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A coined name ( Harzel)


Hardin Castillo



It has been two days since my “little reconciliation” with Hazel’s mum and after explaining the situation in hand, she readily agreed to Hazel staying in the mansion ….

Having Hazel beside me once again brought colours I had never imagined into my life as she was my light and all we did for the past two days was to study , cuddle and have sex….well! It isn’t my fault , she got this alluring aura around her which always drives me crazy!!!



The siren sound of the alarm clock disrupted my sleep and I squint a little , forcing my eyelid open

A tiny hand was wrapped around me and I turned sideways to see Hazel sleeping beside me naked , the rising swell of her full breast reminding me of the “crazy sex”we had throughout the night

I smiled lightly as I wrapped an arm around her , securing her body against mine while breathing in her womanly musk.

She stirred a little as she mumbled in her sleep ….:

Placing my lips on hers, I kissed her deeply and that was it , her eyes flew wide opened

“Haaardin!” She called breathing into my mouth and I chuckled, pulling out of the kiss

“Good morning baby!” I greeted first , reaching for the alarm clock to turn it off

“Morning baby!”She responded , with a light smile as she snuggled up in the blanket

” Are you alright?” I asked , staring at her and she nodded

“Just feeling a little bit weak”

“weak! Why? Is it the baby?”I asked in a rush and she smirked, shaking her head

” It is as a result of the crazy stuff we did last night “. She said with an eye roll and I smiled mischievously

” Then be prepared to get weaker”

“Really! You are overly crazy!she remarked, laughing

“Of course I am”. I agreed , joining her under the blanket as I pulled her closer

“Not again naughty boy! Aren’t you going to school?” She asked , trying to wriggle her tiny body out of my arm but I held her to me tightly

“Yep”. I answered, popping the p and she frowned

“You have successfully skipped school for two days, Are you trying to be a truant ??”

” No”. I simply answered , taking her breast into my mouth as I suckled on it

” oh no! Haaaaaardin … this .. is not the best time for this”.she moaned loudly but I was so much in the mood to care …..

Rolling on top her , I inserted two of my fingers into her c--t as I fingered her deep and hard

“Oh my gawd! oh my gawd! Hardin don’t stop! She kept on moaning loudly as I grunted , Jerking my already erect d**k

Just then , the door to my room creaked opened and I glanced over my shoulder to see my dad walk in

What the f--k!

I quickly covered hazel fully with the blanket as I rolled off , laying beside her

“Can’t you knock?” I barked at my dad who had this blank look on his face and he scoffed

“Knock! and why should I?” He retorted, looking at Hazel and then back at me and I bit at my lower lips knowing what next will follow , “the never ending sermon”

“Is this the reason why you don’t wanna go to school? C”mon Son ,I didn’t ask her staying in the mansion to get her brains screwed out , she is pregnant ,for crying out loud”

“So? Is that why you are here?” I snapped at him and he eyed me coldly, shaking his head

“You need to get ready , you are going to school today and that is final.” he said in an authoritative voice without giving me the room to argue

“Fine! Fine! Fine!i agreed , raising my two hands in defeat , can you pleeaase leave now?” I requested and without saying a word , he left the room

“Oh God! what will happen to me now?” Hazel asked and I shifted my gaze to her to see her panicking

“Nothing will happen to you” I assured her , pulling down the blanket to stare at her sexy body

“but your dad look so angry, what if he changes his mind and send me back to my home?”

“That won’t happen! have you forgotten this is my house”. I stated , laying in between her legs as I stroke my d*ck in her opening

“No baby! are we still gonna do ……Arrgh! oh my gawd! she gasped as I penetrated deep into her

A mere threat from my dad won’t spoil my fun!

Throwing her legs over my shoulder,she held me tightly as I t----t in and out of her gently, careful not to hurt her and most especially my unborn-child

They were the ones who kept me going through everything that life throws at me , Austin escape to be precise

I was deeply worried and scared but what can I do? nothing, guess I should trust my father on this …..

