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Sudden Change Underground

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When he thought about that, the senior colonel sighed in relief. Although special transportation assignments such as this had a certain risk, they were also highly rewarding. Hence, after taking into account many factors, he brought his cousin into this mission.

He scanned the screens carefully one more time. The data did not show anything unusual. There was nothing suspicious to be seen. The highway had already been closed for this convoy. No civilians were allowed to drive their cars here.

‘Three more hours left. Let’s get this over with!’

Just when the senior colonel was about to relax slightly, he suddenly felt a slight vibration.

“Hmm?” The senior colonel was stunned at first and then he quickly became alarmed.

The highway was extremely level. There was no reason for the vehicle to shake. The lieutenant colonel driver had also noticed this strange occurrence. Just when he started feeling suspicious, the world surrounding them shattered.

“Boom!” An intense vibration came from below the vehicle and they felt like gravity had abandoned them.

The flat highway was suddenly blasted open. The locations of the explosions were also carefully planned. The vehicles were not affected. Only the road beneath their wheels was shattered. The twenty military logistics vehicles seemed to fall downward at the same time.

The transport vehicles that were carrying the military resources were extremely heavy. This sudden fall had scared everyone senseless.

They were transporting fixed soul ammunitions! If one of them detonated, the other fixed soul ammunitions would explode as well. If it came to that, everything for at least a hundred miles around them would be leveled.

Hence, the instant the twenty military transport vehicles fell, the mecha battalion in the air went bug-eyed. In that instant, they were not even sure if they should rush downward to rescue them.

Mecha masters were not very knowledgeable about building structures. That was why they could not determine whether this was a man-made explosion or the highway could not bear the weight of these vehicles and had broken.

For a moment, the mind of almost every soldier present went blank.

The senior colonel who sat in the first car was the first to react. This was because he heard a creaking sound that made him wince.

Freefalling rocks and earth were all around him. However, he could still clearly see the steel cables through the car’s windows. The deafening sound was the result of friction between the transport vehicles and the steel cables which bore their weight. The feeling of vertigo also passed shortly.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack. This is not an accident! Requesting backup! Requesting backup!” he practically screamed into the communicator.

However, in the instant when he shouted, the screens in front of him went blank. An extremely disturbing signal had rendered all electronic equipment in every car useless.

Without a doubt, this was a pre-planned enemy attack. It had come too quickly.

They were escorted by fighter aircraft and a mecha battalion in the skies, but nobody expected that this surprise breech would come from below.

The cars quickly stabilized. The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel noticed that they could not see anything else anymore. They were engulfed by a boundless stretch of gray. They were uncertain if it was the dust or thick fog. Whatever it was, it did not bode well for them.

The steel cables had enveloped the entire car like a giant spider web. It bore their weight and imprisoned them at the same time.

“Bam!” There was a loud boom as the car they were in seemed to have been hit by something from the front and shook violently. Something then began pulling them forcefully, dragging the military transport vehicle and forward.

The mechas in the air had started to react. As federal soldiers, they were highly trained. Although they were momentarily taken aback, the leading black mecha gave the order and a hundred mechas quickly plunged downward.

Due to the scattered dust clouds, they could not see the situation under them clearly. The powerful jamming signal had not only affected the cars below, but also their detection and communication systems.

The soul cars below them were carrying fixed soul ammunitions! At moments like this, nobody dared to launch an attack rashly. They could only dive.

At that moment, a hundred light beams erupted from that huge pit. They fired upon the mecha battalion in the air at lightning speed.

These surprise attacks came too suddenly. The soul beams were more than half a meter in diameter. For a time, the sky was filled with the sound of explosions. More than ten yellow mechas were blasted to bits. The purple and black mechas’ protective barriers flickered. For a time, the mecha battalion which was a hundred mechas strong was forcibly kept at bay. It even seemed that they would be destroyed by this.

After all, they did not dare to attack whatever was below them. However, the attacks from below did not share the same qualms.

Enemy attack! Without a doubt, this was an enemy attack. Everything had happened too rapidly. It was so fast that there was no way they could have done anything about it. Even the fighter aircraft group in the skies had just noticed something wrong with the situation on the ground, but their signals were also jammed and they could not request for backup from headquarters. It seemed that an area of a hundred miles was affected by some sort of powerful jamming signal.

Their surroundings were dark, but the grayish fog gradually thinned. The military transport vehicles’ automatic lights were switched on to adjust to the amount of surrounding light. They illuminated the dark path before them.

The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel in the first car were still shaken by the incident, but they did not act blindly. The senior colonel was a Soul Saint-ranked soul master, and he had unleashed his own martial soul. However, he knew very well that his mission was not to escape. Instead, it was to protect the fixed soul ammunitions in this car, no matter the cost.

It was at this moment that a figure slowly made its way toward them in the pitch-black path illuminated only by their headlights.

It was a person. It looked like a gentle, graceful woman with an exotic kind of beauty.

She was completely covered in armor, which must have been her battle armor. The armor was completely in black, but purplish light leaked out from the armor’s seams, displaying its gorgeous colors for all to see.

Her pitch-black battle armor did not seem to be made of metal, but crystal. Under the shine of the purple light, it glowed faintly with dark purplish radiance.

A royal crown of the same color sat on top of her head. At the center of the crown was a sculpture of a phoenix. The phoenix’s eyes were bright purple while its body was also pitch-black. A black mask covered her face. Only her eyes which flickered with purplish light were exposed.

Huge and magnificent wings hung behind her. Bones could be seen where her wings were bent. The ends of her wings were being dragged along the ground as she walked.

Purplish light flowed from between her feathers which created light patterns on the ground where her wings passed. There was a huge ring of light with a diameter of more than twenty meters under her feet. An utterly gorgeous picture was contained within the light ring. It resembled a purple phoenix flying freely through the skies.

Her left hand hung beside her while her right hand was raised before her chest with its palm facing upward. She was holding something in her right hand.

It was a diamond-shaped crystal about one foot in length. The crystal was entirely silver, a peculiar, dense kind of silver. With her purple battle armor as the background, the crystal was breathtaking as it illuminated her near-perfect silhouette.

There seemed to be a vortex in the center of the silver crystal. The vortex’s halo was continuously spreading outward until it enwrapped the purple light that flowed out of her battle armor.

This was…

A light ring under her feet? Three-word battle armor? Was there three-word battle armor that looked this magnificent? Her battle armor did not seem to be armor at all, but a kind of extremely terrifying shadow creature!

The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel felt as if they were being choked. In the next instant, they saw a dazzling silver light bursting forth. Their vision blurred and they fell onto the ground heavily.

The lieutenant colonel fainted immediately. The senior colonel had managed to control his body somewhat because he had unleashed his martial soul and had the cultivation base of a Soul Saint.

However, in that moment, the only thing he could feel was the world being turned upside down. He had no idea as to what had happened.

Then, he saw something that he could never forget.

The huge military transport vehicles flew toward the silver vortex in this dark world with their bright headlights.

Illuminated and repelled by the silver light, the drivers and the cargo attendants were thrown onto the ground. The military transport vehicles plunged into the giant silver vortex and vanished.

Good heavens! What was that? A spatial storage soul tool? How could there be a storage soul tool that could contain so much? Was there really such a thing in the world?

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