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“Sasha I’m so sorry. Pleaseee”, Adriana said, walking towards her.

“I’m not going to let anyone spoil my mood today. Baby let’s go”, Sasha said, getting into her car.

“I’m sorry Sasha”, Adriana said as she approached the window side.

“Come here Anna”, Ann said to her.

“I just want her to forgive me. I didn’t know that he was her dad”, Adriana said to her.

“Just come here”, she said to her and Adriana walked up to her.

Hanson reversed the car and he drove off.

“She’s never going to forgive me”, Adriana said, tearing up.

“You should give her some time. She just needs space and she’ll come around”.

“I’m also sorry for doing that, I promise you that I didn’t know and I’ve not slept with him and I’ve even ended things”.

“It’s fine but why did you start doing old men?”

“I don’t even know. All the guys I’ve dated are just the worst and I was actually going to give up till I met Fred at a program. He spoke to me and said very nice things to me and I found him attractive too and I just went along, he also made it clear to me that he wasn’t married and so I got along more. It had just been one week since we started seeing each other before the whole incident with Sasha happened”.

“Hmm. It’s okay. I’m not going to judge you but just lay off on Sasha for now”.

“Do you think she’ll ever forgive me?”

“I don’t know. Just give her time”.

“Okay, thank you”.

“Do you want something to drink? Or eat?”

“Yeah”, she said, nodding and they both went into the house.


Hanson and Sasha were on the road and he played some music and they had a sing along.

“I didn’t know that you loved gospel music”, he said to her.

“My grandmother buried us with it each time she visited. So yeah, I like them”.

“Mmm, then it’s just the old ones you know. I have to update you”.

“Yeahhh, but I’m more of the praises and worship song type”, she said and he was surprised.

“Wow! That’s awesome. I thought you were going to be like the new generation who want hip hop and all that”.

“I’m not a hip hop fan”.

“I see. Let me play some new songs for you then”, he said and he changed the song.

She nodded her head as it played and put her hands in the air.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh yeah. It’s nice”, she said to him and he smiled.

After driving for hours, Sasha started looking around.

“What is it?” He asked her.

“I want to pee”.

“We just passed by a fuel station some minutes ago, you should have said it at that time and it doesn’t look like there’s one ahead”.

“But I’m so pressed”, she said, whining.

“Can’t you hold it?”

“No”, she said, whining.

“Okay, I’ll just park here and then you can pee in the bush”, he said, stopping the car.

“Pee in the bush? No way!”

“There’s no other choice or you can just pee by the car”.

“No! people would see me”, she said whining.

“No one will see you. There are not much cars passing”, he said and one car passed.

“You see!”

“Then you’ll have to pee in the bush. I’ll accompany you”.

“I can’t pee in the bush. What if something bites me or what if something comes from no where”.

“Sasha, then you would have to hold it”.

“I can’t”.

“Then please let’s look for a place in the bush. I’ll make sure I observe the place before you pee”, he said to her.

“So am I supposed to squat or what?”

“I don’t know, whatever style you’re comfortable with?”

“You want me to stand? I can’t stand and pee, I’m wearing trousers”.

“Then you would have to squat”.

“I can’t squat in a bush”, she said, whining.

“Oh Lord, so what do you want to do? It’s either here or the bush?” He said to her and she looked around and saw more cars passing by.

“Let’s go to the bush”, she said to him and they both got off the car.

He held her hands and walked into the bush as they searched for a cool place for her to pee.

“I think here is fine”, he said to her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. It’s a clear path. There’s no grass here”.

“And nothing is going to come out from the bushes?”

“This isn’t a jungle. Sasha just pee”, he said, getting frustrated.

“Okay okay fine”, she said and he turned around and was walking away.

“Where are you going to?” She asked.

“I’m going to wait by the tree over there”.

“No, stay with me”, she said to him.

“The tree is just here. I’m still with you”.

“Okay”, he said walking away.

“Wait! I left my wipes in the car”.

“Wipes? What do you need it for?”

“To clean up after peeing”.

“Oh, I’ve got tissue in my pocket, here”, he said, walking back and handing it over to her.

“No, I don’t use tissue. I want my wipes”.

“Ugghh. Fine, let me go get it for you, which side did you put it?”

“It’s in my hand bag at the back seat”.

“Okay”, he said, walking away.

“Are you going to leave me here?”

“Do you want to come with me?”

“Ughh Sasha, do you want to come with me?”

“Just give me the tissue, you’re acting like I’m frustrating you”.

“You’re acting like a big baby and it’s getting me all worked up”.

“I’ve never peed in a bush and I don’t use tissue. How’s that frustrating?”

“Fine! Come with me then”.

“You go, I’ll wait”.

“You sure?” He asked and she nodded.

“Take my hand sanitizer too”, she exclaimed.

He went back to the car, took the wipes and he got back, he saw that she had taken her trousers off.

“Sasha!!” He exclaimed.

“Did you bring it?” She asked and he gave it to her. “Please hold this for me”, she said, giving him her pair of trousers.

