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Look Ahead

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It was Teacher Wu’s martial soul. As a soul master, it was considered a severe injury when one’s martial soul was destroyed. One would need a long time to completely heal.

The result of a seven-ringed soul master versus another seven-ringed soul master – a broken sword!

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was enshrouded in a golden radiance and appeared normal. The golden scales which covered his skin slowly faded. He remained standing there unmoved akin to a mountain.

Wu Siduo looked at him in bewilderment. The silhouette of Tang Wulin was growing in not only her eyes but her heart too.

He had always been outstanding, yet she never expected him to be powerful to this extent.

Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng were completely in a daze while Yang Nianxia’s mouth was agape without any concern for his image. The younger students were all staring in bewilderment as well. They had a burning gaze as they looked at Tang Wulin.

Who was this person? What happened to his soul rings? Why were there two switchovers? Even with the switchover, he only had a seven-ringed cultivation base. How did he defeat Teacher Wu? Teacher Wu was an invincible man in their hearts!

Yet, Teacher Wu lost. In the end, he had even unleashed his three-word battle armor to fend off the opponent’s attack. What if this man covered in golden scales had also unleashed his battle armor? What would happen then?

The Golden Dragon Spear hummed softly as if it was cheering in excitement. The sharpest point of the spear appeared to be transparent, so much so that one could not discern if the spear existed.

After the grinding of the Dragon Slaying Saber, the Golden Dragon Spear was sharper than before. The invincible Skyfrost Sword lost when it encountered such a sharp, divine weapon.

Tang Wulin had yet to completely master control over the profundity of the King’s Path. He was capable of launching the attack but incapable of controlling it. Had Wu Zhangkong not detected danger at the final juncture, Tang Wulin would not have been able to stop himself. Fortunately, the Golden Dragon Spear retracted its devour ability. Otherwise, Wu Zhangkong would certainly suffer severe injuries and his three-word battle armor may not even be able to save him then. It would have been very difficult even for a three-word battle armor to withstand the Golden Dragon Spear’s sharpness.

“Whoosh.” Tang Wulin opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of white smoke. His face turned ghastly pale as well. It was no easy task to defeat Wu Zhangkong. The Dragon Air had not completely blocked the absolute zero threat. After all, the Dragon Air was his newly acquired ability, so he was far from being able to control this ability completely.

It took a few full seconds before Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong turned around almost simultaneously to face each other.

Wu Zhangkong’s three-word battle armor Sky Dragon Ice disintegrated akin to melting snow. Even though he appeared a little pale, his eyes were filled with joy as he nodded toward Tang Wulin. “Very well, you have not disappointed me. I completely approve of your plan now.”

From his perspective, Tang Wulin had acquired his abilities today through his training on Demon Island and the military. Nevertheless, he was satisfied with Tang Wulin’s cultivation base and progress today.

Wu Zhangkong did not expect Tang Wulin to defeat him despite Tang Wulin’s Soul Sage cultivation base. What could make him happier knowing that?

A teacher could not have asked for more with such a disciple. After this battle, he could see hope in Tang Wulin in its truest sense.

Tang Wulin retracted his Golden Dragon Spear and bowed in salutation toward Wu Zhangkong. He did not ask about Wu Zhangkong’s physical condition for it would be a sign of disrespect.

“Where are you staying?” asked Wu Zhangkong.

“In the Blacksmith’s Association of Heaven Dou City. The president of the Blacksmith’s Association, Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua is my grandteacher. My other teacher, Saint Craftsman Mu Chen is there too. Teacher Wu, should we invite the Holy Spirit Douluo as well? I know her current location.”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Sure. Invite the Holy Spirit Douluo here as soon as possible. The passing of the Pavilion Master is certainly a heavy blow on her. Perhaps, it would be better for her to have some company.”

One could say that the Holy Spirit Douluo was the only remaining high-ranking achiever of Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin’s gaze dimmed at once.

Wu Zhangkong spoke, “What has passed has passed. There’s nothing we can do no matter how much we regret our choices. The only thing we can do now is to look ahead and do what we should. Go and join your classmates. I’ll draft out a plan as soon as possible and send over the first batch of students for special training on the Demon Island. Are you heading over to the Demon Island?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “It’s better for me to be there personally.”

