JUNE – and The Aeternae - S01 E30

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Tartarus in the realm of The Underworld is a place the humans call a capital.

King Rovarx, The apex ruler of the realm had sent for the head of a rebellious queen, Queen Rannae. His first and most beloved wife who until recently committed a high treason.

The Underworld was a realm of darkness with clouds the colour of red velvet, with the sun beaming bright red lights. Daytime was nonexistent in the realm of the Underworld. The creatures crawling the surface of the realm were an average of 10 feet tall with bright yellow eyes and an obvious facial horn.

King Rovarx made sure he stripped the realm of every life it had with nothing left but darkness and evil. However, a special substance was the only hope The Underworld had to become beautiful as it was before the days of the Rovarx dynasty.

The substance is known as The Orb. A transparent glassy ball with gasses of different colours contained inside of it. Rovarx had kept this ball hidden somewhere safe in the capital until recently, it got stolen by his queen Raennae and she is on the run for her life with the mystical orb in her possession.

Tartarus, The Underworld – 901 AD

Outside the capital, Queen Raennae in her humongous figure stepped out of her Kakoon. A horse-like creature used as an expensive means of transport by Royalties.

She dropped off her big cloak which was a means of disguise, her bright yellow eyes pierced the darkness as the gatekeeper at the boarder knelt before her in respect. She turned back to have a glance of the guards chasing after her on the king orders.

The kneeling gatekeeper pulled out an axe and hit the ground, creating a circle of red flames, teleporting the Queen out of the realm to the world of the humans. Aiding her escape.

Livid by the actions of the gatekeeper, the chasing guards pulled out their sword and tore the gatekeeper apart.


Queen Raennae arrived at the world of the humans. Surprised at how different it looked and how different the humans are compared to herself, she began to feel nervous.

“Mama look!” A girl child called out to her mother, pointing at a giant creature lurking behind the woods. Noticing this, Queen Raennae varnished in her supersonic speed. She went deeper into the woods, pondering on how best she would look to fit in amongst the humans.

She moved closer to the town and shot glances at the residents and passers by without them noticing the strange creature lurking around, she then set her sights on a woman passing by, an averagely tall woman with a light brown hair and eyes the colour of Hazel. She found her looks attractive and then opted to take her physical form. Queen Raennae shape shifted into the woman she admired and stepped out of the woods, feeling like a human herself.

A carriage approached and pulled to halt by her side.

“Are you lost Miss?” A man spoke from inside the carriage. He appeared to be wealthy as his carriage was exquisite.

Unable to speak in English fluently, Queen Raennae nodded her head in response to his question.

“Come with me, I’ll see to it you find shelter for the night. I’m Charles Sinclair.” The man introduced himself and helped Queen Raennae into the carriage.

Charles Sinclair hit a part of the carriage interior to signal the horse riders to move on. The ride was silent, Queen Raennae shot nervous glances at Charles Sinclair and he did the same too. Marveled at how beautiful she looked and wondered deep inside him why she appeared lost.


June woke up in shock at the dream she just had. She had never had such a dream in her entire life, especially one that ancient.

“Are you alright?” Alex asked. Sitting next to her bed.

June grunted for a second and summoned her strength to give a response. “I’m fine.” She said clutching her head.

“I’m so sorry. I came as soon as i heard all that happened.” Alex apologised.

“It’s okay.” June said rubbing her forehead.

“Who would’ve thought Rose would end up taking her sister’s life and your father’s?” Alex said in disbelief.

“I know this must be really hard for you to take in. I’m deeply sorry, always remember I’ll be here for you. Always.” Alex said and tried pulling June into an embrace.

“I can take care of myself.” June responded and stood up from the bed. Feeling less concerned about the entire situation.

“Are you okay June?” Alex asked again, taking into observation her unusual behaviour.

“You don’t seem like yourself. Are you alright?” Alex asked again as June paced up and down the room. Dressed up in her outfit from the previous day. She hadn’t taken a shower nor did she change her outfit.

