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After some of the culprits were tracked down and arrested in Skysea City, the city had gradually loosened its security. Martial law was abolished, but the strict and thorough checks on everyone going in or out of Skysea City through the various transportation hubs continued. They did not want the same thing to happen again.

The mothership fleet on the sea’s surface tightened its defenses. Various radars were activated as they scanned their surroundings to ensure that there would not be any problems.

The reason why the surprise attack had succeeded before this was closely related to the malfeasance of the Radar Detection Department. The related personnel had been court-martialed. The Boundless Sea Douluo, Battle God Hall’s Hall Master Chen Xinjie took a personal interest in this case. There was no use in trying to plead for mercy. The related personnel would be judged shortly and they would be dealt with severely.

Twenty large soul cars proceeded slowly on the highway to Skysea City.

These cars were all more than thirty meters in length and over eight meters in height. Each had more than thirty huge tires to support its massive weight.

The cars were all dark blue in color and had the symbol of a skull on them, indicating that their contents were dangerous. They also bore the military’s insignia. This meant that they were transporting dangerous military resources.

In the skies, there were a hundred mechas with two black units in the lead escorting the motorcade beneath them. Without a doubt, this was an important resource for the army.

Similar transportation of military resources had started a few days ago. The war could start at any moment. Without a doubt, these were mobilized by the Joint Command.

The motorcade proceeded orderly while the mechas up above were more scattered. They kept an eye on the surroundings and had communications open with headquarters as they reported their findings.

The person who sat at the co-driver’s seat in the first car was a senior colonel and even the driver was a lieutenant colonel. Before the senior colonel, the electronic screen showed the status of the twenty transport vehicles. It also displayed the data obtained from the radar on top of their vehicle which was scanning their surroundings.

“Big brother, since headquarters is pushing us so hard to mobilize our resources, are we really going to war?” the lieutenant colonel driver asked the senior colonel beside him.

The senior colonel kept his eyes on the screen as he replied, “It’s hard to say. Before the actual order for the war to be started is given, anything’s possible.”

The lieutenant colonel rolled his eyes. “Brother, can you get rid of that official tone of ours?”

The senior colonel and the lieutenant colonel were cousins. Few were aware of this fact in the army.

The senior colonel said pointedly, “Eyes on the road. Why are you asking so many questions? I don’t know when the war is going to start. Truth be told, I do wish that the war be brought forward. The might of our federal army isn’t a force that the Dou Spirit and Star Luo Empires can stand up against. The way I see it, we should’ve started this war long ago and unified the entire planet as soon as we could. That way, we’d get more resources. The Federation had been under the influence of the Dove Faction and the Independent Faction. That’s why it hadn’t made any moves after all these years.”

Without a doubt, this senior colonel was a representative of the Hawk Faction.

The lieutenant colonel pouted. “What’s so good about war? People die in wars. I don’t have any interest in wars. I’ve just gotten married and my wife is having a child. At this point in my life, the further away I am from war, the better.”

“Enough of your nonsense. Do you think that I’m unaware of your marriage? Why do you think I’ve assigned you to logistics? Even if the war starts later on, I won’t let you go on the frontlines,” said the senior colonel pointedly.

The lieutenant colonel laughed, “Brother, you’re the best. By the way, how many fixed soul ammunitions are we transporting this time round? There are as many as twenty cars. That’s terrifying. If one of them goes off, I think that it could reduce an entire city to ashes in an instant.” As he said this, he could not help shivering. He knew very well just how dangerous his cargo was.

Fixed soul ammunitions were the Federation’s tactical weapons. The lethality of these weapons was horrific. As soldiers, they knew their destructive powers very well.

Ten thousand years ago, fixed soul ammunitions had already been developed. Through ten thousand years’ worth of research, modern fixed soul ammunitions had been greatly improved in terms of destructive force, range, variety, and effectiveness. Not only could they be fired with precision from afar, they were also a great range of uses. There were those that could disrupt radar signals, some were used purely for destruction, some had great range, some were only effective against biological entities, while others were only effective against buildings, and there were many more.

Compared to ten thousand years ago, fixed soul ammunitions of the same rank had their powers increased exponentially. There were no longer any fixed soul ammunitions under the rank of four. They had become the most important resources of the Federation and also the one under the strictest controls.

“Can you talk about more auspicious things? Why must you mention explosions? Stop talking nonsense. Our priority right now is to load all these potatoes into the warehouse. The fixed soul ammunitions on these twenty cars are enough to arm a few battleships.”

The lieutenant colonel was indifferent to the senior colonel’s scolding. “I’m just saying, you remember when Shrek City was bombed? Even with Shrek City’s defenses, all it took was two fixed soul ammunitions! That was all it took to level the greatest city on the continent. It’s unimaginable. Brother, you’d think that these godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions would be the most highly guarded weapons in the Federation. How is it that they were stolen? This is really…”

“Shut up!” the senior colonel suddenly shouted with a stern voice, “Do you think that it’s your place to ask such questions? Concentrate on your driving.”

The incident of the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions being stolen was a completely untouchable topic within the federal army. Even after so much time had passed, the Federation was still unable to give a satisfactory explanation to the people regarding this matter. The evil soul masters’ surprise attack on Heaven Dou City had averted the focus of the public to a certain extent.

The Hawk Faction had risen in those moments. In recent years, the army had developed and expanded. Their budget was also raised. As expected, the Holy Spirit Cult had vanished and never appeared again.

As for how the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were stolen the other day, there were no results from the investigations to date. At least the federal parliament had shouldered all the responsibility and had a complete reshuffling of personnel.

However, who were the culprits? Where were they? Although the federal parliament had expressed their intentions to investigate this matter thoroughly, they had no luck in getting results.

There were many who had questions in their hearts like this lieutenant colonel. The only thing was that this was a forbidden conversation within the army.

“There are many things that we shouldn’t know about.” The senior colonel’s tone softened, “Also, the less we know, the better. This wasn’t a surprise attack. It must’ve had something to do with politics. Enough. It’s not our place to take an interest in such matters. How far are we from the base?”

“I’d say around three hundred kilometers. If we stay at this speed, we’ll reach there in three and a half hours.” The car was too heavy, so it was impossible for him to drive the car at high speed. They could only maintain a steady pace.

“Hmm, alright. Look alive. The transportation of such important military resources will look very good on your resume.”


The lieutenant colonel said nothing more. He continued driving with a serious expression. The senior colonel, on the other hand, dared not take his eyes off the screens before him. In truth, he was the only one who knew that besides the standard rank-4 to rank-6 fixed soul ammunitions they were transporting in this batch, there were also three rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions which were supposed to go on the mothership and more than thirty rank-7 to rank-8 fixed soul ammunitions.

In the air, other than the brigade of mechas that flew in formation, there were also groups of fighter aircrafts serving as escorts. That was thirty-six fighter planes! It was obvious just how important this shipment was.

There might even be some secret resources that were being transported in this trip. However, at his rank, there was no way he would be privy to that information. The best thing for him now was to deliver the resources to their destination. He hoped that there would be no problems.

There should have been no issues since they were escorted by this many fighter aircraft and mechas. After all, this was the army’s force. Although the distance of three hundred kilometers from Skysea City seemed like a long way, it would only be a matter of minutes for the supersonic fighter planes to traverse that distance.

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