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•••••••AUTHOR’S POV•••••••••••

Beep beep>>>>

Collette pulled out her phone and stared at the text messages on it.

**Happy new year, Chi-Chi**

It was from Temi.

She had received the same message from Charlotte about five minutes ago.

Leaning over the barrister rail overlooking the beautifully painted fireworks sky, Collette waited for Lucy’s message.

She was outside the balcony of her room. It’s been an hour she came back home from church.

A lot of messages crammed her phone from teachers, students and classmates.

But there was that one message she had been waiting for.


But Lucy hadn’t texted her yet.

Funny enough, Lucy had her number and she was expecting her message since her departure from Lagos.

She hoped Lucy would put a little effort to call her.

But Lucy hadn’t called nor texted her. It’s been three days now and she missed her already.

Scrolling through all the messages on her phone’s inbox, she searched for a message probably sent by Lucy.

Disappointedly, she found none.

Sighing, she gave up and returned her attention back to the sky booming with fireworks.

It was such a beautiful view. If only Lucy were here with her.

Ring! Ring>>>>

Someone was calling. She raised the phone to her face, frowning at the unknown number.

” Hello?”

” Collette,” she instantly recognized her father’s voice. ” How are you?”

Collette gazed down at her naked legs, thinking if she should cut the call or keep on talking.

” I’m great, Happy New year,” she said.

” Just wanted to check on you,” Benjamin Said, speaking loudly. ” Haven’t had the chance to call you. I’ve been busy with a lot of things.”

” I figured,” Collette rubbed the back of her neck. ” Where are you? It’s noisy over there.”

Benjamin walked up and down the parking lot, staring from side to side.

” I’m still at church,” he replied. ” Lucy’s mom is meeting with some old friends. It’d take a while before we return home.”

” And Lucy?”

Benjamin paused. ” I think I saw her with Damian few minutes ago.”

Lucy and Damian.

Collette let out a deep breath. She didn’t like the way it made her feel.

” Collette,” Benjamin’s voice came over the line again. ” Does your mom know?”

Collette shut her eyes. ” Know about what?”

” You and Lucy.”

” She doesn’t have to know.”

” She should know, Chi-Chi,” Benjamin sounded urgent. ” Look, dear. You’ve got to get some help. I’ll do what I can. I’m worried about you.”

” Thanks for caring, sir,” she said softly. ” But I’ll be fine. I’m having some sober reflection over my life. It’s a new year. My life begins afresh.”

Benjamin was glad to hear that. ” I do wish you were here with me, Collette. I can help you. You don’t have to go back to that dreadful school.”

” It’s too late,” Collette stretched her back. ” This is who I am. I will do my best and if God so willing, I’ll do better.”

Benjamin smiled. ” I still love you, Chi-Chi. Despite the divorce, your flaws and your mistakes, I still have you in my heart. I’m proud of having you as my daughter.”

Collette walked towards her bed. ” Yes me too….dad.”

Benjamin gasped. She called him dad.

It’s been ages he’d heard that words from her lips.

” Thank you, daughter. Will you learn to forgive me?”

Collette nodded. ” If you will forgive me for being such a rotten daughter, dad.”

Benjamin felt peace. He was happy, speaking to his child. ” Take some rest. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay.”

Collette closed her eyes shut. She could imagine the smile on his face.

” I’ll be waiting.”

Then she hung up and fell over ontop her bed, lost in thoughts.

It wasn’t long before she heard voices in the other room. Her stepdad and mom were having another heated argument.

It has always been this way ever since her mother remarried. Every night was a quarrelsome night even on the first of January.

Collette felt disgusted. She made a resolution in her mind never to get married.

Speaking of marriage, she instantly remembered Vee. Her wedding was tomorrow.

Would it do to go to her wedding tomorrow?

Collette frowned at the ceiling. She sat up from her bed and opened her inbox.

One of the messages she had received earlier today was from Vee.