“I need Dominic.” she said pacing up and down the room.

“What do you need him for? I’m right here with you.” Alex said feeling frustrated by June’s irrational behaviour already.

“Call him. I need him here as soon as possible!” June said and ran her fingers through her hair.

“No i won’t. You just lost your dad and your best friend. Dominic should be the least of your worries.” Alex protested.

“Call him now!” June yelled as her hair began to turn grey and her eyes sparkle in green.

“Okay calm down. Relax, I’ll call him now. Relax okay?” Alex said gesturing his hands for her to keep calm. Her hair and skin began returning back to default as she kept pacing up and down the room.

Alex pulled out his cellphone and punched in Dominic’s contact.

“Hey bro, it’s Alex.” He said.

“Hey Alex. What’s up man?” Dominic asked over the phone.

“I know a lot of shit happened in the last 24 hours but June is acting all crazy and strange. You need to get yourself down here as soon as possible please.” Alex said to Dominic.

“I’ll be right there.” Dominic responded.

“Thanks man.” Alex said and hung up.

“He’s on his way. Now be calm and sit at least. You’re acting all weird by pacing up and down the room for no reason.” Alex said to June.

“Thank you.” June muttered and turned to him.

“Anytime. Now go get yourself cleaned up. You look a complete mess. You wouldn’t want Dominic to see you this way, would you?” Alex said with a fake smile.

“I will.” June responded with a smile and pulled Alex into a surprising hug.

“Now I’ll have to excuse you. I’ll be waiting at the living room when you’re done.” Alex said and caressed June’s brown her. She looked up to his face as her Hazel coloured eyes met Alex’s and he felt a cold shudder run down his spine.

He cleared his throat and broke free of the hug and stare from June.

“I’ll be waiting.” he said and head for the door. He turned back to meet June staring at him, smiling. He smiled back and left the room.


“It’s really hard to take in all that has happened. Rose, Patrick Sinclair and Rose’s sister all gone. It’s terrible! Really terrible!” Jacob said to Josie as they both sat in the living room, watching the morning breaking news.

“Rose knew something about the Sinclairs. Something dark. Something the world doesn’t know.” Josie responded tapping her fingers as Jacob nodded his head in affirmation to her statement. Just then, Dominic walked down the stairs in a hurry, putting on his leather jacket.

“Going somewhere?” Jacob asked.

“Yes dad. June needs me. She just lost her dad and best friend. the least i could do is offer my support.” Dominic said.

“I understand. But aren’t you curious to know why Rose went all berserk and took Mr Sinclair’s life?” Jacob asked.

“Dad, I know everything. Now you’ll have to excuse me.” Dominic said and rushed out of the house, avoiding further enquiries. He hopped into his car and drove off to the Sinclair mansion.


Alex walked up to the living room and met Megan sitting on a couch and fixing her gaze on a chess board. June’s pet dog Millie sat opposite the chess board as though they were both playing against each other.

“Can you play?” Alex asked with a smile, startling Megan in the process.

“Uhm no.” Megan answered.

“You admire the game?” Alex asked and sat next to her.

“Kind of.” Megan answered.

“Kind of? You seem particularly interested in it. At least from my observation. Why did you pick interest in the game?” Alex asked with a smile, Megan who was shy couldn’t look up to him.

“It’s my brother. He used to play when he had trouble.” she answered.

“I understand.” Alex said.

“Do you know what they call this chess piece?” Alex asked, picking up a chess piece from the board.

“No.” Megan answered.

“It’s called a Queen and she is the most powerful of them all. The Queen has the ability to move diagonally, horizontally, or vertically on any number of squares. An ability no other chess piece posses.” Alex explained to Megan who showed immediate interest in his explanation.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.

“Yes. The Queen is so powerful, she has the powers of these two guys combined. The Rook and Bishop.” Alex explained further and took out two chess pieces.

“Wow! She’s powerful!” Megan exclaimed, obviously feeling much happier with Alex’s presence.

