My life as a gentle and rugged guy - S01 E37

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The noise from outside was now high….

A voice was begging shouting forgive me Ma, please since I have spoken the truth…

Then suddenly came a loud scream…….

The wailing and the crying continued

It was now very Obvious that me was not comfortable…

Joy on noticing that tried making the situation a lil less tense so she began talking

Joy: those girls out there lied and tried double crossing our Madam and thats the part she doesnt like blah blah blah…

She kept talking but I wasnt listening my mind tried figuring out who are these people… I ran my eyes round the living room for a clue maybe a family photo or anything… but there was absolutely nothing just a normal and expensive living room.. I began to wonder why did I even show up here? Chai who knows my where about? So many questions ran through my mind and I realised I was foolish to have come…

Me: so our madam that means she is your madam too and you live here?

Joy:yes she is my madam and I live here…

Me: hmm lovely place you av got here…what kind of business is your madam into ? And are you related, what of your parents?

Joy: thank you but please like I said all those questions are not necessary for now..

Me: seriously but how did you know so much about me and why?

Joy: dont worry and we know even more than you think…

Me: okay thank you but I think this is the point I will be leaving..

I stood up

Joy: wait now dont you want to meet who I said wanted meeting you?

Me: I am not instrested..

Joy: calm down what of your money I am going to refund ..

Me: really dont worry.. I didnt ask for a requite when I gave you

Joy: but wait at least to find out why we know so much about you…abi dont you want to know?

Me was hooked with that one…so I went back to my seat

Joy: ah stop acting like a girl…what are you scared of?

She said that smiling and got back to her seat..

Foot steps were approaching and some indistinct conversation and gradually becoming distinct a female voice was talking

Female voice: can you believe that they didnt want to remit 2000 dollars … ama show em that I did hustled hard, paid my dues and was Loyal mehn before I got here.. loyalty is what I demand from this bitches

Na so she enter the room… the tall fair lady that was with a belt and few seconds leta one of the huge guy enter I guess the one she was talking to..

Joy got to her feet and me joined in standing

Me: goodevening ma

She looked at me from head to toe slowly she said so you are … she mention my name…

Me: yes Ma

Ma: hmm so you av come to get your 5000 Naira… Joy said she was owing you..

Me: ah ah hnm no ma

Ma: ok boy sit down..

She went inside Joy followed her and the bouncer guy sat in one the chairs…

Mehn I was now scared, I immediately brought out my phone I tried sending a msg to my guy atleast make person know where I dey but I didnt have enough money on my phone

The lady returned with a bottle of hot drink and a pack of cigarette but Joy was no where to be found..

She sat down pulled a stick of cigarette poured her self some drink, puffed out smoke and she threw the pack of cigarette to her bouncer who took one…

She took a sip of her drink and closed her eyes after a while she opened em

Ma: do you smoke boy?

Me: no Ma

Ma: boy when I am talking to you, you stand until I permit you to sitdown boy…

Me sorry ma as I rushed to me feet.

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