” I am cumming baby! I am cumming!” She screamed snapping me out of my thoughts and I increased my pace , f-----g her a bit fast till I felt my organsm building

I held her waist tightly as I released all of my stuff into her , panting hard. I was no longer scared of getting her pregnant, she was already pregnant……


Rolling off her , I glanced at the huge clock on the wall

It was a little past 8:00am! Phew! time to get ready for school

Lazily , I dragged myself out of the bed and went over to the bathroom to freshen up : on returning to the room, I found Hazel sitting at the edge of the bed going through my phone


Ignoring her , I walked to the wardrobe, opened it and searched through the stack of clothes for clothings to suit the cold weather

I soon found one , it was Demin wool Jacket with a Jean to match

I hurried dressed up in it along with a brown boot….

Combing my hair into style , I sling my backpack across my shoulders, picked up my car keys and then faced Hazel who was taking selfies with my phone

“Can I have my phone?”

“Yeah! Sure”. She said , standing up to hand me the phone

“Thanks!!”I said with a smile as l leaned over to kiss her ; then walked out of the room

“Be a good boy and don’t look at other girls”.She called after me and I smiled lightly

“I won’t dare”. I answered as I climbed down the stairs to the sitting room where I met my dad watching the television

“I am off to school” . I simply said , taking steps to the entrance when he called my name.

I turned around to face him

” what is it?” I asked and he exhaled deeply, standing up

” I just want to know your plans for the girl”

“What girl?” I probed , arching my eyebrow as he moved closer to me.

“Hazel! Are you gonna let her go after the whole issue is settled ?or are you taking your relationship to the next level?”

I stared at him confusedly

“Marriage!is that what you trying to say?” I asked in whispers and he nodded

“hell no! I am too young for that shit”. I retorted in a huff and he scoffed

“oh I see! but you ain’t young to f--k her all through the night , I know you well enough son and that is why I am asking”. he fired at me

I stared at him lost in my own thoughts for a while and then sighed

“I haven’t made a decision on what to do about her”. I stated truthfully

“Then it is better you start doing that now , we have hurt her family more than enough and I don’t want that happening again”. he warned and I nodded slowly, walking out of the house to the garage …..

I love Hazel , I really do but am I ready to make commitment?hell no , I don’t even believe in the shit ….

Opening the car door , I got in the driver seat closing the door behind me and on starting the car , I drove through the already opened gate down to school……



Getting to school, I drove into the compound and parked out in the car lot ; on alighting, I noticed all eyes were on me

Shit!This is the exact reason why I chose to stay at home

“Jayden Winthrop is here”

“Wow! he is just too cute”

“Who would have thought he was the one all this while”

” how I just wish I can get close to him”. some juniors kept on talking aloud

Ignoring their stares and praises, I walked hurriedly through the long hallway to my class and on entering my class , I met a similar scenario maybe even worst

The whole of my classmates stood up , rushing to crowd me not minding the literature teacher standing in front

“Hardin! Hardin! Jayden!” they kept on screaming like I was some sort of hero

“Let him be! I said let him be!” the teacher shouted , banging her fist on the table but the screams of my classmate drown her weak voice ….

This is so frustrating!

I pushed and shoved , squeezing my way to my seat and then sat down , resting my head on my desk

I was not used to this kind of stuff and I sincerely wished for the ground to open and swallow me……


The noises soon died down and instantly I felt a tap on my shoulder

“You can raise your head up , the hooligans are back to their seat”. A voice said and I smiled lightly knowing it was Richard …. but wait a minute! did he say hooligans !that means he is also an hooligan…..

And true to his words, I raised my head to see a normal class …. well! not all that normal as some students including Kimberly were still staring at me ….

“What!” I mouthed at her and she winked at me before looking away

“Crazy! I muttered

“So Hardin , your classmates and I were talking about having a drama week and I would like you to write the plot of the play” . The teacher started and I scoffed silently, popping my ears wider to listen to whatever she has left to say

” I want it to be a story about pure love” she quickly added as I smirked

“So! Why must I be the one to write it?”I fired at her

” isn’t it obvious! you are the only one with the skills Jayden Winthrop”. She fired back at me making me sigh in defeat

“Fine!i heard you , I will write it”. I agreed and she blew me a kiss , picking up her books from the table as she left the class ; instantly, the whole class crowded me once again

“Hardin! Can I get a copy of your book?”