“You Megan are a queen and your ability to navigate through everything you’ve been through is a unique ability no girl your age posses.” Alex said as Megan finally looked up to meet his face.

“Really?” Megan asked.

“Yes, really. You’re a queen, you’re powerful.” Alex said and winked. Megan pulled him straight into an embrace, feeling over joyous at his words.

“Thank you Alex.” She said to his ears, taking Alex by surprise at how she knew his name.

“You’re welcome.”

“When i come around, I’ll teach you to play.” Alex said as June interrupted with a round of applause.

“How long have you been standing there?” Alex asked in surprise.

“Long enough to know the Queen’s abilities.” June responded with a broad smile. She had freshen up and got dressed in a black slip shirt over a t-shirt. She loosened her brown hair from its ponytail to spread across her shoulders.

“Now you look beautiful as always.” Alex said complementing her refreshed look. Just then, Dominic walked in.

“I came as soon as i got the call.” He said as he walked in.

“Right on time.” June said.

“Megan, Leah made breakfast for you. She’s waiting at the dining hall.” June said and pecked Megan’s forehead. She sprang out of the couch and ran as fast as she could to the dinning hall.

“The expression on your face doesn’t seem to be like you’re aware of all that happened yesterday.” Dominic said.

“It’s the least i can do to make myself feel better. I have a mom dying of cancer, I lost my dad, best friend and her sister. I have to make myself happy Dominic.” June said and sighed.

“You’re right June.” Alex concurred.

“Absolutely.” Dominic added.

“So what’s up?” He asked.

“earlier this morning, I had this weird dream and it involves a creature from the Underworld and Charles Sinclair. My father is a descendant of Charles Sinclair.” June said.

“That’s really weird.” Dominic responded.

“Yes it is. I was hoping we could see Ornelle once again, she could help interpret whatever that means.” June said.

“Good idea!” Dominic affirmed.

“You brought the ball?” June asked.

“Sure, I did.” Dominic said and pulled out the mystic ball from his jacket.

“Alex, don’t freak out. Just stay here, we’ll be right back.” June said.

“I’ve seen a lot with you guys, not sure anything can freak me out anymore.” Alex responded as June and Dominic took their stance next to each other. Dominic entwined hands with June as they both shut their eyes. The fumes in the ball moved in it’s usual random manner and their souls departed their body at the instant and they fell to the floor unconscious.

“June? Are you alright??” Alex yelled in panic and shook June’s body, hoping to jolt her back to life.

“Don’t freak out, yes. Don’t freak out.” He repeated to himself and breath out. He stood up and sat on the couch, trying not to panic.


Their souls arrived at the the realm of the undying, accustomed to the cold nature of the realm, Dominic held June’s hands for warmth.

“Welcome back.” Ornelle said, startling them with her presence as she appeared out of nowhere.

“I’ve come with questions, lots of them.” June said.

Ornelle smiled and said, “I expect you to.”

“I had this weird dream. It appears to be a long time ago. Like a really ancient time when carriages were still a thing of luxury.” June began explaining.

“Go on.” Ornelle said.

“In the dream, I saw a creature like The Aeternae, she was royalty and she appeared to have escaped from the world of uhm, The Aeternae i guess.” June added.

“The Underworld.” Ornelle corrected.


“When she came to earth, she met a man, he introduced himself to be Charles Sinclair. My father happens to be a descendant of Charles Sinclair.” June said further.

“That’s it?” Ornelle asked.

“Yeah. They drove away in a carriage and then i woke up.” June responded.

“June Madison Sinclair, Your dreams are absolutely correct. The Aeternae wasn’t wrong by sensing you’re of his bloodline.” Ornelle said, taking June and Dominic by surprise.

“How?” June asked.

“My mother was Queen Raennae. She was the wife to the apex ruler of The Underworld, King Rovarx. She stole a special magical orb from his possession and for that, he wanted her life.” Ornelle said.

