what we’re dealing with”, another lawyer said to them and Sasha had her head buried in her palms.

“Everything will be fine hunnie”, Fred said to her as he placed his hands on hers.

“You brought this on us. If you didn’t date that woman, we wouldn’t be here!” Ann exclaimed.

“Not here Ann! This isn’t the place to point fingers”, he said to her and she glared at him.

“I need some air!” Sasha exclaimed and she walked away. Lilian got up to follow her but Hanson stopped her.

“I’ll take care of her”, he said and he followed her.

Sasha walked to the pool area and was pacing back and forth. Hanson walked in few minutes later and he allowed her to have her space for a while then he walked up to her.

“Baby”, he said, hugging her from behind.

“This is just another stumbling block in our way and as always, we’ll over come this”, he said to her.

“I know but I’m just tired of all these problems. The only problem I had before was just Philip’s death and now I just can’t catch a break”.

“Hmm, everything will be fine. We just have to pray about it”.

“I don’t want to lose my company over a grown woman who wants to act like a child”.

“You won’t. You’ve got the best lawyers at your corner. They’ll figure something out and you’ve got God too. He never fails his people. We just have to trust him”.

“I hear. I’m just hoping for all this to be over”, she said, turning to face him and she hugged him.

“Everything will be fine”, he said, stroking her hair. They were in that position for a while and they went back into the building.


The following day, the law suits came in as Ross stated and it was more serious as they thought it would be. One of the employees claimed that her life was once threatened and it made the whole case huge.

“Can’t we just approach her and ask her how her life was threatened?” Sasha asked, pacing back and forth in the conference room.

“No, we can’t do that, it can be used against us. But we can file for a deposition to test the authenticity of their claims”.

“Authenticity? I never threatened anyone’s life. Why would I do that?” She exclaimed.

“That’s why we need to have the deposition”, another lawyer said to her.

“Just do what you have to do, I can’t lose my company!” Sasha exclaimed and she walked out.

“How long have you all been working here?” A lawyer asked Sasha’s friends.

“We’ve all been here since she started this company but Jenny joined in years later”, Ralph said to them.

“Has she ever harassed or threatened anyone’s life in anyway?”

“Not intentionally. She’s just Sasha you know. She used to be angry almost everytime and had everyone on their toes. She’s made harsh remarks and all that. It could be possible that she made threats or so but I don’t think anyone should take that seriously”, Lilian said to him.

“I see. Jennifer, right?” He asked Jennifer and she nodded.

“You were part of the previous law suit against her right?” The lawyer asked and she nodded.

“Has Sasha ever threatened your life or harassed you?”

“Hmm, not really. I mean she used to terrorize me before but it wasn’t frequent. But that’s the old Sasha the new one is way better”.

“How did she terrorize you?”

“Are you here to critic my daughter or to get her out of this mess?” Fred asked.

“Let them do their job, Fred!” Ann said to him.

“It doesn’t look like they’re doing it”.

“We’re tring to get our facts straight and we’ll need ever information we can get”, one of the lawyers said to him.

“This is a serious matter Fred and it seems your daughter has anger issues and could have done those things they claim she did. To get her out, we’ll need every information we can get. We’ll interrogate every freaking person in this company and even her friends and her therapist”, another lawyer said to him.

“Starting from now, we’ll need you all to clear the room and leave Jennifer with us. Ralph, inform the other employees that they’ll be interrogated and we’ll need them to be ready”, he said to them and they all left.

“Where’s Hanson?” Fred asked as they stepped out.

“He’s at work and will be here soon”, Alicia said to him.

“Right! Just when we need him to be there for her, he’s not here”.

“He has a new business to attend to and he’s always there for Sasha unlike you”, Ann said to him. Alicia gave Lilian a look and they both walked away.

“What’s your problem?” Fred asked.

“I wouldn’t have a problem if you would just keep quiet and stop being annoying”.

“I should keep quiet for what?”

“Stop making silly remarks and let the lawyers to their job”.

“Atleast I brought the lawyers. What did you do?”

“I’ve been in Sasha’s life completely and I’ve been there for her and I’m not the one who made a wrong choice of dating someone who would bring problems to her!”

“Now it’s my fault? Everything was fine between them till Hanson came in and made things worse with that lawsuit he won”.

“It’s his fault that he was harassed by the son of the evil woman you wanted to bring into our lives?!” She asked and he glared at her.

“I’m so done with this conversation”, he said and he walked away.

“Yeah walk away like you always do!” Ann exclaimed as he walked off.


They had the deposition and two employees stated that Sasha has threatened them in different ways and things were not looking good for Sasha.

“I can’t believe this. I didn’t mean any of those threats! I was just talking out of anger!” Sasha exclaimed.

“We’ll get you out of this”, one of the lawyers said to her but it didn’t stop her from worrying.

“Sasha, it would….”

“Not now Hanson”, she said and she walked away.

“How do we turn this around ?” Hanson asked the lawyers.

“Hmm, it would be quite difficult. She did tell an employee that she would have him buried next to his mother. The judge would be infuriated by that and she threatened to have another person’s head on a platter”, one of the lawyers said.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean that”.

“The lawyers would twist it and make a point”.

“Oh God!” Hanson said, face palming.

“Can’t we go after Ross’ mum and have her get them to drop this charges”.

“We’re working on that too and trying to get some evidence”.

“Okay, great”, he said and he walked away.


At court, the other team pulled a lot of surprises and testimonies on Sasha’s lawyers.

The judge gave his final judgement by declaring Sasha liable and unfit to be the CEO of her company and she was asked to step down or get her company completely shut down.

As the judge made his final statement, Sasha ran out of court in tears.

Hanson ran after her and he couldn’t find her or her car. He got into his car and was about to drive off when he got a call from his mum.

“Mum not now please”, he said to her.

“Is everything alright?”

“Let’s talk later please?”

“Hanson is everyone okay? I got a voice mail from you few days ago and I just played it today and I heard you and someone arguing about Sasha’s company. Is everything alright?” the mum asked. Hanson paused and widened his eyes.

“Oh my God!” He exclaimed.

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