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Passing Essence

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The Mountain Dragon King was of the earth element itself. He relied on his great strength to dash into the earth and used his massive body to control his speed when rapidly drilling underground.

His hands were full from protecting Long Yuxue, so he could only use the sharp edges of his wings to open up the soil. His physical capabilities were far beyond human standards. Soon, they had bored dozens of meters into the ground.

It would be very difficult even for a seismograph radar to detect their presence so far down and the result would be quite blurry in any case.

However, it was not easy either to move at such depth, leave alone control his speed.

At this time, Tang Wulin’s incredible spiritual power played an extremely important part here. He relied on his perception of the earth attribute to sense the underground structure thousands of meters around him. He soon found a subterranean river. He gripped Long Yuxue as he drilled his way toward it and allowed the water to carry them along.

Even though the river did not flow swiftly, moving through water was much faster than soil.

The sense of danger vanished gradually and Tang Wulin felt relieved.

However, it was also at this moment when he suddenly sensed something was not right with Long Yuxue in his arms.

Their journey had already lasted for a rather long period of time. From the violent shock she felt when Tang Wulin dashed underground to the suffocating feeling later on, Long Yuxue endured the whole ordeal quietly.

Even though she had a Soul Emperor cultivation base, her body’s endurance was much less than Tang Wulin’s. Her ability to regulate her soul power made her capable of holding her breath for a longer period of time, but it was apparent that she had already exceeded it. She was especially affected after suffering such a violent shock in addition to the change of her mind and spirit.

At the moment, her body had already begun to feel slightly stiff while her life fluctuation was beginning to weaken noticeably.

Oh no!

Still in shock, Tang Wulin hastily lowered his head to look at Long Yuxue. He relied on his Purple Demon Eyes and found Long Yuxue’s eyes tightly closed and her charming face ghastly pale, like paper with green-purple undertones. It was clear that she was suffocating.

At this point, Tang Wulin dared not slow down and he put everything else out of his mind. He hastily lowered his head and kissed Long Yuxue’s delicate lips to pass her a breath of vital essence.

The Mysterious Heaven Method that he cultivated was known for its sustained vitality. In addition to his Body Sect training and powerful cultivation, the dual cores and dual circulations that were formed in his body allowed him to hold his breath for a very long period of time without any trouble.

Long Yuxue was brought back from the edge of danger after receiving Tang Wulin’s breath of life. Her body had obviously relaxed while the heaving of her chest began to become more intense.

Her lips were soft and fragrant, but Tang Wulin could not care less about enjoying the moment. He accelerated and relied on his memory to move in the direction of their quarters at full speed.

He used his spiritual power as his eyes to observe the situation on the ground. He finally found a slightly more deserted street and carried Long Yuxue as they headed there.

Their lips parted when both of them broke through the soil.

Tang Wulin was not bothered by his disheveled look. He immediately took Long Yuxue to hide by a building while retracting his soul power to avoid being discovered by the soul power detection equipment in the high-grade radar.

Long Yuxue panted loudly, but her beautiful eyes remained fixed upon Tang Wulin the whole time.

He kissed me. He kissed me! Even though she understood that it was a matter of expediency, at that exact moment, her heart was filled with waves and ripples of emotions.

She had already forgotten about the pain of suffocating as if it was cast into the wind.

Tang Wulin brushed the soil off his body. He could not utilize his soul power, so it was not as easy to get rid of all of it. Just then, the sound of sirens was already echoing through all of Skysea City. He could even figure out with his feet that Skysea City would be governed by military control for a very long period of time next. This would be extremely troublesome for them.

He would ponder about this more when he returned!

Tang Wulin turned on his soul communicator. He hesitated for a moment before sending out a signal for everyone to gather.

“Are you okay?” asked Tang Wulin to Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue shook her head, but she did not speak anymore as she allowed the unusual emotions to sink into the bottom of his heart.

“Let’s go back quickly. I’m afraid that there will be some changes to the plan. No matter the target of this attack, we must hide first,” said Tang Wulin in a deep voice.


The general public was unaware of the situation. A loud boom that echoed through the entire city followed by the piercing siren would inevitably result in fear and chaos. At once, the people on the streets were all bustling about. Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue seized the chaos to return to hotel hastily.

Everyone had already returned upon receiving Tang Wulin’s signal.

“Captain, what’s going on?” Yue Zhengyu could not refrain himself from asking upon seeing Tang Wulin’s disheveled look.

Tang Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “I don’t have time to explain too much. I’ve already contacted people from the Tang Sect. We must move. Someone used rank-9 fixed soul ammunition to attack the federal fleet earlier at the naval port. A black battleship was bombarded and sank. I’m afraid that Skysea City will be filled with danger at every turn within a short amount of time, so we’ll need to conceal ourselves better.”

“Rank-9 fixed soul ammunition?” All six of the other Monsters had a change of countenance upon hearing the name. They were almost killed by such a terrifying attack back when Shrek Academy was destroyed! No one had expected that rank-9 fixed soul ammunition would appear once again.

Meanwhile, the door was pushed open and the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin walked in from the outside.

Zang Xin spoke, “Follow me.”

In truth, the place they were residing in had originally belonged to the Tang Sect. Thus, they had never needed to give check-in information. Guided by Zan Xin, they entered the underground world once again via a tunnel behind the hotel. However, the place was less sophisticated compared to Heaven Dou City. There was only one slightly dim shelter underground.

The Shrek Seven Monsters, A Ruheng, Sima Jinchi as well as the members of the Blood Dragon Unit were brought down in succession. Within an hour, the group had already finished assembling.

Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, Skysea City had already declared martial law and launched its search for the offender across the entire city. Moreover, the information was sealed from the outside so the news of the attack would not spread beyond Skysea City itself.

Soon, the news came back. The military had launched a comprehensive search and had numerous kinds of large-scale detection equipment. Every soul master with a cultivation base above three-rings would need to undergo a thorough examination and interrogation from the military to verify their identity in Skysea City.

On the other hand, the Amorous Douluo brought news that gave Tang Wulin pause. According to the military’s investigation, the attack was launched by the Star Luo Empire’s secret army.

“That’s impossible,” said Tang Wulin resolutely.

“Since the Star Luo Empire has made the decision to cooperate with us, why would they go back on their word now? A rank-9 fixed soul ammunition’s power is extraordinary, but in reality, it could certainly not cause enough damage to destroy a fleet of carriers. On the contrary, it would only increase the Federation’s enmity. At the very least, it would hasten the start of the war. Moreover, bringing rank-9 fixed soul ammunition to the Federation is not an easy task, let alone to Skysea City.”

Amorous Douluo Zang Xin nodded. “We understand that it’s almost impossible for the Star Luo Empire to launch the attack, but that’s not what the military thinks. A battleship is extremely costly. The military is certainly boiling over in rage at the moment and heaving many erroneous ideas at the Star Luo Empire.”

Tang Wulin frowned deeply. “If it’s not Star Luo Empire, who is it then? Is it the Holy Spirit Cult?”

Zang Xin spoke with a deep voice, “I think that there’s a good chance it’s the Holy Spirit Cult. However, there’s nothing related to the cult according to the news coming from the military. On the contrary, numerous signs are pointing the finger at the Star Luo Empire.”

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