When Distress Meets Distress - S01 E147

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I glared at her. “I hate you.”

She let out a loud laugh. “We both know that isn’t

true.” Yeah, I know.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah; what do you want to do? We

have thirty minutes to kill,” I questioned her.

She shrugged, turning to look at me. “Do we have a

song?” she asked.

I grinned and nodded. I looked at her with a serious

face. “Our song is a slamming screen door, sneaking

out late, tapping on your window, when we’re on

the phone and you talk real slow cause it’s late and

your momma don’t know.”

She let out a howling laugh, holding her stomach as

tears streamed down her face. I laughed lightly but

kept my eyes on the road, or else I’d swerve off of it.

She opened her mouth to say something but was

consumed by laughter. She covered her face with

her hands and shook with laughter. I couldn’t fight

the smile that was pasted onto my face.

Eventually she stopped laughing but when she

looked at me, she started again, and I couldn’t fill my

car with a better sound.


We got to the football field early. We managed to get

seats near Georgia and the twins, who were directly

above us, in the second and third row. We were on

the first row.

“I’ll be right back,” Savannah stated as she smiled at

me. I nodded as she walked by me and out of the

bleachers, towards the bathrooms.

I looked at the scrumptious chocolate bar resting on

her seat and I looked at the delicious soda bottle in

the cup holder; so tempting. No, Jonah, don’t. I

looked at my candy bar wrapper and empty soda

bottle. I quickly unwrapped her chocolate bar and

sighed in content once I bit into it. I gulped down her

soda, too. I felt a sense of guilt wash over me and I

sat back in my seat after wiping my face.

I’m going to tell her it was Sierra. I watched as she

made her way back to the seat. I frowned, giving her

an innocent look. “I’m really sorry to tell you this.”

She frowned. “What?”

I sighed, glancing down at my hands to make sure

they weren’t covered in chocolate. That would ruin

my lie. “Savannah, Sierra drank all of your soda and

ate your chocolate bar!”

Sierra gasped and glared at me. “I didn’t, he did!”

She laughed but rolled her eyes, turning to look at

me. She enunciated my name slowly. “Jonah.”

I looked at her with a guilty look on my face. “Yes?”

“Can you please go get me a soda and another

chocolate bar? And this time, some Skittles?” I stared

at her for a moment before I nodded. I got up and

reached down to make sure my wallet was in my

pocket. I walked a few feet before I turned around to

see her motioning that I was wrapped around her

finger. You got that right.

“I saw that,” I shouted and earned an innocent grin in


I walked over to the vendor’s stand and saw Francis

chugging a bottle of water, some of it dripping out of

his mouth. He breathed heavily once he retracted the

bottle. I ignored the taunting look he was giving me

and began ordering from the vendor.

“I’d like two bottles of Sprite, six Hershey bars, four

Kit Kats, three Twix bars, three Reeses, two packs of

Skittles, and two Starbursts,” I pointed to the candy

bars as I announced what I wanted.

After paying for it, I grabbed it all and returned to my

seat just in time to talk to Weston.

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