“Why did you have to take it off?” He asked, trying to focus on just her face.

“You said I should squat. I can’t squat in those pants”.

“So you felt it’s better to be in your panties in front of me?”

“I had no choice” she said, shrugging and he shook his head. He walked to the tree with her trousers on his shoulders and waited for her.

“I’m done”, she said, walking up to him. He gave her the trousers and walked away.

“Wait for me”, she exclaimed and he ignored her.

“Why are you behaving like that?” She asked as she got into the car.

“Are you asking me?”

“It was just panties. I wasn’t naked”.

“You could have just waited for me to get back and walk to the tree before taking it off”.

“I was pressed and I just took it off”.

“Okay. Now I’d have to fight my mind and try not to imagine things. Thank you”.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think that it was a big deal”.

“It’s fine”, he said to her and the whole ride was silent till they stopped by a fuel station.

“Is your house still far?” She asked.

“No, we’ll be there in the next 30 minutes”.


“Are you tired already?” He asked her.


“You can got to the back seat and take a nap”, he said to her.

“No, I’m fine. It’s just 30 minutes. I can manage that”.


When he was done filling up the tank, he drove off.


They finally arrived at his parent’s house and Sasha was so nervous.

“Oh my God. I’m so nervous, I’ve not had to meet any guy’s parents before”, she said to him.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Just be yourself and I promise you, they’ll love you”, he said to her and she nodded.

“Let’s go”, he said to her.

“What about our luggages?”

“I’ll come for it later or my younger brother will come for it”.

“Okay”, she said and she stepped out of the car.

“Wait wait”, she said, taking a wine bottle and a box from the car.

“What’s in the box?” He asked.

“I bought some snacks for your brother”, she said to him and he was surprised.

“Wow, that’s really thoughtful of you”, he said to her and and she smiled.

“I hope it’s not too much”.

“Oh, it’s fine. My parents love wine, so they’ll be glad you bought one for them and my brother is a sweet tooth, so he’ll love the snacks too”.

“Great. Is your sister here too?”

“Yeah. She came over because of you”.

“Okay cos I bought some snacks for her too”.

“Great. She’ll love it”, he said and he helped her with the box. They walked towards the door and he pressed the bell.

“Hanny!!” A lady who looked a bit older than Hanson exclaimed and she hugged him in excitement.

“Hi”, she said to Sasha and she hugged her too.

“Mum, they’re here”, she exclaimed as they walked in.

“Let me have that”, she said, taking the box from his hands.

“They’re from Sasha”, he said.

“Ooh thank you so much darling”.

“You’re welcome”.

Hanson’s mum came out and he ran quickly to hug her.

“Hanny”, she said, hugging him tight.

“And this must be Sasha”, she said and she walked up to Sasha and hugged her.

“You’re welcome honey”, she said, hugging her.

“Thank you. This is for you and for Mr Carr”, she said and she gave the wine to her.

“Aww, thank you so much honey”.

“Where’s dad?” Hanson asked.

“I’m right here”, he said in his husky voice and Hanson hugged him.

“Hi”, Sasha said to him.

“Hi my dear”, he said to her and he hugged her.

“You’re welcome”, he said to her.

“Thank you sir”, she said to him.

“Margaret, I hope the food is ready?” His mum said to his sister.

“Yeah, it is. Let’s all come to the dinning table”, she said and they all walked to the dinning table.

“Where’s Junior?” Hanson asked.

“Doing God knows what in his room”, His dad said to him.

“I’ll be right back”, Hanson said and he left.

He opened his brother’s room and saw that he and headphones on his head as he was playing games.

Hanson jumped in front of him and it got him scared.

“Oh my God! Hanson!!!” He exclaimed when he saw him and he got up to hug him.

“When did you come?”

“Just some few minutes ago. We’re about to eat and we’re waiting for you”.

“Oh I’ll be there soon. Let me just wrap up with this game”, he said and Hanson nodded.

“Alright”, he said and he left.


As they were all eating, they all asked Sasha questions to get to know her.

“So you live in a big mansion”, Junior said to her.

“Here he goes”, Margaret said, laughing.

“It’s not too big but yeah”.

“I heard you have two pools in your house”, he said, grinning.

“Hey, I never told you that. How did you know?” Hanson asked him.

“I did my research”, he said, wiggling his brows and Sasha laughed.

“Yeah we do and you’re welcome to come anytime. My sisters would be happy to have you too”, she said to him.

“I was really impressed when Hanson told me that you owned your own company. It’s not everyone who was born into riches like you who do start up their own company. Most of them just enjoy what’s already there”.

“Yeah, it happened due to certain things but I’m glad I did it”.

“Are you hiring?” Junior asked.

“Boy, go to the university first”, His dad said to him and they all laughed.

“Is there a reason why you’re still staying with your mum?” His mum asked.

“Yeah, I just want to be around her and my siblings till I actually get married”.

“Aww, I wish someone here felt the same way”, She said, smiling and everyone laughed.

“Mum, I had to move out because of my work”, Margaret said to her.

