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Haunted past


Hardin Castillo



Shadows and echoes played on my senses warping shapes and sound as I watched the appalling sight in front of me…

Stiff bodies, Injured persons were been carried into the ambulance

Am I dreaming? Is this for real? I thought within, staring down at my hand and yes it is real , Kim’s blood was still in my hands……

“oh no! Kim! I muttered as tears rolled down my eyes..Arrgh! she took a gunshot in my stead , every f**king injured persons here got hurt because of me……

I was pained , hurt and scared at the same time knowing I caused this shit myself, I really regretted the day I met Austin…..

Speaking of Austin , where is he? Is he among the attackers? If yes, was he caught …….

with a heavy heart, I looked around the huge compound for sign of traces of him but found none , Jasper dead body laying on the ground was the only “thing” in view ……but wait a minute ! Isn’t that Justin?

Fear crippled me , freezing every muscle in my body as I stared at the chubby man in handcuffs been led into the waiting police van ….

Is Austin this Desperate that he had his boys from London come hunt me down? Does it mean he is still out there? … D--n! this is messed up …….

A light tap on my shoulders snapped me out of my thoughts and I quickly look in the direction to see Richard …..

“hey man! Are you alright?” he asked , breathing hard and I nodded slowly

“Steve! where is he?” I asked in whispers, leaning against the wall as I watched students trot out of the school building

“he went with Kim in the ambulance”. he answered and I was forced to smile

It was obvious Steve likes Kim!

“But what exactly is going on? Who were those men? what business do you have with them?” Richard asked in a rush as he paced up and down the sidelines and I exhaled deeply

“They are Austin men”. I answered truthfully

“Austin Rivera! the man who blackmailed you! how? ….. I mean that man has hurt you a lot, why can’t he just let you be?”he continued as I clutched my fist tightly

“I don’t know ! I really don’t know”. I yelled, hitting my fist on the wall and that was the exact minute my mum drove in

Mum! why is she here? I wondered, tucking my left hand into my pocket as I walked slowly to her car.

Instantly, The car skidded to a halt and to my surprise,the door to the passenger seat flew opened and Hazel hopped out , rushing to hug me

I smiled inwardly, she is the exact person I need at the moment!

Catching her in my arms , I wrapped my hands lightly around her careful not to let the blood on my hands stain her as she buried her face in my chest

“I was so scared Hardin , the news made it look so terrible”. she rasped , whimpering in my arms

“I know”. I agreed, resting my head on hers as l listened to the sound of our heart beating…

We stayed like that for a while and then I pulled out of the hug to stare at her face …..

her hair were tangled! her eyes red and puffy!her lips pale!

I exhaled deeply, why does she like crying?

“Baby!” a familiar voice suddenly call from behind me and I glanced over my left shoulder to see my mum running towards me

Oh right! when will she with the baby calling?

“Baby!” She called again when she was closer and I sighed , turning to face her

“Hey mother!” I greeted, running my hands through my hair and on seeing the blood on my

hand, she screamed loudly attracting the curious stares of the cops officers including my dad

” we are alright!” I said aloud, signalling to my dad and he nodded slowly, looking away

“No Hardin! You ain’t fine , what is with the blood in your hands”. My mum insisted , talking in whispers and before I could respond, she continued

“Is it the girl’s blood? but erm …your dad told me she wasn’t hurt that much”. She quickly added as I bit at my lower lips, cursing silently

if she already knows about it why is she making out a big deal about it?

” it is a bullet wound mum and those shit do bleed like hell”. I stated , staring intently at Hazel as I searched through her blank gaze

She was confused and I knew it

“What girl?” She mouthed at me and I

looked away to avoid more of her questions

I was in no mood to explain the details of what happened to her, she will surely get her answers from my mum since the news clearly didn’t give the full story……

“Mum!do you by any chance know the hospital she was taken to? I asked picking my words and she nodded with a light smile

“Ontario hospital!!!!

Immediately, I leaned over to give Hazel a brief kiss and then made for my classroom ….

Entering the classroom, I found only a few students so I quietly picked up my backpack and ran all the way to the car lot where I met …Hazel ….

Oh no! not again!!!!

“Are you gonna see Kim?” she asked , resting her back against my car

“Yes!” I answered truthfully as she nodded slowly

“Alright! we will see at home”. She simply said and then ran off to meet mother …..

heaving a sigh, I watched her go : then opened the car door , got into it closing the door behind me and on starting the car , I drove off to the family hospital, Ontario……..