“Sure.” Wu Zhangkong nodded toward Tang Wulin before he turned around and left.

Tang Wulin’s arrival had brought hope in reviving Shrek once again. Wu Zhangkong could not wait to execute the plan immediately, so he could send the first batch of students for training on the Demon Island in order to strengthen their abilities.

Yang Nianxia took the lead in squalling as she gazed after Wu Zhangkong’s departing figure. She dashed over to Tang Wulin’s side and noticed that he had grown taller and bigger. He was like a giant bear. She was before Tang Wulin in just a few steps. She then lowered her head and rammed into him.

Tang Wulin smiled and raised his right hand to pin down her head. It seemed like Yang Nianxia was much taller and bigger than he was. Yet, it only took Tang Wulin one hand to stop her. She could not get any closer to Tang Wulin, try as she might.

It was an absolute disparity of abilities!

The rest of the people had already gathered around them. The younger students looked at Tang Wulin. They were staring at the unfamiliar face, full of curiosity.

Luo Guixing smiled. “Junior brother and sister disciples, perhaps you have never met him before, but you may have heard of his name. Please let me introduce you to Dragon Moon Tang Wulin. He is the leader of our current generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters.”

Dragon Moon was the name of his battle armor while Tang Wulin was his given name. Many younger students’ eyes glowed upon hearing the name. Of course, they had heard of the name. It struck their ears like a thunderclap.

Back in the beginning, they had seen him before from afar when he participated in the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. A longtime had passed since then, so most of them had forgotten about him. They did not expect him to be only slightly older than themselves, and yet his abilities were almost at par with Teacher Wu.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Tang Wulin.” Tang Wulin greeted his junior brother and sister disciples with a smile.

“Senior, you’re awesome! Even Teacher Wu is…”

The young student was interrupted by Tang Wulin. “It was Teacher Wu who yielded to me intentionally. How can I ever be Teacher Wu’s worthy opponent? Teacher Wu didn’t even launch fifty percent of his soul power.”

The younger students were enlightened upon listening to Tang Wulin’s earnest explanation. No wonder the senior was evenly matched with Teacher Wu. It turned out that Teacher Wu limited the amount of soul power he channeled.

Wu Siduo and the rest of the people were dumbfounded when they saw the revelation on the faces of the younger students. They could not tell whether Wu Zhangkong had exhausted all his power, yet Wu Siduo and the rest knew. Wulin was such a…

Actually, even Tang Wulin was surprised with his ability. He was well aware that he was not an ordinary Soul Sage. His seven-ringed soul power cultivation base with the eleventh layer of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline could enable him to fight against an ordinary Title Douluo. However, he never expected that such a powerful Title Douluo like Teacher Wu could be weaker than him in a frontal collision.

It might be related to the Golden Dragon Spear’s incomparable sharpness at present, but his cultivation base also played a part. During the collision earlier, Wu Zhangkong’s absolute zero attack had affected him such that he felt like his bloodline was freezing. Now that he remembered, his bloodline was indeed frozen, but his dragon core and heart were beating furiously at the same time.

That explained it! Tang Wulin was suddenly enlightened.

It was not because Teacher Wu’s ability was inadequate, rather it was his ability to suppress Teacher Wu’s absolute zero attack.

The Golden Dragon King gave him a super strong physical quality which the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique enhanced further. The combination of the two improved his resistance against the ultra-low temperature tremendously. In addition, he had the Golden Dragon Body, golden dragon scales, and the Dragon Air. Thus, the absolute zero assault had a very limited effect on him such that he could still unleash his super-powerful abilities during the collision.

On the other hand, Wu Zhangkong sensed the threat of life and death when he was attacked by Tang Wulin’s King’s Path. His three-word battle armor Sky Dragon Ice was triggered in response to the attack. However, the Skyfrost Sword was badly damaged in the frontal collision against the Golden Dragon Spear.

To put it simply, Wu Zhangkong should not have used the absolute zero to counterattack Tang Wulin. His other soul skills could have been more effective against him. In any case, it would be difficult to say who would win or lose.

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