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Patrick stepped out of the elevator leading to the underground laboratory.

“What’s his status?” He asked as all workers at the laboratory stood in front of a tempered glass shielded containment system.

“We’re yet to administer the first trial sir. We await your authorisation.” Vivian responded.

“What’s his name?” Patrick asked as he took few steps closer to the glass walls, having a closer look at the volunteer who had different straps of intravenous lines attached to his body.

“Raymond Simons, 45 years old. Diagnosed with Malignant tumor.” Vivian answered.

“I’d like to have a word with him. Put me through” Patrick said as one of the scientists handed him a wireless microphone.

“Hello Raymond. How are you feeling?” Patrick asked as Raymond Simons sat up on the bed and shot glances around the four walls of the containment, locating the speakers.

“Nervous sir.” Raymond Simons responded.

“You have nothing to fear Raymond. I’m sure you’ve been debriefed about what this is all about?”

“Yes sir. I am ready.” Raymond answered.

“Good. A cheque of $200,000 awaits you as promised and if things don’t go as planned, be rest assured your family will get the pay.” Patrick said to Raymond who was dressed up in a light blue hospital gown.

“Understood.. S-Sir” Raymond stuttered in nervousness.

“Don’t be afraid Ray, you are about to make history and your name could go down as one of the greatest volunteers on earth. If this is a success, you will be cured of your impending doom and you will get much more than $200,000 and your life and your children’s will remain the same.” Patrick said.

“Are we good?” He asked as Raymond nodded his head in affirmation, awaiting the next step. Patrick turned off the mic.

“Initiate the first trial” Patrick ordered as Dr Vivian Bridge pushed a button to begin the first trial. Raymond lied on his back as the serum began flowing into his system through the intravenous lines attached to his body.

“What’s his status?” Patrick asked.

“heart rate is stable for the first 60 seconds.” Dr Cole said fixing his gaze on a monitor screen displaying Raymond’s human anatomy.

“The serum seems to be spreading faster than usual.” Dr Cole said again as he observed the image on his screen. The serum spread to every part of Raymond’s system as he began struggling on the bed he was strapped onto.

The heart rate monitor began letting out a beep sound.

“Sir, he’s becoming unstable. Should we discontinue the procedure?” Dr Cole asked as Patrick clenched his jaw and observed the monitor keenly.

“No. Continue.” Patrick said as Raymond began shaking aggressively on the hospital bed.

“What’s the report on his tumors?” Patrick asked.

“They’re degenerating at a fast pace. It seems we’re on course to succeed sir.” Vivian said.

“Yes! I knew we could pull this off!” Patrick said with a sigh of relief.

“Sir..” Vivian called out.


“He’s dying. If we don’t stop the trial now he’ll be dead in less than a minute.” Vivian said.

“How fast is the tumor degenerating?” Patrick asked.

“At the rate it is degenerating, more than half would be gone in minutes and by then, they would become weak and susceptible to cure by radiation.” Dr Cole explained.

“However, the host doesn’t have enough time anymore. His vitals are fading. I would suggest we halt the procedure now and give the serum a review and initiate a second trial some other time.” He added.

“No! Do not halt the process! We must get to the end of this trial.” Patrick growled as Raymond began screaming in pain, shaking vigorously on the bed as the monitor let out a straight beep sound.

“He’s gone sir.” Dr Cole announced heads down.

“We were inch close. Can’t y’all see this? We almost had it done! We’re closer than ever!” Patrick said feeling optimistic and not minding the fact a man just died.

“Sir, he’s moving.” Vivian said to the attention of everyone present in the lab.

“Oh no!” Dr Cole said as Raymond who had been brought back to life by the serum opened his eyes, his eyes were bight red like an inferno and he stood up abruptly tearing up all chains that tied him to the hospital bed. It became obvious he had transformed into what they all feared the most.


Grenville Central High School, Tennessee.

“Welcome back to school June.” The food truck driver greeted.

“There you go.” He added and pushed forward her order.

“Thank you.” June responded with a smile and took her order off the table. Just as she turned around, her eyes met Dominic and Rose walking up to her.

“Hi June.” Rose greeted and pulled her into an embrace.

“It’s good to see you Rose.” June responded.

“I’m glad we’re all here today.” She added.

“Sure.” Dominic said.

“How’s Alex?” Rose asked and nudged June’s shoulder playfully.

“Fine. He’s been busy with college stuff.” June responded.

“Hmm nice.” Rose said with a smile.

“Did you see her? She’s such a chav. She makes me sick!” Rose said feigning vomiting.

“Who?” Dominic asked in confusion.

“Cleo Jonathan. Rose’s ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.” June explained hilariously.

“What? I thought they both died at the uhm.. You know.” Dominic said scratching his head.

“No he dated her before the other girl.” June answered.

“She’s so disgusting!” Rose said as she fixed her gaze on the girl walking away hastily.

“Rose, that’s not a nice thing to say. She’s not a chav and she looks good.” June said.

“We better move quickly else we’ll be late for class.” She added.


“Are the doors sealed?” Patrick asked as the now transformed Raymond stood up looking completely different. Patrick recognised that horrific look on his face. He had seen that look back at the invasion of the Sinclair facility.

“Yes sir. They are.” Dr Cole answered.

“We must contain him at all cost. Unleashing him to the city will be catastrophic.” Patrick said pacing up and down the room figuring out what to do about the situation.

