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TIME: 9:05am

Guanwa is one of the

beautiful and well

furnished estate ever

seen, it was situated

at the outskirt of the

city, since the

beginning of the year,

it had been

encountering terrorist

attack, it was owned

by the renowned

businessman in the

state, severally

attacked, this got him


It’s a sunny day,

everyone still

remember the

previous day event,

How three people

lost their life and

property destroyed

due to explusion.

Dated back in the

20th century, it had

remain the most

peaceful street ever

in the Nigeria Republic

untill the devil

decided he wanted to


Several agents have

tried to track and

figure out how this

underworld men

carried out their work.

A Man was seen

moving his car down

the street at a high

speed with two

companion, Agent mia

and Elena

His name is Agent

Sam, he had been

following the case

for the past two

month, without getting

any clue.

The car come to a

halt, he alight from it

with his two partner

He inspect the

damage that have

been done, sighing

deeply, he wonder

what the security men

of the estate have

been doing, or is

there a mole among


He need to figure out.

His attention was

directed to a car

hanging on the roof

Agent Sam: Did you

see that?

He directed their

attention to him, his


They walked

simultaneously toward

him, shaking like a

chicken drenched by


He sigh and cursed

under his breath for

bringing along this

two weaklings, he

wonder how they

made it through in the

agent training

Agent sam: Hey!

He voice out Jotting

them from their


Agent mia:

ahhh…… sacred

me to death

Mia is a lady in her

thirties, she had been

working for the

police force for the

past two years

Agent sam: The

explosives should

have drop on your

ass instead of this

cars, you

know…….weakling and


He smirked, and stare

at her with cold blood


Agent mia: you know,

i love that look, but it

pissed me off

monkey boy………wea

klings you called

me…….what about the

pain of following a

case without getting

any clue

Agent sam:

hmm……should we say

chief olele was

involved in a dirty


Agent mia: We aren’t

ready for any chit

chat, and for your

car, we are not going

to use that monkey

boy……we have work

to attend to in the


Agent sam: Crazy

mammals, we will

reshedule, but make it

in 20 mins to the


Agent mia: Alright

They jogged and

wink at him

He walk back to his

car, start it and zoom

off to an unknown





Location: Chief

Olele’s Residence

Time: 9:35am

Mum: Sam……..Sam.


I Heard someone

calling my name. I

close my eyelid,

wondering why the

good for nothing is

interrupting my night

rest, they should

know that my father

is f-----g rich

Hey guys, i forgot to

introduce myself

My name is Benard

sam, the only son of

Olele benard.

I was born into a

family of five; my

father; my mother; me

and my two cute

sister Lia and Mia


I open my eyelids and

trying to figure out

my caller

Me: Mum

I yell

Mum: will you pull

your ass out of that


Me: am sorry ma’am

Mum: lasy boy,

sleeping till 10 am,

missing lecture all

time, did you think

your father made it

through with

laziness? The time is

9:40 am for God


Me: what?

Mum: don’t know what

happening to you this

day, you always


Me: mum……i always do

a lot of activities;

Reading, playing and

chatting with those

cute ladies online

Mum: better brace

yourselve and move

your ass to the

dining table in the

next 20 mins

She say and she’s

clutch the door knob

and walk away


I sign in relief, last

night party bore me

to death. I enter the

bathroom singing my

favourite song ‘Stuck

in the moment’ by

Justin bieber, an

image flash across

my mind

I always love her, but

the cold hand of

death snatched her

away from me

A tears drop from my

eye, i wish she is

here, we will always

shower together

After 10 mins of

washing my body


I clean myself with a

towel, creame and

select clothe that suit

my taste

I put on a blue long

sleeve, and black

trouser, can’t believe

it, i did not make it to

the school today

A scene in the past

flashed through my

heart as i want to

enter the sitting room

I was holding her, with

blood over her,

whoever sent that

truck to her should

have forgiven her.

Cicilia for whoever

have a hand in your

death, please let your

spirit haunted them


I sit on the floor, and

started weeping

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