“They both had a child, Rovarx refused to hand over his son to his wife which was why she escaped the realm alone. Centuries passed and Rovarx moulded his son into the beast everyone knows today. The Aeternae” She added.

“That makes you his sister?” Dominic asked.

“Yes. He is my half-brother.” Ornelle answered.

“When Queen Raennae came to earth, she took the body of a woman she admired and fell in love with Charles Sinclair. The man who took her in when she appeared lost. They had a child together and that child was me.” Ornelle said.

“That is why i was an immortal human and lived for so long. I never had the physical form of The Underworld creatures because i was half human but I was as powerful as they are.” she added.

“Wow! This is so unbelievable!” June said.

“So this makes you my aunt or sort of?” June asked.

“Yes and it also makes you an immortal being, just like me. The day i laid my eyes on Doris, I felt the connection. The minute i gifted her baby my powers, my blood became a part of you.” Ornelle said.

“So this makes her and The Aeternae distant relatives?” Dominic.

“Precisely, yes. You’re the only being on earth who is his equal.” Ornelle answered.

“He is scared of you June Sinclair.” She added.

“There isn’t much time left. Remember, if you spend so much time here, you’ll become trapped here forever.” Ornelle warned.

“I have one more question.” June said and clenched her jaw.

“How do i become a master of time? How do i use my abilities to go back in time and right some wrongs?” June asked as tears began to build up in her eyes. Going back in time was the only way she hope to save her friends and father from their unfortunate demise.

“June, you’re powerful. The most powerful human in the world and certainly the brightest of your age. You have absolutely no idea how enormous your powers are.” Ornelle said and took her hand.

“You have the ability to move things against their will, channel that ability to something bigger and make it move against its will. Give it a new purpose.” Ornelle said.

“How?” June asked as the winds began to whirl ice, indicating they had to leave at that moment.

“You’re the brightest girl your age, you’ll figure it out.”

“But remember, everything has a limit. Time is delicate and meddling with it has consequences. You mustn’t disrupt space time by meeting with a version of yourself from the past.” Ornelle said and vanished leaving June with questions.


Alex sat on a chair, facing the unconscious bodies of June and Dominic.

“What If they never wake up? I’m so dead!” He said to himself and stood up in panic as sweat began to build up around his forehead. He paced up and down the room shooting glances at his wristwatch. Just then, June and Dominic inhaled deeply and woke up.

“Thank God! It felt like forever!” Alex exclaimed and pulled June into a tight hug.

“We’re fine Alex. You’re suffocating me.” June muttered user his arms, trying to breathe.

“Sorry.” Alex said and broke free of the hug.

“Dominic, I have a plan.” June said and clenched her jaw.

“What’s it?” He asked.

“We’ll go back in time. I need you to be there. Alex too.” June said.

“I can recall Rose and i split up at the lab. She was with Dr Cullen earlier and he must’ve told her whatever she knew. You will be the one to stop her from meeting him.” June said.

“Why me?” Dominic said.

“Because you weren’t there. I may bump into myself and whatever the consequences are, we’re not ready to find out.” June said.

“So what will you do?” Dominic asked.

“Hide somewhere and figure out a way to get my other self out of the laboratory so i can speak to Rose myself. By then, you must have stopped her from proceeding to Dr Cullen’s direction and the three of us will leave the laboratory together.” June explained.

“What if we bump into the other you on our way leaving?” Dominic asked.

“We won’t. I know exactly what to do to myself.” June said and smirked.

“The plan is well understood. But you know nothing about how to even execute this. I was hoping Ornelle will explain better.” Dominic said.

“She has done enough. I know what to do. I need to get myself somewhere high up. A place i can feel fresh air breeze past me.” June said gesturing her arms open.

“The Grenville times is one of the tallest buildings in the city. I can get you up.” Alex said.

“Good. Let’s go.” June responded as they all rushed out of the living room immediately. They hoped into Alex’s car and drove off the mansion.