“Can I get an autograph?”

“Can I get to be the lead lady in your drama?”they kept on asking and since shouting at them wasn’t an option, l brought out a novel from my backpack and on leaning in my seat , I heard a familiar voice whisper in my ear

” can you f--k me once again?”

I quickly turned in the direction to see Kimberly staring down at me , in her eyes was an emotion that I couldn’t fully place …. wait! Is that love? Does she love me?

I shook my head in pity , she should kill all of the feelings else she will only hurt herself …..



Dave Winthrop



Fear clutched at my heart with cold fingers as I paced up and down the room

I was f-----g scared of everything!

I was scared for Hardin’s safety , scared for his unborn child , scared for Hazel and her family ….but wait!

Speaking of Hazel’s family , they ain’t also safe , what if Austin decides to use them to get to Hardin?

D--n! this is all f----d up! I really need to do something about it ASAP

And without wasting time , I walked out of my room to Hardin’s room and on entering, I found Hazel laying on the bed with books scattered in front of her

I smiled lightly, she is sure serious about going to college!!

On clearing my throat, she looked towards my direction and seeing me , she quickly composed herself, sitting up on the bed

” erm sir do you need anything?” She asked with a shaky voice , I could tell she was nervous.

“Nothing much child!”I just need the address to your house”I answered and she stood up in a huff

“Did I do anything wrong sir? Is it about Hardin? Erm I can stop spending the night in his room if that is what you want?” She said in a rush and I chuckled hard

She is so funny!

“No Hazel! You and Hardin are both adults and what you both chose to do in the middle of the night is none of my d--n business” I retorted winking at her and she blushed lightly

” so back to the main point , can I get your house address?” I repeated and she nodded , picking up a paper along with a pen to write down the address

Once she was done , she handed the paper to me and I stared at it , nodding slowly.

“Good! I simply remarked as I walked out of the room heading down the stairs……

I got to the sitting room just in time to see Camilla come out of the kitchen with Rebecca tailing behind her

On seeing me , she placed the pot she was holding on the dinning and then rushed to hug me

“Good morning Dave! She greeted with a smile and I nodded in response……so you should know , ever since the evening at the hospital, I sleep in a different room…

“Are you going out?” She asked , searching my gaze

“Yes.” I answered, staring at the woman I love so much but was still angry at

“And where is that! You should eat first , I prepared breakfast myself”. She continued and I widened my eyes in surprise

Cook! Did she just say she cooked herself? Unbelievable!

“Oh I see! I will eat when I am back from Hazel’s home”. I simply said , walking towards the entrance when she rushed to block my path.

“Hazel’s home! I will go with you”

“No Camilla! You don’t have …. I tried to say but she cut me off.

“Please Dave! I also need to atone for my mistakes”

I stared at her for a while and then sighed

She is right! we both owe Mrs Dakota an apology

“Fine! Let us go “. I agreed, leading the way as we headed to my car

Opening the car door , I hopped in and she did the same at her own end and on starting the car , I drove off to Hazel’s home ………



Following the address, I stopped in front of a cottage home and I had to check the paper again to be sure this was the house

Amazing! I never believe humans still live in this kind of house

“Are you sure this is the house?”Camilla asked , shaking her head in disbelief but I completely ignored her , Alighting from the car as I looked around the shabby environment

Oh God! Is this what our desperation resulted to?

“If you sure this “mangy tacky ” building is her house , let’s go in”. Camilla said as she joined me and I was tempted to squeeze her mouth

Gosh! She is just too proud and full of her self….

We walked to the front porch and on knocking, a little girl with brown eyes opened the door

“hello!” I greeted with a smile as her eyes darted slowly from me , Camilla and then back to me

“You must be Hardin,s father?” She asked and without waiting for my response, she continued

“Jeez! he looks so much like you! The green eyes! the model body ! and to sum it up , you are both handsome

I exchanged surprise look with Camilla

D--n! The kid sure talks a lot!

