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Sasha was with Tevin at the pool side exit and as they were conversing they were interrupted by a troop of ladies and men with trumpets and drums.

They came in form of a band and they performed an apology song. Everyone at the poolside was surprised and they all came around to watch the performance.

“Who could this be from?” Alicia asked Sasha.

“My dad, I guess”, Sasha said with a straight face. She wasn’t impressed.

“Oouuu”, Dominic said as the girls danced. Alicia quickly joined in and danced with them.

“Get it girl!” Derrick said, cheering her on. Kevin also joined in and danced.

Lillian felt awkward about it and she stood aside.

When they were done, they all went on their knees giving the platform for Ross to walk in.

Ross was embarrassed after Lilian told him that a lot of people were there and he didn’t know how to make his grand entrance.

The people he hired were on their knees for a long time and when it didn’t seem like anyone was showing up, they got up and danced their way out.

“Ahh that’s just it. Isn’t your dad going to show up or what?” Kevin asked.

“I guess he thinks doing just this would impress me”, Sasha said, rolling her eyes.

“Ohhh and the party just ended like that”, Kevin said and he walked back to where he was sitting. Everyone continued with what they were doing before the interruption.

Hanson approached Sasha.

“So were you impressed?” Hanson asked.

“Not at all. Maybe if he stepped out to apologize to you and me, everything would have been okay but I guess he feels like just doing this is fine”.

“It was a nice gesture. Maybe he would apologize in person later”.

“Uhhm it wasn’t your dad”, Lilian said, approaching them.

“Who was it?”

“Can you come with me?” She asked, pulling Sasha and Hanson was confused.

“I’ll be right back babe”, she said to him as Lilian pulled her away.

“Please don’t get mad at me but Ross reached out to me that he wanted to make amends and I encouraged him to do something extraordinary today. When you called and said that we’re meeting up at the poolside tonight, I felt it would be best for him to do it there, I didn’t know at that time that we were meeting Hanson and his friends and….”

“Wait wait. It’s Ross who did this?” Sasha asked.

“Yeah. Please don’t be mad at him. I encouraged him to do it. He just wants to be cool with you again”, Lillian said to her.

“Where’s he and why….”

“Hi”, he said, approaching them from behind.

“I’ll excuse you two”, Lilian said and she walked away.

“I just wanted to apologize once again and I know how you loved Beyoncé’s Coachella homecoming performance and I decided to do something similar to that but I didn’t know that you had a large company today”, he said and Sasha laughed.

“Oh my God! It would have been so awkward if you came out. Everyone would have seen you to be so desperate”.

“I don’t care. I want to apologize to you and be sure that I’ve been forgiven”.

“So then why didn’t you come out?”

“I was just being respectful to Hanson. It would have been weird if I had done that in front of him and his friends”.

“Oh, that’s nice”.

“Did you enjoy it and I hope you’re not mad”.

“I thought it was my dad who did it and so I kind of tried to not enjoy it but everyone enjoyed it”.

“Oohh, I wanted you to enjoy it and you cool right?”

“Yeah. I am, I’m not mad as long as this isn’t some kind of ploy to win me back”.

“Oh no. I’m just being nice and being a friend”.

“About that. We can’t be friends, I mean we can hi, hello and all that but being on the visitation and hanging out level is out of the picture”, she said and he frowned.

“Ohh. I really want us to be friends. I don’t want to lose you”.

“I’m with Hanson now and I don’t him to have any insecurities of that sort”.

“Oh but when you were with me, you made me feel insecured”.

“Are you really starting this again?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I hear you and I’ll respect your decision”.


“I’ll see you around then”, he said and he left.

Sasha walked back to the poolside and approached Hanson.

“Who was that?” He asked and she told him what happened.

“Hmmm”, Hanson said with a straight face. He didn’t know what to say to her.

“I hope you’re not mad”, she said to him.

“I’m not mad. I know how exes can be, I just hope he stops pushing so much and moves on”.

“I hope so too”, she said to him.

They talked for a while till everyone decided to take their leave.

They hugged themselves and said their goodbyes.


Lilian was hanging out with Ralph at a restaurant, when she received a call from Ross.

She looked at the caller ID and ignored it.

“Who is it?” He asked her.

“It’s Ross”.

“What does he want?”

“I don’t know, I’m guessing it has something to do with Sasha”.

“Are you still going behind her back to help him?”

“No since last week, I’ve not been answering his calls but he keeps bothering me. I just wish he’d move on”.

“Give me the phone”, he said to her.

“What do you want to do?”

“Get him off your back”.

“You don’t have to do that”.

“Just let me pick up and he’ll stop bothering you”.


“Lily, I won’t say anything mean or rude. I promise”.

“Hmm. Okay”, she said, giving him the phone.

“It’s stopped ringing though but I’m sure he’d call again”.

They waited for a while and he called again.

“Hey Lilian I hope you’re good”, he said over the phone.

“This is Ralph. Lilian is currently unavailable”.

“Ohh, uhmm, I know she’s there bro, please give the phone to her”.

“Ross, I really think that you should stop this and move on. I’ve been in your shoes before and trust me, it’s best when you let things be. If she’s truly yours, you’ll have her, if she’s not, I think you should let her be happy with whoever she is with”.

“I really fell for her man. Other ladies want my money and the ones who have money just want to keep showing off and portray a power couple. Sasha was just different and I just want her back”.

“I understand you but she’s with someone else who’s making her so happy and it’s time you move on and let her be. I’m sure you would find someone else who’s good for you. Just stop bothering Lilian, you’ve put her in the middle of this for a long time now”.

