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Sudden Danger

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Fixed soul ammunition! Only fixed soul ammunitions could have such terrifying destructive power!

It must have been rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. It would not have such power otherwise.

A black battleship which was docked at the port was blasted to smithereens by the rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. Two other purple destroyer escorts were capsized by the huge waves. Fortunately, the battleships were not anchored close to each other.

A surprise attack? Someone had attacked the federal fleet with rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

In the federal fleet, there was a red mothership, black battleships, purple destroyer escorts, yellow gunboats, and white patrol ships.

Although the battleships were of the same rank, they had different equipment. A fleet was made up of various battleships with a mothership as the core.

Currently, there were three mothership fleets that were docked near Skysea City’s waters. The entire Federation had at most three mothership fleets. These three mothership fleets were stationed here in preparation for the war against the other two continents. They were all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Who would have expected that they would be attacked at such a time? Moreover, the perpetrator had employed forbidden weapons such as rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

For a time, the seawater surged and crashed against the shore as in an apocalyptic scene. The center of the ocean was bursting forth with an intense energy storm.

Tang Wulin had personally experienced the force of rank-9 fixed soul ammunition in Shrek Academy. He knew deep down how devastating such man-made weapons were.

Even the Golden Tree and a number of Shrek Academy’s top experts could not withstand the force of the godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition. That was the horror of human technology!

A few researchers had once said that if technological advancement were to continue at such a pace, the human race might one day be destroyed by their own advanced technology.

The rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions had been developed ten thousand years ago. However, there was only a handful of them. They were absolutely tactical weapons. These weapons had not been used in thousands of years. Nonetheless, Tang Wulin had already seen with his own eyes its destructive powers twice in the span of a few years. He was not sure if he should consider himself lucky.

Contrary to the shock that filled Tang Wulin’s heart, Long Yuxue was currently filled with a different kind of feeling.

What with the roaring waves and terrifying energy storms, everything seemed apocalyptic in her eyes. Never mind all that, she was currently in the embrace of a strong arm.

She could clearly feel the dense blood essence shockwave emanating from his body. It enveloped her, thus protecting her from the energy impact. The destructive forces could not touch her as they only skimmed past her.

She felt safe and warm. His embrace was the best refuge she could ask for. As long as he was around, any situation they encountered would not be a problem.

Her pent-up emotions finally had an outlet after so long. Long Yuxue even felt that her sacrifices in the past were worth it.

Her feelings were clear and filled with comfort. She no longer had any interest in what was happening outside. Instead, she closed her eyes and lost herself in his masculine and dense blood essence shockwave. She wrapped her arms around his waist tightly. Although they were separated by a layer of dragon scales, she wished they could continue like this forever.

He beat his wings behind him. After a brief inspection, Tang Wulin flew toward the faraway shore with Long Yuxue in tow.

They could not stay here for too long.

Since the federal mothership fleet was suddenly attacked, he reckoned that the entire military force would be enraged. Skysea City would be shut down in the next few days. Any suspicious person on the shore would surely be arrested. If they were discovered, they would be in great trouble too.

All suspicious persons would surely be investigated thoroughly.

After a brief moment of shock, Tang Wulin sprung into action. He figured out a way to escape with Long Yuxue.

The tsunami continued its rampage. It practically smashed every building along the seaside. Fortunately, there was a huge dam on the shore which took most of the impact. The damage in Skysea City was limited.

The deafening siren blared just when Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue flew toward the shore. The battleships were putting up their protective barriers as they swayed from the waves’ impact. For a while, the sea’s surface shone with the radiance of the protective barriers.

All the battleships had white protective barriers. Each battleship’s protective barrier was based on the rank of the battleship. The moment the siren blared, all the military radars were activated.

Fighter aircraft shot into the skies. A large number of mechas were also launched from the battleships.

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was indeed powerful. He did not have to use his eyes to see that all of this was happening.

This was the terrifying might of the federal military force. Millions of mechas surged out like a swarm of bees. Occasionally, when he looked behind him, he could see a few red figures flitting past.

The fighter aircraft was taking off in succession. In no time, the radars covered an area of hundreds of miles which included the waters.

It was incredibly horrifying. Every mothership fleet was like a great porcupine. The two purple battleships had been pulled upright. However, the black battleship which had no defensive equipment was badly hit and had sunk completely. Only the remnants of the battleship were seen on the sea’s surface.

Tang Wulin had no time to be awed by the destructive force of the rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. He felt that he was within the radars’ range. After all, he was still human no matter how fast he could fly. The radars’ sweep of a large area could be done in an instant. A moving entity such as him would be difficult to miss.

There were at least a hundred mechas targeting him and Long Yuxue, and they were headed toward them.

Tang Wulin was not worried about the mechas. With the explosive power of his golden dragon wings, it would not be a problem for him to lose them. The more frightening thing was that there were fighter aircraft which had locked onto their positions.

Tang Wulin knew how to pilot a fighter aircraft. Naturally, he knew full well the speed of a fighter plane. Once they were discovered, it would be impossible to shake them off.

Not to mention a Soul Douluo such as himself, even a Title Douluo could not fight against the Federation’s military force.

He needed to find a way to escape!

Tang Wulin made the decision in the blink of an eye. He suddenly pulled Long Yuxue into his embrace. The sudden movement caused Long Yuxue some pain since her body was in a tight hug.

When Tang Wulin locked his arms, he retracted his golden dragon wings behind him. A dark yellowish glow came over his body. All of a sudden, he dropped toward the ground like a meteorite.

He was at an altitude of a hundred meters. He fell at a shocking speed. Under the cover of his body’s yellowish glow, his falling momentum increased greatly.

“Boom!” Long Yuxue felt her body shake violently. If Tang Wulin had not hugged her tightly and protected her with his energy, she reckoned that she would have been knocked out by the impact.

Then, she felt the air around them thinning. She found it difficult to breathe.

She was a Soul Emperor-ranked battle armor master. Although she was shocked, she hastily utilized her own soul power. She controlled her breathing to reduce her consumption of oxygen.

Currently, she had woken up from her coquettish demeanor. She immediately registered the situation they were facing.

Simply put, they were caught in a crossfire…

Regardless of who initiated the surprise attack, they were bystanders who had survived the attack. Furthermore, they were soul masters. They would most certainly be the subjects of investigation. Whether it was Tang Wulin or her, their identities had to be kept secret. They could not afford to be investigated by the authorities.

Hence, they had to escape. They could not allow themselves to be caught by the federal army. However, Skysea City, where the military forces were gathered, was like an inescapable prison. Almost all of its territory was covered by radar. It was truly difficult for them to escape under such circumstances.

Even so, Tang Wulin had chosen to run. Sensing the thinning air around them, they should be deep underground at the moment. They were moving underground! Although Long Yuxue did not know how Tang Wulin had managed this, it was undoubtedly the best way.

They were trapped by the fighter aircraft and mechas in the air, and the radars were locked onto their positions. They could only escape detection from the radars by going deep underground. It would not be easy to deploy the seismic radars which would buy them time. Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue needed the time to escape.

What Tang Wulin had activated was the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone’s ability, the Gravitational Control.

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