When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E146

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Jonah’s Perspective

I stared at my cousin who was currently dancing

around my bedroom. “Weston, stop.”

My protest was drowned out by the sound of his

singing. “Story of my life! I take her home! I drive all

night to keep her warm!”

I wanted to cry. Weston sounded like a dying goat.

“Please, Weston.”

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want; so

tell me what you want, what you really, really want!”

he continued to switch up songs.

I was begging him now. “Weston, don’t do this to


“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and

they’re like- it’s better than yours!” he danced around

my room before he glared at me. “Tell me!”

“Fine, okay, I’ll tell you,” I snapped and he grinned

before coming to a full stop. I let the silence sink in

for a moment. “I do.”

“I knew it!” he cheered.

I glared at him. “Yay, you know it, congratulations.

Now go, I have to get ready.”

“What, you’re not going to tell her?” Weston asked

me as I walked towards my dresser; I turned around

to look at him.

“No,” I shook my head.

“Well, why not? If I were Savannah, I’d want to

know that you like me,” Weston placed his hand on

his hip and twisted his neck around, attempting to do

his best Savannah impression.

I glared at him. “But you’re not Savannah and she

never does that.”

Weston returned my glare. “Well, remember this, if

she ends up dating someone else…don’t be

surprised,” he warned. I registered his words,

knowing that they were true, very true. I was still

curious as to whom Arthur is but I know that he isn’t

a good guy, I also know that he is no longer in our


I glared at Weston before watching him unlock my

door and exit the room, closing it on his way out. I

just walked towards my closet and yanked a pair of

dark jeans and a blue shirt out of it. I grabbed my

jacket and another one, too, just in case.

I got into my car and started the drive to Savannah’s

house, a weird feeling in my stomach. It was a good

feeling, like butterflies, almost. Is that what they call

it? Do they call them butterflies?

When I pulled up to her house, I honked the horn

and waited patiently for her to come out of her

house. When she did waddle out of her house, I

found myself grinning from ear to ear. She definitely

had layers on. She was wearing a large blue sweater

and a thick pair of jeans. She had snow boots on,

too, and her hair was in a pile on her head. Her

cheeks were tinted red along with her nose from the

nippy air and she looked beautiful.

“You look like a penguin,” I smiled at her.

She got into the car as I opened the door. “Just drive,


She turned on the music and sang along to it while I

drove. I just kept smiling, probably looking a bit

sketchy to people on the sidewalks but I didn’t care. I

was happy.


I looked at the clock and narrowed my eyes. “We’re

going to be so early.”

“You can always drop me back home and then go

drive around,” she retorted with a serious look on

her face. I frowned. She didn’t want to be here?

I looked at her. “You don’t want to go?”

She laughed loudly, chuckling as if what had just

happened was hilarious. “You should have seen your

face, so vulnerable.”

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