“Hmmm, I hear you bro. Please send Lilian my regards”.

“Sure. I wish you all the best”, he said and he hung up.

“You see. He won’t bother you again”.

“Hmm, I pray so and uhm what did you mean by you’ve been in his shoes before”.

“Oh it’s something that happened back in the university”.

“Who? Was it her or someone else?”

“It was her”.

“I see. What happened?”

“Are you sure you want to hear me talk about how I wanted her back before?”

“I just want to know what happened”

“Back in the university, she broke up with me and she moved to another guy, I kept fighting to get her back but she seemed so happy with him and I just decided to let things be. And then after university we met up again and we got back together”.

“I see. So you waited and you got her back”.

“Yeah but I guess even though we came again, things didn’t still end well. At the end, I’m glad you’re in my life”, he said, taking her hands in his and pecking it.

“I’m glad I have you too”, she said, smiling.


Sasha was in her living room with Hanson, they were watching a movie when her phone beeped.

She took her phone and when she saw the notification, her face dropped.

“What is it?” Hanson asked her.

“It’s Philip’s death anniversary”, she said, looking away.

“Ooh, do you want a moment to process things or honor him?”

“Oh not that. Ever since he died, I always tell myself that I’ll go to his grave on his death anniversary but I never went because I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I lost him. Seeing this made me realize that I’ve come to terms with that and I think a part of me has forgotten about him and I feel so bad”.

“Oh, Sasha it’s normal. When you’re happy most of the time, the things which made you sad in the past don’t really matter anymore”.

“I don’t want to forget him”.

“You still have his picture in your room. I don’t think you’d forget him”.

“Ooh does itbother you?”


“The picture?”

“Oh, I don’t mind. Why will it bother me? He’s someone you cared about and he’s dead, he had your past and now I have you future. So I don’t have a problem with it”.

“Aww, that’s so kind of you. My other exes had a problem with it but I didn’t care so I never took it off”.

“Hmm. Do you want to do something to pay your respects to him? We could go to his grave if you want to”, he said to her.

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I could accompany you and you can go and pay your respects and do whatever you want”.

“You’re the best”, she said, hugging him and he smiled.

She quickly got up and went to her room to change her outfit.

When she got back, they picked out some flowers in her garden and then they left.

When they arrived at the grave yard, they saw that Ralph and Lilian were there.

“Hey”, Sasha said to them and she hugged them.

“You just missed his family. They left some minutes ago”, Ralph said to her.

“Ooh, I would have loved to see them. I think I’ll go and visit them later”.

“Yeah, you should”.

“Let’s give them some time”, Lilian said to Hanson and they both stepped aside.

“Hi Philip”, Sasha said, putting down the flowers on his grave.

“I know you’re glaring at Hanson right now”, she said, laughing and Ralph laughed too.

“And I know that you’re also smiling because you’re happy that I’m happy”.

“I’m sure he is”, Ralph said to her and she laughed.

“It’s still so weird that you’re not here with us and I still wish I could reverse time and save you but I guess we don’t have that sort of powers in our hands”.

“Yeah, maybe if vampires existed, we would have hoped that he came back as one”, Ralph said to her and she laughed.

“Do you remember that holloween party we had back in school”, he asked.

“Yeaaah the one where he dressed as a vampire and I was so mad at him because I wanted us to dress as the Hulk and black widow”.

“Yeah and it ended up as the vampire and the black widow”, he said, laughing.

“He did it intentionally because I annoyed him”, she said, laughing.

“I really miss him”.

“Me too”, Sasha said, smiling.

“Mmm, has told you all about Philip”, Lilian asked Hanson.

“Yeah, he was more like her first love”, he said to her.

“Yeah, we all thought that he was going to be her first and last, till he died and even after his death, we were all terrified that she wouldn’t move on but God being so good, he brought you her way and I’m very happy that she has you”.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me”.

“You’re welcome. So how’s the restaurant coming up”.

“It’s coming up well. We’ve painted the place and bought all the furniture needed. We’re just left with the cooking utensils and some other things”.

“That’s amazing, you’ve done so much in quite a short time”.

“Yeah, Ann helped a lot. She helped me with the interior design and helped to pick out the furniture.”

“That’s amazing, I can’t wait to see how everything turns out”.

“Yeah, me too”.

“Have you set an opening date yet?”

“I’m working on that but I’m looking to open next month”.

“Wow, I can’t wait”, she said, smiling.

They talked for a while till Sasha and Ralph were done then they all left.


Sasha was at the clinic, talking to Mavis.

Mavis was excited about how far she had come.

“You’ve really improved so much and I’m so proud of you”.

“Thank you. You’ve been like a bestfriend to me and I’m so grateful to you. You’re the best Mavis. You’ve been able to tolerate me even when I’m at my worst. I don’t know who could have done that if not you”.

“It’s my job and duty to be here for you”.

“I know that but you’ve done more than you’re required to and it hurts that my therapy would be ending soon”.

“Yeah, I’m sad too but you can always come here when ever you need help with something. I’m still going to be here for you”, she said to her.

“Thank you. My bestfriend, Rachel is also going through certain things and I’ve recommended you to her. I’m sure she’ll be here one of these days”.

“That’s great. I’ll be expecting her”.

“Alright. I’ll take my leave now. I have to meet up with my mum”, Sasha said, getting on her feet.

“Alright. See you on our next appointment then”.

“Sure, bye”, she said and she left.

When she stepped out of the office, she bumped into someone at the reception area.

“I’m so sorry”, she said, lifting her head and she saw that it was Ross.

“Ross?” She said, surprised.

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