Getting to the hospital, I parked out in front and on stopping the car engine, I alighted from the car to see ” the gossips” questioning a police officer…


With my head bent low, I strode through the crowd to the hospital and on entering the reception, i was greeted with a shocking sight

Right in the reception, Steve was seated on the floor crying and when I say crying, I mean wailing his eyes out without even minding the scene he was causing ….

Oh no! This is so bad!

quickly, I rushed to him, squatting beside him

“Steve!” I called as he slowly shifted his gaze to me

his eyes were already swollen and his veins stood out on his neck

“what is wrong?” I asked in whispers and he opened his mouth mumbling some words but all I heard was the name “Kim”

I became alarmed

“Kim! Is she alright? did anything happen to her?” I asked in a rush and he sighed, shaking his head

“She refused to see me , she wants to see you and you alone”. he stated as he burst into fresh tears and I widened my eyes in surprise

Is this it? because of a girl? unbelievable!

“So have she been attended to? where is she?”I probed on and he nodded , pointing to a sliding door adjacent to us

“her wounds have been tended to , you can go see her”

Straightening up , I adjusted my clothes as i walk up to the sliding door

I slide it open and walked in to see Kimberly laying on the big bed

Seeing me , she smiled weakly as she gestured me to sit beside her which I did …..

an awkward silence follows which I broke it with a nervous chuckle

“So how is the arm? I asked , staring at the already bandaged arm

“Fine! she answered, trying not to meet my gaze and I sighed in frustration

“Why did you do it?” I directed the same question that have been eating me all up to her

” you should know the answer Hardin”. She said playing with her hands shyly

“That you like me ?” I asked to be sure and she looked up at me , nodding slowly

“It can’t happen Kim and you know it”

“I know but I can’t just control my emotions”. She rasped as tears welled up her eyes …

“No Kim! You can do it ,you just have to open your heart to someone who genuinely loves you” I said referring to Steve and as if reading my mind, she asked

Steve right???

I nodded , “and how did you know?”

he told me himself”. She simply answered as she continued playing with her fingers

“I like him too but not like the way I love you”. She quickly added and I was forced to smile widely

“Just give it time and the love will flow naturally”.I advised her

She was quiet for a while and then she smiled softly

“I can see Hazel has taken all of the special places in your heart”

“No Kim! You got it wrong there, you also got a special space in my heart”. I said trying to make her happy and it worked , her eyes lit up

“And what special space is that?”She asked excitedly

“The space of a true friend”. I answered truthfully and to my upmost surprise, she jumped on me and hugged me ….

“Thanks Hardin!”

“No! I should be the one saying that , thanks for saving my life”. I said in appreciation as she wrapped her hands tightly around me …….



Mike Peterson



With my mouth wide opened, I stared into my laptop in surprise

Jasper dead! Justin arrested! No it can’t be , it really can’t be

“Oh no! Austin! the cops will soon be here ! what are we going to do?Noah asked , shaking in fear and yes he was right , the police would soon be here

Reasons! Justin couldn’t endure pain and with a little torturing, he is sure to confess

I was so d--n confused and needed to think straight …..

“We got enough money right???”I asked Noah and he nodded his head sheepishly..

“Good! get me my covers, we need to leave now” I instructed making him sigh in relief

“I need to lay low and when the coast becomes clear , I will strike again and this time around I will take them all by surprise……



Hazel Dakota



Laying on my bed , I glanced at the wall clock for the umpteenth time

It was already late evening and Hardin was yet to be back …..

I sighed sadly

Is he still with Kim? If yes, will he be spending the night with her?

I was so confused and unhappy at the same time but what can I do? She saved his life so I have no right to complain….

Sitting up , I reached for my phone and was about dialling his number when I heard someone knock

“Come in”. I answered and immediately , the door flew opened and Nina walked in holding a dustpan and waste-bin

Oh yeah ! the mystery girl!