Alex pulled the car to halt at the Grenville times parking lot. The skyscraper stood tall at 600 ft. It was June’s first time at the media’s head office.

“We’ll get to the roof of the building. I know how to get us there.” Alex said and led them into the building. He exchanged greetings with a few workers and security he met on his way.

They got into an elevator and head for the top floor of the building. They stepped out of the building and took a secured staircase to the roof.

“D--n! I can see all of Grenville from up here.” Dominic said as they stepped on the roof of the roof of the skyscraper. It was high, and windy with the aerial view of the city clearly visible from the rooftop.

“This is perfect.” June said.

“Dom where were you 24 hours ago?” June asked.

“On my way back from the hospital with dad, mom and Alexa.”

“And?” June asked again.

“I told dad to stop by at your place.” Dominic further said.

“We have to get to the house before you do! Then I’ll give the security a directive to send the other you back home.” June said.

“Got it!” Dominic responded and nodded.

“Alex, you’ll come with me. You’ll help get the other me out of the laboratory.” June said.

“Finally something for me! But how?” He asked.

“I’ll tell you what to do when we get there.” June said and smiled.

“Everyone in Grenville will not be aware of the shift in time except you two, and you must never tell anyone about this. To everyone else, it would be normal and every memory of whatever happened yesterday and presently will be gone.” June said.

“Understood .” Dominic and Alex said in unison.

“Now you both stay close.” June said and breathed out.

“I hope this works.” She said and rubbed her palms together.

June closed her eyes and spread out her arms wide as her hair began to loose its natural colour, turning bright grey and her skin became pale white. Her powers had begin manifesting and it was a sight to behold to Dominic and Alex.

The sky darkened immediately and the morning sunshine began reversing slowly in anticlockwise.

June let out a blast of cosmic energy from inside her, almost throwing Dominic and Alex off the rooftop. The blast spread the connection of her Psychokinetic abilities across the city.

Activities in Grenville paused as June’s Psychokinetic blast began to spread further. People and pet animals on the sidewalk stood still, birds of the air stood still and the ticking of every time stood still, including Alex’s wristwatch.

Everything stood still and nothing moved further or backward, including the sun which was in reverse moments ago.

She flicked open her eyes to reveal her bright green powered iris, the wind began releasing a whirling sound and everything began moving again, but in reverse this time around. People walking backwards and the sun returning back to sunrise from hours ago.

In a few minutes, the city was plunged to hours of the night and everything began reversing faster, the clouds moved faster and the moon disappeared from the night sky to reveal the twilight from the previous day. She continued shifting nature with her enormous Psychokinetic abilities as the sun began moving to the center, indicating it’s noon from 24 hours ago.

June’s eyes was still open as though she was conscious of her environment but she wasn’t. Her arms were still spread out wide and dark blood began dripping down her nose as the powers began to overwhelm her.

“She’s bleeding!” Dominic said to Alex.

“My God! She’s killing herself!” Alex said.

“June, You have to stop now!” Dominic yelled out but she couldn’t hear him.

“We need to snap her out of this!” Alex said and walked up to touch her. As soon as he laid a finger on her, June’s powers blasted him off the roof and thanks to Dominic, he used his powers to save him from falling 600 ft down to his death.

Due to Alex’s touch, June became conscious again and stopped the connection of her Psychokinetic powers. She fell to the ground in exhaustion with blood dropping down both nostrils.

Neglecting the fact he almost died few minutes ago, Alex rushed up to her.

“Are you alright?” Alex asked and knelt to embrace her.

“Yeah i am. Did it work?” June asked.

“Yes it did. You were absolutely brilliant!” Dominic said.

“Thank you.” June said softly and stood up. Alex pulled out his handkerchief and rubbed off the bloody nose.

“You almost threw us off the rooftop, you did throw Alex off the second time. He has me to thank for still being whole.” Dominic said.

“Thanks man. I owe you one.” Alex said.

“Thank you Dominic.” June said thankfully.