“Thanks kid!” . I said , bending to her height

“It is Alexia and not kid”. she corrected with an eye roll and I chuckled

“Alright Alexia!” Where is your mom?” I asked , correcting myself

“She went to the chemist to get drugs for me , I got the chills” she answered, opening the door wider and we both walked in to see a rough looking sitting room

“Make your self comfortable”.her tiny voice rang through the room as she closed the door behind her

I smiled, I was already in love with this little angel !

“So What can I offer you?”she continued

“Nothing kid erm I mean Alexia” I quickly corrected myself and she grinned , skipping into the next room and soon returned holding a pen and book

“So Mr …….she paused , staring intently at me

” Dave Winthrop”. I completed and was also at the same time wondering what she was up to

“Good! Dave Winthrop! so can you please tell me how you felt when you found out your son wasn’t the murderer?” She questioned and I was kind of taken aback by the question

What is this little girl trying to do? I thought within

And as if reading my thoughts, she said

” I am trying to write a cover story about Jayden Winthrop, too bad I was out on the playing ground the last time he came ”

“Cover story! You want to be a reporter?” I asked and she nodded , smiling sheepishly

“Awwww baby! I love your spirit”. Camilla remarked , joining in the conversation.

She was obviously awestruck with the kid’d sincere heart , I mean who wouldn’t be?

Just then , the door to the entrance flew opened revealing a slender woman on a red gown

On a closer look , I recognised her as the woman from the court , Hazel’s mother

“Good morning!” I greeted , standing up to my feet , I am Dave … I tried to say but she cut in

“I know who you are , the resemblance is striking”

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I was so sorry for this innocent woman!

“And you must be Hardin’s mother?” She asked , staring at Camilla

“Yes ma’am! I am his mother”. Camilla answered with a large smile

” I thought as much , now I see where Hardin got his extremely good look from “. She praised and they both laughed

“So what can I get you?” She continued

“They are okay mother”. Alexia butted in making her mother frown

“Go to your room Alexia” she half yelled at the little girl who grudgingly stood up , dragging her feet as she walked to the next room

” sorry for that! She is just being childish”. She apologised and I smiled lightly

“Not at all! She is a bright child and I was completely blown away by her level of her brightness” I assured and her mother smiled , sitting down on a low stool in front of us

“So what do I owe this pleasure?” She asked ,looking at me and then Camilla

” we came over to apologise for the wrong we caused you and your family”. Camilla said and the woman nodded

“It is okay! I have forgiven you all”

“No Mrs Dakota! It is far from okay” I butted in and she stared at me confusedly

“The killer is still out there and do you know what that means? no one is safe including you and Alexia”. I explained and to my surprise, she broke down in tears

Jeez! I wasn’t expecting this!

“oh God! What will I do ?” She asked , shaking her head vigorously

“Simple! I need you to move in the mansion with us and if you don’t like that , you can move in to one of Hardin’s mansion , I am very sure he wouldn’t mind”. I said , hoping she would agree but she just stared on at me blankly as if lost in thoughts

“The house will be fully guarded with police security”. I quickly added and she sighed

“Let us do that”

“Thanks So much for your understanding” Camilla said In appreciation and she smiled

“What of Hazel! Is she alright?” She inquired

“Of course she is!Hardin is so much into her and I am very sure he won’t let any harm come to her and his child …….



Mike Peterson



With a wide smile , I watched Noah lead the two boys into the building

“Jasper! Justin! I hailed , getting up off the floor and in unison , they bowed their head in greetings

“The boss! The boss! The boss!” they chanted my name just the way they do back then in London

I smiled , nodding in response

They were my most loyal men and I was glad to have them here in South Tacoma

” but boss! how the hell did the shit happen? I mean what made the timid Jay let out the secret”. Jasper the tough one out of the two started and I sighed

“he did it because of his unborn child”. I answered and they both exchanged looks

“Child! You mean Little rude Jay got a woman pregnant?” Justin butted in with disbelief written all over his face

“Yes! And that woman is Peter Dakota’s daughter” I announced and they both gasped in shock

