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“Sasha” He said, surprised.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see my therapist?”

“Who? Mavis?”

“No. Amber”, he said to her.

“Okay. I don’t know her”.

“Is this where you have your therapy?” He asked.

“Yeah”, she said to him.

“Oh I see. I heard they’re very good at what they do? Is that right?”

“Well do you see any improvements in me?”


“There. You have your answer”.


“So you want to start therapy?”

“Yeah. I’ve realized that I need help with certain things in my life”.

“Mmm, that’s a bold step to take”.

“Yeah. I hope It works out for me”.

“I’m sure it will. Just open up and let everything out and you’d be fine”.

“Okay. Great”.

“Yeah. I was just leaving so see you around”.

“Okay bye”.

“Bye”, she said and she left.


“Sasha, this is the like the 4th time your phone has rang. Who are you ignoring?” Hanson asked her.

They were both at her house, eating.

“My dad”, she said, rolling her eyes.

“Just pick up. Maybe he wants to apologize to you”.

“I don’t need it. I don’t want to talk to him”.

“At the end, he’s still your dad. Just pick up and hear him out”.

“Fine!” She exclaimed and she picked up the phone.


“Yes”, she said, rolling her eyes.

“I’ve called you like several times now”.

“Yeah. I know that”, she said and Hanson gave her a face and she looked away.

“Okay. I know you’re mad at me and I just wanted to apologize to you and to uhm.. Lan…Uh Jansen”.

“Really? You didn’t even try to keep his name in your head?”

“I’ve got a lot of things in my head Sasha”.

“But you remember the names of all the ladies you’ve been sleeping with”, she said to him.

“Sasha, that’s disrespectful”, Hanson said giving her a look.

“I’m sorry I said that”, she said to her dad.

“It’s fine. I get that you’re upset and I’ll make it up to you. Why don’t you bring uhm… your boyfriend to my house this evening for dinner and I’ll make it up to you two”, he said to her.

“His name is Hanson and I’d have to check in with him to see if he’s okay with a dinner at your house and if the time is fine”.

“Sure. Please get back to me so that I let my chef make preparations towards that”.


“Bye. Love you”, he said and he hanged up.

“The way you talk to your dad is honestly not cool. I get that he annoys you a lot but he’s your dad and you’ve got to respect him no matter what”.

“I’m not in the mood for lectures”.

“I’m not lecturing you. I’m just letting you know that it’s not cool”.

“Okay. I hear you”, she said to him as she continued to eat her food.

“I heard you say something about dinner”.

“Oh don’t worry about it. We don’t have to go there”.

“I want things to be cool between me and your dad, so yeah, we’ll go”.

“So you want this man to embarrass you again?”

“I’m sure he’s going to apologize and do better”.

“Hanson I don’t really care if my dad doesn’t like you. You don’t have to be cool with him. Like I don’t care. My mum likes you and that’s fine by me”.

“Sasha, if we’re going to be in this for the long haul, I wouldn’t want to be cool with half of your family. I don’t want any grudges or tension at all. It’s not healthy for relationships”.

“Fine. But if he comes at you again, I promise not to behave”, she said to him.

“Let’s just be hopeful that things go well”.

“Speaking of families. When do I get to see yours?”

“Going to see mine would mean that we would have to travel and spend the night at my family house. Would you want that?”

“Road trip with you? Of course I would love that!” She said, smiling.

“Would you be cool sleeping there?”

“There are beds right?” She asked.

“Of course!” He said, chuckling.

“So why are you asking me that?”

“I just want to be sure. My place is not a palace like yours. It’s more like a real home”, he said, teasing her.

“I’d be fine wherever you are”, she said and he smiled.

“So whenever you’re free, you let me know and I’ll inform them that we’re coming home”, he said.

“Great”, she said in excitement.

“And just so you know, I’m a mama’s boy”, he said to her.

“Well, she’s going to have to deal with me because you’re my boy now”, she said and he laughed.

“Sure. I’d sit and watch”.