“You can still come on weekends but you don’t. When you get married, I wonder what would happen, we’ll only see you during the leap year”, she said and they all laughed.

“About that..” Margaret said, smiling and they all looked at each other.

“I’m engaged!!” She said, flashing her ring in their faces.

“Wow!!” Hanson exclaimed and they all yelled in excitement.

“Aww, He finally proposed”, Hanson’s mother said, smiling.

“I knew it. You all knew about it”, she said, glaring at them.

“We couldn’t ruin a gentleman’s prepared surprise”, Hanson’s dad said, smiling.

“Congratulations Margaret🎊🎉🎈🍾”, Sasha said to her.

“Thank you darling”.

They talked for a while about Margaret’s new status till Hanson’s dad popped up a question for Sasha.

“So how do you feel about his status in the society. Hasn’t it bothered you that you’re richer than him”.

“Well, honestly at first, I thought about it and I was like why do I need him to be rich? I already have all the money I want and I believe so much in him that he’d have all the money he wants in this world. Hanson isn’t lazy, he’s a hustler. Money doesn’t really matter to me. All the men I dated had a lot and it still didn’t keep me in my relationship. I just wanted a bestfriend, a partner and someone I could rely on and Hanson just popped out of no where and he was just it!”

“Wow, I see”.

“Aww”, Margaret said, smiling.

“So how did your parents take it?” He asked.

“Uhm, my mum was excited to meet him and she loves him so much already. They had a cook out, some weeks ago”.

“Wow, that’s nice”, his mother said to her.

“And my dad didn’t take it too well but he came around eventually”.

“Oh yeah. I wouldn’t also have been too comfortable if I was in his shoes”, Hanson’s dad said to her.

“But I’m glad he’s okay”.


They talked for a long while until it was late.

“We’ll be going to bed now and we’ll see you tomorrow morning and talk more”, Hanson’s mum said you her.

“Okay, have a good night”, Sasha said, pecking her on the cheek and she hugged his dad.

“Hanson, you remember the rules of this house?” Hanson’s dad said to him and he was confused.

“You don’t share a room with the opposite sex. So make sure you sleep in your brother’s room”, he said and Hanson laughed.

“Of course dad. I wouldn’t sleep in the same room with her”.

“I’ll be watching”, he said and he left.

“Junior please go and get our stuff from the car”, he said and his brother quickly ran out to get it.

“Good night love birds. Sasha I’ll see you tomorrow and I can see you around town too”, Margaret said to her and she nodded.

“I’d love that. Goodnight”.

“Goodnight Margaret”, Hanson said and she left.

Junior walked in with a look on his face.

“What is it?” Hanson asked.

“Are you two spending a week here?” He asked and they both laughed.

“It’s all Sasha’s. She couldn’t decide on what to pick”.

“Oh. For Sasha, I would do anything”, he said and he rushed back to bring the luggages.

“Put them all in my room”, he said to him and he did as he was told.

“Goodnight Sasha”, he said to her.

“Goodnight Junior”, she said to him and he left.

“I’m in love with your family”, Sasha said to him.

“I told you that they’d love you”.

“They’re the best and they’re so fun. Your parents are extremely nice people, no wonder they raised awesome kids like you and your siblings”.

“Aww, thank you”.

“I think our mums would get along so well”, Sasha said, smiling.


“And for our dads, I don’t think so”.

“You never know what can happen”, he said to her.

“Oh please. I know my dad. That man, hmm”, she said and he laughed.

“Aren’t you tired?” He asked her.

“I am”.

“Then you should take a shower and go to bed”.

“Okay. Where’s your room?” She asked and he walked her to the room.

“I’m watching you!” His father exclaimed from his room and Sasha laughed.

“I love your dad”, she said, laughing.

“He’s always embarrassing me”, Hanson said, rolling his eyes.

“So the bathroom is there and I’m sure you have everything you need in your plenty suitcases”.

“Yeah”, she said, smiling.

“Goodnight Sasha”, he said, pecking her on her cheek.

“Goodnight baby”, she said, hugging him.

“I’m going”, he said and she didn’t release her hands.

“I want you to stay here”, she said, holding onto him.

“Sasha, we can’t sleep in the same room, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hand to myself”, he said to her.

“Please”, she said to him.

“I’m watching you!” His dad exclaimed and Sasha laughed.

“I forgot about him”, she said, laughing.

“Bye baby”, he said, pecking her on her forehead.

“You just called me baby. That’s a first”, she said, smiling.

“I love you”, he said and he left the room.


Sasha was in Hanson’s room sleeping when a lady walked in, yelling Hanson’s name in excitement.

“Han!!” She exclaimed and it woke Sasha up.

“This isn’t Han”, Sasha said, angrily at whoever was standing there.

“Where’s he? And what are you doing in his bed?” The lady asked.

“Who are you?” Sasha asked and Hanson walked in.

“Hanny!!” The girl exclaimed and she jumped on him, hugging him.

Sasha sat up and lifted one of her brows.

“Who the hell is she?!” She asked.

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