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“Who the hell am I?” the girl asked.

“Eve this is Sasha, my girlfriend and Sasha this is my childhood friend, Eve”, Hanson said, forcing a smile.

“Oh now I’m just your childhood friend”, Eve said to him and Sasha lifted her left brows.

“We’ve dated before too but that’s like a long time ago”.

“Oh please we always go back and forth and we don’t really break up. Each time you return here, you always come back to me and then when you go back to that city of yours, you forget me and move on”, she said to him and he didn’t know what to say.

“Eve, let’s talk somewhere else”, he said, pulling her away and they went to the porch.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her.

“I heard you were in town and I decided to pay a visit”, she said, smiling.

“Okay but you shouldn’t just be walking into my house like that”.

“Why? Because you finally brought one of your girlfriends here?”

“She’s not one of my girlfriends. She’s my girlfriend and I don’t appreciate you walking into my room and running your mouth”.

“Running my mouth? The last time I checked, you didn’t break up with me. You came home after getting out of jail and then you get back with me and vanished again without saying anything”.

“I told you that I was going to figure out my life and we weren’t even dating”.

“So what were we doing? Friends with benefits?”

“Eve I had just gotten out of prison and life was hitting me hard because I didn’t have any money or anything to do with my life and I was mad at God and the world, you were there for me in a lot of ways and I really appreciated it but I had to move on to figure out my life”.

“Oh so I was just a tool to satisfy your sexual needs and to use till you were ready to move on?”

“Eve it’s been like more than a year , why are you still talking about this and the last time I came home, I addressed this. I told you I was moving on”.

“And what about me? What do you want me to do? I’ve been in love with you since we were kids and you shared the same feelings too and lead me on and I’ve given you my all, my body and all that”.

“Eve, you have to move on too”.

“You think it’s easy for me? I’ve tried dating others but I just don’t feel them the way I feel you. I’m in love with you Hanson and it’s really difficult for me to move on”.

“I’m sorry it’s like that for you but Eve, I’ve moved on. You’ll have to find a way to do same”.

“Really? Why did you have to move on? You always spoke about how you’ll definitely end up with me in the end and then you just moved on? Why ? Was I not enough ? Or because I’m not a city girl?”

“It’s not that. It was always you in mind even when I dated others but Eve what we had was just a deep lustful relationship and I had to let go of it to grow as a Christian and I didn’t intend to date again or like someone but Sasha came my way and I couldn’t shake her off. She’s my everything and I’m deeply in love with her. I’m sorry that things happened like this but it’s not like you didn’t move on too. You dated other people too and even my friend, Paul. So I don’t get why you’re acting like I’m the bad person here”.

“Did you hear me? I’ve not been able to move on!”

“And I can’t do anything about it”.

“So you don’t have even an ounce of feelings for me?”

“I don’t”.

“Why? We’ve been best friends since childhood, we’ve done everything together, how do you move on from something like that?” She asked. “It’s not like she’s more beautiful than I am? Or she’s better in bed?” She asked.

“Eve, stop it. I really still care about you as a friend and I’ll always cherish all the moments we had as friends but please let me be now. I have a serious girlfriend and…”

“You want to marry her?” Eve asked, tearing up and he nodded.

“Eve”, he said, cupping her face.

“You’re a beautiful girl and amazing person, I know you’ll definitely find someone who you’ll love and who will even love you more”, he said to her.

“I want you. I don’t want anyone else”, she said, crying. “You always said that we’ll definitely end up together and that you’ll never love anyone the way you love me”.

“Eve we were young during those times and now we are grown. Please stop crying”, he said to her and he hugged her.

She hugged him too and cried on his chest.

“Everything will be fine”, he said to her and as he was comforting her, Sasha walked in.

“Is everything okay?” She asked and Hanson released his grip of her.

“Yeah”, he said to her and Eve glared at her.

“Eve I think you should go now”, he said to her.

“You will never have him. I don’t know what it is you’ve done to him but he’s going to leave you when he gets back to his senses”, she said to Sasha.

“Eve, just go”, he said to her and she glared at him and left.

“What was that?” Sasha asked him.