“Do you think she’d love me?”

“Yeah. She loves everyone so I’m sure she’d love you especially when she sees how much I adore you”.

“Aww”, she said, wiggling her brows.

“Hey love birds”, Sally said, walking in.

“Hi Sally”, Hanson said to her.

“Can I steal Hanson for some few seconds”, she said to Sasha.

“He’s eating”.

“He’s done eating. His plate is empty or is he going to eat the plate?”

“Keep up with that attitude and you’ll be the plate!” Sasha said to her.

“Hey, you both should relax. Sally what is it?”

“Can I speak to you in private?”

“Anything you want to say to him, say it here”.

“Hanson please”, Sally said to him.

“I’ll be back”, he said to Sasha and he walked out with Sally.

“Whatever you say to him, he would tell me. So you’re wasting your time”, Sasha exclaimed as they left.


Sasha was in the kitchen, cleaning up with dishes when Hanson walked in.

“Wow, were you giving a sermon, you’ve really kept long”, she said to him.

“Oh Sally was having boy troubles and I had to speak some sense into her”.

“What was it?”

“You know her current boyfriend?”

“Who? Mark?”.



“No that’s her ex”.

“Oh my God. I can’t keep up with her and her boys. She changes them like I change my bedspread”!

“Well she’s been doing that because she’s trying to get over Dave”.

“I see. So what help did she need?”

“She wanted to know what she could do to make him want her”.

“And she thought she could get help from you”? Sasha laughed.

“I guess so but I gave her a different kind of help”.


“To love herself”.

“Oh please she’s literally obsessed with herself”.

“That’s what you think but Sally is not happy. She doesn’t see herself to be important or loved and so it leads her to act out and do everything possible to get people’s attention”.

“And how do you know that?”

“My little chat with her and a few observations I’ve made”.


“I really think you should start talking nicely to her and get her to open up to you. She actually needs you and Samantha”.

“She’s always fighting with us and Samantha is always there for her”.

“Yeah I know but I think you should start talking to her more even if she tries to put up a front and be rude and all that. Just try to break through”.

“Hmmm, that will be difficult”.

“Pray about it and pray for her too. I’m sure it’ll work out fine”.

“Hmm I hear you Mr therapist”, she said and he laughed.

They talked for a while and then Hanson had to leave to take care of something.


The girls were at Rachel’s house having a little chat.

“I think I like Dominic”, Rachel said to them.

“Girl please. You’re trying to rebound”, Alicia said to her.

“Whatever it is, I think I like him”.

“It’s the rebound talking”, Alicia said to her.

“And what’s wrong with that? It’s going to get my mind off Archie and I’ll do anything to get him off”.

“One, you’ll be hurting Dominic, two you’ll be lying to yourself and things might go south. Just get over him the organic way”, Sasha said to her.

“See who’s talking. Didn’t it take you like 6 or 7 boyfriends before you finally got over Philip”, Rachel said to her.

“And how did I get over him at the end? Was it through the numerous boyfriends?”


“Rachel I know I can’t understand how you feel because you’re carrying his baby and all but if you really want to get over him. Take it one step at a time and don’t drag someone’s son into it. It wouldn’t work. Trust me”, Sasha said to her.

“Hmmm, I just think of him every freaking minute and each time he calls or I see him, I just want to jump on him and tell him that I want him back”.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting him back”, Lilian said to her and she stared at Lilian.

“I mean. I know he cheated and all but you’ve been with him for like 5 to 6 years and a love that lasted long like that can’t just disappear. Don’t feel guilty about you wanting him back, it’s natural to want him back. And you wouldn’t be stupid for taking him back. You know him better than we do, if you feel he’s changed or he’d be better and all and you want him back, no problem. If you feel that he might do it again or if you don’t trust him, then whenever you feel like you want back, just remind yourself of the reasons you don’t want him. Keep doing that and keeping being yourself and one day you’d be fine”, Lilian said to her.

“That actually makes sense”, Alicia said to her.

