At What Cost - S01 E80

3 months ago

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Breaking news, several people killed after an explosion rocked Computer village ikeja,fire fighters are trying to quench the fire but a man has been slaughtering them, so the armed forces have been mobilized…

Felix where are you, purity said to Felix on the phone watching the news.

I am almost there, I will call you back, Felix said disconnecting the call.

Wo, Benson exclaimed after he and Felix came out from the car seeing piles of burnt cars, and some crashed cars, it was not possible for a car to get through again.

Jordan, Felix yelled after seeing his brother from far off and he and Benson ran towards his direction .

Jordan was killing anyone he came across, some policemen and soldiers armed to the teeth started approaching him, a soldier threw a grenade at the direction of Jordan and hid beside a burnt car.

Boom 💥,the soldier raised up his head to see if the grenade got him but an arrow passed through his head.

Two helicopter, flew past Felix and Benson heading for the direction of Jordan .

The soldiers of the helicopter opened fire on jordan but the bullets was deflected by his suits, Jordan unfazed drew his arrow, aimed at the propeller and released it.

A soldier was about to fire a bazooka at Jordan but that was when the arrow hit the propeller making the rocket go of course hitting some if the policemen slowly surrounding jordan.

Jordan aimed for the pilot of the other helicopter and fired his arrow, killing the pilot, the helicopter came down crashing hard.


What did you say,

Jordan killed Nara, he killed claw fingers, removed his claw and stabbed Nara, the battered and bruised lady with a broken hand fan said.



The policemen and soldiers hurled tear gas and smoke bomb towards Jordan location and they left where they were hiding coming to Jordan side and started shooting towards his direction.

Pa, pa, pa

Serious gunshot could be heard, all of a sudden the gun shots sound ceased and the smoke diffused.

Felix and Benson now some distance away from him, saw a soldier on jordan sword and then he kicked the soldier, adding him to the pile of dead soldiers and policemen.


Felix duck and object flew past Felix head as he bent down and hit jordan.

A chain quickly bounding Jordan hands to his body, and the chain sparked with electricity.

There was a subtle grunt from Jordan as he got on his knees because of his suits conducted electrics, so he was been shocked .

Felix looked back.

Seems I came late, fez said giving his gun to a rust beside him.

You and you, go get him, fez ordered the rust.

He as lost control, fez said to Felix.

The rusts were almost near Jordan but he stood up and broke free from the chains, using his elbow and legs to hit the men fez sent, he removed his sword from his shealth and jumped up.

Fez formerly talking to Felix and Benson pushed both of them aside because they were backing Jordan and tried using his hands to block.

Alas, the sword cut through his hands and made a mark on the ground.

Blood started gushing out from fez and his body split in half.

Jordan seeing he has killed fez, wasn’t in anyway remorseful but it seems he rage was intensified, the other rust members seeing their leader killed tried to revenge but they all got a taste of Jordan sword .

Dude, it seems your brother as gone bunkers, we got to fight him back, no holding back , Benson angrily said after seeing the way Jordan savagely killed fez.

Felix remembering what Nara said was now extremely angry and replied, I know, then he and Benson formed a formation to counter the mad ninja.

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