“We’ll keep him in check sir.” Vivian said as they all heard a loud bang on the glass walls. Raymond hit a section of the containment very hard, shaking the entire laboratory.

“Can the glass be broken?” Patrick asked taking a close look at the glass walls.

“No sir. At least not by the sheer strength of a zombie. It would take much more than that.” Dr Cole said.

“It’s not cracking. The zombies are intelligent enough to know when things aren’t working.” Vivian said as Raymond kept hitting a section of the wall harder and harder.

“He’s not trying to break the glass. He’s trying to rip the door off it’s metallic hinges.” Patrick said as he took a keen look.

“Oh no! Sir, we have to get out here now!” Dr Cole warned as Patrick stood still, completely dumbfounded.

“Sir, there is no way he would get up to the mansion without an elevator. I’ll suggest we keep him here while we figure something out. But we have to leave now!” Dr Cole warned again.

“Good idea. Let’s go!” Patrick said as they all rushed into the elevator. Patrick watched on through the transparent glass doors of the elevator as Raymond brought down the containment cell doors. If only they waited a little longer, the zombie would have ripped them all to shreds.

While waiting patiently for the elevator to arrive at its destination, they heard a loud noise at the base of the elevator and a trembling soon followed suit. In few seconds, everything became stable again.

“What could that be?” Dr Cole asked as they all stepped out of the elevator back into the mansion.

“We need to gain access to the CCTV coverage of the laboratory. I have to be absolutely certain that monster is still there.” Patrick said.


Grenville Central High School, Tennessee.

“I believe we all know what a cell is?” Miss Hart, the biology teacher said to the class.

“Can anyone give the class a quick definition of what a cell is?” She asked as most fingers were raised up.

“Miss McCarthy?” She said to Rose.

“In simple terms, a cell is the basic unit of life.” Rose answered.

“Good. Today, we’ll dive deeper into what is known as a cell proliferation.” Miss Hart continued.

“A cell proliferation can be said to be the process by which a cell grows and divides to produce two daughter cells.”

“That is, Cell proliferation leads to an exponential increase in cell number and is therefore a rapid mechanism of tissue growth.” She further explained as June appeared to show a particular interest in this topic.

“Are we clear?” She asked as majority of the class nodded in affirmation with the exception of June. Her hands were raised.

“You have a question June?” Miss Hart asked.

“Yes ma’am.” June said and stood up.

“Go on..”

“You said cell proliferation is a rapid mechanism of tissue growth?” June began.

“Sure.” Miss Hart responded.

“So i was thinking, is it possible we subdue cell proliferation in humans?”, she asked.

“Yes it is but why would anyone want to achieve that? It’s one of the reasons why you and i are alive and healthy today.” Miss Hart said.

“What if cancerous cells are the ones growling rapidly rather than the normal healthy cells?” June said.

“Such a person is referred to as a Cancer patient June.” Miss Hart answered, appearing to be feeling disturbed by June’s questions. Rose and Dominic knew exactly where June was headed.

“Miss Hart, if there is one way to subdue cell proliferation in patients like that, what would it be?” June asked.

“That’s a complicated question June. The cell cycle consists of several phases and it would be impossible to subdue its processes except when one is no longer a living of course.” Miss Hart answered.

“Even if that were to be possible, it would need something to regulate the several classes of proteins required for the processes. It just wouldn’t regulate them to do the normal activities they’re meant to do.” Miss Hart answered.

“but of course, that’s impossible to achieve. So let’s get back to the topic of the day.” Miss Hart said.

“Thank you Miss Hart.” June said and took her seat. Feeling satisfied by Miss Hart’s answer.


Patrick rushed into his private office at the mansion alongside his team of scientists as they aim to get the coverage of the underground laboratory.

Patrick took his seat on a chair facing some set of computers placed on a table. He switched on a monitor as he waited patently for it to boot up.

“This should contain a coverage of the laboratory. I wired it to this computer for days like this.” He said as he clacked his fingers on the keyboard. Shortly, a footage of the laboratory popped open with different viewing angles.

Patrick clicked open an angle closest to the containment cell.

“He’s not there.” Vivian said and lean closer to the monitor to have a closer look. Patrick closed his eyes and flicked it open momentarily in disbelief.

Sweat soaked his clothes instantly as his shaky hands switched between camera angles to have a complete view of the laboratory. The zombie was nowhere to be found and at that moment, it dawned to them they had let a new monster loose.

“The elevator!!” Patrick said and stood up abruptly as they all rushed out of the office and ran through the hallway. On getting to the living room, they met a pool of blood in various corners of the room with blood stains on the wall and remains of shredded security officers who worked at the mansion.

“My God!!” Vivian exclaimed at the sight of the horror. Patrick looked up to the door leading to the elevator. He walked closer and pushed the button as the doors slid open to reveal more pool of blood and a giant hole at the floor of the elevator.

“D--n it! He’s somewhere in the house!!” Patrick said and hit his fist in annoyance and frustration.

“Oh no!!!” Patrick said and pulled off his jacket and threw it on the floor.

“She’s inside!” Patrick yelled in frustration as he began to sweat profusely.

“Who?” Dr Cole asked.

“Megan!!! She’s inside!!” Patrick yelled and ran back into the hallway, hoping to find Megan first before the Zombie does.



Author’s Note: This is the first part of the chapter “The winds of winter” the second part of this chapter will be available same time next week.

Brace yourself as more drama unfolds whilst we approach the end of this amazing book. Thank you for reading.

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