“A long story. More like another Ross in our lives”, he said to her.

“Oh Lord. We can’t just catch a break. I just wish we had no exes. This is really stressful”, Sasha said to him.

“We’ll get past it. I love you and that’s all that matters”, he said, hugging her and she hugged him too.

“I love you too”, she said to him.

“If it isn’t our love birds. How did you sleep?” Hanson’s mum said as she walked in on them.

“Good morning mum”, Hanson said to her.

“Good morning Mrs Carr, I slept well”, Sasha said, smiling at her.

“Oh honey, I told you that you can call me mum too”.

“Okay mum”, Sasha said, smiling.

“Have you eaten?”

“Not yet?”

“Hanson, do you want to starve her?”

“Oh I’m not hungry yet”, she said, smiling.

“Okay. Whenever you’re ready to eat, let me know or you can let Hanson take care of it”.

“I’ll take care of it mum”.

“Sure”, she said she left.


Margaret and Sasha were taking a stroll around town whiles she showed her around.

“This was our high school”, she said, pointing at a building which was under construction.

“Oh I see. Are they breaking it down or renovating it?”

“They’re renovating it”.

“How was high school life over here?” Sasha asked.

“Mmm, it was just like every other high school I guess. We had the bullies, the jocks, the party girls, the nerds and all the type of students you can think of. We also had the show offs of course”.

“And which group did you fall in?”

“I just was one of the regular folks”.

“And Hanson?”

“He was a nerd. He was so focused on getting his scholarship to the university”.

“I see and who was Eve to him?”

“Eve…oh he hasn’t told you yet?”

“She came barging into his room and he said she was his childhood best friend and she said they dated”.

“Mmm, those two. Yeah they were childhood best friends. They played together as kids and in high school, he had a huge crush on her but she wasn’t into him like that, she was dating the jocks. It was in their final year that she ended up liking him and then they dated till he had to leave for the university. She didn’t make the cut for the admission list, so she couldn’t go with him. So I think they broke up or so. I’m not sure but then each time he returned, they got back together, I don’t know if it was as friends or anything but they were always together each time he came around. But for the past 2 years, I don’t know. I’ve not been around to see much”.

“I see”.

“Don’t let her bother you at all. Hanson really loves you and I doubt he harbors anything for her. Everytime I speak to Hanson, he’s always talking about you. Even the day the funny incident happened at your friend’s party”.

“What day?”

“When the food poured all over your body because you were hiding from someone”.

“Oh that!l Sasha said, laughing.

“He really loves you”.

“Yeah, I don’t doubt that. I just wanted to know what his deal was with Eve and how we can handle her”.

“Okay and this is Hanson’s favorite hangout. He once worked here too”, she said, pointing at the diner.

“I see, he’s always had a thing for every food place”, she said, laughing.

“Yeah. And I’m really happy that he’s finally getting his own restaurant”, Margaret said, smiling.

“Yeah. I hope you’ll be there for the opening”.

“Of course. I can’t miss it for anything in the world”.

“Great. I really like you Margaret. At first I was anxious, you know how big sisters are like but you’re different, you’re open and you’re nice”.

“Aww, you’re also different than I thought. Although Hanson had told me how different you were from the other rich folks, I still felt that you’d still act like you owned the world and treat us like we don’t exist and all that. But you actually turned out how he said you were”, she said to Sasha and she smiled.

“I used to be like that though but I guess, therapy helped me and Hanson too has helped in a lot of ways. But you should meet my younger sister. That girl is deadly”, she said, laughing.

“Yeah, he told me all about her. I’ll love to meet her though, maybe I can put her in her place”, she said, laughing.

“All the best”, Sasha said, laughing too.

They talked for a while and then they went back home.


The following day, Hanson and Sasha were packing their stuff in the car, ready to leave.

“Aww, I’ll miss you so much”, his mum said, hugging him.

“I will miss you too sweetheart”, she said, hugging Sasha.

“I’ll miss you all too. I really had a nice time with you all and I’m really grateful with how hospitable you were to me”, she said to them.

“You’re part of us now. Our home is your home and you’re always welcome here”, his dad said to her and she smiled.