“Ma’am! I am here to clean up your room”. She stated with a light bow

Clean! So she can plant a bomb in my room! Hell no

“Don’t worry, I will clean it up myself “. I snapped at her and her eyes grew wide in surprise

“But ma’am! that is not possible, you are Hardin’s.. erm Sir Hardin’s wife to be”. She said and I swear, I heard the mockery in her voice and that was it, I could not take it any longer

“Get out of my room”. I thundered at her and she gave me a long long before sauntering out of the room …

What the hell? did she just jeer at me? I really need to tell Hardin, he really needs to do something about it

The sound of a car driving into the compound disrupted my thoughts and getting off the bed , i looked out of the window to see it was Hardin’s…

I smiled inwardly, he will spend the night in my arms


Picking up my phone from the bed , I walked out of my room to his room and on entering, I sat on his bed waiting for him

Finally! after a long wait , the door to his room creaked opened and he walked in with a large smile

“ha ha! I knew you would be here” he said, tossing his back pack on the floor ; then pulled off his shirt, joining me on the bed

” welcome”. I greeted him, maintaining a straight face and he sighed as he pulled me closer to him

“I know you are angry but It will be unfair to leave her like that , she saved my life you know”. he apologised, biting my earlobe and I clutched the bed sheet tightly to stop myself from laughing but soon gave in , I laughed out loud and hard

“Good girl! I love the way you laugh”.he remarked as he continued biting my earlobe

“No! Stop it! Please stop! I am still angry with you”. I screamed loudly and he stopped , making me to face him as he pulled me onto his laps

“And what should I do to make you happy my love?”he asked, touching my nipples through the gown I was wearing

“Nothing much , Just don’t lie to me ever”

“Alright! I won’t!”. he said as his hands search for my zip but I was quick to stop him

“Why Haz!”he asked, searching my gaze as if looking for answers and I chuckled seeing the pleasure in his eyes

“Well! well! I need to talk to you about something first”

” And what is that? Can’t it wait?”he asked with a smirk and I smiled, shaking my head negatively….

“It is about Nina”. I quickly added

“Nina! what about her?did she say anything mean to you?” he inquired, knitting his eyebrow

“Nope! I am just a little bit suspicious of her ,actually I overheard her talking to a person on phone and from the look of things, it seems they both know you”

he stared at me for a while and then laughed

“And how is that possible miss?”

I scoffed , “do I look like a joker !I am d--n serious, she talked to a person called Anne and I think they both know you”. I repeated but this time around, my voice was louder

“Anne!” He repeated with disbelief written all over his face and I nodded

“Do you know her?” I asked , studying his facial expression

“Erm yes I mean no how will I know her”. he stuttered and I nodded slowly knowing he was lying and to sum up my point , he pushed me away from him gently , stood up , pick up his shirt , put it on and then stormed out of the room

“Hardin!” I tried calling him back but my voice came out in whispers….

What the hell is going on?



Hardin Castillo



“Anne! Is Hazel really sure about what she is saying?”I thought within as I climbed down the stairs to the maid quarters

I mean I know for sure that she Anne would have been out of the juvenile prison house but why the hell is she in South Tacoma?

D--n! It can’t be , there must be a mix up from somewhere and I will find out today……..

Kicking the door to the first room opened, I walked in to see the girl Nina typing into her phone smiling

Seeing me , she hid the phone under the pillow , got off the bed and rushed to stand in front of me

“Sir Hardin! how can I help you?” She asked , fidgeting as he played with her hands shyly

“Anne! who is she to you?” I asked, ignoring her question and she froze on the spot

“Erm Sir I erm don’t understand erm what you are talking about”. She stuttered as I smirked evilly

“Really! then let me rephrase the question, where the hell is Anne?” I half yelled

“Anne! where is she! who is she!” She asked , scratching her hair and that was when I saw it , the stricken resemblance

D--n! I cursed silently as I recall Anne telling me about a kid sister who looks exactly like her

Why didn’t I notice this earlier?

My heart beat increased as I heard a loud bang in my head

Did Anne send her kid sis to spy on me? If yes , why ?

“Enough of the lies kid! I know who you are, where the hell is Anne?”I repeated and this around, she clutched to my clothes tightly

“Please Sir Hardin, don’t throw me out of the mansion, I love it here”. She pleaded as I eyed at coldly

Is she for real?

“Fine!but firstly, you need to tell me where your sister is”. I said hoping she would agree and she did

She let go of my cloth, rushed to bed , picked a paper along with a pen , wrote into it and then rushed back to me

“Here! this is it”. She said , handing me the paper and I nodded , staring at it

“Good! get ready to leave the mansion as soon as I return

having said that ,I walked out of her room to the garage and luckily for me, I was still with my car keys

Seriously! Does she think I will let a sly like her stay in the mansion?