It read:

**Happy new year, Chi-Chi. Glad you made it into the new year. I’m inviting you to my wedding tomorrow. Time, Venue at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, New Haven. I wish to see you there**

That was Vee’s text message.

Collette read it over and over again until she could bear it no longer.

Why was she always losing the people she cared most about.

First it was Vee, then it was Efua and now it’s Lucy.

Even though she was done with Vee, she couldn’t get over the love she had had for her.

It’s tough getting over your first love. Especially when she’s the one who took your Virginity.

Collette gritted her teeth at the memory. She recalled Lucy’s ordeal and it wretched her soul apart.

She glared at Vee’s inbox message once more; reading it for the very last time.

The next thing she did was of no surprise.

She deleted the message.

She was done with Vee. It was a new year, she was going to start over again.

From the other room opposite her, she heard her mom calling her step dad names.

” You bastard!” Her mother yelled. ” You fúcking bastard!”

It was at that moment, that specific moment Lucy missed her once perfect happy family.





Abdul got out of the shower room, drying his head with a large towel. He looked happy as he walked over to his wardrobe and tried some clothes on.

” Can’t believe ten hours from now, we’re getting married,” he said, smiling at Vee who sat on the bed, watching him as he dressed up.

They had both crossed over to the new year together in church. Abdul had offered to drive her home but Vee refused.

She insisted she slept at his house.

Abdul couldn’t tell why. He had thought she would return home to prepare for their wedding today which was ten hours from now.

However, he drove her to his house. It was against tradition to see the bride before the wedding but it’s alright. Maybe by morning she would have left.

” You look like you have cold feet,” Vee said calmly, watching her husband to be as he wore some pyjamas. ” It’s just a wedding. Relax.”

Abdul laughed. ” Well, yeah. You’re right. I’ve got cold feet. Don’t you too?”

Vee uncrossed her legs. ” I don’t suppose I am.”

Abdul stared at her from the corner of his eyes. She was wearing a tight jeans that gripped her curves and a red blouse running down over her waist.

He smiled.

This beautiful lady would be his. He couldn’t wait to have a family with her.

Vee noticed him watching. ” What’s on your mind, Abdul?”

Abdul Quickly looked away. ” Oh nothing. I’m just excited. I really can’t wait to grow a family with you.”

Vee regarded him but said nothing. Her conscienceness kept judging her.

If he wanted a family, would he accept her for what she was?

” I’ll sleep in the living room,” Abdul said, picking up his pillow. ” You might as well use the bed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to have any temptations till after the wedding.”

Vee stood up from the bed and walked over to where he stood. Her hands reached out to him and took the pillow away from his grasp.

” Why don’t we let the temptations happen, Abdul?”

Abdul laughed uneasily. ” On our wedding day? Sorry, babe but we’ve got to be patient.”

Vee began unbuttoning his shirt. He lost his smile and gaped at her.

” Umm… what’re you doing?”

Grabbing his arm, She gently laid him back against the bed and placed her head on his chest.

Abdul could feel her hands moving inside his pyjamas shirt.

He wasn’t sure if he was awake or dreaming. She also had her leg upon his and it was moving up and down.

” Abdul?”

He raised his head at her. ” Yes?”

Vee smiled lovingly to his eye. ” Take me, please.”

” But it’s our wedding day. I can’t….”

” Hush,” she lightly places a finger to his lips. ” Just do it.”

That was when Abdul decided it didn’t matter if it was their wedding day or not. He was aroused, she had made him h---y.

As gently as he could, he began stripping her off her clothes. The moment he remove her pant from her legs, he stopped.

” No,” he pushed her away gently. ” I can’t do this, dear. It’s not right.”

Vee was already lying down naked besides him. She rubbed his arms and brought his hand to her laps.

” Why do we have to wait, Abdul. We’re getting married aren’t we? Have your fun. I’m all yours.”