“No, all thanks goes to you. We’re about to bring back our loved ones from the dead. I never imagined this would ever be possible but we’re blessed to have a god amongst us.” Dominic said and bowed in respect.

“Oh stop it.” June said as her lips widened in smile.

“Now what time is it?” June asked.

“10:35 am from 24 hours ago.” Alex answered.

“At this time, we had left the dinning hall for the laboratory” June said.

“Where are you at this time?” June asked Alex and Dominic.

“I was home in a discussion with my dad.” Alex answered.

“On my back from the hospital.” Dominic answered.

“perfect.” June said.

“We don’t have much time. Rose is at the laboratory already and she’ll soon meet with Dr Cullen.” June said.

“I’ll take us to the house. Alex can come for his car later.” Dominic advised.

“Good. Let’s do it.” June said.

“June, when you see them, don’t be emotional. Be strong. We’re doing this for them.” Dominic said as June nodded slowly in affirmation. The trio held hands together and Dominic teleported them to the Sinclair mansion.


Dominic teleported them to the mansion’s garage.

“We need to act fast. I’ll be heading to the gate now, Dominic you go in and stop Rose. Alex, wait for me at the living room.” June said as they all nodded and understood their respective roles.

“Take the East Wing, get into the elevator there and push the red button. It’ll take you straight down to the laboratory. It’s built beneath the mansion.” June said to Dominic.

“Got it.” Dominic responded.

“By evening, the other parts of ourselves will fade away with time and then you both can return home and it would seem like all these never happened.” June said.

“Alright.” Alex said.

“I’ll start, you both get in.” June said and ran up to the main gate and met with the security.

“Hello Miss Sinclair, are you leaving?” The security asked.

“No sir. Dominic will be coming around, please don’t let him in.” June said.

“Dominic Griffith? Isn’t he your-” The security said and paused.

“Understood ma’am.” he concluded.

“Thank you.” June said and head back to the mansion. Ignoring whatever the security had to say at first.


Dominic stood at the entrance to the laboratory and eavesdropped on Patrick’s conversation with June and Rose. He sighed in relief as he heard Patrick’s voice once again, alive in flesh and blood.

He cleared his throat and walked in.

“Dylan should be back any moment soon.”

“You both feel free to explore the place but don’t touch anything.” Patrick said as June and Rose both nodded in affirmation.

“We should split up.” June suggested.

“I’ll go right.” Rose respond and took her turn right leaving Patrick alone as they both began exploring the state of the art laboratory, not taking notice of Dominic’s presence yet.

“Good day sir.” Dominic greeted.

“Dominic. How did you get here?” Patrick asked.

“June, she called up on me to come over.” Dominic said.

“Oh. She’s over there.” Patrick said and pointed to June’s direction.

“Thank you sir.” Dominic said and head instead for Rose’s direction instead.


June arrived at the living room and met Alex waiting.

“Alex, you need to head to the laboratory now and get the other me out” June said.

“How am i supposed to do that?” Alex asked.

“She’s me Alex and i know exactly what my weakness is. Just let her know you’re around, take her out of the house. It’s simple.” June explained with a shy smile.

“oh. That’s lovely.” Alex responded.

“Take her somewhere private. Spend time with her and by evening, you’ll watch her fade away leaving only one of us behind.” June explained.

“D--n! It’s all like a dream.” Alex said.

“The laboratory is at the East Wing. I’ll show you to the elevator and I’ll hide somewhere close. As soon as you get the other me out, give me a beep call and I’ll go into the lab myself.” June said.

“Perfect!” Alex responded.


Back at the lab, Rose walked a few steps, shooting glances at the computers screens mounted on a wall. Marveled at how much advanced technology was invested in the laboratory.

“McCarthy?” A man spoke to her, snapping her out of her concentration on the computer screens.

“Hi.” Rose responded with a puzzled look. She scanned the man and he appeared to be a middle aged man, dressed in a white lab coat and a pair of medicated glasses. He was average in height with grey hairs all over. She assumed the stress of being a scientist over the years were responsible for the grey hairs everywhere.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. You just look so much like your father.”

