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Mehn as I stood with my trembling feets and a racing heart I tried to stay compose after all I havenot done anything wrong.

But d--n I was forken scared..

Ma: so tell me who is Joy to you?

Me: ah ah ah ah hmmmm…… I didnt know what she was to me as in weda na my friend…

She laughed……

Ma: see boy we were looking for some one like you to work with and thank heavens here you are… so you will be working for me..

Me: ok ma, In my mind I just wanted to go and have nothing to do with them anymore, so anything is yes ma so that she will just let me go

Ma: I like boys like you who dont ask much questions..who feels they are smart, hmm but I know in your heart you just want to disappear and not return…

Me: no ma I swear..

Ma: come closer boy

She reached forward took hold of my left hand kind of massage it…

Ma: hmm ajebutter fresh and smooth

She den placed her cigarette on my hand and pressed it… and then removed it as it burned my skin…

I didnt know when I shouted Jesus..

Ma: save it boy cos you will need him very much if you disobey me… so how did it feel?

Me: its hurt ma…

Ma: no it burns thats how I run things here boy.. if a child plays with fire that child gets burnt so dont play with me.. do you understand ?

Me: yes ma

Ma: so here is what you will be doing..

On saturday u will dress like this as good as this and wearing this perfume.. at exactly

10 AM stand at your school main gate and we will pick you up also come with your time table so we know how and how we schedule things as we hope to work with you for a period of time,…and we are being this nice cos Joy said some few good things about you… so are we clear here

Me: yes ma in my mind I smiled and said na your mama go dress dey wait for you at that gate devil punish you

Ma: very good boy( she calls out joy)

Joy showed with a brown envelop and then handed it over to me..

Ma: you are free to go

Me: thank you.. signaled a goodbye sign to the bouncer guy who was sitting quietly…

Then turned and headed for the door.

Ma: sweet heart I believe your dad was just promoted to a top position.. so if you are happy for him and you want him to maintain that position…..I sincerely believe you wont disappoint me dear…. she said that with a smile..

My heart failed me, my legs went weak and heavy and my head got swollen and heavy..

Outside I walked as fast as my legs could carry me… I saw those 2girls who were beaten still without clothes discussing,..

But my mind no just dey any girl matta now if you like dey like mermaid na unto your head…

On my way home I began wondering if my dad was into some Illegal business? Was it about him? They just want to ruin his reputation? Who are these people?

I felt sad, was it a coincidence that this is happening? Was it a set up? As in Joy and me… if it were to be a setup how did they know I will be at that botique as at that time and besides my Dad wasnt promoted then… or was it just a threat?

I kept asking myself so many questions just like you wey the read now(lol)

Got home opened the envelop and saw 10k, Dad wasnt home yet but mum was in and somehow knew something was she kept pestering me but I couldnt share it….

I tried acting normal but I go wear cloth my body go dey hot, I comot am I go begin catch cold, go outside catch cold come back in feel heat, look TV but Nothing dey there my heartbeat was just irregular…

Jeez I felt like dying….

I couldnot eat dinner as food no sweet…

Finally at about 8pm as popsi no still show back cos now adays its been meeting, meeting, and comming home late…

I told mum I am off to sleep she agreed and again assured me that she is my mum that I could share my worries with her and It will be safe…

I looked at her with saddness in my heart…

If only she knew her beloveth son is in a deep poo cos of puss¥, .. I just gave her a hug…..

Moved upstairs lock myself blew wraps of kush till my eyes became heavy and slowly I was knocked out…

That was exactly what I wanted….

Days were fast and me was drowning in my deep shiit… I thought of so many things..

Like should I tell my parents? But telling my parents will definitely involve the police more so my Dad will loose his job if this people for real have something that could ruin him.. and many more thoughts.

I look at my Dad every morning with his Suit and tire and my heart will slow down at the thought of seeing him sad, I cant do anything to ruin his reputation…..

I needed to talk someone but who do I trust?

I cant tell Nene nor Sisi for they will tell my dad and I cant even tell my niggerz ..

Finally I decided I tell Suga,..

I met Suga and told her everything…

She was truly sad for me and started cursing Joy. I calmed her down and told her it was not time for anger but brain work..

After like 30mins of Silence Suga said I am comming with you…

I asked to where that I dont want any harm to come to her please, that its my cross and I will carry it… but she said she will tail them so should incase things go awry she can alert my parents or something…

I was glad did I say glad I was Elated…

I hugged her and thanked her….

We sat down together and made a good plan detailing things, from our perspective it was good…

I dropped the 10k Joy gave me for her in a notebook and a note telling her thankyou.., I didnt give her directly cos she wont accept it so I told her when I am gone she should check her note book…..

Friday night I recieved a call from a strange number and it was Joy Madam she said it was a reminder..

Saturday morning came I got dressed and got to the gate. Suga came and stayed somewhere observing..

At exactly 10 AM a tinted black Rav4 showed up, Joy came down looking like a mermaid.. we talked and I got into the Rav4.. everywhere was silent except the CD jamming Craig David 7days..

I couldnt observe if Suga followed on with the taxi we hired but I had to believe so my heartbeat will slow down and I wont die, as my heart was forken fast, my hands got wet chai I have never been this scared… finally we pulled up in a sweet compound and a parked black landcruiser but everywhere was quiet …

Me and the bouncer guy stayed in the car Joy went in…

I became thirsty, so many things ran through my mind.. I closed my eyes and began praying in my heart…

Suddenly the door flung open and I opened my eyes it was Joy..

She gave me her phone and said it was her madam..

Her Madam started by telling me the name of my Dads company, the year he started working with them.. she then said I could see he has laboured many years in the company so therefore I shouldnt be the one to ruin everything… so I should cooperate

I was suppose to be a big boy as my Dad got promoted but instead my life is becoming miserable …..

Joy said I should go in and that at 6pm she will be here to pick me up…

My liver failed me…

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