“The same woman who stole my heart”. I quickly added and an awkward silence follows……

“Uhm ! Uhm ! Austin but you know getting her is impossible, you killed her father and moreover she now belongs to Jayden “Noah joined in the conversation

“Shut up you dummy!” I barked at him and he swallowed hard , keeping mute

” I don’t care whosoever her father is , I want her to myself”. I half yelled

“but Boss! She is pregnant! Why can’t you have a change of identity and run far off to another country”. Jasper suggested and I became a little bit calm

” I will do that after having my revenge and also , I will make the girl mine after flushing down the baby with drugs myself”. I stated with an evil grin

“The Boss! The Boss! they all hailed

“And as for Hardin , I will make him witness the ” disappearance” of his unborn child with his eyes wide opened and then I will kill him”

” But how do you intend on getting him when his father is protecting him like a wild hawk?” Noah asked

“That is not a problem! I will get him in a place where he will never expect …….



Hazel Dakota



Glancing at the wall clock, it was a little past “16:00pm”

Oops! Hardin ought to be home , he will soon be home!!!!

I quickly closed the biology test book and on getting off the bed , I kept it in its place

Just then , I heard a knock on the door

“Come in “. I answered with a louder voice and immediately, the door flung opened and Hardin’s “personal maid “Nina walked in holding a tray

“I brought your lunch Ma’am” . She said , standing at the entrance and I gestured her to place it on the table which she did

“Thanks”. I muttered and she smiled taking a few steps to the entrance: then stopped , turning around to face me

“Your room is all ready , you can go check it out”

My room! I repeated and she nodded

And in a rush , I dashed out of the room to my “old room ” and on entering what I saw got me all speechless

The room was the second version of Hardin’s own

The vases! The expensive painting on the wall!The big Princess bed! The wardrobe filled up with expensive clothes! and most importantly the quote inscripted on the wall

“You have bewitched me body and soul and I love , I love , I love you .i never wish to be parted from you this day on” .. and that was when the realisation hit me , Hardin did all of this

Oh God! Does it mean he wants to spend forever with me ? Does he loves me so much to marry me? Does he …….

The blaring sound of a car horn distracted my thoughts and I looked out of the window to see Hardin car drive in

I smiled lightly

And in a flash of an eye , I dashed out of the room , scurried down the stairs and got to the compound just in time to see him alighting from the car

“Baby!” I called , rushing to hug him not minding the angry stares of Rebecca

He caught me in his arm , wrapping his hand around me

“Hey!” He greeted lazily , meeting my gaze and that was when I noticed the tiredness in his face

“Are you alright?” I asked , caressing his face and he nodded

“Just had a busy day and that is all”

Taking my hands into his , we walked into the house and climbed up the stairs to his room and on pushing the door opened , we both walked in to see Nina cleaning up the room.

“Don’t tell me you just cleaning up my room “. Jayden barked at her as her body vibrated in fear

“I am sorry but your wife erm I mean your girlfriend was busy reading and I did not want to disturb her . She explained

” yes she is right”. I defended the girl and he sighed softly

“Fine! Fine!now I am home , your service is no longer needed”. he drawled making the girl scamper out of the room in fear

I shook my head in dismay

” why can’t you be nice to her for once?” I queried him

“That is because I don’t want to be nice”. he simply answered,grunting as he pulled off his jacket along with his shirt and a bandaged body came in view

I became alarmed

“What happened? Did someone hurt you? I asked worriedly and he chuckled

“No Haz! I got another tattoo!”

“Tattoo!”I repeated with a frown and he nodded

Oh right! What did he draw on his body this time around?

” can I see it?” I asked hoping he would say yes and he did

“But be careful, it still hurts”

slowly , I rolled up the bandage careful not to hurt him and stared in awe at the Six lettered words on his back , directly under his mother’s name

“Harzel!”I spelt in out

Wow! he coined out three letters each from our names to form a word ….

“this is so beautiful”. I remarked

” Of course it is” . he agreed meeting my gaze and that was when i realised , how crazily he is in love with me…..


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