“I’m Dr Cullen, a friend and former colleague of your father’s.” He introduced himself.

“Pleased to meet you Dr Cullen. I’m Rose McCarthy.” She said and shook hands with him.

“I know-” Dr Cullen was saying as Dominic interrupted.

“Hey Rose.” Dominic said interrupting their conversation.

“Hi Dom. What’s up? What are you doing here?” Rose asked.

“June gave me a call to come over.”

“Really? I thought you should be at the hospital receiving treatments.” Rose said.

“I left. I’m perfectly fine now.” Dominic responded.

“Come, I’ve got something special for you.” Dominic said with a grin.

“Excuse me Dr Cullen, I have to go now. It was nice to make your acquaintance sir.” Rose said.

“The pleasure is all mine.” Dr Cullen responded.

“I’ll head back to work now.” he said with a smile and left.

“Come on. Let’s go.” Dominic said and held Rose by the hand.


Alex walked into the lab and spotted June observing a particular section of the lab. He walked up to her with a rush, ignoring Patrick’s presence and everything else.

“Hey babe.” He greeted.

“Alex? What’re you doing here? You should’ve called.” June said looking puzzled.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to make it a surprise.” Alex said as he looked slightly to the right and spotted Dominic and Rose heading back to the main entrance.

“A surprise?” June asked.

“Yes. You’ll love it. Come with me, this can wait.” Alex said and held her hands and planted a kiss on her palm.

“I love surprises. Especially one from you.” June said all smiles and followed Alex out of laboratory excitingly, not even taking notice of Dominic’s presence.


“When did Alex get here?” Rose asked Dominic.

“I don’t know. They’re a couple, maybe it was arranged.” Dominic responded.

“arranged? But she had literally no plans except coming down here this morning. I was with her all through, if she had one I’d know.” Rose said.

“It’s Alex and June. You know how much crazy she’s in love with him. I’ll advise you ignore their love story.” Dominic said.

“You’re right.” Rose said and let out a laugh.

“So what’s the special thing you have for me?” She asked.

“June and Alex left already. Are you both leaving too?” Patrick asked interrupting her question.

“Yes sir. We’ll be right back.” Rose said.

“Alright.” Patrick responded feeling a bit disappointed they didn’t spend much time at the lab as planned.

Alex had given the real June a beep call as soon as he left with her other self. She got the signal and came out of hiding, bumping to Dominic and Rose.

“Are you alright? What the hell are you doing there?” Rose said and looked at the tiny space June came out from.

“Uhm my pen fell, so i picked it up.” June lied. Tears began to build up in her eyes as she saw Rose once again. She held herself strong as Dominic advised earlier and set aside her emotions.

“Oh” Rose said.

“I thought you were with Alex?” She asked.

“Uhm yes. I recalled i haven’t told you i was leaving yet so i told him to go on without me.” June said.

“Oh okay. Y’all have been acting all weird. Is everything okay?” Rose asked and rolled her eyeballs left and right, looking at both of them.

“Sure. Dominic please may i have a word with you?” June said and called Dominic to a private corner.

“Like i said, go home. By evening, the other you at home will vanish and that’s when you’ll go in. Thank you so much for everything.” June whispered to him.

“I’ll always be here for you June. So what’s next? She’ll probably go back to the Cullen guy.” Dominic said.

“I’ll tell her the truth.” June whispered back heads down.

“What!? You’re f-----g kidding right! Wasn’t the idea of the entire mission to keep her from getting to know the truth??” Dominic said almost to the hearing of Rose who had been standing impatiently.

“Trust me Dominic. Go home. Everything will be fine.” June said.

“I don’t like this idea to be honest. We can’t go back in time twice for this same course. You know that. If we screw up now, it’s done and irreversible.” Dominic warned.

