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It Is A ‘Very Good’ Place

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Tang Wulin rapidly calculated the gains and losses of this battle in his mind. His Spirit Domain spiritual power made him feel as if he could gain complete control over the entire scene and he could remember every detail of the battle clearly.

He had been growing all along. His growth rate had accelerated greatly, especially after the battle with the abyssal plane. He was growing so quickly it was shocking.

Luo Guixing and the rest who were originally itching to spar with Tang Wulin immediately dismissed the idea after witnessing the battle between him and Wu Zhangkong. If Teacher Wu was incapable of defeating him, how could they possibly be worthy opponents?

Tang Wulin recounted his journey simply upon reuniting with his classmates. When the group of people learned that the Atlas Douluo sacrificed his life selflessly in order to protect them, the group fell into complete silence.

“Even though the academy is destroyed, Shrek has never vanished before. We must rebuild Shrek no matter the cost,” declared Yang Nianxia ferociously.

Tang Wulin nodded and spoke, “Teacher Wu told me earlier that he would possibly be sending everyone in batches for special training in the future and the training location was already chosen. I think that all of you are going to be the first batch.”

“Oh? Where is that?” asked Wu Siduo curiously.

Tang Wulin shrugged and answered, “Heaven’s secrets must not be divulged. Telling you will affect your training. Anyhow, I’ve already been to that place. It’s a ‘very good’ place.”

For some reason, Luo Guixing’s heart suddenly beat loudly upon seeing the smile on Tang Wulin’s face. He was constantly feeling like there were ill intentions behind Tang Wulin’s smile. It was apparent that the training would not be as simple as he had thought.

The rest of the people had yet to realize that. They were all at seven-ringed cultivation bases and they were feeling rather confident in their abilities. Even Zheng Yiran, whose cultivation base was the weakest, was already at rank-60 at this point. In the previous year, they had been cultivating painstakingly at all times with no intentions of relaxing.

“Senior, how about us? Can we attend the training as well?” asked a younger student.

Smiling, Tang Wulin nodded. “Of course you can. Everyone will have the opportunity to go eventually. However, you must elevate your cultivation base to a certain level first.”

“Yes, senior.”

Tang Wulin asked Wu Siduo, “All of you are still two-word battle armor masters, right? Have you figured out how to move on to three-word battle armor?”

Wu Siduo answered, “Not yet. You should know that there’s nothing we can do down here. We can’t acquire adequate amounts of rare materials as precious metals come in small amounts. Moreover, those highly sought-after metals are registered and recorded with the Federation. There are so many of us, so it’s extremely difficult to obtain enough material to forge battle armor. We have the blueprints designed, but we have yet to get into the specifics.”

At this point, she sounded quite helpless. Yang Nianxia spoke, “Most importantly, we can’t forge. You should know that getting from rank-2 to rank-3 is the most important hurdle in making battle armor. By becoming a three-word battle armor master, one can basically achieve the level of a first-class powerhouse soul master. But three-word battle armor needs to be soul-forged, and how many Saint Craftsmen are there on the entire continent?! It’s too difficult to seek assistance from a Saint Craftsman, so we can only give this matter further thought and discuss it later.”

Tang Wulin said, “I still remember you being a blacksmith. What’s your forging standard now?”

Yang Nianxia chuckled bitterly. He spoke, “Nothing great. Spirit-forging is too difficult and requires a large number of resources. I had just broken through to rank-5 before the great catastrophe, but my spirit-forging success rate is not even forty percent. Moreover, I was too impatient to forge my armor during its elevation to two-word battle armor due to my impatience. The path of a blacksmith is truly a difficult one. I remembered feeling resentful toward you before, but I only truly understood how difficult it must have been for you to become a rank-5 blacksmith so early when I was attempting to achieve spirit-forging.”

Tang Wulin nodded approvingly. He could never have elevated himself to his current rank so easily if not for the boundless strength supplied by his Golden Dragon King Bloodline in addition to his painstaking cultivation and formidable spiritual power. Moreover, he had a total of two Saint Craftsmen and one Divine Craftsman that taught him how to forge! It could be said that he had the best teachers on the continent to help him achieve his current success smoothly.

“Since you have a blueprint, leave the forging to me then. Can you please tell me first which types of metal do you need when all of you upgrade to three-word battle armor? We’ll start making a plan, then I’ll provide the solutions for you. As for the specific builds of the battle armor, its depends on all of you. I hope that each of you can own a few pieces of three-word battle armor before you begin the training.”

Not only was the group overjoyed upon hearing Tang Wulin’s words, but also Xu Yucheng and Luo Guixing’s even became slightly less envious of him. All of them dreamed of becoming powerful soul masters and battle armor masters! As three-word battle armor masters, they would even be capable of fighting against Title Douluos without battle armor or even a Hyper Douluo. The domain created by three-word battle armor would give a massive boost to their abilities.

The group retrieved their design blueprints rather hastily and brought Tang Wulin to the forging stone room used by Yang Nianxia for practice. Wu Siduo sent the younger students to cultivate on their own for there was no need for them to be concerned with three-word battle armor just yet.

Tang Wulin listened to the thoughts of his classmates first, especially their opinions on the metal fusion structure used for their own battle armor.

Then, he proposed some suggestions of his own, as to which metal’s attributes would be most suitable to elevate the quality of their battle armors one step further. However, his explanations had also made the process of forging far more confounding for the group.

“So, it turns out that metal can be fused in such a manner. You’ve really widened our horizons on that! At least, I think that it’s completely doable judging from the theory.” Yang Nianxia looked at Tang Wulin with admiration. They were both blacksmiths, yet how did the disparity between them grow so large? Judging by what was before their eyes, Yang Nianxia was already far behind Tang Wulin.

Luo Guixing asked with some concern, “It’s only that by doing so, the difficulty level of forging will be much higher. We will also need an even larger amount of rare metal. I’m afraid it’s going to be even more difficult for us to become three-word battle armor masters.”

Yang Nianxia burst out laughing. He said, “Guixing, despite your intelligence, you’re not thinking clearly. You didn’t notice Tang Wulin’s confidence, huh? He has his own way for sure. His teacher is a Saint Craftsman and his grandteacher is even a Divine Craftsman.”

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “Yes, I’ll solve this problem. As for rare metal, it’s true that the Blacksmith’s Association keeps a record of their supplies, and the Federation does a periodic audit as well. However, the association still keeps its own private supply of rare metals and we can figure out a way to acquire some. On the other hand, the Tang Sect can provide us with even more rare metals. The number of rare metals owned by the Tang Sect is unknown to the Federation.”

Only the highest-ranking members in the Tang Sect’s inner circle were aware of the number of resources available to the sect. Tang Wulin was uncertain for Cao Dezhi had only told him to look for Zang Xin should he need resources when he left the Blood God Army. Zang Xin would figure out a way to help him no matter what he wanted.

The Tang Sect had been accumulating resources for thousands of years. Moreover, their stockpiles spanned several continents. No one knew the exact amount, but Tang Wulin believed that it should not be a problem for the Tang Sect to arm a few people and provide them with the rare metals for three-word battle armor. As for forging, he would be able to complete that alone.

He had been forging the soul-fused alloy needed for three-word battle armor for himself, A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi for the past few months, so he had already advanced to a new level in forging. Even though he had yet to verify his product, but Tang Wulin believed that he was basically at the level of a rank-8 Saint Craftsman. Even if he was still not as good as Teacher Mu Chen, he was not too far behind either.

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