Opening the car door , I got in closing the door behind me and on starting the car, I drove to the address written on the paper

No 2 ! Teddy block, off Beacon hills school!

Come to think of it , She even stay so close to my school, unbelievable!



In what seems like an age , I parked in front of a modern building covered with thick bushes

Really! Of all places, why did she choose to live here?

Offing the ignition, I alighted from the car and walked up to the front porch , the door was slightly ajar so I pushed it opened and on entering, I came face to face with Anne

“Anne!” I called in disbelief as my eyes roamed all over her

She was so different and when I say different, I meant she was pregnant

“Jayden!” She called , holding the sofa as she stood up

She was clearly aware of my coming, her loud mouthed sister must have called her!!!!

“What happened?” I asked still in shock

“I got out of prison two months after you left , I was almost done with my prison terms remember?” She reminded and I nodded absentmindedly as i was lost staring at her protruded tummy ……..

I went back to my little home in London and was told my mum died of an illness and also , about my little sister who was living with an aunt here in south Tacoma…

And with the little money I had on me , I took the next available flight to south Tacoma….. and believe me when I say I could not stop thinking of you , I couldn’t forget you….

I spent all of my days crying as I held the only picture I have of you , my actions got my aunt pissed and she threatened to burn your picture but the moment she saw the pics clearly, she froze on the spot …..

” Hardin Castillo! Is this not Hardin Castillo?” She repeated in shock

I was confused and speechless, I never knew you as Hardin Castillo but with the way she described you , I knew for sure you were the one…..

” wait! wait! I half yelled , signalling her to stop and she did

“Your aunt! She knows me ! Who the hell is she?” I asked , looking around the room as she smiled light

“Miss Benson”. She answered and I went stiff

Miss Benson! My literature teacher! Is that why she wasn’t all surprise when she knew I was Jayden Winthrop? because she already knew…..

Mehn! This is messed up

“Can I continue??” Anne asked snapping me out of my thoughts and I nodded


I began stalking you , taking pictures of you and spent the whole day dreaming about you …..

I wanted you back! I wanted you beside me so on seeing the vacancy post in front of your gate that a “personal maid was needed” , i pleaded with my sister Nina to go for it and her Innocent charms did the magic ….

Your mother took a liking to her and employed her ……:

“Really! So you sent your kid sister to work as a maid because of your selfish interest?” I snapped at her as she licked her lips

“No Jayden! You got it all wrong, she likes it in the mansion”. She defended herself and I scoffed.

“Oh too bad I am gonna kick her tiny ass out once I return to the mansion!” I retorted

“You wouldn’t dare!” She threatened and I laughed loudly

“And why wouldn’t I ! I have no business with you an…. I tried to say but she cut me off

“Of course you have a business with me “. She yelled , pointing to her baby bump and that was it , I flared up

” what the hell are you talking about you b---h?Are you asking for a death wish!”

A flicker of fear crossed her face which she quickly replaced with a smirk

“The baby in here belongs to you”. she repeated with a tiny voice and I laughed out bitterly

“baby! what baby! this is all bull shit! I was always careful not to pour my stuff into you”

“Not all the time Jayden”. She snapped at me and I bit at the lower lips in anger knowing she was right , she was the first girl who got me “sex crazed”and that explains why I kept on drilling her even though i had no feelings for her…..

“Why are you trying to deny me? Is it because of Hazel, your maid turned girlfriend?” She yelled , trying to touch me but I took a step backward

“Don’t ever call her a maid” I warned and she withdrew her hand, placing it on her waist

“Oh I see! because she is carrying your child right? hello! I am also carrying your child”

“Shut up!” I barked at her and she flinched a little, collapsing on the sofa

“I ain’t interested in being a father to that bastard of yours”. I fired at her

“then get ready to loose your girlfriend because I will tell her all about us without leaving a stone unturned”She fired back at me and my breathing increased

“Are you threatening me?”

“No! I am just letting you know , the choice is for you to make”

“You can go to hell for all I care!”I cursed at her, retreating my step as I walked out of the house

“And if you dare fire my sister , you will have yourself to blame”. She called after me …..

Confused, I ran all the way to my car and for the first time in three years, I cried so hard for the helpless teenage boy .. Jayden Winthrop…..

My past! they keep on haunting me and i am getting drown in it ………


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