“Dom, please be calm and trust me. I promise i have this under control. She deserves to know the truth the right way, if i had told her myself maybe things would’ve turned out different.” June said and touched Dominic’s face. She gave him an assuring look and at that moment, he gave her the benefit of a doubt.

“You’re right. Be careful.” He said and sighed.

“I will.” June responded and they both returned back to Rose.

“Since when did we start keeping things from each other?? Y’all left me here for minutes discussing indistinctly.” Rose fumed.

“I’m sorry Rose. It’s all about you and the surprise we have for you.” June said.

“Dom, please excuse us.” June said to Dominic.

“I’ll catch you guys later.” Dominic said and left them both.

“Rose, I have something to tell you about your father.” June said as her voice began to shake.

“My father? What’s going on June?” Rose asked nervously.

“Come with me.” June said and held hands with her as they walked up to June’s room.

Rose sat on the bed and June shut the door closed. Locking it and pulling out the key which made Rose even more nervous.

“June, you’re acting weird please tell me what’s going on.” Rose said feeling uneasy as June sat next to her.

“Roseline, I’ve known you my entire life and heaven knows i love you so much as my own sister and not just a friend.” June began.

“I know that June.” Rose muttered.

“What I’m about to tell you will break your heart but its for the best and you have the right to know the truth.” June said.

“If you hate me after this, I totally understand why but i beg of your forgiveness. I can’t live in a world without you by my side Rose. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices beyond your imagination to keep us at this very moment today.” June said as tears trickled down her face.

“I promise, I’ll always be here with you.” Rose responded and wiped off the tear drops on June’s face.

“I know how your father died and it isn’t what you know.” June began as her statement took Rose by shock.

“I recently found out your dad died at the facility.” June said.

“Yes i know that. A fire outbreak.” Rose responded holding back the tears forming in her eyes.

“It was a lie.” June said.

“He died at the hands of a patient who had the serum in him. The patient transformed into a zombie and attacked your father.” June said heads down. Afraid of Rose’s reaction. Rose froze in disbelief, not moving a muscle.

“My dad couldn’t summon the courage to tell y’all exactly how he died because he knew how much devastating effect it would have and he lied to the media to protect the company. The family’s legacy.” June said further as Rose stood up abruptly and pulled off her hands from June’s grasp.

“You have every right to be mad at me and my family. I am so sorry. I never wished for any of this to happen. My dad loved your father very much and he loves you as he loves me his daughter. He would never do anything against the betterment of your family Rose. I swear on my life.” June said as she began to stutter between words.

“You deserve to know the truth and as your best friend, this is me doing the right thing.” June said as Rose turned to her with tears dripping down her face.

“I’m sorry Rose. I really am.”

“Here is the key. Take this and leave and I’ll know I’ve lost you forever. Stay with me and I’ll know I’ve had your forgiveness.” June said and stretched out the key to Rose.

Rose took the key from her and head for the door. She inserted the key and unlocked the door to step out. She paused for a moment and turned to June who was in tears. Rose closed her eyes as more tears poured down her face. She stepped back into the room and closed the door.

She went back to the bed and pulled June into an embrace as June wept on her shoulders.

“I forgive you and your father June.” Rose said and caressed June’s hair as June’s tears soaked her shoulder.

“You do?” June asked, pulling her head out of the embrace to meet Rose’s teary blue eyes.

“With all my heart.” Rose answered.

“This secret stays with me. No one else will know of this. Not mom or Scarlett.” Rose said to June.

“I love you so much.” June said to her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I love you too Madison.” Rose responded, calling June by her middle name. At that moment, June knew for sure all had been forgiven.

Salvaging the devastating effects of the past 24hrs, June had grown irrevocably from the high school teenage girl she used to be to become a god amongst men. A master of life and death itself with the power of immortality pumping through her veins and the ability to give life and take from it.



AUTHOR’S NOTE – Thank y’all for your patience. It was a long chapter with over 6000 words written. This is the longest chapter so far and the most complicated for me to write, yet so much intriguing.

I hope y’all enjoyed it? See you next weekend.


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