“Yeah. I think Lilian has a point. It all depends on you”, Sasha said to her.

“How did you get over Philip?” Rachel asked her.

“I honestly don’t know how it happened but I guess therapy helped and I guess getting close to God too helped. I was always praying to God to help me to move on. As time went by, I started thinking more of myself and my future and I kept reminding myself that he’s gone and he’s in the past. And I had a plus to speed up the moving on journey, Hanson came in and everything was history”.

“So maybe Dominic could be my Hanson”.

“No, no. Not that way. I didn’t just throw all my feelings to Hanson. I was healing by myself and naturally, my feelings found it’s way to him”.

“Hmmm. I hear. Dominic invited me to church though”.

“Mmm, that’s nice of him, it’s really nice to want someone close to you to also get close to God. But I think you should let him understand that you two are just friends and that you’re still getting over a long time relationship so that things would be clear”, Lilian said to her.


“Does he even know about your pregnancy?” Alicia asked.

“No. I haven’t told him yet”.

“And you want to lead him on? That’ll be unfair”, Sasha said to her.

“So you’re saying I should tell him?”

“No, it’s not his business and it’s your choice if you want to make it his business”.

“Hmmm this is just becoming so stressful”.

“I really think you should see my therapist. She’ll help you with this. She’s the best, I’m telling you”.

“We can see that”, Lilian said, smiling.

“Mmm, I’ll try and see her this week or next week”.


“So what’s up with you and Derrick?” Lilian asked Alicia.

“Oh, nothing. We just hanging out”.

“And does your boyfriend know that”? Sasha asked.

“It’s not his business and besides I don’t have a ring on my finger”, Alicia said and they all shook their head.

“Whatever it is, you’re doing with Derrick, it should better not cause a problem in the future and make things weird when we all meet up”, Sasha said to her.

“I think you should say that to Rachel not me. I’m just chilling” Alicia said to her.

“I’m not doing anything with Dominic. So that’s for you”,

“Whatever”, Alicia said, rolling her eyes.


Hanson and Sasha arrived at her dad’s house and they went to the dining area to meet him.

“You’re here”, he said, smiling as he got up to hug Sasha and then he hugged Hanson too.

They all took their seat and they were served by the chef.

“How are you Hanson?” He asked.

“I’m good. How about you?”

“I’m good too”.

“We thank God”.

“Yeah we do. How are you doing Sasha?”

“I’m fine”, she said and he nodded.

“About last time, I really want to apologize for how I behaved. I was just trying to protect my daughter and in doing so, I said things that were not cool. I’m sorry”, he said to Hanson.

“It’s okay sir. It’s fine”.

“You can call me Fred”.

“Okay Fred”, he said, smiling.

“And baby I’m sorry for doing that. I promise to be on my best behavior today”, he said to Sasha and she forced a smile.

As they continued to eat, he spoke up again.

“So how’s the restaurant going?”

“It’s going well and hopefully, everything will be set soon”.

“Wow. I see. That’s great”.

“Do you have a date set for it yet?”

“Yeah. The 28th of this month”.

“Wow! That’s just three weeks away”.


“Then I guess everything is almost ready?”

“Yeah”, he said, smiling.

“Congratulations once again and I can’t wait to see how far it goes”.

“Thank you Fred”.

“Sasha how’s the company going?”

“It’s going well. We’re looking to create a new branch soon”.

“Wow. That’s awesome. I’m proud of you baby”.

“Thanks dad”.

“If you ever need any help or whatsoever. I’m here”, he said to her.


“And that goes for you too Hanson”.

“Thank you Fred”.

“You’re welcome”, he said, smiling.

As they continued to eat. A young lady ran in, excited.

“Hey baby”, she said to Fred as she pecked him.

“Relax”, Hanson said to Sasha who was glaring at her dad.

When the lady turned around. Sasha was surprised at who it was.

“You!!!” She exclaimed.

“I can’t believe this”, she said, walking out angrily and Hanson ran after her.

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