” Can’t we be a little patient?”

Vee shook her head. ” I’m out of patience. Just do it.”

” But.”

” Do it!”

Abdul surrendered.

He reached over and lifted her body from the bed. He sat her on his lap and stared at her full bréasts.

Vee gazed down at him and waited. Her hands found their way to his cóck and she began stroking it to give him a proper stronger erection.

It felt Soo good. Abdul found himself closing his mouth around her aching nípple.

Vee held the back of his head, encouraging him to devour her.

She thought of Collette and how she had s----d on these same boóbs. She imagined Abdul as Collette and this increased her horniness, making her wet between the legs.

When he was hard enough, Vee pushed Abdul back on the bed and Saddled him. She opened her legs between his hips and guided his cóck inside her c--t.

His hard-on went inside her instantly.

As she sank down his s---t, Abdul could hear her draw in breath. She sat silently for a few seconds, then she looked up at him and smiled.

Her hips began to move in a rotating direction.

The next in-drawn breath was from Abdul’s mouth.

Soon she was riding him faster and harder. Sweat were rolling off their body but they were far gone in ecstasy to notice.

Abdul stroked her body in line with her riding.

Vee was so close that he could reach her Títs with his mouth, grabbing them and s-----g.

He gently stroked them and occasionally twisted and pinched her nípples. Her reactions was of desire as if to say “do it again” which he did.

Abdul met her downward stroke with an upward t----t.

She began to shudder on her down stroke. This was enough to reach her core. She rode faster and faster, crying out in pleasure from the feeling of a man’s cóck inside her.

Abdul waited for her. He was feeling himself going off but he had to wait for his woman.

Vee’s moans filled his ears and just when he couldn’t hold on anymore, he heard her panting.

” I’m coming….im coming!”

Abdul suddenly let loose and he rammed it home, shooting his seed inside her.

They both came together. It was a marvelous órgasm. The best Vee had had in years.

She fell on Abdul’s body and closed her eyes.

They cuddled together, their gentitals still connected and went to sleep, tired and exhausted from their love making.





” Babe, wake up!” Vee said, shaking Abdul awake.

” Wha?” He stirred, sitting up from his pillow. ” What time is it?”

” It’s seven-thirty. I can’t sleep.”

Abdul glanced outside his window to see the dawning morning.

He groaned. Great, on the day of his wedding, he’d already screwed his wife.

” What’s bothering you?” He yawned, getting off the bed. He was surprised to see her already dressed.

She wasn’t kidding when she said she couldn’t sleep.

” Babe, I need to tell you something very important.”

” Can’t it wait till after We’re married?” He said, groaning. ” My friends would be here any moment from now. I don’t want them seeing you in my house. We’re breaking the sacred rules of wedding.”

” Will you just listen?” Vee snapped.

Abdul let out a deep breath. He took his towel and covered his nakedness.

” Alright, I’m listening. What is it.”

” It’s hard for me to tell you this but I have to because I love you,” Vee said quietly.

Abdul waited, watching her as she met his eyes, bold and ready to deliver her thoughts.

” I really don’t know how you’ll react but here’s the truth,” Vee paused. ” Babe, I’m into girls.”

She saw Abdul raise an eyebrow.

” I mean I’m a lesbian and Collette is the one I’m with. I love you both and I don’t want to lose any of you. But the thing is, I’d give anything to have Collette back. We broke up when she discovered I was getting married to you. I do love you, Abdul. You’re a good man and I wished above everything we’ll have a family together. But I’m not sure you’ll accept me for who I am. I’m not sure you’ll accept a lesbian for a wife. That’s why I’m confessing to you now. I want you to know the kind of woman you’re getting married to and if you’re willing to accept me as your wife.”

Abdul said nothing. He couldn’t.

He watched her speechlessly, knowing she wasn’t bluffing. He felt his blood rising.

He found it hard to believe that his wife to be….






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