“I will miss you too Margaret, we still have a lot to talk about”, she said to her and she winked at her.

“Yeah, we’ll chat, don’t worry”, she said to her.

“Why do I feel like you two have been gossiping about me”, he said to them and they acted like they didn’t know what he was talking about.

“We have better things to talk about”, Margaret said to him.

“Are you leaving?” Eve said, approaching him and Sasha rolled her eyes and got into the car.

“Hi Mummy”, Eve said, hugging Hanson’s mum.

“Eve. It’s been a while, how are you doing?”

“I’m good, how have you been?”

“I’m good”.

“Hi daddy”, she said, hugging him.

“Hi my dear. How are your parents doing?”

“They’re fine. They send their regards”, she said, smiling and he nodded.

“Hi Margaret”, she said, waving at Margaret.

“Hi”, she said, smiling at her.

“Let’s go inside”, Margaret said to her parents and they all went inside.

“Hanson, when you arrive, let us know”.

“Yes mum”, he said to her.

“So you were going to leave without telling me”.

“I didn’t think that I had to tell you”.

“Hmm, this is how it is?” She asked and he was quiet.

“Hmmm, goodbye and I wish you the best”, she said to him.

“Thank you”.

“Can I hug you?”

“I don’t think so”.


“I don’t think my girl will be cool with that”.

“Hmm, I see. When you realize what you’ve lost, it’ll be too late. Have a wonderful trip”, she said and she left.

He observed her for a while and then he got into his car and drove off.


Sasha arrived at home and she quickly went to her mum’s room to tell her how everything went.

She told her about how hospitable they were to her and she also told her about Eve.

“I guess everyone has a high school sweetheart. You even had one just that he’s no more”.

“Mmm, so you think I should just ignore it?!”

“Yeah or has he shown any signs that he still likes her?”

“No but I still feel someway about it although I’m trying hard to not talk about her. I don’t want her to be important in my relationship”.

“Hmm, so just ask him to his face and after he makes it clear, then you drop it”.

“Hmmm, okay”.

“How’s Andre?”

“He’s fine. His kids and I will be having dinner tomorrow and I’m just so nervous. You know how evil kids can be”, she said, laughing.

“Yeah, you have one, so yeah, I know”.

“I have two”.

“Who me? I’m not evil”.

“You! You were worse than Sally. I’m just grateful to God that you’ve changed”.

“Oh I don’t think I was that bad”.

“You were terrible, I even had to pray for you. When Philip died, I almost sent you off to the mental institution”.

“Really?” She asked, Laughing.

“Yeah. But I’m grateful that you’re okay now”, she said to her, smiling.

They talked for a while and then she left her room.


Sasha was At Mavis’ office telling her everything that happened at Hanson’s place.

“Wow, everything is going so well for you. I’m so happy”.

“Yeah and there’s Eve, if she doesn’t stay in her zone, I’ll get the serpent for her”, Sasha said and Mavis laughed.

“I doubt she’ll be a problem”.

“I hope so too. Woah, I can’t believe this is our last meeting”.

“I can’t believe it too but I’m so happy and proud of you. You’ve come so far”.

“Thank you”.

“But as I said, you’re always welcome here. I’ll be here for you when you need me”.

“Aww, thank you. I’ll like to invite you for Hanson’s restaurant launch”.

“Wow. When is it?”

“Next week Saturday”, she said, smiling.

“Wow. Leave the invitation in my mail and I’ll add it to my schedule”.


“Thanks for the invite”.

“Oh you’re welcome. You’re like a big sister to me”, she said, smiling.

“I’m happy I represent that”.

“I’ll have to go now. Got a lot of things to do at work. Thank you so much Mavis for everything. I’m really grateful and I’ll be expecting you at the launch”, she said, getting up and Mavis also got up to hug her.

“You’re welcome Sasha. Have a good day”.

“You too”, she said and she left.

When she got to the car park, she saw Ross waiting in front of her car.

“Oh Lord. Don’t you ever stop!!! I’m calling the cops”, she said, taking her phone out.

“Sasha, wait. I just want to apologize”, he said to her and she dialed the number and called the police.

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